Beginning a New Phase, Bringing the Spiritual into the Practical, Full Moon and More

As I wrote in the last Ascension Note of August 13, we were entering a rest/integration period. With the coming of the Full Moon, that period is ending…or closely thereafter. During this time, before we begin the new phase, many have stepped into a new level of Awareness and Expansion, integrating more of their Soul Essence. It has been a time of practical application. This is when we, in a grounded way, make real changes in our lives (or at least have made intentions to do so, while becoming clearer on what they are). In other words, walk our talk. When we blend spiritual and physical we walk in Balance.

Many may have felt disconnected. This often happens after we have taken a giant leap forward in consciousness and are integrating the New energies that have been flying into us. This is not only for the first two weeks of August, but any time we are downloading high dimensional energies/Light. This feeling of disconnect is not only the integration of the spiritual into the physical, but it is also a further stepping away from 3D duality. And this can necessitate a falling away of our comfort zone, duality, old habits, patterns and beliefs and relationships that no longer support our light. Truly, we are not who we have been. We are more authentic, more honest with ourselves and others, and not willing to play the 3D game if illusion any more. We may not even recognize ourselves.

Making the spiritual practical takes being grounded and keeping your vibration high. There is plenty of drama going on in the world these days, from the personal to the global. The best way to stay in a high vibration is to not take part…no gossip, no complaining, no wishing it was different…just noticing it, not getting seduced by it and amping up in Self-love. Because Love is who we are, by being kind to ourselves (stepping away from judging ourselves), kind to others (not judging them) and being kind to the Earth and all Her life, we rise in vibration. Detach from the olds (news stories), politics and anything else smacking of the duality of good/bad, smart/dumb, easy/hard, happy/sad, light/dark…just keep your Light shining bright and don’t give any energy to the old way of living life. What you energize manifests.

Love takes you higher; fear takes you lower. (Fear includes anger, judgment, guilt, control, etc.) By holding true to your highest version, you create miracles that take you higher. And all this multiplies as you refuse to play the 3D game of illusion any more.

A lot of work is being done in Dreamtime. We are connecting with others (in and out of body), we are receiving upgrades to our cells and DNA, we are imbued with high dimensional codes of Light (some call these “God Codes”) and we’re being strengthened in Love. No wonder we wake up exhausted, even after a good night’s sleep.

We are asked to bring the spiritual into the physical, integrating the two. There is a danger of being too focused on the day-to-day details so that we lose sight of the spiritual. By focusing too much on the spiritual, we don’t integrate it into the physical. So Balance is key. It is helped by being present while doing, maintaining a grounded connection to all of life, which of course, includes the Divine. Every moment of life has a spiritual seed within it. So rather than getting lost in the everyday doing, staying grounded in the spiritual helps us stay centered in our Divine Essence, thus integrating the spiritual into the physical. Simply put, it is expressing Soul in everything we do in life; having them be One. This is our next step and will be empowered by the Full Moon on August 30/31.

We are experiencing a huge shift into a new phase, leaving the one we’ve been inhabiting for a more expansive and aware period. We are in between right now, and because we are still in that breather, we can respond (not react) to life situations without the heaviness of emotional attachment to how we think things should be, which is based in the past. There is no rush here. When we ego-react, we rush impetuously forward. When we Soul-respond, we allow it to unfold perfectly.

In this new phase, we are more anchored to feeling than to thinking. Feeling is of the Now; thinking is of the past and is mostly unconscious. It’s a completion of the focus from head to Heart. So let’s complete the phase we’ve been in with some honest introspection. Are new inspirations and guidance already coming to you? Are you more in touch with your Divine Purpose (this often has nothing to do with what you do in the world; it has more to do with how you are in the world)? Are you more and more guided to step out of your comfort zone? Have you let go of a lot of your old stories about life? Have you forgiven, accepted and allowed? This is what this next phase of enlightenment will be about. See how far you’ve come. How free do you feel?...for surely that tells you a lot!

August has been a month of great acceleration and more wholing. With the Full Moon, a Blue Moon, we complete this phase and step up to the next. The Full Moon will accelerate this process, propelling us forward in our Ascension. As we continue to clear away the old, we may also feel disconnected, sad, anxious, uncertain, angry/irritated, disappointed, and kind of woozy as the old surfaces for release. Just remind yourself that it’s all purposeful, for we cannot take the old into the New.

Connect often with Soul and be guided by that pure expression of Source. Strengthen your connection to this, your Godness. Certainly, Soul only wants Oneness with you and will guide you to what you need to do to make this happen. Being One with and as Soul is our only real purpose now. As we strengthen that immersion, ego follows and is dissolved into Soul as well, so there is no more battle between Soul and ego; it is One. And once that is complete, we ascend, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

With this Full Moon, we have the potential to be fully committed to our Soul Expression. It is why it has been so important to speak the truth and be the truth. It holds the potential to step into our Authentic Selves more without lying, withholding or being fearful about speaking up. So many of us have been persecuted for speaking our truth in previous lifetimes. Now, we may do so fully. In fact, we must. Not doing so puts a huge block in our moving forward. We have a deep Soul Desire to transcend any unworthiness or fear and step into totally being who we are out in the world. For those already doing that, expect an empowerment in this area. As we do this, we may have some throat issues. Clearing your throat (it may feel like it’s full of stuff), singing, screaming, and chanting help, as does asking the Blue Ray to clear completely your Throat Chakra. Calling on the Violet Flame to help also transmutes any old energies in your Throat Chakra as well.

As part of our shift, we have had and will continue to have, many unexpected events occur. These un-expectations are truly wonderful, for they take us out of our comfort zone and out of controlling our lives. How we perceive them tells a lot. If you are open to change, these surprises will be welcome and exciting. If you are still clinging on to life in the status quo, they can knock you over. They truly will show how much you’ve grown, how gracefully you flow and how detached you are to having life go a particular way. Either perspective takes you deeper into Soul.

So, stay in the Flow, follow your feeling-guidance and know you are being carried by the waves of Grace. And in this place of Divine Love, we find how sweet life truly is. 



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Kara Schallock

For the past twelve years, I have focused on sharing about Ascension and the time we now find ourselves in. This has evolved into the Ascension Notes, channeled from my Soul. They are practical guidance for those awakening to their Authentic Selves. I have helped others connect with their Souls through Soul Transmissions that help others be guided into stepping fully into their Authentic Selves.


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