Ninth Wave, Manifestations of the old & New

On this day of the much spoken about Ninth Wave, I want to begin by saying that by labeling anything keeps the energy of that event in 3D. It holds the energy in a particular box. This goes with anything we label, including the word Ascension. By tapping instead into the energy, we free it to expand more into a new consciousness.

So let me address this “Ninth Wave” based on the Mayan Calendar, which was not named by the Mayans, but by a westerner. However, because of our limited language, I will often refer to energetic events as certain titles so as to serve as a bridge from the 3D to higher dimensions. Just be aware it’s the energy of the event and not the title of it that is important. Does that make sense to you? It will if you feel the words and not analyze them.

I would also like to say that an event does not particularly happen on a particular day; it is a continuum of energy. For purposes of awareness and ceremony, we do choose certain dates, such as today, the beginning of the 9th Wave. So don’t categorize what is occurring; allow it to unfold to its grandeur. Visualize taking the walls down of a box holding an energy. The energy then is allowed to expand, touching all and creating the Unity Consciousness portended by this event or Gateway, the third this year.

The energy being infused is that of Unity Consciousness; Oneness. It is a hallmark leading to the completion of our transformation (although, transformation is never complete; it‘s infinite). We have done much work with releasing the old that has limited us and kept us in a box of a controlled paradigm. Now, we are free to break out in consciousness, thereby affecting our entire lives with a knowing that we are the powerful creators that we, in essence, are. Hold a desire and it is so.

And so, rather than focusing on what is releasing, we now have reached a place in consciousness in which we may place our attention on a much larger picture; that of being One with all of life, including Angels and Ascended one is more or less than we are. Step out of your limited persona and allow the expansion into the huge being you are.

How does this affect us individually? First, I want to say that our 5th Dimension Light bodies are anchored/merged into our 3D bodies. This is true for everyone; however, one may not have the awareness that this is true. Those not in awareness of their transformation will feel the shift on some level and this explains why so many are in confusion and chaos, for they do not understand what is happening to them. I have also noticed that while a person can talk intelligently about Ascension, in looking more deeply into their lives we can see that it is all intellectual without the necessary integration and change of their lives beginning in their Hearts. Change only happens when the energies are felt within. And from that point, the new consciousness radiates outward and change begins to take shape based on consciousness; the awareness that we all are Divine.

Some physical and emotional manifestations: If you are still releasing (remember, time is not linear and is more on a continuum and we each have our own timeline), you may have body aches (toxins releasing; physical, mental and emotional including past life wounds and memories) cannot have a physical release without a mental and emotional release and vice-versa...extreme thirst, sleep disruptions, emotional ups and downs, fatigue even while feeling amped up energetically, disease for those toxins difficult to release (however, this is more for folks who have ignored their awakening), an ability to see through the deception of institutions like the government, politicians, schools, large corporations and so forth.

Some things you may experience while in the New are an incredible clarity into self and others, an excitement about life, more Love; the ability to manifest your intentions/desires, seeing things in other dimensions such as lights, shadows, colors and light bodies, etc; a faith that everything is happening for a larger unfolding, an ability to detach from what the world view says is true; an ability to not take things personally...and the list goes on infinitely. Also, you may experience some of the physical manifestations spoken of above as your body is changing. Chakras are being upgraded, cells regenerated, higher chakras activated (3rd Eye and beyond), so it’s not all about releasing toxins. We are being asked now to put our attention more on the New than on the old, for we are more in the New, than in the old.

As we become more aware, we choose not to eat certain things and choose to purify our physical bodies with pure foods and water. Our choices extend to people we have associated with, along with jobs we’ve had for years. It’s like our awakening has precipitated a complete awareness of how toxic certain foods, people, work and other areas of life have inherently affected us, and we are choosing to purify ourselves through release and different choices. We are also guided to simplify our lives in different ways. Less is more; it’s freedom and allows more suitable people, things and work to enter. We are receiving a new Blueprint on the Equinox, and so many will receive new purposes, more aligned with their Souls.

You may have noticed a step up in Earth activity...volcanoes, earthquakes, flooding and other shifting. This is Earth’s way of clearing toxins and adjusting to the higher dimensions as we have been. You may have noticed the anger of people who see through the lies of their institutions and are say, “No more!” All this is as it should be. There will be many more shifts like this coming. It is all Love and purposeful. Look beyond the surface and see the Love within.

This time, hallmarked by what is referred to as the Ninth Wave, is helping us shift in all aspects of our lives to our higher consciousness of Unity. It is enhanced and integrated as we go into a meditative state and connect to the Higher Energies like connecting to the New Consciousness Grid, our new Body Grid, the Crystalline Grid and the Earth Grid as one unit. (The word “connect” is not the proper word for it indicates separation.) Source feeds these systems for the purpose of bringing the higher energies into us to help anchor the new vibration we now inhabit. Every time you “meditate” and “connect” you are receiving transmissions. So, meditation is not the correct word; transmissions are, for in Truth, that is what is happening.

This New energy radiating in waves into us now, beginning today (generally speaking), supports, energizes and helps us recognize and integrate our Unity Consciousness. This is an initiation into the higher realms, and so if we choose, we may experience life in a completely New way. You may experience this as feeling different, with the inability to pinpoint what that means. By knowing that you have stepped up into a very high consciousness, your life will be created from that knowing. So keep your energy, clear, your thoughts and feelings high and your body pure; it’s all a process. It doesn’t happen in a second; although it actually does. Instead of looking for proof, your Faith will manifest your New Life quickly.

The energies will move even more quickly now, and while there are challenges as we continue to step up in awareness, we do not get stuck there; be in knowing of Who you are. There is a continual balancing of Being and Doing. The way to enhance your consciousness is to Be before doing. Be inspired to act, rather than act in order to be inspired. “If there’s doubt, don’t.” Please know too that you will only be supported, by Divine Light, in activities that serve all in Love, so always intend that any projects are for the highest good for you and all.

We are all Source. Source is nothing but Love. There is no separation between Source/God and us. Each of our conscious choices reflects that. Ask in each choice you make if it is conscious and from your highest consciousness/knowing that you are Divine. The new Service is not servitude. It is acting from the knowing that we are all One; we are all Divine; there is no saving or protecting; there is only Wholeness; the knowing we all are powerful creators of our own experience.

Know Who you are. You are a beautiful, knowing, wise and expansive expression of Divine Love. All your actions, thoughts and feelings reflect that Truth to the extent that you know them.

Knowing is not intellectual; it is a feeling of expansion that begins in the Heart and radiates out from there, activating your personal vortex to create your life. Feel your way through life and know of the sacred Grace emanating through all of your cells and DNA, creating more Love; more Life. 




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Kara Schallock

For the past twelve years, I have focused on sharing about Ascension and the time we now find ourselves in. This has evolved into the Ascension Notes, channeled from my Soul. They are practical guidance for those awakening to their Authentic Selves. I have helped others connect with their Souls through Soul Transmissions that help others be guided into stepping fully into their Authentic Selves.


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