Falling Into the New World

I have been writing WINGS and What’s Up On Planet Earth? postings for perhaps eight years now, and all the while knowing and feeling my true purpose. In this way, I have always felt connected and in my true and authentic groove. At one point, as some of you may remember, I took a personal hiatus, as I knew my endeavors would now be changing, and came back with WINGS in order to assist and validate this changing of purpose that was indeed becoming evident for all of us. I did not regret it for one moment, as I knew that my purpose then, was not yet complete in all ways.

This transition from our old roles relating to the ascension process, to now creating free and clear in a new reality, resulted in many of you becoming completely free from your old roles in order to move ahead into a very new experience. It was my soul purpose at that time, to stay with the ship until each and every one of you had gotten into your lifeboats and arrived on shore. Thus, I was required to remain on the ship until the very last soul had departed, before I could then get into my own lifeboat, and place my feet upon my very new shore. This time has finally arrived for me.

I now get to take a time of separation from my old role, before I begin my own new endeavors and my new life….this total and complete separation I am needing in so many ways (I need some R & R!), as I finally get into my own lifeboat, in order to restore or rather strengthen within me, my true and authentic self. In this way, I will be taking time off from writing to spend some time with myself simply having fun, playing, and enjoying life (and visiting my daughter and grandchildren as well) until the first part of January, 2010. Along with some very new endeavors, will I continue with WINGS? Oh, it seems I always do, but they will most likely return with a new and different slant relating to where we are now. Before I part for awhile, I am excited to leave you with this last WINGS post, hoping it will bring together once again, what many of you already know and are now experiencing. Happy reading, and I look forward to meeting with you once again in the new year!

The ascension experience created so many things, within and without, that we gradually came to learn and know a different way of being. Just writing the word “ascension” seems so strange and out of date for me now, and I almost wonder if it was ever even real at all.

The ascension experience and plan was indeed created by ourselves at our soul levels. This fact alone, brought us together as one massive whole, thus creating in tandem, all the twists and turns as we came to experience them as one, all at the same time. In this way, we came together and felt together, we were oh so united, and we knew at our core, that something monumental was occurring, if even at times only at our soul levels.

In addition, the ascension plan always served to over-ride all other levels of creation, as it ran very high. For example, many of us were guided to move to specific geographical areas, or even found that we were simply unable to leave specific geographical areas, even though we may have had a strong desire to do so. We may have found ourselves in places of darkness, unable to get out, as at our soul levels we willingly agreed to assist the planet with the ascension process. Thus, it was never about attracting darkness because we had “issues” or the like, but simply because we were doing our jobs in regard to ascension. This is why our bags of familiar tools never worked in some instances.

Many of us gained weight during this time, and no matter what we did, we absolutely could not get it off, as we had agreed, again as a whole, to hold more light in order to improve our attempts to raise the vibration of the planet (I recently lost 30 pounds and am now back to my normal weight… another evident example that we are now done). We lost our jobs, our relationships, our loved ones, and much else, with seemingly no control over these situations as they were occurring at our soul levels and all because of the ascension process.

Oh, the ascension process….and how it seemingly took away our normal powers of creation and experience, as it took the helm of anything and everything. Normal spiritual practice, such as perhaps believing that we are always right where we need to be and never “going” anywhere, was even hard to integrate into this ascension process of “going somewhere” (even though we “got there” by of course not trying to go there! Are we there yet, are we there yet?), and even allowing the freedom to create whatever we chose as our personal experience was seemingly hindered by the fact that this “whole” created by the ascension process was anything but individual.

Taking all this into account, after many years of finally understanding the process and what it created, we also got used to having our hands tied to some degree. When many of us really “got” what was going on, we then, as loving and devoted spiritual beings, got on board to support our process. In this way, we became used to a very different way of being and living, and it was very much about ascension, as it ruled our roost and dictated our movements. It answered many questions and soothed our confusion, as after all, this process did not remotely fit in with much of what we knew about spiritual practice and creating, or utilizing energy in an individual way. So all in all, our freedoms at lower levels were affected in many, many ways.

Now it is all over. Over, over, over. We are done with the first phase of the ascension process. And being that it did not work anyway in regard to taking the entire planet with us, we are now completely free and clear.

This places us in a very different space than we have ever been in, in this particular lifetime. Up until now, our soul focus was ascension. Even from birth, as we chose challenging paths and dark situations in order to transmute these energies though ourselves, we have been on that ascension road for a very long time. “I always knew I was here for a particular purpose, but I just cannot remember what it is!” was a familiar mantra that many of us had in the beginning stages. Now many of us have come to know and remember that very real purpose.

The earth was created as a place for creating and experiencing. This is the highest level and most pristine purpose of our existence in this universe (and of course, just loving everyone and everything is coming more to the forefront now than ever before). The ascension process came under that umbrella, as we decided to play a game and experience it for something to do before we left the universe for good (we get to experience a very new universe when we are done, so there is never really an “end.”) The plan is really not over yet, as the only real change was that we were not able to take the entire planet with us. So even though we may feel a failure to some degree, as we are all angels at our core and dearly love every living thing on this Earth, we are none-the-less still able to continue on with phase two of the plan…creating the New Earth, and also, assisting those who have newly arrived at the dimensional border. (Those who chose to “cross over,” are very different than those in the other world that we left behind, in regard to requesting assistance with their process. So in this way, our services will still be needed, as they will be asked for and revered.)

So now, here we are in a very new space. So in this way, of course we may be feeling lost, confused, not particularly secure with things, perhaps having an identity crisis, or even wondering where the foundation under our feet has gone. In addition, we are no longer being guided, dictated to, placed (seemingly without our permission) within experiences created by our souls who were creating the ascension process, nor are we in our usual grooves. We are now in wide open territory on a completely blank canvas. We are very free, and it is precisely this freedom that is making many of us uncomfortable.

I remember hearing a story once about a dog who had been on a short chain in his yard for many years. One day he was forever freed to roam, and he just could not handle this new freedom, as it was so very different for him. Inmates who have been imprisoned for a very long time, have a very difficult time when they are released, and many proceed to commit another crime so that they can return to the familiar territory of what they have been accustomed to for so very long. This is all human (or dog!) nature. We are still human beings. We are used to structure. Even the cosmos has structure. Most of us are pretty darned savvy, and certainly are not really in the same space as the examples mentioned above, but our sudden change of internal programming can still take some getting used to, as well as a “soul recovery” process being warranted. So then, we are now in the process of identifying what we want that new structure to look like, and how and what we want to create, along with some of us still requesting a recovery time to simply just hang out and play for awhile. Because of all this sudden change at our soul levels, and because of the ending of a very intense but important phase, many of us are going to feel off balance, empty, and rolling around with no clear sense of direction.

Most recently, the earth moved itself into a very new groove in the cosmos. This created very dramatic surges of pushing energy for awhile, but when this phase was complete, we then felt a very new grounding and settling in. After this movement, things felt calm, serene, like we were home, and that perhaps we could now relax for a time. But we are still aligning in other ways. Even though the earth is now in that new groove or position, she is still “tilting.” This tilting is part of restoring a new balance. The tilting of the earth results then, in feelings of being off-balance from time to time, or even that things are going smoothly, and then they suddenly feel very “off.” This tilting creates an energy of “up, down, up, down.”

Through-out this process of tilting, a settling in or shifting naturally occurs as well. In this way then, the beginning manifestations and feelings resulting from the tilting slowly dissipate over time, as we become more and more settled within our new energetic spaces. This settling in and shifting process will also create and strengthen our new connections to whom and what we will be doing, being, and creating on the New Planet Earth. In this way, in time, we will not be losing our equilibrium so much. With all of these adjustments and new balancing acts going on, it is no wonder that we may experience feelings of no sense of place! But through it all, we will naturally gravitate to where we belong, and to what feels comfortable to each and every one of us.

Currently, there is an energy of fear running through-out, as so many souls are feeling lost and thrown about, with little or no security. When this occurs, strong opinions abound as an attempt to hold onto something. Where we currently are in regard to our energetic status, reminds me of the time during our most recent presidential elections here in the US. There were so many opinions and strong feelings, that it became challenging for me to read my mail. The same is going on now, with a new surge of attacking voices arriving in my boxes, with strong opinions of how things really and truly are, and how and why I am wrong, along with personal attacks and highly inappropriate advice and assessments in regard to the personal information I choose to share (some opinions are loving as well, but they are still most certainly opinions). One correspondence will strongly state one thing on a specific subject, and the very next correspondence will state the complete opposite on that very subject. People are viewing things from their own individual filters of perception.

In Stepping Into the New Reality, I mention much about the filters that each of us sees reality through. Filters are always much more dense than higher levels of being, and opinions are in the same league. Because we are now moving into our new stage of contributing our own unique purpose and stamp to create a new reality, our filters then, are very much in place in regard to who we are and what we are about. Much else within us has been spun off through the ascension process. We only need utilize these filters, or contributions, at appropriate times. And most, most, importantly, these contributions or individual purposes need to fit within a structure or whole and utilized together with others, if we are to successfully create a very new reality. Right now, with the fear creating a strong hold for so many, this has yet to occur, but it is just a phase we are going through, and it will pass if we are the wise souls that I believe we truly are. But know as well, that there are also many of you who are very content right now being in the eye of the storm and simply floating right where you are. Our choices and experiences are vast and different, all creating a beautiful and amazing mosaic of a perfectly orchestrated energy grid.

So now, we are in the space of no space, and also experiencing the ups and downs created by the tilting of the earth. It reminds me of an individual I know who recently ended her marriage, and is now in that space where her “new” has not yet arrived. Moving out of her marriage was a great step for her, in order to allow her to move forward. But she tells me that she has to continually be vigilant about staying out of the old, as she and her husband are very good friends now, and it can be easy to for her to fall back into that old groove.

Do we go back into the old, while we are still in the space of no space? Is that what we need to do in order to feel good? The discomfort many of us are feeling, stems from the fact that we are out of the old, but not yet into the new. We are still in the no space as things are still settling in and shifting.

We are indeed the rightful creators of the New Planet Earth. If we do indeed have new roles, being the rightful creators of the new Planet Earth are these new roles. There are no rules, guidelines, or frameworks yet in place that we had begun to become used to with the ascension process. I was telling a friend the other day, that this is like December 25th arriving, only we just found out that there is no more Christmas, that there never was, and we now get to create something very new and different to take its place, or maybe not even create anything at all. We get to go to the highest heights of our imaginations and create whatever makes our hearts sing.

The palette is blank and empty. We have evolved enough, that we need no guidance to create on this palette. We are now our prior guides. We are holding so much light now, that we can trust that we will create something magnificent and wonderful, something that fits each of us to a tee, and know as well, that it will absolutely come about. We can utilize our own guidance, as we now have carte blanch and the free will to make it happen. If we created the ascension process, then we can also create something new and different. We are such powerful creators, that we even knew enough to change the ascension plan and tweak it a little, as it was not working like we had hoped and intended. We are indeed very powerful, and we are indeed at the helm. Perhaps we just need to restore our confidence, as the change of ascension plan that occurred in September threw us a bit off balance. But again, we knew enough to save ourselves, and we knew enough to continue on with the original next phase, if even with a fewer amount of souls on board.

I believe that some of us are still stuck in old spiritual practice, and also, still a bit in our old molds from the ascension process. New spiritual practice is all about being happy, joyful, and peaceful, under the new umbrella of creation and experience (now that the first level of ascension is over)….meaning that these feelings and emotions can be experienced and created in a vast array of scenarios, all depending upon who we are and the filters that we run our energy through. There is absolutely no right or wrong. In this way, there will be many, many variations present and at many differing levels of vibration.

In addition, another new and important role is coming to the forefront as well (I guess I wouldn’t exactly call it a “role”). With so much change and up and down energy now present, which can really hit us hard, we very naturally crave the feel good energy of love. With so much going on at times, it does not even matter what groove anyone is in, where we are in any so-called plan, or even what things are looking like. Above all of this is the energy of love, and this connects us no matter who, what, or where any particular situation is. As someone recently told me, love is the simplified version of our true purpose, and indeed it is.

This pronounced experience of giving and receiving love is really going to take over now as never before, as we have evolved to a much higher vibrating state of being. So even though things may get rocky, feel dark one day and light the next, and make us feel bi-polar at times, the love energy always serves to keep us steady, as it can never be affected. This is indeed the energy that over-rides all else. It does not really matter then, what our individual purpose is, or how we can help another, when all we really need do is simply love each other. We will find in times to come, that extreme feelings and actions of love and caring will emit from us like never before, and for me, this is when I indeed feel the best and in the most alignment of all. The energy of love will come to the fore-front like never before in times to come. This is indeed an integral part of our new space.

The umbrella energies then: Experiencing, creating, and loving.

All said, in some strange ways, we are still recovering from the ascension process. We are now very slowly and surely, undoing some of its effects in regard to trust, confusion, guidance, confidence, and most importantly, owning our new power once again. We need to restore our true and rightful power and feel good once again. We need to recover our dignity and grace, as the ascension process really socked it to us (not only with the change of plan, but with the past two to three years placing us in darker and more challenging spaces than we had been in for quite some time). We need to allow ourselves the precious time to allow this to happen…to align once again with our true and authentic selves before we begin creating the New World and before we begin assisting others who are on the dimensional border, attempting to arrive where we now are.

We need to come to realize that this is a new era now. We are now in a very new space of freely creating once again, and none of our new creations have to do with the ascension plan and its seemingly strange and confining rules. We can have positive and enlightening visions once again, and we can know that this time, they will indeed come about. And for our brothers and sisters, or others who have crossed over and are just beginning their process of awakening, aligning and ascending, we can offer them great love and caring, as this alone will be a purpose we will embody like never before as we lovingly watch and allow them their experience.

With much love and gratitude,



Corrina 9th December 2009 2:41 pm

THANK YOU!! Thank you for the reassurances. I've been stumbling a bit in this new space, well aware that I'm there. But the fear comes up now and again because I feel the difference between myself and those who haven't crossed over. I understand better now that I am to get stable and work on my creations. All is well.

Nickola 10th December 2009 7:09 am

Maybe we are in the space between the new and the old...( a smile is forming) :)

For me though its just an aspect of myself this,lets say- not the totality.


Grace anyway!

...and joy :thumbs:

Nickola 10th December 2009 7:13 am

and we 'll see :) !

tommymcollins 10th December 2009 8:38 am

read karen today ? (an e-mail to wendy )

when you started sending her stuff to me , it didnt make sense at all, now starting to get it , lol,

but in what she speaks today well kind of puts thing in a light that i can relate to ,

so much has happened in the last two years , at times so lost but still felt there was something to all of this , that something was bigger then me , so kept the faith so to speak ,

not that i grew in leaps and bounds , but in the time and way i guess i needed to , funny how you can look back and say , losing my job my house, my money , was a good thing , lol who would of thought that would of crossed my mind let alone come out of my mouth ,

yes this journey has been so hard at times ,but now there is a sense of calm , not just in me but you can feel it in the world we meet everyday , yes there is still a lot of hurt and hate , but you can feel that a simple smile can change the day for even the most lost of us .

I am thankful for all of this change , wee bit off balance is a walk in the park!
thank you wendy , karen and all

misafir 11th December 2009 5:37 pm

Happy new year! Waiting for more to READ (from) YOU soon, THE ASCENSION COMPANION. :)
(You radiate your self upon your words, there is a presence accompanying your words, and that is rare. Thus, the difference between 'reading one', and 'reading from one'.)

Anahata 28th December 2009 8:30 pm

Karen, you continue to be an inspiration. Your descriptions of where we are at in the process parallel my experiences--it is almost uncanny! In these extremely stressful times where our very foundations are crumbling under us, you provide encouragement and remind us that we are truly our own creators--and it is time to create. I have let go of the old and gleefully and openly look forward to creating my bliss. Bless your courage and wisdom. I hope more people will intuit their way onto your pages.
Blessings, Rev. Diana F.


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