Ascension Notes: Energies and Guidance on This Fall Equinox

As part of the celebration of our Fall Equinox, I offer this...

A Fall Equinox Prayer

In death is the transformation of matter into spirit.....the greatest alchemy of all. Fall is the time of reaping, when your magnificent flowers turn their watching toward the Earth Mother. They long for home and rebirth at your hand. You choose well in your reaping, because the strongest ideas within you will be taken and transformed into higher consciousness in the sacred garden of your Spirit. All is going within you now to impregnate your sacred void with the gathering of seeds. The gathering, the reaping, the color of sound and seed. Fall is a time for singing as you prepare your food for hibernation. How is your crop? Are you proud? Are you full and prepared for the long fasting ahead? Listen on the wind to the thunder drums in the faraway.....they call you towards winter and completion...are you ready to go?  ~ Ra

Ascension Notes

Happy Fall Equinox and Full Moon! There are huge waves of Light moving through us. I’ve felt it the last several days, which has inundated me with restless energy and sleepless nights. My body has tingled and been twitchy as the Light enters, upgrading my cells. There is deep movement in our physical, mental and emotional bodies. Here are also moments of losing balance and experiencing vertigo. This energy could be the largest wave of Light that we’ve experienced so far. A greater and deeper understanding of Who we truly are is present, along with more awareness of our deeper connection with Source and others.

We are now moving forward as we complete yet another stage of Ascension. And, of course, as we end one stage and enter another, any old remnants are sure to surface. There may be self-doubt and a sudden putting on the brakes to do any release of the old to make room for the immense wave of Light. There may be a deep questioning of ourselves about what we really want and if we are really changing at all, along with the doubt that we can really pull off our biggest dream at all. Do we have what it takes? Are we really this powerful? Can we really raise our vibration to match the higher vibrations in order to manifest? In the last several days, these could be some questions we’ve been asking. As a reminder, this always happens at the end of a cycle and at the beginning of a new one. We release, integrate, and begin again in bigger Light energy. Whew!

Feeling like we’ve been held back can be stressful and affect our self-confidence, and please know that this will be ending and we once again will move forward, gathering our Self-confidence. Changes have taken place in the ‘stopping-over’ time and we will begin to move once again. Know that, as Gabriel said, the month of Virgo was one where we became still and set intentions for our desires, while the month of Libra is a beginning time for manifestation. As we manifest, we will have more energy to put things into action, following our Guidance’ lead.

As we focus on the main Soul Essences; that of Love, Joy, Peace, Kindness, Compassion, Appreciation and Light...especially Appreciation and Joy, we are aligning with Spirit to make manifestation possible. Giving thanks for everything certainly opens and aligns us, whereas fear and holding on keeps us in he old.

The energies of today and this evening (Equinox is a 9:07pm MST) can create some super-sensitivities mentally, emotionally and physically. Drinking lots of water (water is a conductor of energy) and eating healthy, along with meditation helps (I’ve been so thirsty lately) with the integration of this newest wave of Light. Of course, this isn’t just for today. To add to these energies, we are also experiencing solar flares that create a kind of emotional instability. But then, if you can just be with it, speak your Truth (or write it), you easily integrate the Light and move forward refreshed and renewed.

One morning, after a restless sleep, at about 5am, with lower back pain, I decided to take myself to Gabriel’s dimension. My back pain disappeared, and I was in such Love. If you would do this...take yourself to a higher dimension, it will do much to adjust your body to being in ease. It is an exercise that should be done often for the purpose of making your Soul strong and strengthening your manifestation on Earth.

With each wave of Light, we need to be open to changes and new possibilities. When faced with these, be spontaneous. When we think it to death, we are actually in fear and block the new opportunity. Do not run in the opposite direction! Allow the Light to carry you in trust and clarity. Let it Be. If we can be in the Flow, things run smoothly. It’s only when we resist that life becomes harder than it needs to be. Fear of change is resistance to where Spirit is guiding us, so let it go, let fear go, and allow the Moment to be your only guide.

There is no room for anything other than living from your Divine Core. This may take separating ourselves from the general masses, who are experiencing deep stress, because they are not aware of what is occurring. Many will choose to leave, as the energies are very hard on the body. It is why aligning with higher energies during meditation and throughout the day is so important, along with taking care of our vessel with good diet and hydration.

We are solidifying our personal power at this time; not trusting the outer world to dictate who we must be and what we must do. This includes friends, family and partners. We must stand in our own integrity and follow our own Guidance, letting go of how we’ve always allowed others to dictate how we should feel and what to do. For instance, we are getting messages that flu season is occurring and we must protect ourselves. Oh really? I don’t buy into that, do you?

We might become somewhat disillusioned. Look at that means releasing illusions. That can be difficult to do; and the best way to do it is to not be attached and allow the higher form to take its place. Be discriminating and notice what things, along with beliefs, come up for release. Those things that do not inspire must expire. Much of the disillusion comes in the area of our government, religion, schools, economics and other structures and institutions in which we’ve placed our trust. We’ve been experiencing this for many months, but now it reaches a deeper level and knowing. This can leave us feeling alone, unsafe, anxious and insecure. These are the times to place complete trust in Spirit, and help us make more conscious choices.

On the other hand, being conscious, clear and aware of Who we are, brings more creativity and strength to trust completely in our Guidance and in our belief in Self.

We can handle this Light by staying in touch with it as much as possible throughout the day. I learn so much from the spider who spun a web in my yard. I’ve been watching her for a few months. She sits there and waits. While the beautiful web she spun is sticky, she doesn’t stick to it! (Being detached). She does not chase her food, but waits for her good to come to her, staying focused on her purpose. She is single-minded. And so must we be. Take your Guides, Angels and Higher Selves with you as you go through the day, have conversations with them; ask their advice. They are not relegated to meditation time only.

Realize we are not separate from them or from our Soul. We are our Soul. Our Souls are the God-stuff; it’s who we are. We can’t separate from that, except in our lower ego minds and as we busy ourselves, we tend to forget Who we are. So the more time spent reminding ourselves of Who we really are, the more God Consciousness integrates more fully and that becomes our only awareness. What do you give your time to? All your choices should be to strengthen your Soul Awareness...every choice.
And finally, surrender to what is. See with new eyes and do things in a totally new way. Ask daily, ‘Soul, what can I do for you today?’

May you feel honored, loved and blessed on this holy day of the Fall Equinox and Full Moon Great Light of Transformation.



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Kara Schallock

For the past twelve years, I have focused on sharing about Ascension and the time we now find ourselves in. This has evolved into the Ascension Notes, channeled from my Soul. They are practical guidance for those awakening to their Authentic Selves. I have helped others connect with their Souls through Soul Transmissions that help others be guided into stepping fully into their Authentic Selves.


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