The 11-11-11 Gateway

During this most powerful Gateway of the year, and probably the most powerful event of all time, and now that all levels of your Light Body are now potentially constructed, after much re-structuring and upgrading, your Light Body will now be activated and connected to your physical body at particular points. The points are arranged at the leylines of your new Body Grid, which run down your aura and connect to the sixteen Ka channels. The Ka channels are connected to your Ka Template, where Source Light from the Galactic sun moves over it, activating your New Blueprint and new DNA strand, and then down the channels. 

The Ka Template is a rectangular etheric plate at the back of your Crown Chakra and has an ancient language (not of this Earth) imprinted on it, carrying particular Light encodings that have waited for this particular Gateway in order to be activated. As the Light passes over the Template, the Language of Light is activated and enters the body through the Ka Channels. This is what activates the Light Body and connects it to your physical body. Are you still with me?

As the symbols on the Ka Template are activated (they’ve been waiting all your lifetimes for this moment), and their energy flows down the Ka channels, there are geometric shapes that are at all connecting points of the physical body that are connected to the Light Body (or will be during this Gateway). This creates a new Fifth (or higher) Dimension circulatory system of Crystalline Light. As you know, we have been preparing for this through connecting with the Crystalline Grid and releasing the dross of our Third Dimension lives. As the new Light circulatory system is activated, our cells are regenerated to match our Light Body.

However, for a completion of the Light Body activation, we must continue to release and transform our lower energies. As I have mentioned before, time is no longer linear. Past, future and present are all in the Now Moment. This is why it has been important to practice being in the Now. One of the purposes of this has been to bring forth past lives and childhood trauma to the Present in order to release the patterns and beliefs that stand in the way of our Ascension. We have spoken about the fact that there is no separation. A few Gateways ago, we integrated the potential of Unity Consciousness. No separation means that not only are we not separate from Source; we are not separate from each other. We have served as great mirrors for each other so that we could release those areas we have not recognized in ourselves by having it mirrored by others.

We have also moved, potentially, from a personal, attached love of others to a more universal, impersonal connection Love of others...Agape Love. This will be more noticeable after this Gateway. With this higher form of Love, we not only drop attachment, but we have no expectations, fear, control or other little ego-based desires that another must fulfill. Instead, the Love flows to where it is to be in the highest form for the highest good. Therefore, it is essential not to put it in a box, but allow it to flow in its own way. Personal love, friendship, parental, marriage, partnership are all aspects of Divine Love.

In the old, we would try to force Love into a category so we would feel more safe. We will notice that when we place expectations on another and do not move into Agape Love, there will be a lot of disappointment and pain...because it is the old way ; not the New way of being and relating. You will also notice how uncomfortable it is to be around others that are not your vibratory match. Now, we are to let love out of the box...just as we are letting ourselves out of the box. Love is Love is Love; nothing more and nothing less.

Potentially through this Gateway, we will notice a New way of living and being in the world. There will be a demand for things to be more equitable (as we are seeing in the Occupy movement) and structures will continue to disintegrate, making way for new systems that better match our vibration and that of Gaia’s.

Since everyone is on a different timeline...some have been going through Ascension changes and shifts for many years and others are just now is important not to compare your journey with another’s. Wherever you are is perfect for you and is orchestrated by your Soul/Higher Self.

I want to say that our Souls exist on all dimensions. The Light Body that is integrating through this Gateway is an aspect of our Soul on a particular dimension; i.e. 5th or 6th Dimension. It is why it is helpful to create and activate your personal Vortex, as it connects you to all dimensions, 4 through 13, including Source. It is a spiral that is created from your Divine Flame resting within your Heart Center. You can ask for your Vortex to be activated during your transmission times. It connects you to all dimensions (at least thirteen of them), Source, the New Earth Grid, New Body Grid, New Consciousness Grid and the Crystalline Grid.

Throughout the world there will be many large groups gathering to activate this Gateway and to celebrate humanity’s and Gaia’s huge leap into higher dimensions. Because we are all One, it is not necessary to be in a group tomorrow at 11:11 a.m. or p.m., because of Unity Consciousness. I was guided to keep it simple and small, so will be gathering with a small group of people committed to their Ascension. So even as you choose to be alone, you are taking part in this momentous occasion through Unity Consciousness; Oneness.

While we have done much work in releasing the old, we will continue to upgrade and live in the New. We are more New than old at this point and we will continue to shift. With our Light Bodies more connected to us, we will be more aware of the work that still must be done in our world; personally and collectively. This isn’t a time to “rest on our laurels,” but a time to be more committed to seeing the Grand Transformation through to completion.

As we pass through and activate this Gateway, we will have more power to consciously create our own individual and global realities. As our Hearts, minds and bodies integrate the knowing of our Divinity, we become aware that nothing is beyond us. All of the Light beings look upon us in wonder and awe, for it has been us who have had the incredible opportunity of transforming the 3D reality of duality into that of living spiritually as ascended masters, while in the physical. The Angels and other Light Beings we have put on pedestals, in Truth, have us on pedestals!

To remind you, all letters and words carry a vibration; Light encodings. I have mentioned so often before that using words that empower and are of the New is very important as they create, since they are energy like everything else. In this Light, I remind you that all the words in this note (and others) also have energetic cellular encodings that enter your DNA, helping you lift even higher than before. It is why it is important to read with your Heart and not your intellect. Do not get hung up on things you don’t understand; rather, feel your way through. The words will either resonate or not. Go with what resonates and let go of the rest. If you are not ready to hear certain things, they will sit dormant, like a seed in Spring until it is time and then burst forth in conscious bloom.

Be sure to be extremely grounded between now and tomorrow and beyond. The 11:11 Gateway is likely to crack open some areas that need transforming you are not aware of. Your physical body may also go through some major shifting as well, however, grounding and being willing to receive the huge energetic Light frequencies coming in helps. You might go into meditation/transmission and take your little ego’s hand and tell him/her that you’re going on the best E-Ticket ride on the planet. Let’s go have fun! Wheeeee!

We are stepping onto a stronger foundation of truly experiencing our multidimensionality and it will grow more so as we continue. Therefore, our sight (our Third Eye has certainly gone through many shifts, hasn’t it?), our hearing, our intuition will all become more strong with every moment after the Gateway. We will continue to be uber-sensitive to energies, thoughts, physical manifestations as we become more and more conscious and aware of Who we are and what we are doing. We will no longer be able to hide out in our old illusory selves. We will be able to stand in our mastery, knowing that every word, thought and action creates our lives.

Be aware that there will be an adjustment period after the Gateway of 11:11. Flow with it, stay centered and grounded and notice how differently you feel and view the world. As I look back at my own life over the last several years, I actually see that it’s been a gentle process. It is because I’ve listened and followed my Guidance 100% all the way. It is more difficult for those who have resisted and have chosen to cling to the old way of experiencing life. And even that is perfect; I just choose to flow with the current, rather than fight against it.

Have a beautiful 11:11 experience. Open wide and receive the powerful Light of Divine love. Bathe in the wonder of Who you are. And, of course, the Universe conspires with us. The Full Moon of today accentuates the energies of tomorrow. Life is so amazing, isn’t it? Alcyone, our Mother Source, holds us compassionately in Her Heart.



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Kara Schallock

For the past twelve years, I have focused on sharing about Ascension and the time we now find ourselves in. This has evolved into the Ascension Notes, channeled from my Soul. They are practical guidance for those awakening to their Authentic Selves. I have helped others connect with their Souls through Soul Transmissions that help others be guided into stepping fully into their Authentic Selves.


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