Challenges and Opportunities: Perceptions

Wow! What a challenging week I’ve had! How about you? It seems that Soul has had us look at our ego-identifications. These are how we identify ourselves, including what we do, our roles as parent, child, partner and anything that places us in a role, which keeps in the old behaviors and patterns created for us in the past (this lifetime and other lifetimes).

We truly must let go of these and allow Soul to create our New selves. Even when we think we have let go of so much, and indeed we have, Soul requires us to let go of all we identify with, even thinking of ourselves as spiritual (still an ego-identification). This is a deeper meaning of detachment, so that we can be created anew from Soul.

As a result of an increase in vibration in us and on the planet, further increased by planetary configurations and solar flares, we are having to match how we live with our new, higher vibration. Therefore, there is even more release of people, things and a transformation of how we perceive and live our lives. Do we perceive release as loss or an opportunity to rise in vibration? De we perceive our physical challenges as something that is wrong or that our bodies are being upgraded to match our higher vibration?

Perception will either keep us stuck in the old or move us forward in Ascension. It’s not enough to receive high dimensional Light, we must also have congruency mentally, emotionally and physically to match our higher vibration. This means that old behaviors and perceptions have to be upgraded as well. We must choose to see what no longer fits and then change it. We’re not alone in this; we are guided and the path is shown, if we can let go of how we think our lives should be like.

A question to ask yourself, especially when being challenged (which is a perception), is “Do you see each challenge/opportunity in Love, Faith, Knowing, and Confidence or do you go into fear?” Going into fear actually holds you back in the old. We are always given a choice in each moment. As I said, perception is everything. Do you perceive from your Heart or the old thinking and programming from your head? You empower one or the other by your choice.

We also have the choice to either blindly follow all we read or view on videos or feel them and decide for ourselves. We have the right answer within. We each are ascending according to our own unique blueprint. No one else can tell you what or how to do it. There may be some points that ring true and others that don’t feel right. Take what feels right. Pay attention to the region around your Heart; does it expand or contract? A word of caution: if something rings true for you, make sure it’s not just keeping you stuck in what you already believe. If something doesn’t ring true, ask within if it is just something that is new for you, rather than dismissing it. By simply agreeing with what we already know doesn’t do anything for our transformation; it holds us in place. If you can be open to something new, then certainly you will continue to expand your consciousness.

We are all required to take a good look at how we are using Gaia’s resources as well. More and more are guided to have a completely organic diet; this is not just for us as we become lighter; it’s for the planet as well. Eating pesticide-laced foods along with the genetically altered food not only hurts us; it hurts Gaia. How do we treat animals? How do we use our electricity, water and petroleum? Are we aware of our carbon footprint and its effect on Gaia? Do we shop consciously or are we addicted to more and more “stuff,” as if that will satisfy our inner hunger? And finally, are we taking responsibility for ourselves, realizing our lives are not to be blamed on outer forces like the government, economy, weather, another person, etc.?

Are we getting weary of complaining or hearing others complain? It’s because we are urged toward a more loving, congruent life. While there is no blame in anyone’s choices, we do have the choice to live our lives according to our highest Integrity. The more aware we become, the clearer the choices become. And as our choices are for full responsibility, we step more fully into the New and create the New Earth. Even a small step is better than no step at all.

As a rather naïve person, who has always seen the higher aspect of any person, I am guided to share that the dark ones are taking a last stand. These dark ones gain power through manipulation, fear and control. They have also learned ‘spiritual speak.’ I understand that they are about to be escorted off the planet. I know that the Light is much stronger than the dark and this is proving itself, for there is so much Light now that the dark simply cannot hang on anymore. They will either join the Light or leave.

This is another reason why it is helpful not to be affected by outer events and circumstances, and why it’s been important to transform our own fears; our shadow aspects and integrate more Light. As we become stronger in our Souls, the dark loses its power over us. What a phenomenal thing this is, for they have been around since the beginning of this planet and are responsible for the dualistic nature of 3-D. The more we hold true to our highest selves, the less the dark has control. We are at a point of holding strong in the Power of Love and Unity. Let’s see this through to its conclusion…to Ascension and the New Earth.

What we give attention to is manifest. So what stories do you still tell yourself and others over and over again? You do know your stories are your perceptions of the time of occurrence. It’s been a way to keep your victim energy intact. Keep your stories of Empowerment, Joy and Love and let go of anything that keeps you as a victim or powerless in any way. This is how you transform the dark into Light.

Many are at a point in their consciousness that outer events no longer affect them and thus are able to make great strides in creating lives aligned with their Souls and experience their lives as Joy, Love, Unity and Bliss. This is why we’ve worked so diligently at this important, intense time of huge transformation into our natural state of Light Beings. The real Truth of Who we are is Love and from this Knowing, blessed lives are born. 



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Kara Schallock

For the past twelve years, I have focused on sharing about Ascension and the time we now find ourselves in. This has evolved into the Ascension Notes, channeled from my Soul. They are practical guidance for those awakening to their Authentic Selves. I have helped others connect with their Souls through Soul Transmissions that help others be guided into stepping fully into their Authentic Selves.


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