Creating Heaven on Earth

2009. Here we are in a very new space. Leaving the old behind, as we have done so many times before, but this time, an entire reality is now behind us…not just a piece here and a piece there, but a place where we had been while we evolved and grew, expanded and connected, and stretched perhaps further than we knew was possible.  

We are so very done now with bringing the old up to a higher rung on the evolutionary ladder, and thus, we must part and begin a life in a brand new space…a new space where we have yet to have inhabited in a regular and permanent way.

We brought up the old through transmuting the lower vibrating energies through ourselves. We held the light, we held a higher vibration, and thus, served as conduits and filters for much. We stretched and grew, examined ourselves, and let go of old and outdated patterns and behaviors. And when we were nearly done, we stayed in this old space so that the masses could catch up in all ways…so that enough souls would have an opportunity to get on board….to open to the new….to be willing to accept another way of living and being.

Staying in the old when many of us were now vibrating so much higher proved to be challenging indeed, as these denser energies that we once inhabited ourselves, were almost too much to bear. “I cannot possibly take anymore,” we may have thought at times. At other times, great anger, frustration, and a seeming inability to be willing to interact with mis-behaving energies, may have placed us over the top, wondering if we had indeed begun a residency in hell instead of heaven. Did we stay in the old longer than we could tolerate? 

The higher we vibrate, the more we become and expect to see great care, respect, integrity, and pride utilized in all things. In this way, spending any time around organizations, individuals, and structures where no care was being taken, where things were barely functioning, and where old ways still remained, could really rock our boats. 

And then, when we were done, finished with it all, and perhaps not even realizing that we could now move on, we began the process of detoxing from this “long stay.” Muscle aches and pains, nerve disorders, nausea, exhaustion, depression, skin disorders, sleep disturbances and strange dreams, and sinus headaches were some common manifestations of letting go of the remaining lower vibrating energies that surrounded us at the end of this last phase and long road home. And of course, the upper back and neck pain where our new earth angel wings were as always, sprouting once again.

As we move ever forward, to new beginnings and a very new residency in a new reality, it can be common to experience that old familiar “no sense of place.” There may be nowhere that we feel we fit, nowhere that feels right and good, and a feeling that perhaps we are hovering somewhere in between who knows what. There is good reason for this and it will, as always, subside in time. At the same time, creative energies are running rampant as we are now connecting to a new stage and new roles. Passionately excited about what we are now able to create and offer, at some level we may know that this time it is different…that this time it is finally “time,” and that this time we can now create what we indeed came to create. 

We are now simply “here.” This means that creating things in the physical and on the earth, and with others, and in this world, and being present, and feeling unusually grounded, are perhaps new to us. We have released and purged so much over the last eight years that we are holding considerably more light than ever before. We need not, then, meditate, try and connect to some higher energy out there and up there, use divination tools, or in other words, connect to something outside of ourselves. 

We have successfully shifted onto a new plateau, and this new plateau is heaven on Earth. Heaven is indeed here. And we are here to create it now. So if there is nowhere left to go, it is simply because we have yet to create it.  

In a sense, we can exhale now….mission accomplished. Breathe out and take a big cleansing breath. So now what? What is our next assignment?  

Many of us were the original creators of this planet. In this way, we have returned with these memories intact…subconscious for some of us and very intact for others. We know what the blueprint is…we know what things are “supposed” to look like, and we know and remember at some level that we need now continue on with creating that original blueprint. Because of this, we can become frustrated and even angry when things do not remotely resemble what we remember and what we came to create.  And in addition, having disrespect shown to our original and pristine creation can almost feel insulting at times. The contrast can be extreme at best, but things are about to change. 

This is why we may feel very “here” now, and why we may feel unusually grounded, and perhaps even as though we have finally landed somewhere. Yes, it is now time to create the realities, the systems, the ways, and the structures of a higher nature that we are oh so familiar with indeed. Our psychic and connecting abilities to each other may become heightened now, we may begin to remember more of our soul’s intentions, and we may as well, feel much more like whom we really and truly are. 

But we will not be able to create these very high level structures and creations at the level below us…or rather the mainstream level. This part can be tricky. The mainstream is no longer on our level. They are on the level we just left. So then, we must straddle the dimensional border while offering our services to humanity…the services that we know so well and that we have used for so long, while at the same time, creating the very new and much higher vibrating realities on our side of the dimensional border.  

Those closest to the dimensional border will be ready and will ask. In higher vibrations, it is not appropriate to offer services when not asked. There will indeed be those who are not ready at all, and who are not open to listening. These individuals will become more and more uncomfortable until they finally reach a state of willingness for something new. This is what surrender is all about. And this is what we used to do in times long past when we desired to open to Source, or perhaps angelic assistance.  

As we are now the angels of the earth, when individuals surrender and ask, we will be able to assist, advise, and show a different way. We cannot reach those who are not willing to surrender and allow. Now, you will know who is residing where, very easily. If an individual is vibrating where you are, you will feel as though they are right beside you and you can connect very easily. You will see each other. You will understand the same things. There will be no “pulls” or strings between you, and a great lightness and ease will be present. Those vibrating lower will appear to be far away, perhaps down a long tunnel, lost in another reality, make very little sense to you, and you will be unable to reach them easily. Their energy may feel like they are trying to pull you down in a riptide. And we cannot go down to those levels for very long without suffering and becoming extremely uncomfortable. Staying detached while embodying love is a great protection and a good space to maintain for a comfortable stay.  

When individuals “ask” or surrender, they then open. And this is when we can appear….through that opening. Surrendering removes ego or dis-connect energy present within someone. It gets the lower vibrating aspects of a person out of the way. It is then that we will be seen. Many of us have now graduated to states where we are walking, talking, and being higher vibrating individuals, and we need not surrender nearly as much ourselves. We are embodying so much more light now…and certainly more wisdom. But we are, of course, nowhere near done. And let me emphasize as well, that we are no better than others, just perhaps wiser and a bit more connected to a higher vibration. We have learned much through this process indeed. 

Having loved ones in a different space than we are, does not necessarily mean we have to dis-connect from them altogether because they may seem so very far away. The love between ourselves and our loved ones is the connection, no matter what is occurring. And when we love everyone as much as we can, most unpleasant behaviors seem to vanish when we connect.  

Our new beginnings on this very new and other side will involve new realities, most assuredly. What we know at our deepest soul levels will want to emerge now. We will have strong desires to create small and higher level communities and relationships, and when others are ready and willing, they will arrive all on their own. These new sacred spaces will have higher connections with the stars as well. And higher connections with non-physical beings, as we are now at their level. Higher connections to the earth, to nature, and to animals will certainly be prevalent as well.  

Creating the new is the way to go. Trying to change and influence the old was a method from long ago. But before we begin, it is most natural to do an inventory of self. Are we walking our talk? Have we done the best we could? Do we realize that we have imperfections and always will? Can we really and truly see who we are, warts and all? Do we know what is ours to do? 

It is now time to get real in all ways. Have we opened our eyes? Have we grown up? Staying on the side-lines connecting to higher vibrations through ceremony, meditations and the like, will simply serve to remove us from this new reality that is now here. We are being it now, and thus, need no longer utilize intentional acts as it is much more simple than that. We can stay still, we can be here, and we can simply embody the higher vibrations within ourselves. And this looks like whatever we want or need it to look like. There is no right or wrong, good or bad, or specific way. 

Do you remember what piece of the new world you came to create? Are you an expert at it? Does it come oh so naturally to you? Do you take great care in providing it, are you in your integrity with it, and are you dedicated to offering it? And do you take time to enjoy yourself, have fun, and utilized as much self-care as needed? Do you play with your brothers and sisters when you are not offering your own special contribution?

Before we begin anew, we are most certainly always “allowed” to take a breather, to relax, to remove ourselves from our missions and passions, and to simply enjoy. Wishing you a blessed new year, a prosperous life, and a magical experience here on Earth...

Much love and continued gratitude. Until next time,




k 6th January 2009 3:45 pm

I guess I missed the shift. I still need to meditate. It is sort of like calling home and I need the quiet peace at least once a day. Maybe I am Rooty with the rusty rifle in the rear ranks or maybe I just missed the boat.

Darlene 6th January 2009 10:18 pm

Thank-you, Karen, for such sound advice in a turbulent time...finding grace is what you provide. Love and Light, Rhiannon :smitten:

Jean 8th January 2009 2:33 pm


Thank you so much for holding the light through 2008 so I could find my way. It was a difficult year and I had no idea what was happening to me until I found your site and started reading your energy alerts. It was there that I found the peace and answers that I was looking for. I'm glad 2008 is over and can't wait to see what 2009 holds for our new realities. I thank God continuously for leading me to you.

Felisa 8th January 2009 10:51 pm

Maybe you are the boat, and you are in the right river going at the right pace for you.

Leonardo Mancilla 9th January 2009 1:51 pm

Dear Karen:

It is so nice to have you back and read your divine messages again. You just opened my eyes to my next step. I thank you so much for your helpful words. Love, Light and Regards. :angel:

MysticMarina 9th January 2009 8:33 pm

Hello beloved goddess Karen. Last year was one of the most challenging years I have ever had. It seemed every lower vibrational energy I could encounter just simply showed up. My 18 year old daughter went trough a painful transition, I lost alot of money and I got very sick and could not work. I had severe panick attacks and could not go into any large stores, like Cosco etc. It was as if I was inhaling and absorbing everyone;s energy. Having been on a spiritual path for the pasr 16 years, this all confused me greatly. Then I found your site, it was no acident. I finally understood, what great comfort your words offered. I knew where we all ascending, but you just described the process of what we may be feeling during this time so perfectly. I found me...and now I am almost healed and am back healing others. Thank you for the words, the wisdom, the love, the support, the amazing inspiration. You are truly an amazing angel Karen. Happy New year. Wishing you much love, much joy, much abundance and many blessings. With much gratitude and much love, Mystic Marina


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