Homeless, But With a Clean Slate

While almost fully removed from our old realities in so many ways, feeling homeless is perhaps now our only option, even if we may not know why. Perhaps wandering around with no clear sense of “home” quite yet, we might not know where we belong, or even what we will be doing next…even though at some level we know very well that something very new is on the very near horizon.

Even though we have let go of so much in recent months, weeks, and days, we are still waiting for the final pieces to fall into place before our new reality can manifest in its entirety. Many new energies in the form of individuals and the like, have recently moved into our old spaces, taking over our old roles, as we leave our imprints behind, allowing something or someone very new to take their place. Thus, every new energy arriving to take our place, for every one of us who is relocating to another reality and experience, must be in place before we can experience our intended freedom and release from the old world. Each and every piece must be in place and ready.

It is these final steps that must be completed before we experience the dramatic anchoring in of our new energies to our very new world and reality on June 21st. And know as well, that there is always a window of energy around any specific date…the solstice is simply the signal that it is finally time, as it will serve to use its natural energy as a source of support and ignition for this magnificent event.

The solstice of June 2008 served to knock us out of our old grooves and old roles, and many felt this as a severe trauma, with energies that were very challenging and difficult to handle. But this time, the energies of the impending  solstice of June 2009 will serve to create just the opposite. We will instead, be grabbed and pulled downward, as we officially become the rightful stewards of our beautiful planet Earth. It will be all about grounding.

If you are one who is complete with your letting go process, you may feel like you are “waiting” in a state of limbo, just hanging out who knows where with no connection to much of anything. And yet others are still in the process of allowing these final pieces to fall into place, before any decisions can be made in regard to possible future plans. In this way, there is a sense within many that we are very “done,” that something very new and exciting is about to manifest, that a very new life is about to unfold, and that perhaps we are lost right now, with no home to fall into for a sense of comfort, familiarity, or good night’s rest.

This time is like no other, as it is a gift that we will rarely have an opportunity to experience in our lifetimes. We will look back on it in times to come, with feelings of magic and wonder, as we will come to know that we were smack in the middle of a dramatic birthing process, now embodying  a very clean slate, as much of everything has been wiped clean for a very fresh start. Nothing will ever be the same again.

In this way, it can be a good time to search our heart of hearts, looking for what it is that we really and truly desire. Getting down to the nitty gritty, going deep, and really taking a hard look at what we now want is vitally important now, as we will most assuredly receive it in times to come, as we are starting fresh and new, in a very new reality, with a very new purpose.

Are you still doing what you think you “should” be doing? Do you finally realize that you can soon do whatever you want? If you had several million dollars, and all your needs were always met, what would you create and what would your life look like? Who would be in it? What would you be doing? Finding yourself fully removed from the old world and its limitations, what would your newfound freedom feel like and how would it manifest?

While allowing for these final pieces to fall into place, it is near impossible to make any kind of decision. During the past few weeks, in many ways, we have been experiencing what I have referred to for many years as the “stop sign” energy. This energy always arrives when we are in a great transition. It serves to prohibit us from moving forward, and has a frustrating by-product of not allowing much of anything to manifest, even in regard to the simplest of projects or creations. So even though there are very dramatic manifestations or pieces coming together for us at very deep and high levels, we are still experiencing the stop sign energy, for very good reason.

If we attempt to create something before all the pieces are in place, and before everything has shown up for us, we would most likely have to undo much. In this way, we are being protected, as always. So it is always best, if possible, to simply trust that everything is in divine and perfect order.

Even though we may find ourselves wandering here and wandering there, with no particular home quite yet, our perfect homes, store-fronts, partners, and places on the earth will arrive in due time, and believe me, they will be worth the wait!

With much love and gratitude,


(A brief note: It has always been important to me to personally acknowledge through a "thank you," each and every one of you who thoughtfully sends a donation. When Heaven's Gate was announced, for the first time ever, I was unable to personally thank everyone who donated. I would like to thank each and every one of you now, as your loving support continues to support the high cost of keeping this web site up and running...and supports me as well! And I loved your letters! So thank you so much...you are so greatly appreciated, and know as well that your loving support helps each and every one who visits this site. Now, on with the newest WINGS post!)


stephanielmt 24th May 2009 9:04 pm

Deep sigh of relief!! Just when Im feeling lost in my sea of emotions about what were experiencing now one of Karens messages show up with the perfect words to describe exactly what I was feeling lost about. What an incredible validation of being right on track when your able to read words like this that puts everything so eloquently, inorder to comfort and reassure. Just when you thought you were the only one wandering and feeling worried that nothing is really happening, and your not experiencing the connections you know are there, that this is all in "perfect and divine order" It feels good to know you havent been left behind and you havent been kidding yourself. The feeling that something new and magical is coming that we have felt for many years is a true experience to be had if we hang in there and find humor in the process. I am ready to connect and share in laughter and joy to all that has always been my highest vision of what is meant to be. I cant wait to hear about the joyous things starting to happen in everyones lives! We deserve it! We are so close. Way to go!

Oldooz 25th May 2009 2:57 am

Frist of all thank you Karen.

I have a problem and I can't access to your website. I've tried many times but it doesn't work for me.


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