Preparing for the Eclipse and Venus Transit

The purpose of our next eclipse (lunar) on June 4 and the following Venus Transit on the 5th is to form a bridge between higher dimensions and Earth (and us), so expect a very large download of Light to infuse Gaia and us. I will write more on this in a few days, as we are still preparing for this step up into being more of our Authentic Selves. We have been preparing by releasing a lot, especially since the last eclipse and New Moon. It has been necessary to do this not just mentally, but physically, emotionally and astrally. I say astrally, for there have been cords and others’ energies that are important to release as well. For those who have resisted change, holding true to their old way of doing and being, it may be a difficult passage. What helps is to get out in Nature, follow our Inner Guidance and change what no longer is an expression of who we are, for truly, we are no longer who we used to be.

Here are some Ascension manifestations you may be experiencing based on where you are in your Ascension. Some of you may relate to most of them, while others will not relate at all, since we’re all on unique timelines and paths. This is also not a complete list by all means:

~Stress/intense energy: We are continually adjusting to a higher vibration as more and more Light infuses into us, as well as having many old patterns and beliefs surface for release.

~Short-term memory loss: This is because we are moving from one dimension to another; i.e. multidimensional: our natural state of being. As we do this, we become disoriented and forget things. We can’t seem to remember what we did yesterday; this is due also to spending more time in the Now.

~Losing things: Often they are waiting in another dimension. We search and then magically they show up in an unlikely place.

~Seeing and hearing unusual things, seeing shadows out of the corner of your eye, throbbing high pitched sound and butterflies in the ears: This is an upgrade of our vibration and chakras, making us more sensitive, as well as experiencing the Veil thinning or gone.

~Waking up tired, even though you slept well: We’re doing a ton of work in the dream state…traveling, healing, downloading, integrating, etc.

~Sleeplessness, waking up often or deep sleep: This is us downloading, healing others and Gaia, adjusting, being contacted by Guides, Angels and other Light Beings. There is so much energy flowing into us, it can fill us with so much energy, we find it difficult to sleep; and yet, often we’re not sleepy the next day. Or in the case of deep sleep, it almost feels like we’re knocked out; this is for really deep work being done on us.

~Avoiding crowds: Our sensitivities are heightened and the noise or different energies jangle our nervous system, since it has been upgrading. Spending time alone helps us integrate.

~Feeling like not doing anything: No, we’re not being lazy (release that old belief; it’s based on the cultural belief that we have to be constantly doing something). This is also because there is more Divine Feminine energy, especially with all the Venus energies, that call for more Being and Flowing with the energies, rather than “making things happen.”

~Seeing a huge difference between you and the 3D: This includes unconscious chatter, old attitudes, drama and chaos, certain healing modalities (especially the traditional medical techniques), low vibrational people and places, government and other old institutions. It also creates an intolerance at 3D work places and may be a move toward doing your Divine Service.

~A shift in food consumption. You may be eating much less and lighter. Actually, we are shifting from “I need food to live” to “I live and thrive on Light.”

~A shift in how you are in relationships: You may feel more detached, not needing others, not willing to dally in drama, and you may feel as though you don’t have that much in common with your old friends. You may feel the same about work and things you used to love doing. Simply, your vibration is higher and there is a disparity in energies between you and some others. If you can be in Allowance and know that everything is in Divine Order, you can easily let go and let be.

There is much more of course, yet what we are to focus more on is what has shifted. As a way to help you, these are some areas in which you might notice some shifting, as you reflect back to where you were even a year ago.

Remember that we are still in process; somewhere along the continuum.

~Work that is an expression of our spiritual path. If we don't feel Joy and energized, it is not our Spirit Work. If it drains us or we resent it and the people involved, it's not our Spirit Work.

~Higher level of Abundance/Prosperity: This is in all areas of life. Take a look at where you feel you are not abundant and release that which blocks you. Don't look at outer signs, but more on how you feel. Abundance/Prosperity is not based on what the outer society tells you it is; it's a feeling you have within.

~Dreams/Soul/Heart desires manifest; or are beginning to. Pay attention to if this is happening; you can see if they are in the process of being manifest. If you don't have any, you might look at where you are being called to change things up, rather than clinging to what already is. Remember, we're creative beings and if we don't have desires based on Soul, we may be not wanting things to shift or expand.

~Clarity on your twin flame. Discover your attitudes about this. Is it based on what you've read? Do you feel incomplete without having your twin with you in the physical? Is it OK for your twin not to be in the physical? Remember, we are multidimensional beings and our twins and soul families may not all be here on Earth.

~Not caring about things one way or the other; not engaging in drama or right and wrong or judgment...Detachment.

~Loss of interest in the so-called New Age or needing to be around others who are so-called spiritual or like-minded.

~A knowing that all our 'needs' are met and always will be. A knowing that we are always taken care of. This means we don't go into fear when it 'looks' like we have the illusion of not having enough.

~A realization that we don't have to try, work hard, push things through, make things happen or control things in life, especially at work. We work with the Flow; we let go if things don't seem to be coming together and do something else. Then we return when the energy is flowing again.

~No longer trying to figure things out. This is letting go of the addiction to 'needing to know.' We have a dream or get a symbolic message and if we don't get what it means, we can let it go. This brings forth the Soul Essence of Acceptance. We let go of analyzing.

~We no longer care what others think of us and we no longer care about what others are doing or not doing.

~We realize our bodies heal themselves without outside help. Our bodies are designed to be self-healing; same with Gaia.

~Loss of seeing things in black and white/duality.

~Don't feel we have a compulsion to save or fix others. This is a shift from healing (fixing) to wholing (releasing that which blocks our Light, revealing our natural state of Wholeness.

~We don't have the desire to read more books in spirituality, nor do we want to read about more information or view You Tube videos. It clogs us. We pay more attention to our own knowing and Wisdom. We let go of our dependency on others, thinking they're more knowledgeable than us.

~Desire to simplify our lives even more. Letting go of things in our home and within ourselves that are more of a burden than an inspiration. Less is more. We continue to let go of the extra stuff in our lives both externally and internally. We shy away from convoluted rules or any complexities; we want things to be simple. This goes along with our talking as well. We want to simplify our words; we can say something with much fewer words than we usually use.

~Words: we lose a desire to talk; we are aware if we are using too many words, repeat ourselves; and what words heal or steal.

~We experience a flow in life. We don't seek; things land in our laps; because it's based on consciousness. What is aligned with our consciousness comes to us effortlessly.

~Not interested in taking on more responsibility than we already have. In fact, we may want no responsibilities; these tend to be 'shoulds.' This is an area to simplify and ask, “Is it my responsibility or someone else's?” We only do what we're guided to do.

~More intuitive.

~Less emotional.

~We don't take things personally. If we do, we take a look at what we need to release. We don't look to others to affirm who we are.

~We let go of needing to belong. Belonging is an illusion. It's based on needing approval and recognition from others. Bigger question: "Are you enough or do you need others?" This has to do with Self-Love and Self-Acceptance. In Ascension, we need no one else; and at the same time, we know we're connected to all of life. We’re more interested in connection rather than needing others.

~Nothing upsets you. If it does, take a look at what wants release.

~Your entire life is creative. More creativity; more creative solutions, more expressing of Soul; it really opens things up and takes us out of doing things in the same old way.

~Your days flow. If they don't, look within to see what pattern or belief is getting in the way.

~No lists. If you need a list, you're not in the Flow; you trust that what is up for you to do presents itself.

~No stress, no fear, no striving, no trying; you feel safe.

~Issues and old beliefs are gone or much less.

~You see the connection between everyone and everything.

As we know, during this eclipse cycle, we have been doing so much release from our lower three chakras, upgrading them to be One with our higher chakras. Here are the upgrades to 5D to all our chakras:

Fifth Dimension Chakras, Rays & Essences
Chakra Transmuting Ray Essences
Solar Plexus
3rd Eye
Purification, Ascension
Freedom, Forgiveness
Devotion, Peace
Adoration, Divine Love
Mystery, Miracles
Divine Vision
Illumination, Wisdom

Meditating, bring all your chakras into the Heart Chakra. See how that feels. Please know that while these are of the 5D, we are really integrating much of the many dimensions, because we’re multidimensional. My Guidance suggests to work with these New, transformed chakras, which helps integrate them and know that they are much more than 5D; in the New, nothing can be put into a label or category. Working with these colors and essences, helps raise your vibration to match the huge Light influx coming our way on the eclipse.

Know that this is a time of pulling your energies within and discerning if there is still more that no longer serves your evolution into Ascension. Then make a choice to either change it, release it or shift your perception. Remember that our passage is about Flow and Love and Joy; it is the end of struggle, “stiff upper lip,” or being the victim. Listen to your Guidance. Is it best to release or best to allow it to be what it is? You will know by how it feels, because our feelings are guiding the way. When thinking of a certain situation or issue in your life, do you feel expansive or restricted? We are moving toward expansion; stepping into our Big Selves, not shrinking back into being small and helpless.

Our Path is becoming narrower, yet expansive. In other words, our focus is definitely single-mindedly on our Ascent. Do you notice that? We’re not willing to scatter our energies about, but be focused on Who we are becoming. The most important thing to realize is that it’s all about Love; Divine Love; our true Essence. Ask in each moment, “Is this Love? How can I be more Love?” You will receive the answer from your Divine Soul. Express the highest you can. Know Who you are and that you are always, always in a state of Grace.



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