The Sixth Gateway...Summer Solstice

We have been in a major preparation time, leading us up to and through the Sixth Gateway on the Summer Solstice. The first half of this year we have been busy reorganizing, recalibrating and releasing the old programs, beliefs and energies of 3-D life. June especially has been intense in the releasing part, enhanced by the first two eclipses and solar flares that truly amped up the release of the “old.” So much has been up for us to release and upgrade in these first few weeks of June.

Many have had emotional upheavals and others have had major physical adjustments, and some have experienced both. And then we’ve been guided to connect with our Personal Portals throughout the Earth Plane in preparation for the Sixth Gateway of the year. (You might want to review the Ascension Notes about the portals).

The portals are helpful in bringing forth other lifetimes’ karma and gifts. They, however, may be areas in which we have not had other lifetimes, but the energy they carry are specifically for us. They also are important for we are bringing great wholing to the areas in which our Personal Portals are located. We actually are creating a wholeness grid that is connected to the Sixth Gateway, so not only have they been important for us and our evolvement; they have been healing for those areas.

For instance, my Personal Portals are in Egypt, Jerusalem, Andalusia, Spain and Turkey. We may access those lifetimes (if indeed we had lifetimes there) within the portals in order to step more fully into our Sacred Power, release old energies and weave a healing/wholing grid between us, those areas and the Gateway. It has been communicated to me that this preparation has been essential to go through the Sixth Gateway, because this Gateway serves as an acceleration point for the rest of the year and beyond. If you are guided to not connect with your Personal Portals, it is perfectly fine to go through the Gateway; the Portals do enhance the energy of the Gateway, however.

Acceleration Point: If you think a lot has been shifted up till now, much more will be occurring after the Summer Solstice on Tuesday. The Solstice is serving as a booster rocket of sorts, energizing the Gateway. If things have been quiet up till now, buckle up because our God Consciousness is about to be propelled forward in a huge way. What does this mean? Our Souls override our egos in a way we’ve only had a glimpse of. We will see and experience the end of duality in our lives, our bodies will be bliss-bodies (aligned), and we will anchor more firmly our I AM-ness.

So be aware of how more clear, conscious, authentic, transparent and aware you are. Now, while many of us feel we already have attained these attributes, they will be much more magnified. No one will be able to hide who they are, for we see through them and all situations. For those just now waking up, it could be quite a jolt to see how they no longer can hold onto the way life has been. It just gets too difficult to hold the old in place.

In previous Ascension Notes I have shared how we have received new body grids. This Gateway will empower our new body grids even more and create a life based on the Soul Essences we have and continue to energize. Soul Essences are virtues like Love, Joy, Peace, Prosperity, Unity and so forth. (If you want a list, contact me and I’ll send it to you.) You might want to review the Ascension Notes on Body Grids.

With the Sixth Gateway, we are expanding our awareness to be One with the Universal Source of All That Is. This isn’t just a concept; it is an expansion of the awareness of who we are. Many speak the words without knowing/feeling them or having them actualize in every day life...we will now experience it and this experience leads us to making any necessary changes in our lives. One thing that can help is to create/activate your Vortex. Your Vortex is created from your Divine Flame within your Heart Center.

From there, it spirals outward, connects with the Earth Grid, your new Body Grid, and then expands to the New Consciousness Grid, further expanding to include the Crystalline Grid, the Galactic Sun (Source) and thirteen dimensions. When it reaches the Galactic Sun, the Divine Love energy then spirals back through your huge Vortex, through all four Grids, through the thirteen dimensions, bringing all that high vibrational energy back into your Heart Center. Now, if you can visualize or conceptualize this, you can see just how huge you are! Do this each time you meditate/transmit. Anchor it with your Merkabah.

This transmission (empowering your New Body Grid and activating your Vortex), along with going through the Sixth Gateway, awakens you more fully to your Christed Self; your I AM Presence. Each time you do this, your old body grid disintegrates. Your old body grid holds karma, old concepts and beliefs, old wounds and without those in place, we evolve rather quickly. This is the power of the Sixth Gateway! The Sixth Gateway enhances and empowers this leap in consciousness, further empowered by the Summer Solstice when there is more Light/Creative Energy than at any other time of the year.

Review: During the Fifth Gateway of May 11, we activated the Higher Mind. The Higher Mind is directly linked to the Higher Heart and so there was a blending of the two; instead of being opposed. There was now a congruency between the Mind and the Heart...”thinking with the Heart; Feeling with the Mind.”

The 6th Gateway will draw to us those others who are a vibratory match and with whom we can be mutually supportive on our Ascension Journey. Many of us have felt quite alone, with friends and/or family leaving or us choosing to spend more time alone. We may have felt like no-one else could quite understand who we were anymore, and we found it difficult to be in groups of people, along with not truly relating to like-minded others. Well, with this Gateway, we will begin to find each other and this furthers our growth and evolvement. We will question reality, and see through illusion.

Our mental process will begin to shift as we see through others, ourselves and illusions. How we connect with others and ourselves will shift and we will be guided to do much re-evaluation; much more than what we’ve done thus far. The re-evaluation will be that of our relationships, work, home, environment, lifestyle and just about everything. We continue to let go of much and our motto is “moving on.” We feel as though no-one or no thing will stop our Ascension. We become single-minded in our quest.

If you feel you already are at this point, then expect more passion in your commitment. Everything will seem to be in flux...of course, we have been feeling that for awhile, haven’t we? However, as we have gotten more used to having things shift and change, this Gateway brings a sense of being freer, lighter and more expansive. This is especially due to our release of being obligated and doing things out of guilt or “should.” This energy (fluxuating, yet free) is amplified with this Gateway.

While we are not complete yet, as far as our Ascension goes, we have enough Light within so that we are clearer, more intuitive, more sensitive to energies and to the so-called subtle energies. In fact, it doesn’t seem extraordinary to us; it simply is.

Doing Ceremony at the time of the Solstice (11:16 am MST) as you go through the Gateway helps in this acceleration. It is during this time that we will receive new codes for our Ascension, which propel us forward in the Unified Field of All That Is. Intend that you are fully activated to the degree that this Gateway offers. Keep your Heart-Mind open as you receive this powerful acceleration in your Ascension and life. 



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Kara Schallock

For the past twelve years, I have focused on sharing about Ascension and the time we now find ourselves in. This has evolved into the Ascension Notes, channeled from my Soul. They are practical guidance for those awakening to their Authentic Selves. I have helped others connect with their Souls through Soul Transmissions that help others be guided into stepping fully into their Authentic Selves.


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