The Continual Shifts of Ascension

July has been pretty intense, wouldn’t you say? The intensity continues for the rest of the year and our Soul’s directive, if we choose, is to look closely at areas of life that need a positive change, so that we awaken to our Soul’s expression even more. Currently, we are in a phase where we are being given opportunities to see new creative approaches to our life.

Instead of seeing things in black or white or that there’s only one option, we are being gifted with many new ways of perceiving so-called challenges. The challenges are actually our friends, as they show where to let go of the old in order to see and experience a bigger picture of life. Most important is not to be rigid and hold onto being right or engage in conflict.

Look at your situations as though your Soul is saying, “This is holding you back; let it go and allow a more expanded view of life to enter;” which, of course, is really what Soul is actually saying. Be reminded that events are neither positive nor negative. Be the Compassionate Observer and realize all that is occurring is according to your Soul’s Guidance. Before taking action, view all decisions in a lot of different ways and then make a choice as to how it feels. This requires you to detach from old emotions and patterns, such as guilt, shoulds, fear, “what will people think,” and so forth.

Your ultimate decision should free you to experience more of life, which is what we are moving toward…stepping out of our comfort zone into Freedom. Wait till Mercury goes direct again, however, before making the final choice; August 8. Mercury Retrograde has been a time to get clear, revisit some recurring messages and perhaps come to some clarity about steps you intend to take.

Notice that there may be some sudden shifting, especially if the areas are dysfunctional in some way. The same is true for those who have been diligently working all along; so there may be more Abundance, new insights and awareness, a new direction, an increase in business, a shift in health or in whatever area of life you have been focusing your attention on.

The last New Moon of July 18 may have brought up issues such as security, home and family. If you have been trying to hold things together, you may find that it may be just too difficult to be in control and choose to surrender to what is and allow it to unfold. Ascension is about releasing control and fear and handing over the reins to Soul. So, let go and Trust. When you let go, things can then move into their rightful place according to your Soul’s Purpose. Things will either shift or expand. You might be surprised at how positive the end result is. And with the Full Moon approaching on Wednesday, we can empower those things that we have been working on.

We and Gaia are holding more Light than ever before in history. As such, much of the old is brought to light so that we can choose to release them, thereby filling up with more Light and rising in vibration and consciousness, which then brings clearer decisions to the forefront. Do you notice how things just aren’t the same or feel the same? It can be discomforting for many, as never before have we faced ourselves in such an honest way.

The best way to handle this is to observe it all dispassionately without attaching to it meaning. We don’t have to analyze, figure out or even come up with a plan, for those things are of the past. As we observe, trust and allow, natural solutions will present themselves as long as we stay out of fear as much as possible and see things through new eyes and new perceptions.

As we observe our lives, we can gain a great deal of insight, which then leads us to many different choices when the time is right. Remain open and objective. Be aware that when something hits you as a great idea, wait. The energies are constantly shifting and what is seen as a solution or a new path may dissipate as quickly as it came to you. What is of Soul will remain; what is not will dissolve.

Know that tomorrow (July 30) we will have another solar flare reach us and this will continue for a while (solar flares). This, of course, is great for our continual evolution, for our sun brings forth our Galactic Sun’s powerful energy, and in turn, activates more of our 12-strand DNA (a process) and brings more Soul codes to fill in and eventually complete our Ka Template, which holds our New life blueprint. Notice I say “new” instead of “original,” for our original blueprint is being upgraded. I see this as so many want to know what their new life mission is. The more sensitive you are, the more you will feel this solar activity, which can bring headaches and other Crown, Third Eye, and Pineal Chakra activity.

Remember that Ascension is the merging of the ego (as the expressor of Soul) with Soul. Soul is who we are and is huge. As a hologram, it includes all dimensions, including Source, so it is not just a small form that surrounds us, it is our entire Universe. This is what it means to be the center of the Universe, with you as creator. As we activate our Personal Vortex, we empower Soul and integrate all dimensions, as we clear ourselves of the old, limited 3D. If you can’t quite grasp that, it’s ok; we’re just not used to experiencing ourselves as that large and operating on all twelve cylinders. The Personal Vortex helps this integration and we eventually see that truly, we are multidimensional beings of Light (it’s one thing to grasp it intellectually, and another to absolutely know it with our entire being).

One of the areas that is very present now is that of “past lives.” This is for the higher purpose of integrating the gifts of certain lifetimes, as well as releasing them (old pains as well). It is not for the purpose of dwelling in them, for our only place to Be is right here, right Now. The presence of past lives can also explain some of the patterns and beliefs we have; we have brought them forth, often from many lifetimes. Also know that all lives are actually in the here and now and remind us of how multidimensional we are. We can also see that “past lives” also are the parts of our current physical life that we have or are transcending. Certainly, we’re not the same people we were even a year ago. So, don’t get stuck on dwelling on who you used to be or what you used to do; rather, realize it is all Now.

We are in a time of connecting more and more strongly to living in higher dimensions and merging more with and as our Soul. Because of this sacred push, we also will depart from our old lives and ways of being, whatever that looks like for you, as it’s unique for everyone. Any resistance or fear is slowly dissolving, so that the Soul Merge can be complete. You can also intend that your Personal Vortex dissolve the resistance and fear. Of course, it is also important that you take action. We can release energetically, yet we are also asked to integrate that action in life…walk your talk. This means to follow your Guidance and live from your Heart’s Integrity. Instead of resisting change, love the change. And realize all is in Divine Order, no matter what it looks like.

Deep down, you will feel the “rightness” of it all. Check in constantly to see what your energy is aligned with doing and what is a drain. By only doing those things aligned with your new energy, do you keep your vibration high, which then expands your consciousness, which then creates your Soul Life.

As we step into August, many will be more inner-focused than outer-focused. It will be easier to follow your Guidance in this way, so it’s all purposeful. If you don’t know where you’re headed, know that is perfect as well. Just remind yourself that you are guided, protected and not alone. As you focus on becoming and not in the pain of getting there, you ease your Path of Ascension. Ride the Wave. 



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Kara Schallock

For the past twelve years, I have focused on sharing about Ascension and the time we now find ourselves in. This has evolved into the Ascension Notes, channeled from my Soul. They are practical guidance for those awakening to their Authentic Selves. I have helped others connect with their Souls through Soul Transmissions that help others be guided into stepping fully into their Authentic Selves.


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