Living in the New, Body Grids & the Solar Eclipse

We have passed through another portal...there has been a continual upgrade; an integration of our Lightbodies into our mental/emotional and physical bodies since the Winter Solstice. This upgrade affects all areas of our lives, placing us in an entirely different experience of life. There is a continual inflow of golden threads of Source Light bringing even more awareness.

This awareness gives us the clarity to move away from the robotic world of 3D and more into the dynamic 5D (generally speaking), where our intentions flow easily into manifestation. That said, this is the time to be ever-present with the intentions of our Hearts...bringing to fruition our Hearts’ desires.

As we continue to download the rarified energy of Source and of the higher dimensions, our consciousness is more aligned with our Higher Selves/Souls. It is this consciousness that creates our lives. Consciousness is the knowing we are Divine. To the extent that this knowing is integrated, our lives will be created from whatever our consciousness is, so meditating and consciously bringing in Source Light indeed upgrades our consciousness, and therefore our lives.

At the same time, it enables an easy release of old patterns and beliefs, dissolving in the Golden Light of Source. Remember to replace the old with the New, so be clear about how you want your life to look; not so much in details, but how you want to feel. The details follow the feeling...i.e. Joy, Love, Peace, Abundance, etc.

As we continually move up in vibration, our density decreases. This allows us to experience timelessness. Have you noticed how time fluctuates depending on your mood? One way to help ourselves become lighter is to stay out of stress...stress weighs us down, while staying in Peace or Joy lightens us up. The lighter we are, the clearer our thoughts/feelings are.

When in stress, we tend to move downward or backward, bringing up old patterns that are limiting or negative. So, to be ever-vigilant about our ‘state of mind’ is truly essential. Another thing that helps when you find yourself in stress is to observe it, rather than wallow in it. Observing helps you stay detached; thereby giving you the opportunity to lighten up again by bringing in an intention of the New.

To fully access the 5th Dimension and beyond; that is, making it our reality, our Body Grids also must be upgraded, and this is for the purpose of bringing in the Light from Source on a continual basis. If you will, during your meditation, bring in Source Light through the Crystalline Grid (Christed Grid), and then through the New Consciousness Grid, activating each at intersecting points of the leylines, and then have the energy connect at your Body Grid (located throughout your body and aura), and then move the energy down your grounding cord to activate the Earth Grid, you will do much to upgrade your Body Grid, becoming one unit...Oneness with and as Source.

The Body Grid

Let me tell you that your Body Grid is a system made up of all your old and current beliefs and patterns. Unless this is also upgraded to the New, nothing in life changes. It is why many complain how their old patterns aren’t going away and life seems to be the same old way. As you upgrade and align your Grid with the higher dimensions, it is easier to manifest your new intentions and life. It allows you to be congruent body, mind and Spirit.

Our Body Grids hold all our thoughts, experiences and feelings and can be said to be our consciousness. Therefore, if we want to be fully anchored in the New, we choose to create a Body Grid with new thoughts, feelings and experiences. Our Souls, however, are not bound by this grid and so by following our Soul’s Guidance, we actually are creating a new Body Grid. Our new Grid is beginning to be constructed, created by new awareness, actions and thoughts as we follow and anchor our Souls’ Wisdom on a daily basis. Simply put, our Body Grid is our consciousness. And so by actively taking part in bringing in Source Light and creating new experiences aligned with Source, we create our new Body/Consciousness Grids.

Another aspect of creating our new Grids, and thereby our new lives, is to see the world as a benevolent place of Love. This means that all the stories about how broken the world is are not true...pure illusion borne of the old construct of separation and duality. See the world as whole and One and Love, and that is what will be reflected back to you. You will see the Truth behind the illusion. How you see the world, including yourselves, will raise your consciousness to reflect the Truth.

Living in the 5th Dimension

The reason for all of the physical symptoms of ascension is that as we release density, our bodies process it. This is part of the purpose of the 4th transition to the 5th Dimension. Once firmly anchored in the 5th, we will notice that life simplifies; it is less dense; therefore, it is not so convoluted, confusing and complicated. Many of us have begun simplifying your lives...this is a positive step toward living completely in the 5th Dimension. Life in the 5th is more ‘green,’ and much more creative. Creations become much more quickly manifest. There is more value for all life forms; thus, a move to vegetarianism is embraced by more and more people. Also, bringing in more oxygen through deep breathing and other joyful activities enable our ability to move further into the New.

Our language also takes on a different energy. Gone are words like try, should, want to, hope to and many others. All language is in the Now. Instead of saying, “I am going to try and meditate every day,” say, “I am meditating daily.” Gone are emotions of blame and shame and guilt Being aware of our language helps anchor us in the 5th Dimension and creates our next moments.

Know that the 5th Dimension is not in some faraway land; it is here and now and we can access it and live in it; it is our choice.

The Solar Eclipse on January 4

This eclipse further enhances the powerful, creative energies and upgrade of the Solstice and Full Lunar Eclipse of December 21. It (the energy of the eclipse) helps bring what you intended at that time into the full Light of manifestation. This eclipse gives a boost to whatever we are giving our attention to along with what intentions we are making on a daily basis. While it may have been rather quiet in the past week, this eclipse will give us a cosmic push forward.

The quiet has been purposeful, as it has given us a chance to release that which hadn’t released before, as well as release some very deep and very old energies. Many have been releasing in the dream state, as well as during meditation times. If your mind has been restless, it is the release of old energies. It definitely is best to do any letting go now, so that the old does not follow you into 2011, making it difficult to create the New.

You might want to look back at the end of 2009. What were you releasing and intending then? This eclipse is a final exclamation point to that time. 2010 was full of change, drama and intense energies. We now, after the eclipse, will push forward in an energetic, clear and lovingly creative way. Eclipses are transformational and if you can be clear about your intentions for 2011, and not fall back into old patterns of fear and duality, you will be setting the energy for a long time. If there has been much of the old ways coming up in the last two weeks, the eclipse will do much to blow it out...if you set that intention. If you wallow in the old, that will be your intention and of course will be created. What is your choice?

This eclipse will do much to blast us forward into a higher dimension. It could very well be intense. However, asking for the passage to be smooth from your Guidance Team will do much to ease the way.

Further, the eclipse ushers in a beautiful energy to help our Heart and mind be One. (Thinking with our Hearts; feeling with our minds.) It also offers some energy to initiate a life change. If you choose to not do anything in the form of a step forward or make an intention, the changes will come a bit later, and will feel as though they are happening to you and not by you.

2010 has been a year to step into our Authentic Selves...anything that has not been aligned with our Souls has been removed. While it was a time, ideally, to find our Soul Families, many did not, as it was more of a time to remove anything and anyone who did not reflect our Authentic Selves. Any polarized beliefs have been removed as well, and so there may have been quite a bit of feeling alone. Now, as we step more fully into our Authentic Selves, those Soul Families will slowly come together.

So, now is the time to stop thinking and planning, but a time to create, manifest and Be. Move forward with your Heart’s Desire. Be guided only by your Divinity. Anything else is of the old and can be let go of lovingly.



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Kara Schallock

For the past twelve years, I have focused on sharing about Ascension and the time we now find ourselves in. This has evolved into the Ascension Notes, channeled from my Soul. They are practical guidance for those awakening to their Authentic Selves. I have helped others connect with their Souls through Soul Transmissions that help others be guided into stepping fully into their Authentic Selves.


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