The Fifth Gateway 5/11/2011

This Ascension Note will be entirely focused on the Fifth Gateway. And to begin with, I’d like to share something on what Gateways are from my friend, Monserrat...

“For me the Gateways are actual energy portals that we pass through. As evolutionary beings, we periodically pass through Gateways, and when we do, somehow we "jump" or "fast forward," instead of keep going with time as we know it. Gateways are kind of "energy evolutionary wormholes" that accelerate us as we go through, and thus we can achieve or complete phases that would have taken many of our regular years to complete.... Gateways have different influences on us, the Earth, and other beings sharing the Earth with us.”

Me: The particular Gateways that I have, and will continue to share with you, are energetically created by the Archangels, who hold the Gateways open...they create a safe space so that we may enter, accessing and integrating higher dimensions and, therefore, upgrade us mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. The Gateways increase our vibration, by activating a further release of density, along with an infusion of Light and activation of our higher chakras, 8-12, and DNA. They also have helped us with our new Blueprint, along with our new Body Grids.

Montserrat: “The Gateways that are happening this year have been created by the Archangels not just for us, but Earth in particular is in a crucial evolutionary phase that is also affected by certain cosmic events taking place, like certain planetary and galactic alignments that occurring.”
(Edited for clarity)

The Fifth Gateway

Last month, the Fourth Gateway was for the purpose of activated the Higher Heart and integrating our I AM Presence with our Higher Heart, empowering our Compassion and Divine Love...Who we are.

For the last few years, we have been activating and empowering our Hearts, placing more attention on our feeling state than on our intellect. This has greatly accelerated us in transcending the little ego; for the ego is inherently connected to the only knows the past and is attached to past lives, past wounds, past attachments, etc. It does not know the Present Moment. It has been necessary to put our attention on our Heart Centers, accessing and empowering the Divine Feminine, and awakening our Soul Matrices, which reside within the Heart Chakra. As a result of this, we have been releasing oh, so much we all can attest to. In fact, every time we download more Light and walk through each Gateway, we receive more Light which also allows old densities to emerge and be let go of. This certainly can be quite intense. Agree?

We are now at a level of evolution, through our commitment, choice and work to allow our Higher Minds to emerge, and this is the purpose of the Fifth Gateway. Once we walk, fly, run, are carried, etc. through, some of the Higher Mind’s manifestations will begin to be activated. What you will notice is that your thought process will be clearer, you will be more aware of your multidimensionality, you will be more tuned into Spirit, as well as have your dreams be more clear and fact, you may very well have more lucid dreams, have more knowing, and access your own wisdom, rather than relying on others to guide you.

Your Higher Mind is more non-linear, so that you let go of projections and expectations, and are more able to “go with the flow.” You won’t have the expectation that just because one thing occurs it will naturally lead to the next “logical” conclusion...that is old 3D thinking. Rather than going from knowing to doubt and back again, your knowing will be more and more pronounced. This is because of all of the density that we have been releasing, along with ages of programming; as well as the energy we receive from this Gateway. Our relationships are changing, along with how we interact with others and how we view our place in society.

There is the dropping of “wishing,” being replaced with knowing. While the ego has dreaded change, we now embrace it, as is and change will continue to be constant. With the Higher Mind, we use our Higher Heart to know the truth, rather than reacting blindly to robotic responses, so prevalent in 3D duality.

How is this happening? With the Fifth Gateway, our Pineal Gland is getting an upgrade to the Fifth Dimension. The Pineal Gland is one of the most important and powerful chakras we have. It is the distributor of higher energies as they download and then are carried through our Ka system, which interfaces with our electrical system (why many experience small electric shocks and vibrations in different parts of the body), which then feeds our cells. This is transforming us into being crystalline...something we all started with upon coming onto the planet, especially during the Atlantean and Lemurian lifetimes, as starseeds.

The Pineal Gland is not the only chakra being upgraded; all of our chakras are being raised to the Fifth Dimension, as shared by Archangel Melchizedek, and this is occurring through this Gateway.

Root: White: Purification, Ascension
Sacral: Violet: Freedom, Forgiveness
Solar Plexus: Ruby: Devotion, Peace
Heart: Pink: Adoration, Divine Love
Throat: Indigo: Mystery, Miracles
Third Eye: Emerald Green: Divine Vision
Crown: White-Gold: Illumination, Wisdom

As far as the Pineal goes, it will be a particular color, or ray, that is individually based on where each one is in Ascension. As far as physical manifestations, go we may also have some head congestion, along with ear phenomena (louder and different levels of sounds, more sensitivity to certain noise, celestial music, etc.). There may be more activity in general in and around the head.

Last night, I was awake from midnight to 6am, receiving information and visuals about this Gateway. As a result, I had a headache all night, along with major Solar Plexus activity. For me, these two chakras are connected. Obviously, I was taken through the Gateway last night so that I could share with you today. While normally, I do not tell you what a particular Gateway experience will be, however, I am guided to share certain aspects of this one. I must say that this is one powerful Gateway, accentuated by the solar activities that keep intensifying.

With each Gateway, we have been receiving what looks like silver threads that are at the back of the Crown Chakra. They lead up to higher dimensions. They look very gossamer-like and are not rigid. During each Gateway, we receive another one. This, I believe, is how we receive our higher information and downloads. They are not just connected to the Crown; they go through all chakras, especially the newly activated 5th Dimensional chakras.

The Gateway appears to be a black hole that is a vortex. It sucks us in. It is supported by Archangels on all sides. As we go through, much like last month’s “birth canal” Gateway, we are in totally darkness. As we spiral through, much density is removed; once through, it is absolutely amazingly wonderful on the other side. It takes Trust to just let go and allow ourselves to be carried through. Each traverse will be unique to each of you.         

During my six hours of download last night, I also received some information that I’m guided to share with is about when we or others choose to leave the physical plane. There is a place in which we are held; we stay there for a minimum of three days, while our beings are adjusted to higher dimensions and as we release our hold on the physical and loved ones. During this time, our loved ones may communicate with us, and when it is time and we have acclimated, we move to the next level. We are supported by Angelic Beings and thin, gossamer threads that support and hold us in place, so that we do not return to the earth plane or go higher. This continues until we’re totally acclimated. 

Have a wonderful Gateway experience tomorrow, May 11. You may want to do Ceremony, along with your transmission/meditation. You may invite your Ascension Mentor(s) and Guides along with you, if you choose. I always think it’s a good idea. And, as always, if you choose to not do this, that is always your choice. Do know that as powerful as this Gateway is, it will more likely be a powerful release as well. Know that you are safe, loved, guided and protected.

Happy Travels! 



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