Upgrades, Angelic Connection, New Moon & Pure Potentiality

In the past week especially, the Earth has experienced an upgrade in Her New Body Grid, as we have. It might have felt like your nerves have been fired up and what may feel like nervousness or anxiety is actually the upgrade of your electrical system. This upgrade affects your mind, bringing you to your Higher Mind, which is a blend Mind and Heart. This upgrade has brought with it a rise in consciousness. A rise in consciousness brings more Awareness and an empowerment to whatever your thoughts and intentions are. It also has made you more sensitive to everything and everyone around you.

There is more Awareness of Angels and their messages around you. Take notice when you find white feathers. They have been showing up in unusual places. For instance, there was a white feather on the nose of the squirrel I hand feed. And they float down from seemingly nowhere inside my home. Notice what you are doing, thinking or feeling when you are gifted by the feather. Angel messages also come in other forms; such as a shiver or a tickling on your head or a great insight you have. Pay attention and give thanks, for we all are being reassured and led.

Realize also that it is not the form of Lightwork we do that is important; it’s the essence behind all we do that is important. So if you are an office worker or a salesperson or anything, as long as you serve with Love, you are doing your Lightwork. Many think that a Lightworker is a healer or mystic or writer of spiritual books. Go beyond the form and into the essence. If you are having difficulty at work, either leave and do what is joyful and/or meaningful to you or shift your perception. Staying in a job that lowers your vibration or being miserable there creates more misery until you shift your perception or make a choice.

As I write this, we are in the Dark Moon; a perfect time to feel what you want to empower. The New Moon; the first sliver of Her, is on Wednesday. So this is prep time; to become clear and then set your intentions. This Moon is powerful in Balance. Look at your life and see where more Balance is needed. The portal of October 10, 11 & 12 has helped us clear a lot that has held us back. And the power of it also enhances this New Moon, helping us to manifest our Heart/Soul desires; as well as the Soul Essence of Balance.

As our physical vehicles continue to be rearranged and recalibrated to more closely match the vibration of our Soul, certainly many have also experienced some physical adjustments as well. These can include headaches, dizziness, vertigo, feeling antsy, feeling really hungry (or not at all), exhaustion, sleeplessness (or total “knocked out” deep sleep). No matter how you experience it, do take time to nurture yourself in whatever way calls to you. Just looking at the beautiful Autumn leaves is enough for me to raise my vibration (and for you in the southern hemisphere, experiencing new growth in your Springtime).

This week, no matter if you’re feeling light and happy or feeling discouraged and stressed; know that if you look closely, you will notice that you have a stronger and deeper connection to yourself, your Soul, to all of life and to others. This is a great time to do any Forgiveness work in order to free yourself to experience New Life. You may bounce back and forth between highs and lows, yet if you can stay balanced, you will be able to stay centered in observing it all, rather than experiencing the dramatic shifts and thus attaching to them.

Know that while we are more and more anchoring higher dimensions into us and the Earth, we will continue to let go of people, places and things that do not serve our new place in life. While you let go of the old, know that new friendships and life experiences will be manifest to fill up the empty spaces of what you release. These new alliances are borne from your consciousness, so hold lightly to what Soul Essences you would like to see the new forms manifest from (Love, Respect, Understanding, Trust, Joy, Play, etc.) Commitment to your New Life is the work-play at hand, for we have released enough to be in a completely new space. We commit without controlling or needing to know the outcome. This takes radical trust in the process; no matter what stage you are in.

There are some who have been on the Ascension Path for a while, and many others who are just awakening. The ones who have been in their Ascension for years now are waiting for others to catch up, so they experience a great need for Peace and Solitude. Soon, however, we together jump into the next phase. While we wait, we continually receive upgrades and we realize that we just aren’t who we used to be. We inhabit the New World. And because we are all One, by honoring our Light and being all of who we truly are, our Light radiates out to others just now wiping the sleep from their eyes. This requires us to be steady, grounded and rooted in our Integrity. It takes the willingness to be patient and to not need to belong anywhere. We live like lighthouses, standing alone on the cliff to bring the others Home.

This week we are being inundated by more Soul Codes that awaken our intuition even more. This energy is to blend our Higher Mind and Higher Heart together as “Heart-knowing.” It enhances our Creativity and the Power to manifest what we are creating by using this New Intuition. The best way to integrate this fully is to be still and peaceful; to be the Compassionate Observer, attaching or controlling nothing. We can tap more strongly into our higher Wisdom; just listen. And then allow yourself to be taken up another step of Awareness. Know that all you read is your Wisdom and all whom you admire is youreflected back. (Otherwise, you wouldn’t resonate with it or them.) All are being guided from within. We have evolved so much that we do not require a guru or priest to tell us what to do, for we are our own gurus and priests.

Realize that as we each go within and recognize the Beauty and Power that we each hold in our own unique way, we rise in Awareness and transcend any fear that holds us back in the old. We no longer can stand being told what to do or who we are. You are the ultimate authority and Godhead of you! We all have received the latest Soul-Codes, and it is up to us to use the energy to create what our Souls guide us to create. We are actually much bigger than our bodies tell us; we are the Universes and we create our lives through our intentions and Awareness.

We have released so much density at this point that we are illuminated with pure potentiality. So trust your Guidance without fear, see that each choice you make is based in Love, for that is who you are. Challenges are opportunities for growth and are less and less dualistic or dramatic. Instead of doing things automatically, you are more aware of how your choices expand or limit you. And realize that without taking a step forward in intention or action, all the high dimensional energy is dormant. It awaits expression. Our greatest gift is our body; it is how we may channel the New mentally, emotionally and physically.



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Kara Schallock

For the past twelve years, I have focused on sharing about Ascension and the time we now find ourselves in. This has evolved into the Ascension Notes, channeled from my Soul. They are practical guidance for those awakening to their Authentic Selves. I have helped others connect with their Souls through Soul Transmissions that help others be guided into stepping fully into their Authentic Selves.


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