Ancient Portals, Planetary Healing and New Creativity

As I have mentioned before, when Gaia goes through a release in order to upgrade into higher dimensions, so do we...and vice versa. This is Oneness at its finest. As a result of this Oneness, we are becoming more sensitized to the planetary shifts. Before, our consciousness believed we were separate, not only from Source, but from our planet as well.

We are becoming aware that not only are we healing ourselves, but the collective consciousness as well. The best way to do this, as we do in our own individual work, is to stay neutral and observe compassionately what others are going through, along with what Gaia is going through. The more you can observe, without taking density or duality in, the more easily you can shift density into higher frequencies, both for yourself and all of life.

One place that we may connect to the sacred memory of Who we are is in Egypt. Egypt is the Heart Center of the planet. The place that we connect to the sacredness of ourselves is our own Heart Center. Notice the Oneness here. In Egypt the Pleiadians, the Priesthood of Melchizdek and Atlanteans gathered long ago, at the Great Pyramid, as it held (and still does) vibrations of Divine Truth and Solar Encodings. It was built over large Akashic Record crystal in grid formations that would protect and prevent lower vibrations from entering. There were similar pyramids built throughout the world, as the Priesthood of Melchizedek dispersed around the world following the decline of Atlantis.

This area is being reactivated, opening up many portals of high dimensional light flowing onto Earth and into us. Our original blueprints and memories are returning and we see this as intolerance for the foolery of what has been going on for thousands of years...the closing of our eyes and minds. We are awakening to Who we are and what we, in Truth, are.

New information will be revealed that the Egyptian pyramids are more than burial grounds, but actually were centers of energy transmissions. They were and are vortices. Their purpose is to help us raise the vibration of humanity and Gaia, as well as transmit to our own personal Heart Centers. By tapping into that energy, we also tap into balance as we continue to move into more and more rarified energies.

There is no need to travel to Egypt to receive these balancing transmissions. We’re already connected at our own Heart Centers. There is the Crystalline Grid that has merged with Gaia’s grid and our own personal grid. (Oneness). So all we need to do is to meditate within our now expanded Heart Centers in order to be connected to the opening portals.

Once the portals are fully activated, the sometimes felt confusion will be replaced with feeling very balanced. We should feel this more completely later on in the month. Continuing to actively release the old limiting patterns, such as using the Rose explained in previous Ascension Notes (or in any way you release your own blocking patterns of the old), ‘the old’ releases from our cells, so continue to do that exercise, for it’s very powerful, yet gentle.

Taking an active part in our transformation is essential. Why? Because we are the creators. As we release we allow the filling up of our cells with higher dimensional Light, bringing us to more freedom to be Who we are. Taking an active role, empowers, strengthens and eases our ascension, along with the ascension of the planet.

We will continue to be more aware than ever before of our old issues, for they will bubble up in our conscious mind and not feel good. This is the time, in the moment of awareness, to do the release. Of course, it is sometimes helpful to have an energy healer guide you through this. When you release, it’s so important to remain neutral, rather than judging it or yourself. When you judge it as ‘bad,’ you become attached, and then it is not released all the way.

We are releasing planetary thought forms as well, that have put us to sleep in times past. This is why when you do personal release work; you are also freeing the planet and all of life from this veil that was put over our eyes long ago. We are awakened and awakening to the fact that organized religion was designed as a control device. It is why so many of us have moved into a place of spirituality; that of Oneness, rather than separation, which organized religion portends. It also separated us from the Divine Feminine thousands of years ago, and which now is being embraced as Truth once more. (This doesn’t have anything to do with men or women).

The Divine Feminine is the energy of ascension. Its energy is inclusion; not exclusion. Many religious stories have been passed down to also keep our eyes closed and fill us with fear, guilt and shame. Of course, you need to check your own Guidance to see if this rings true for you at this time. Realize that because we are all connected, what you do affects the All. This includes your own energy’s not just for you. (Oneness). We are healing the global consciousness, you see?

There is a portal being reactivated at Macchu Picchu that is connected to the Great Pyramid portal and is bringing in Light; whereas the once thriving energy of one place...The closing down. When it was thriving, our own separation from Source was strengthened, and we could not connect with the Earth Crystal as in the days of Atlantis, Ancient Egypt and Lemuria. All of that is changing now and is why we are being guided to ground to the Earth Crystal, along with the higher dimensions of Source in our meditations. We are activating the new dimensions and helping Gaia ascend as well.

Please continue to not become judgmental or attached to what is going on out in the world. Maintain your inner Peace and Love for all peoples and events. As we do, we help our world become a place of Love and Peace, as this is why we are here in the first place. The energy of separation is wildly trying to hold on, and many are buying into it. Let’s not.

Personally speaking for most of us, May was an intense month of further release and of having our ‘feet held to the fire.’ It wasn’t easy, but necessary. We were stretched and pushed and had many amazing new awarenesses. We are now needing to walk our talk; stay grounded and put into action what we say we believe. Every time you say, “I can’t afford that,” it is helping you become aware of a limitation; release it. Every time you say, “I can’t do this or that,” stop yourself and release that limiting belief.

We may experience an increase of intuition and clairvoyance as a result of all the movement we’ve experienced of late. Our physical bodies may experience buzzing, digestion issues, soreness and other manifestations. Ask for help from your Guides to ease the adjustments to living in new bodies. We will continue to adjust throughout the summer, but this will also be accompanied by a surge in creativity, peace and awareness. We truly are being reawakened to the limitless beings we are. Doing ceremony, paying attention to the messages your dreams bring and meditation help the energies of this portal opening flow into us more easily and completely in order for us to recognize our limitlessness and divinity.

Again, by doing your own clearing and keeping your thoughts and feelings high and on Peace, Flow and Love, planetary schisms are also helped. Patriarchy is slowly dissolving and by holding loving thoughts, we help the progression into ascension. By not adding energy to the disasters and choosing to live our lives as clearly and cleanly as possibly...without blame or shame...we travel through this time floating the currents, rather than fighting the eddies.

As we take responsibility for all our thoughts, feelings and actions, and project only Love outward, we enter into the Field of Joy and add value to life, rather than the opposite. As we do this, we do much for all of life. I choose to be a Light in the world. And I already know what you choose! Trust that we have built our new foundations and that we are well on our way.

We are being rewired to the new portal openings, and releasing fear of anything, opening to more Love and well-being. We’ve done a great job at intending what our Heart’s Desire is and now are poised to see it (them) manifest. Give gratitude for all in your life and release anything that is not aligned with Who you are now. This is good. It is all good. 




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Kara Schallock

For the past twelve years, I have focused on sharing about Ascension and the time we now find ourselves in. This has evolved into the Ascension Notes, channeled from my Soul. They are practical guidance for those awakening to their Authentic Selves. I have helped others connect with their Souls through Soul Transmissions that help others be guided into stepping fully into their Authentic Selves.


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