Solstice Energies, Using The Mother Ray & Creating Your Bliss

As I write this on the Solstice, I encourage you to open wide to receive the powerful energies from our own sun, which is the conduit between Gaia and our Central Sun (Source). There is an increase of electrical pulses of Source energy coming into us and our Earth. There have been repairs made to the 4th Dimension Grid, which directly affects us in that it stabilizes the planet.

The 3rd Dimension has been weakened due to the mass of high dimensional energies coming onto the Earth, and the Earth and its people, still dwelling in the 3rd Dimension, are not quite ready to receive them.

There is more solar activity in the form of large solar flares and winds that actually weaken the Earth, because the Earth isn’t quite ready to receive them at this level. The Earth is being weakened by the number of oil spills (and other Earth changes and human choices) and the resulting attempt to do cleanup. The cleanup is putting pressure on the ocean floors and other places that is created by outdated methods of cleanup. (There have been recent oil spills around the globe).

Therefore, the incoming high dimensional energies are not matching the weakened status of earth, along with the people who are not choosing to move forward in ascension (clinging to the old 3D world of duality). The vibrations need to match, and right now there is a mismatch.

The vibrational mismatch creates a push/pull within our bodies resulting in exhaustion and other ascension symptoms, because we are working with high dimensional beings and energies to bring the people and planet to a matched vibration. The tiredness is also due to the fact that we are (whether we’re conscious of this or not) trying to hold the Earth together so that the ascension energies can continue on schedule. There are also many of us making repairs on the consciousness level, as there aren’t enough people making the choice to ascend. We are holding the energy, repairing ‘holes’ in consciousness and the Earth. It’s a tenuous time.

What to do? Keep your vibration as high as possible. Allow new perceptions, other than those of duality, shame, blame or guilt. Also, any time we are around people that are unstable and attached to chaos or drama, it disrupts our own strength, making us more fragile and unable to be grounded and strong. We need to be strong in order to do ‘the work;’ that which we as Souls signed up for...whether that is to strengthen grids, clear old energies, connect higher dimensional energies with 3D energies...we may not even know what we signed up for, and we don’t have to know.

But what we do need to do is protect our inner strength through daily connection with Soul (meditation) and remove ourselves from drama and chaos. If this means to isolate ourselves a bit, be selective with whom we invite into our space and do lots of self-care, then this is how we can be strong through this fragile time.

Do not take anything personally, as doing this helps you not attach to the disruptive energies. Be the observer. Don’t let yourself get hooked by any drama playing out in your personal world or the larger one. We may notice that while we may experience many changes mentally, emotionally or physically, people around us may be oblivious. The reason for this is because our DNA activation has been completed, while others’ have not been and still live in the old world of duality and control.

Because of this observation, and because we are a species who want instant change, we may feel like giving up and returning to life as it once was, because, frankly, changing so much in our makeup is not an automatic switchout; it’s hard work to stay awake and change our perceptions. We may look at those around us who are choosing to stay behind and decide it’s not worth it to move forward. Our makeup is to want to belong; however, we have also chosen to bring our planet to Her ascended state. I promise that eventually more people will stand beside you.

There is a lot going on energetically and to further help ourselves stay high in vibration, from our Heart Center expand the Mother Ray (aquamarine in color) around you, your home, your community and so forth. The Mother Ray is the strongest vibration we have now and because we need to keep our strength up, use it often.

If you have felt heaviness, it may mean that you may be picking up on some real tensions in the Mid-East, around Iran. However, it is important not to do what we’ve done before by sending Light to a place; the only thing we are to do is to stay focused on Self. Stay self-contained, use the Mother Ray, pay attention to your Guidance, stay away from crowds and long trips unless guided. In this way, we are helping the planet stabilize and not add to any off-energies elsewhere. The Mid East is a place of high dimensional portals and they are all going through some major readjusting, which can be rather explosive.

We are at a crucial point, so it is imperative we stand in our Truth and Power and consciousness. There will continue to be a high level of chaos as lands and structures struggle to hold on. Regarding us, anything that needs to be released will surface, demanding we do something about it. I must say that if you are experiencing peace, you are and have been doing all to get yourself to this point. Nice work. If there are issues that come up, or are mirrored to you by others, stay neutral. In this way, the energy is released and then you can make a clear choice, if that is indicated. It’s so important to stay focused now. There may be energies or people who will try to divert your attention. Notice it and re-center.

Do remember also that it is not your intellect that holds God-consciousness; it is your Heart Center/feelings that do. You cannot read your way to ascension or think your way through. So let go of the need to know why or gets you stuck in your head.

We also are poised at the precipice of incredible creative energy. 
This is an opportunity to choose to increase your intentions for a new life or an enhanced one. It is your choice. If you do nothing, then life as it has been continues. If you want more of the familiar, then do nothing. If you want an increase of your current abundance and new life, then amp up your intentions. To increase your life, follow your Guidance and the hints the Universe gives you. Pay special attention to how you feel...and follow that.

If we make choices based in fear or how accepted we are by society or people around us, we are choosing from ego. When we do this, we lessen our Soul Consciousness. When we make decisions based on an expanded feeling of Joy and Guidance, we strengthen our Soul’s Consciousness and this automatically brings our Soul’s Desire to be manifest step by step. And as we choose from our Soul’s perspective, we automatically help the Earth and all peoples step into the higher vibrations of consciousness.

Ask yourself, “Do I want the Earth to stay the same?” or “Do I want an expanded version of Self and the world based in Love?” I believe this will encourage you to add value to your life by using the power of the Solstice, where there is more Light available than at any other time. How are you going to use the Light? We can use it to power ourselves forward or not pay any attention, thus adding Light and energy to keeping things the same.

To reiterate, our 12-strand DNA is complete. However, as a result, there is stress placed on the tension between the old and the New...both personally and globally. So, we are continuing the purification; the release of the old and more integration of the New. Having 12 strands means that all four bodies (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual) are operating on all cylinders. This allows us to be fully awake and conscious. This is fabulous because nothing can hold us back if we utilize this gift.

This activation also comes with responsibility to make high choices. We don’t have to utilize this capacity, of course, but why not? We now can step more fully into our Christed Selves and have complete awareness of what’s behind the scenes. Part of this awareness allows us to see more of what’s been invisible. It allows us to manifest our creations, and it allows the full expression of our’s up to us.

We’re in exciting, powerful times. It’s up to us how to use the energies. Take a moment and intend your highest expression of life.



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Kara Schallock

For the past twelve years, I have focused on sharing about Ascension and the time we now find ourselves in. This has evolved into the Ascension Notes, channeled from my Soul. They are practical guidance for those awakening to their Authentic Selves. I have helped others connect with their Souls through Soul Transmissions that help others be guided into stepping fully into their Authentic Selves.


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