Symptoms, Fork in The Road and Consumerism

Upon waking this morning I had an old ascension symptom return. I call it ‘fuzzy eyes’ is when everything looks blurry. (New Moon download.) This happens when there has been a major change in one’s DNA...after a hefty download. I remember going through a huge healing and was actually blind for an hour afterward.

Other symptoms may include strange dreams, dreams that continue upon waking, acute hearing that may include different levels of ringing in the ears, and sounds seem more pronounced. For instance, the birds’ singing seems louder than ever before. There may be buzzing in different part of your body, and your digestive system may be much more sensitive, resulting in digestive issues.

Be aware that the Summer Solstice is coming up and most certainly will be bringing in a large amount of high vibrational energy. And on June 26th is another eclipse that will be quite powerful, vibrating to the number 8, which will push us through our limitations. As the New Moon of this past Saturday shines its first light today, the energy of dualistic energy is present. This means that we will be aware of our new perceptions and awarenesses, along with what limitations that still need release.

We are at the proverbial fork in the road, which is creating a point of access to further ascension for those who have already chosen, and a point of entry for those who are just now choosing. Be aware that this choosing to move forward can be either conscious or unconscious. It really is a Soul decision. This crossroad, for those who are aware of their choice for ascension, will see more Heaven on Earth. In other words, the spiritual is much more present in the physical, urging us to make more changes in our lives.

It is like we feel pressured to move forward, almost not being able to stand the space we’ve been in. Being with people clinging to the ‘old’ will be intolerable to us. This also includes jobs and places as well. This pressure is coming from the energies that are downloading now, making our Souls much stronger than our egos, which is all about shoulds and old ways we keep ourselves stuck.

We may be rethinking our roles as consumers. Toleration of big business is wearing thin. We want our food supply to be purer and the recent oil spills have us demanding big business be more responsible and transparent about their actions. The Light shining on political scandals, manmade disasters, bank corruption and so forth is actually transformational, as they are of the ‘old’ and those of us who are moving into the New simply do not want business as usual, and the new spiritual energies are slowly transforming the secretive, controlling energies of the old powers...our captors of old. Because we are freer of control, we are seeing these things and know things need to transform.

So, while we are appalled by the graft present, know they are purposeful as they come to light and are part of the shift...for transparency is a hallmark of the New. For anything to transform it must be known. We can bring transformational energies to these things of the old by being more aware of our consumer choices. For instance, if you drive, are you conscious about the gas you put in, the type of car you drive and how many miles you drive? Are you aware of what kind of food you buy and what banks you frequent? Transformation does not happen by complaining or becoming angry, but through our own energy and choices.

This awakening is part of our consciousness that is expanding in Spirit. Those still asleep, and who do not question and choose, will have their Source consciousness diminish till it’s non-existent and they will be then ushered to remain in the 3rd Dimension, while the rest of us move ahead. They will not be Source-driven, but rather will remain to be controlled by 3rd Dimension energies. Yes, we’re talking about two different Earths; a separation of dimensions. For those who have chosen ascension, there is a continual movement of changing out ego energy with Source energy. This continual supply activates our new blueprints...including all of life on Gaia. More and more of us will remember our divine purposes of why we incarnated on Earth at this time.

Memories that have been hidden are being revealed, thus awakening us to who we have been. These memories come in as expanded energy, rather than in the details. However, if we are still carrying the 3D energy of fear, we cannot access this forward moving energy. Therefore, we are being asked to make a commitment to move forward in our ascension and living as Source, with no fear, limitation or duality. We are standing at that crossroad. Do we move forward, allowing the changing destinies of our lives, or stay in the old familiar place of being controlled by fear?

To move forward, we must be ever aware of our thoughts, feelings and actions. Know that our wills are transforming to Divine Will; the ultimate surrender. As we surrender to Divine Will, we serve as ambassadors of Earth and transit pure Divine Love to transform the ecology of the planet. We, along with the Elementals, Whales and Dolphins, are bringing forth the transformation to the new ecology. Being angry adds to the dysfunction of the planet, unless the anger leads us to become passionate about channeling Source for this transformation. Bringing in Divine Love helps with water and food supplies, chemtrails and pollution. To hold the intention that these bloodlines of Gaia be wholed and taken into the New is all we need to do, along with aligning our personal choices of consumerism with the highest expression of Source.

Yes, we are in a very intense time of choice...a time of a large awakening and integration with our Souls. Do you feel it? We are following the integrity of our Souls, not being able to hold onto any illusions of who we present ourselves to be. The transparency of who we are is strengthening. Any behaviors in which we pretend to be someone we’re not (in order to fit in) will simply dissolve. When asked a question, we will be compelled to speak only the truth and nothing less. We are letting go of trying to manipulate the correct answers to get a desired result. This is Being; this is standing in the integrity of our Souls. No more agendas, no more trying to figure out how to ‘get.’ And all of this truth-telling heals duality in ourselves and in all of life.

We have the opportunity to birth any inspirations that are Soul-aligned. What is in your field of inspiration and aspiration that is calling for you to create and manifest? Now is the perfect time to do it. If there are limitations you wish to transform, intend for those to shift easily and completely.

Pay attention to your dreams, as they are truly guiding you at this time. You may have more lucid dreams and you may move through your life as though it were a dream. You may continue your dreams even after you’re awake. Be clear about where you want to move to...what is the essence you want your life to manifest? Do not be attached to how it must look, but rather, move through life in neutral.

Being neutral does much to heal the duality, and for those interested (or addicted to) in drama and chaos, this is a most difficult place to be, yet necessary (neutrality). Staying neutral means to step out of analysis and judgment about what’s good or bad...and, it’s the only place in which you can stay in the Present, which is the only place where awakening can occur.

We have, at this juncture, released so much that we have bridged Heaven and Earth; Soul and ego. We are responsible for all that happens in our lives, so be clear in your intentions, stay neutral, and really know Who you are. No resistance, no agenda, no judgment...this is the Way of the Soul.



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Kara Schallock

For the past twelve years, I have focused on sharing about Ascension and the time we now find ourselves in. This has evolved into the Ascension Notes, channeled from my Soul. They are practical guidance for those awakening to their Authentic Selves. I have helped others connect with their Souls through Soul Transmissions that help others be guided into stepping fully into their Authentic Selves.


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