Beyond the 11th Gateway

My, what a powerful Gateway of 11-11-11 was. The intensity of it left many of us reeling between ecstasy and dire emotional pain. The ecstasy was/is the sense of true spiritual evolvement and the pain was/is the awareness that, while many layers of duality have been released, there is so much more beneath. I have been in a state of Gratitude for it all. I simply do not want anything blocking the Light flowing in. Our Souls cannot fully merge with us with any old energies hanging about.

If you are called to do Forgiveness work for anything in this life or other lifetimes, now is the time to do it. Happily, the 12th Gateway is a ways off (Winter Solstice), so we have plenty of time to acclimate to the 11th Gateway energies.

As a reminder, the best way to integrate the higher dimensional Light into our bodies is to be in our Integrity and being our Authentic Selves. This means being honest with ourselves and others. Love doesn’t have to hide; fear and darkness do. The Light from the Gateway continues to flow and if you aren’t being real, it will feel pretty awful. Because many Light encodings and electrical upgrades continue to flow, it will help to go through the Gateway often. The Light passes over our Ka Template, at the back of the Crown, and flows down our Ka Channels that run down our Aura. The Channels then feed the Light into our electrical system and then this ignites our cells, bringing 5-6 Dimension energies into us mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

A very important aspect of receiving this Light is to be congruent mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, because if we are not being authentic and congruent, we create a schism between the spiritual beings we are and the way we live. We must take an active role in our Ascension. It’s not enough just to meditate and receive the Light. We have the responsibility to integrate the 5D Consciousness into us in every aspect of our lives. The energy coming in, of course, helps us do that, therefore, many of us are experiencing life so differently,  and we find ourselves making small and huge changes...this is part of the Big Shift. Otherwise, it’s all just mind candy...if we’re not walking our talk.

For those of you who have listened to the 11-11-11 Gateway transmission, we more fully merged with Soul, which means we merged further with Source; and therefore, have stepped more fully into Unity Consciousness. Have you noticed a difference between 3D life and 5D life? Know that with any transition into higher levels of being that there are physical, emotional, mental and spiritual adjustments. Physically, I felt much in my head, neck, back, ears and Solar plexus, all of which have mellowed. While painful, it also brings the Joy that indeed “something is happening.” You can always ask Guidance what you can do to ease the readjustment period and follow your instructions.

Realize also that Gaia is going through the same energy influx. This is why it’s important to stay in our bodies as much as we can, because we channel the energies onto Gaia. It is also why the Gateways are on the Earth, and not “out there.” Gaia keeps us grounded, while She soaks up the vibrational energies we bring onto Her. So, not only do we receive great benefit from Nature, we help Nature rise in consciousness as well.

Notice that you are more and more living in the New with Compassion and Observation, rather than in fear and attachment. This becomes easier with time. Notice how quickly you move through challenges. Notice how much Compassion you have...allowing others the space to choose and step into their own Power of Choice. Notice, too, how you cannot assume anything. Assumptions are based in the old. It is not of the New or in the Moment. At is always best to ask, rather than assume something is true.

As part of the 11th Gateway, our Original Blueprint has been further empowered, so we may feel like someone completely different from who we’ve known ourselves to be. There may be times you feel like someone different, but don’t know what that means. There may be times you are invisible to others (or feel that you are), times when you “just don’t feel like yourself.” Times when you have vertigo, bump into things and feel a bit dizzy. These are certainly times when our bodies are integrating and adjusting to the New energies, and we realize that our entire body and personality and identification that we have previously had is gone.

This week, be gentle with yourself, get into Nature and know that the evolvement into Ascension continues. And mostly, know you are deeply loved, guided and rooted for. 



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Kara Schallock

For the past twelve years, I have focused on sharing about Ascension and the time we now find ourselves in. This has evolved into the Ascension Notes, channeled from my Soul. They are practical guidance for those awakening to their Authentic Selves. I have helped others connect with their Souls through Soul Transmissions that help others be guided into stepping fully into their Authentic Selves.


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