The 10th Gateway: Source Consciousness

Most of us are still integrating the last Gateway of the Autumnal Equinox. Yet tomorrow, October 11, is the 10th Gateway. Let me say that each Gateway upgrades us energetically and it is up to us to rise to its potential by living and making choices that raise our consciousness. Raising our consciousness is the key to living the potential of each Gateway, besides taking an active part by walking through the Gateway while in transmission/meditation. This helps us integrate the energies. This Gateway is empowered by the Full Moon as well!

As we raise our consciousness, we do not struggle with choice; rather, our consciousness creates a Path of Unity, not duality. There is no struggle between choices in Unity. Also, when there is struggle about doing a certain thing, look closer, for surely there is an old pattern that wants release.

The energy of the 10th Gateway potentially is that of Source Consciousness. 
With this knowing, we realize that all is possible. Our Hearts’ Desires become manifest. There is also the potential of instant manifestation...once Source Consciousness is completely integrated and we live from that place of knowing we are absolutely and fully Divine. Knowing is not intellectual knowing; it is an energy that pervades our entire being.

Some time ago, perhaps a year ago, we activated our 12-strand DNA. The potential with this Gateway is that it is 100% operable. This brings a clearer expression of teleportation, multidimensionality and Oneness. Our Merkabah is upgraded as well, so that we are better able to integrate the higher dimensional Light encodings. The Merkabah allows us to transcend time and space and move through different dimensions. Our Merkabah is of the same consciousness as us, so as we evolve our consciousness, our Merkabah also evolves and therefore, Unity Consciousness, teleportation and manifestation become more commonplace.

Many of us are having dreams that seem so different from dreams of the past. This is because our consciousness is higher. This Gateway increases our consciousness; and thereby, our dreams will reflect that. Consciousness is God-Realization...the extent that you truly know and live in a state of the absolute knowing you are Divine. Everything in your life reflects your consciousness. If there are things in your life that seem out of alignment with your Divinity, those are the very things that are requesting release. For me, they feel like a chink in crystal...something isn’t flowing; it stops us in our tracks. This could be a relationship, an activity, a place and this stopping place is showing you it doesn’t belong. And, of course, you know that Ascension is all about God Consciousness...Being ascended masters while in the physical body.

Balance has been key in our to stay balanced while straddling the 3D-6D worlds. This will continue to be an important awareness. Balance comes with an equality of give/receive, lack/too much, self-denial/hedonism and so forth. Many of us are choosing to live a simpler life, releasing things that do not inspire or clog up our physical, mental and emotional spaces. We are asked to take care of ourselves and not our things. Can we be happy with less and realize that less is more? Do we need things to be happy? This Gateway will bring the question of Balance in our lives. We will be guided to take a close look at our lives to see if they are balanced in Integrity.

Balance is essential because we are receiving so much high energetic Light, and if we are still living in the same way we always have, it throws us off and we become stressed, ill and unable to handle the many changes that are, and will continue, to occur. Congruency is the Soul Essence to strive for. Ask daily, “Am I congruent mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically? Do my thoughts match my Heart, do I say what is in my Heart, is my physical expression matching my vibration, am I still eating toxic or heavy foods (we are becoming lighter and therefore, our foods ought to match);” and so forth. You will notice when you are out of Balance, for you will feel that “something doesn’t feel right.” This Gateway will help you get in touch with anything in your life that is unbalanced.

The 10th Gateway accentuates our Being-nature. Instead of living in our usual day to day routine and dipping into Beingness only when meditating/transmitting, we have the opportunity to stay in our Beingness throughout our day...this is bringing our meditation time to every aspect of our lives. Think of how you feel in meditation and bring those Soul Essences into all of life. In this way, every action is inspired action. We stop making to-do lists, and rather, allow life to flow based on aspiration and being Soul-guided, rather than being ego-guided. Being in stillness while in activity is Being. We let go of having to be productive in order to feel good about ourselves. Rather, we follow our own energy cycles. We don’t push ourselves, but allow our energy to guide us. If we don’t feel like doing something, let’s listen; let it go and do it when inspired. It’s amazing to feel the difference between fighting energy and flowing with it.

We are also letting go of how things are supposed to be and allowing things to be just as they are without frustration or anger...another gift of this Gateway. Remember the mantra, “All Is In Divine Order.” When we trust our Higher Intelligence, we find Peace and Worthiness as we love ourselves to Be just as we are in any given moment. This applies to everything within and outside of ourselves that we at times judge. Let it go; Let it Be.

As most know, we have passed the point of no return, and have no desire to look back. We have been preparing ourselves for the phenomenal power energy of 11-11-11 next month. Each month we are more aligned and attuned to the higher vibrations and we see how we have been changing exponentially over many months. And because we have been continuing to let go of the old and integrating the New, being in the presence of those choosing to remain in 3D can certainly be challenging! The schism between 3D and 5/6D has grown quite vast. Do you feel it?

Be aware that truly we are already living in a 5/6D world. If we look through our New eyes, we see evidence of it; just as we see evidence of the 3D world living right beside us. Disengaging from the dualistic 3D world is helpful and it helps to realize it is illusion. However, when we find ourselves in 3D situations, it can actually be a blessing of awareness.

Recently I had an experience that illustrates this. There was a discussion about the death penalty. I stayed quiet, as I have no need to prove anything to anyone; however, when invited I will always speak from my Integrity. This one person was absolutely for killing the “evil ones.” I was asked my opinion and I asked how can we judge another; how can we be compassionate for one person and not another? The gift in this was that I realized how strong I am in Unity Consciousness and my Ascension Path.

While honoring the others’ beliefs, I stand in my Truth in Commitment, Honor and Love without judgment. I welcome those experiences and see how I can receive great acknowledgement from the 3D world. I also see the Oneness, for while I can see unique differences, I can also see there is a connection of Oneness with all. It’s not about being right; for we all come from our own consciousness.

The next great expansion occurs in a few weeks on October 28. I will address that then. For now, may we all step through the Gateway into more realization of our God Consciousness. Know you are showered with Divine Love and more Awareness each moment of the day. Open your arms wide and receive this cosmic acknowledgement of the Blessing you are by all of the multiversal Beings of Light! Namaste. 



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Kara Schallock

For the past twelve years, I have focused on sharing about Ascension and the time we now find ourselves in. This has evolved into the Ascension Notes, channeled from my Soul. They are practical guidance for those awakening to their Authentic Selves. I have helped others connect with their Souls through Soul Transmissions that help others be guided into stepping fully into their Authentic Selves.


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