Venus Transit/Lunar Eclipse/Divine Feminine

The Venus Transit, empowered by the Lunar Eclipse on June 4/5/6 is much more than the return of the Divine Feminine, for She has been here all along. Notice that the Venus Transit is female, as is the Lunar Eclipse. It is the full empowerment of the Divine Feminine in all of us, regardless of gender, and in beloved Gaia.

As a reminder that Ascension is the expression of the Divine Feminine, you may read this short article written last year. With the recent and continual alignment with Alcyone, Mother Source, this transit further empowers the integration of the Divine Feminine in us; as us.

The Venus Transit/Eclipse is one of the most powerful events thus far and expands our Divine Love and our Creativity/Manifestation...that which we truly are. It helps further us in dissolving any barriers between little ego and Soul, and through which we may release any lingering separation illusions based in duality. We fully release shame, anger, fear, control and embrace fully our Divine birthright by recognizing we are all One as the Divine Feminine Source!

During the Full Moon Eclipse/Venus Transit, we enter the portal of our Divinity. We have no doubt as to Who we are, and dissolve any illusions that we are in this alone. We are embraced and loved by the Mother and are mid-wives to the birth of our beloved New Earth.

Our sun empowers this passage, as our Galactic Sun, Mother Source Alcyone, empowers it further. It brings into alignment a perfect balance of inner male/female; a Divine marriage bringing us lovingly to full Unity. As a part of stepping into the Venus Portal, we leave behind the last vestiges of separation and duality. Of course, it is still our choice, for the Earth is a place of free will. As we choose to step through, we leave behind drama and chaos, along with limitation, doubt, fear, confusion and control. Those of us who have diligently prepared for this passage step into a multidimensional experience; much more than merely stepping into the 5th Dimension. We exist in all dimensions, moving from one to another, integrating their gifts. Let’s not limit ourselves.

The Venus Transit, empowered by the Eclipse (they simply are not separate events), creates within us a more loving expression and Wholeness. We have the opportunity to release all that holds us back, so this passage may well precipitate a deeper level of healing; of wholing. Some of the gifts of this integration of the Divine Feminine awakens in us stronger intuition, creativity (creating and manifesting our Heart/Soul’s Desires), greater sensitivity, flowing and a receptive reality (no more making it happen, pushing it through, controlling, etc.). We may completely disengage from the duality and angst of the 3D. While we will continue to live in our physical vehicles, we are detached from the crumbling of old patriarchal structures in the throes of disintegration and transformation.

In this time of preparation, many have felt adrift and aimless, and yet, this is perfect as we have created a sacred space within to be filled up with Mother Source. With the combination of the Eclipse and Transit, we integrate Freedom, Spiritual Sovereignty, Empowerment and the absolute Knowing that we are ascending masters. This further allows us to heal and whole even those deep, cultural issues that we agreed to transform for the benefit of all; especially for those who are still asleep and mesmerized by the illusion of 3D.

As we step more powerfully into Grace, we rise out of density and sleep, and have the Awareness that we still may be carrying remnants of anger, resentment, guilt and/or judgment. Take advantage of this powerful time to completely dissolve these illusions based in fear and realize that our true being is that of Love; of Oneness. The question to ask is, “Do I want to be free of 3D illusory reality and limitation or do I want to be free in the arms of Love as Love?”

There is no separation between the Eclipse and the Transit. The Eclipse partners with Venus to empower Her. You may notice that there is an increased ability to stay in the Moment, even forgetting what you did an hour ago or plan on what you’ll do in an hour from now. Your feelings during this time will strengthen; your emotions (ego) transform into feelings (Heart). Your Heart may feel much expanded. Breathe into it. Any pain or discomfort around your Heart may be a part of resisting the passage into being more Love. Breathe into it.

As a result of this infusion of Divine Feminine energy, we will feel more, be in Knowing (rather than depending on outside sources to provide us with our truth), and feel infinite and timeless. Integrate and focus on the Soul Essences of Love and Gratitude, for these help empower us through this passage.

While this period is intense, it does not have to be difficult if we let go of resistance to change and surrender to “All is in Divine Order.” Invite little ego along for the ride, and you will find that you will have no resistance to anything that occurs as a result of this powerful portal. Remember, we’re all in this together. You are not alone, have nothing to fear; for Love just doesn’t work like that. 



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Kara Schallock

For the past twelve years, I have focused on sharing about Ascension and the time we now find ourselves in. This has evolved into the Ascension Notes, channeled from my Soul. They are practical guidance for those awakening to their Authentic Selves. I have helped others connect with their Souls through Soul Transmissions that help others be guided into stepping fully into their Authentic Selves.


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