New Consciousness Grid, Gateways, Symptoms & More

A few days ago, we received an upgrade of high multidimensional-being energy. And, as usual, with any big boost of high vibrational Light, we have an opportunity to release another layer. This layer is what we’ve been either holding onto unwittingly, or has been hiding in the depths of our subconscious. Personally, I was given a gift...I had reconnected with someone I went to high school with.

He had asked me what my life has been since. I was guided to write a three-page story, and got in touch with a very deep issue; one that has fleetingly popped in and out of consciousness, but one that I couldn’t quite grab. Writing my story gave me the chance to release it in full. I share this as a gift to you...if so inclined, write your story; just let it flow, get in touch with old feelings. It’s a great tool.

Part of what we’ve gone through these past years is an emptying out, and yet how easy it is to slip back to revisit old patterns, old thinking and old beliefs. We have been used to going back in time, searching the memory banks for what we’ve believed; it gives us a sense of well-being, especially when we are feeling insecure about our lives, but which places us back into our comfort zones, where our ego surely wants us to stay. However, the emptying out isn’t done in order to fill back up with old information, no matter where it came from. In order for us to not fall back on ‘tried and true,’ we must stay awake and aware and question everything. We have been guided to stay in the Moment and feel our way through, and this is how the New begins to fill our New Minds.

Having passed through another deep layer of ‘old,’ I have been shown the old pattern is activated by a comment or event; the energy comes up to be felt. During this time, you may feel confused and cloudy and may not be able to pinpoint where the emotion is coming from. The important thing is to allow the emotion. When it’s fully up, it then moves out of the way, bringing clarity. This is when you may replace it with a new way of being, related to a more enlightened version of the pattern; that of Acceptance, Joy, Peace and Love. By meditating and feeling, we are led to the New. Here is a quote by Thich Nhat Hanh that I find helpful:

When we are mindful, deeply in touch with the present moment, our understanding of what is going on deepens, and we begin to be filled with acceptance, joy, peace and love.

It is necessary to allow ourselves to be empty and still for a bit, and not rush in to fill up, for that urgency often times will bring back the old pattern, since our ego feels uncomfortable just being still.

New Consciousness Grid, more Gateways & Physical Symptoms

As we place more energy into our new level of consciousness, it builds strength, and that is of great importance now. More Gateways will continue to open and they are increasing in speed and intensity. The next one is on 12-12, followed by the Solstice, which carries a boost of a full lunar eclipse...more on that in a future Note. In between each Gateway, we are given the opportunity to rest, integrate and remove more density, if that is what is up for you. Then another wave of Light enters.

This will continue its fast pace and will become the new norm. As you raise in vibration, so does your life, as it reflects back to you your level of consciousness. More access to your powerful creative power is available. This requires you to be diligent. If you spend time in negativity, that will be manifest in your life; so be clear within yourself as to what you want your world to look like. Every thought and feeling carries a seed of creation. What are you creating?

So, as we consciously step into conscious awareness, we realize it is our choice to remain small or step into the larger consciousness of our Souls. Our Guides, in particular, our Ascension Mentors, can guide us into the higher realms of enlightened living, however, know they can only guide and not do it for us. In meditation, ask for their guidance. They also come in dreams.

Truly, we have linked up with the New Consciousness Grid that presented itself on 11-11. This was a big push into a heightened awareness of how powerful we are. As such, our physical bodies may have felt the shifting as our cells took on the new and high energies. Some symptoms very well have been in the back, frequent buzzings in the body, especially in the legs, vertigo and dizziness, constant ear ringing, headaches, and probably other body symptoms not mentioned here. Why? We are grounding the energies and upgrading our chakra system all at the same time.

An exercise to help

 Connect with Source/Central Sun with a spiraling cord of Light connecting from Source through all higher dimensions (12 through 4); bring it into you through your Crown and then to your Pineal Gland, down through your Ka Channels (channels of energy running down your aura, which connect to your electrical system and interfaces with your cells), and down through your chakras, and your grounding cord anchoring at the Earth Crystal. Then expand this Light throughout the body and aura. Physically, it would be good to move (walk, yoga, T‘ai Chi, etc.) and Epsom salt baths helps release toxins.

World Division (yet not separate), Mayan 7th Day, Divine Partnerships & Balance

Realize that it would seem the 3D world and the higher dimensions are dividing. We are now inhabiting the higher dimensions. Know that as we view others that seem to not have made the shift, that they have waited for us to prepare the new land. Remember, we are the pioneers; the wayshowers; it’s what we signed up light the path and ease the way for others to follow. However, may we also be reminded that the path is not linear and it is not for us to judge where a person is residing consciousness-wise. We just focus on our own path and trust that all is perfect in its own unfolding.

In the month of November, we entered the 7th Day of the Mayan Calendar, meaning we have moved up dimensionally. This has brought even more of the feminine principle into our consciousness; an upgrade that has enhanced intuition and new perceptions, along with the balancing of our left/right brain hemispheres, and male/female Divine selves. This brings a greater Unity to ourselves and how we view the world. It also deepens our awareness of how we’ve been controlled all these millennia, which is great because awareness leads to better choices.

As a result of this Unity and balancing, there will be more ‘Sacred Marriages’ created. While this has been happening all along really, this is a boost forward in this dynamic. For so long our focus has been to energize the Divine Feminine principle; to allow, feel, receive, Be, intuit, perceive, and it’s been necessary to bring the old patriarchy into balance. Now, with the emerging Divine Masculine, we take the wisdom we’ve tapped into by ‘thinking with our hearts’ and are upgrading our minds so that each action we take is Soul-driven.

The Divine Masculine energy will be strongest in December, and we will feel more clarity and purpose in our thinking, for the balance of male/female will receive another huge upgrade. This will especially affect those in male bodies, or those with more male energies than female (the do-ers). It will also help those with more female energies (the be-ers) to be more balanced with being and doing. And is why more Sacred Marriages will become manifest, especially as we balance the two within.

Light, dark & Love

As we continue to refine and redefine ourselves, there are times we feel the darkness. Why is that, if we are being upgraded to the finer strands of Divine Love Light? It is because of the Light that we can see the dark more clearly! And as we love and accept the dark, it is dissolved just as the dark in the closet is dissolved as soon as we turn on the light. Yes, the first step in all transformation is first awareness, then acceptance (taking responsibility) and then Love to completely transform it. Love then brings in the New.

In closing, it is important to know what Love is pure Spirit, and as we embrace that which we are (pure Spirit, i.e. Love), it overflows from us so that we love unconditionally all of life naturally. So personal love isn’t our Essence, it is a result of our Essence. It is a natural outflowing of our isn’t done on purpose necessarily; it is simply a natural manifestation of our Divinity.




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For the past twelve years, I have focused on sharing about Ascension and the time we now find ourselves in. This has evolved into the Ascension Notes, channeled from my Soul. They are practical guidance for those awakening to their Authentic Selves. I have helped others connect with their Souls through Soul Transmissions that help others be guided into stepping fully into their Authentic Selves.


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