2nd Gateway & Symptoms

This Friday, February 11, there will be the 2nd Gateway opening of this year; the first was the eclipse of January 4. This is just of this year, as other Gateways have been opened before 2011. This one is a huge wave of Grace Awakening. As I have shared before, this year is one after the other of energy downloads that is greatly shifting our consciousness from one of duality and lack to one of Divinity and Wholeness. Our bodies, of course, are changing as a part of this shift.

I’ve listed physical symptoms before, and as those of us who have been shifting in previous years and have witnessed the changes in our bodies, the symptoms change as we do. Here are some symptoms that may be still with you, while new to others.

Our physical bodies are changing in order to bring us into greater alignment with our Souls; therefore, while it may be difficult and interesting to have certain symptoms, it’s all for the high purpose of being whole-bodied; Divine Beings. Being whole-bodied means we are completely conscious creators and manifestors of our Souls’ Desires.

~Lots of head energy; especially around the Crown, 3rd Eye and Pineal Gland. This comes as ‘tickling,’ headaches, itchiness and crawling sensations. This is the expansion of the head chakras, along with the activation of our five higher chakras (above the Crown). At some point, our Root Chakras will be our Heart Chakra. Our Pineal Gland is the distributor of energies to our Ka Channels, which interface our electrical system, which feeds our cells and DNA. So you see that all that activity in our heads is for a very powerful purpose!

~Thirst. We are burning lots of old 3D energies, so we must keep replenishing ourselves with water. Water is a conductor of the higher energies. So being hydrated is very important to bring the downloaded high vibrational Light into our bodies.

~Tiredness. So much is happening within us with constant downloads and the burning off of old energies, we at times can hardly keep our eyes open. And then it shifts to having a lot of energy...this can happen in a matter of minutes or hours.

~Skin Changes. This can be rashes, a change in texture, shingles or other related irritations. Our skin color may change a bit, along with the whites of our eyes. There may be a rosy color, as if some blood vessels in the eyes have broken. Also, fuzzy eyes are common (DNA changes).

~Body thermostats are different. Sometimes we’re hot and sweaty; and then really cold.

~Muscle Aches. You might ask if your muscles ache due to exercise or something, yet you can’t trace it to anything ‘logical.’ There may be some joint aches as well.

~Weight Gain. Although some people lose weight...without changing their diet.

~Changes in Diet. You may be less hungry, while at times ravenous. There may be cravings and/or you might be unsatisfied with eating what you used to love. Listen to what your body wants, and eat only when your body wants it. You might even feel hungry after eating! There may be food allergies or intolerances that you never had before.

~Nausea & Diarrhea. Sometimes this even leads to vomiting. I was so surprised that one day I wasn’t even nauseous, but vomited! My cat was vomiting for awhile too. Diarrhea and more peeing...release.

~Sinus & Ears. Some report plugged ears, ear infections, sinus issues, and ringing in the ears that is constant and sometimes quite loud. More on that later...

~This is all cellular transformation

~Fevers and sweating, weakened immune system, increased sensitivity in all senses...

~Sight. Not only do we experience blurred vision, sore eyes, seeing things, colors, seeing movement and shapes in your peripheral vision, shimmering objects and so forth.

~Hearing. Celestial music, singing, drumming, hearing what people are thinking as well as not hearing what people are trying to say. Communications are a challenge, so there is lots of misunderstanding. Our language is changing; we are using New words, so when we are talking with folks out of our frequency, we just may not understand what they’re saying or even hear them. I’ve heard of some folks report that it’s like listening to someone who uses a different language. We may also hear our Guides/Companions talk to us audibly! Hearing tones, beeps or buzzing. You hear conversations from across the room.

~Enhanced Smell, Taste & Touch. You may taste chemicals or plastic in food. Your skin may be sensitive and you may not want to be touched by certain people. You may experience different smells that you’ve never smelled before. Your body very well may smell different than ever before. You might smell others’ energies, even while driving in the car alone...you smell the car next to you.

~Vertigo, Listing & Dizziness.

~Tingling, especially in hands and feet. Foot cramps.

~Heart palpitations, pain in Solar Plexus and/or just above Heart Chakra (Higher Heart Chakra...Thymus).

~Body vibrations

~Enhanced emotions. Being intolerant of certain people and their actions.

~Old issues resurface for more release.

~Mental confusion.

~Changing sleep patterns. Sometimes you’re awake all night; sometimes for several hours. Waking up tired, even though you had plenty of sleep or waking up energized even though you hardly slept. More intense dreams.

~Intense energies, so you can’t stay still, yet you can’t figure out what to do.

~Trouble concentrating during meditation; sometimes feeling like you don’t need to meditate, feeling like you’ve lost your connection to Source or Guides. Feeling like your spiritual ‘beliefs’ are shifting.

~Memory Loss. Can’t even remember yesterday. Old memories resurface.

~Desire to break free of anything or anyone who restricts you. Letting go of people with whom you no longer resonate.

~Wanting solitude; not wanting to be a part of a group.

~Creativity flows.

~Becoming more intuitive.

~More synchronicity.

~Different perceptions of time.

~Anxiety. Feels like something is about to happen or being anxious without a reason. This is extra energy and fear being dissolved.

~Detachment from the world view; detachment from chaos and drama; detachment from others’ pain.

~Oneness. Seeing and feeling this in more obvious ways.

~Feeling different; even when with like-minded others.

~Being adamant about learning and completing your life mission.

~Noticing numbers like 1:11, 11:11, 555, 444...

~Increased integrity; important to speak your Truth and be more congruent body/mind/heart. Showing others who you truly are. Not wanting any relationships where you feel you can’t be you.

~Connecting with your Soul Families and Mates.

~Difficulty organizing and ‘doing.’

~Inability to focus, forgetting, feeling spacey and scattered.

~Conversation irritates you, as do people who constantly talk.

~Feeling bombarded with information.

~Wondering when people will wake up.

~Feeling absolute waves of Love, Gratitude and Peace

Certainly through our changes in body, mind and emotions, our lives are changing in dramatic ways! We receive high energies constantly which we have never experienced on this planet before. I want to say that there are also energies that come in that help balance, soothe and support our Newness...so it’s not all about the symptoms we experience; along with the downloads comes incredible support. We also have our Ascension Mentors who, when asked, can help us integrate and change more gracefully and gently.

As we continue in this new year, enhanced by the Gateways of Light and Love to guide us, deeper truths will come to light. Density can’t hide any longer. Darkness is being revealed first and then dissolved in the Light. Illusions will no longer dictate our lives. Our Souls’ Integrity will and currently are creating our lives. Know that if your comfort zones are threatened, along with long held beliefs, they are up for release. Question everything and see if it still fits; or is it time to allow the New to come in and create from your Souls’ Wisdom? As always, we have choice.

Up to now, we have created our lives through resistance and have manifest blocks in our bodies, which are now being dissolved by the high energies present. The Gateway of this Friday will bring in the Light of Grace to continue to dissolve these blockages, transforming them to Love. All we have to do is receive...open up and receive. Let go of your ‘need to know what, why and how;’ open, receive and Be. In this way, you release the tension of resistance and allow the shift to be graceful and loving.

And as a parting reminder, especially given that there is so much information now on Ascension, your vibration will resonate with some and not with others. Go with what resonates; let go of the rest. Remember that Simplicity is the vibration of the times. Any time there are many steps or rules or encouragement to follow a leader, this is of the old; not of the New. Ah yes, Simplicity!




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For the past twelve years, I have focused on sharing about Ascension and the time we now find ourselves in. This has evolved into the Ascension Notes, channeled from my Soul. They are practical guidance for those awakening to their Authentic Selves. I have helped others connect with their Souls through Soul Transmissions that help others be guided into stepping fully into their Authentic Selves.


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