Finally...the shift has arrived


If you awakened this morning feeling a big shift in the energies, you were not alone.

From the end of September until today, we were settling in with our very new purposes, or rather refined and purified purposes. This involved making new and solid connections regarding these purposes. These new roles also involved the setting up of our storefronts, or where and how we will be generating money, enabling us to be creating the New World from behind the scenes of our these storefronts will be on the energetic line, or border from one dimension to another.

If you had your ducks in a row in regard to what you decided you would be doing, from as early as the end of September, it was then necessary to wait until everyone else had theirs in a row as well. This is how it always works...we integrate and identify our next step, and then graciously (and at times with frustration!), need to wait until a critical mass is reached, all in divine and perfect order for the arrival of another burst of energy and move forward.

The critical mass has now been met, and we will now begin to move forward and feel much in the way of supporting energy. I will be writing much more about what is next, where we currently are, and how it is affecting us in the energy alert on November 11th, but with this exciting shift occuring today, I could not wait to validate what I suspect many of us are feeling!

November 11th will bring in even more in the way of the new, so there will be much to talk about. If you missed the energy alert for November 4th, you are welcome to view it here. Until November 11th, then....

Wishing you Heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times.

Until next time,  




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