Residing in The New, Words & The Shadow

As you might already feel, we’ve arrived at a new spiritual level. For the last few months we’ve been rearranged, let go of lots of the old and recalibrated with The New. This readjustment has also occurred on Earth as well, with Light encodings having been reawakened along leylines and other Earth vortices. This ascension process hasn’t necessarily been an easy passage for most, although it’s been assured that it would be more gentle than in previous ascensions. Yes, this is not our first opportunity to ascend. Some, a very few...about .o1% of the population...have ascended before, and this may be the reason for these people to be very committed to their ascension this time around.

If the last few months haven’t been smooth for you, it’s because the cobwebs have been cleared away so you can see who you are, who you have been and all the junk you’ve gathered along the way through many lifetimes. Gabriel reminds me that ascension is not easy; it requires commitment and steadfast faith in uncovering our true Authentic Selves. As we do this, we are also inundated with those forces who do not want us to succeed. It is why Gabriel tends to be very strong about the words we use, as words carry an energy and vibration...high or low. Words also indicate what lies in our subconscious. Paying attention to our words can certainly help us uncover inner illusions. Be aware of limiting words around you and within you. Often we speak without thinking too much about the words we use; let’s be more aware of them.

Know that all the changes and shifts we’ve experienced, while leaving us feeling insecure and vulnerable, are actually a great shift upward in our spiritual progress. The changes are a part of our awakening, or I should say, our reawakening. They help the little ego let go more of being in control, while our Souls are in the process of taking over the reins.

As we move closer to our timeline of 2012 (give or take), that of completing the ascension process, we will continue to rarify our consciousness, continue to be upgraded and continue to release that which gets in our way. However, I want to say that a lot of the really difficult work has been completed and many of us feel as though we are experiencing more of the New than of the old. The Earth also continues to go through the same process with weather and Earth shifts. We, along with Gaia, are certainly having our Soul’s desires being awakened and activated. We are no longer satisfied with status quo or ‘playing small’ and are stepping into the larger, more powerful version of ourselves.

We are playing/residing in a few dimensions simultaneously; that of the third, fourth and fifth dimensions, depending on our Soul choices. I encourage you to consciously raise your vibration and visit the higher dimensions. You will notice quite a difference in that experience...Unity, Love, Peace...and this you may bring into your 3-D life. Likewise, we are also experiencing ourselves in other lifetimes. When that happens, ask what gifts are integrating from those lifetimes; they show up for an important reason...that of healing or integrating a gift that has been hidden away.

Know too that in those moments you feel spacey and not quite here, along with feeling a little dizzy, you probably are visiting the other dimensions. While this can happen mostly in meditation, it is happening more and more often in every day life. It’s not unusual either to have mind-lapses; totally forgetting what you’re supposed to do and know. Periods of shifting are happening more quickly. Instead of spending a whole day in an uncomfortable shift, it is now happening in a matter of minutes or even seconds. We’re not so much wondering why we’re feeling a certain way, but settling into a joyful acceptance, along with a knowing that we are being taken to a higher level of being.

Because we’ve done so much release work, we’ve made more room for the Light to enter us and take up residency. Our Guidance and intuition is very high now and the more we trust this, the stronger we become in our knowing. While it seemed that we were so ambivalent about choices, we are now more certain about our decisions and are taking our Guidance even more to heart...and following it.

As our Light increases, two of our chakras, Third Eye and Pineal Gland, are more active. This can bring on headaches that miraculously come and go, sometimes in a few seconds, neck pain and stiffness in our shoulders. Our Pineal Glad is the distribution center for the higher energies that are constantly entering us.

Taking an active part in this wondrous time helps us be in Responsibility...response-ability. Meditate, stay in the Present Moment and be very aware of how you’re feeling. To deny feelings is to put a lid on Who we’re becoming. If we ignore our inner promptings to take an action that could shake us up, or the people around us, only serves to build up tension within. At some point, that stress must be released. We just can’t hold back or hold on any longer if it is counterproductive to our Souls’ desires. When we are aligned and congruent, we are in Peace. When we are attempting to control our lives, we create an unhealthy tension.

It truly is important to not see Light and dark as opposites. As we embrace those dark areas within and bring them ‘to light,’ they can transform into Love. When we deny them or refuse to see and own them, they continue to create a schism within. By embracing them, we heal them and let them go. Letting go isn’t pushing away, it is allowing them to be the Love that they are. If we can see those ‘flaws’ as simply being in the shadow of the Light, they are brought into the Light...this is wholeness; One. No this or that...One. We are Love; all parts of us. So, if you judge yourself, let it go and love yourself; all of you. This is the Path of Love; and Love is Who we are.

Know that the energies now are huge! It is important to be grounded and come into harmony with yourself. Have compassion for you and all of life. This includes others who disagree with you, judge you or reject you, along with those who honor, respect and love you. And this includes those things within you that you reject or judge.

Be in Peace, Love, Joy, Compassion, Kindness, Appreciation and Light.



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Kara Schallock

For the past twelve years, I have focused on sharing about Ascension and the time we now find ourselves in. This has evolved into the Ascension Notes, channeled from my Soul. They are practical guidance for those awakening to their Authentic Selves. I have helped others connect with their Souls through Soul Transmissions that help others be guided into stepping fully into their Authentic Selves.


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