In Between But Getting Closer

There are a variety of manifestations currently occurring, all relating to our arrival in a new space due to the release of our presence in the old reality. In this way, much can seem confusing, conflicting, and even contradictory for many of us now, but as the ascension process continues to show us, it is never a clear, easy, or even plausible road the majority of the time.

Our current themes? Manifesting what we may have always wanted, finding ourselves feeling as if we have no purpose, desire, or interest in anything, feeling completely alone with absolutely no connections, anger and resentment at the past, stuck in old relationships, being extremely busy wrapping up so we can move forward, setting things up for the new, or feelings of bliss, excitement and having the beginning experiences of new connections and an amazing new beginning of freedom and joy.

What an interesting hodge podge of manifestations, but they all make sense if we know what is transpiring with our evolutionary process.

When we complete important phases of our spiritual evolutionary journey, we go to a new space. Thus, when we are “done,” we find ourselves in a space of re-booting or feeling empty and apathetic about much.  Nothing excites us anymore, we may feel useless, lethargic, empty, perhaps assuming we are depressed, and our joyous states of excitement and high energy may be completely gone. This state of being is an indicator that we have completed a very important phase within ourselves and with the planet. It is very common for ascension.

I remember this phase well when I experienced a substantial leap in 2001. At that time, no one knew much about the ascension process and I only knew that I felt like a retired person with absolutely nothing to do. I was at loose ends with no sense of purpose, no direction, and too much time on my hands.  Eventually I connected to my area of service and everything changed. If you are in this phase, just hold on because it will pass. And when it does, you will regain your happy and joyful energy of excitement and curiosity, with a “pinch yourself” feeling regarding all the new that is arriving in your space….a new that you thought might never transpire.

Feeling apathetic about much simply means that your energy and your soul is “in between.” You have completed your role and evolutionary process at one rung of the ladder, and are now poised in between rungs….hanging perhaps in mid-air as you have not yet fully landed on your new rung. You are also re-wiring as well in order to be fully ready for your new step. You can no longer do what you did before. All in divine and perfect order.

In addition, the first wavers are really done in many ways. Stepping Into the New Reality addresses this situation in the beginning sections of the book. First wavers have been around for eons of time, have experienced everything and anything they could infuse their soul energy into, and have nothing much left to do. In this way, after the first wavers have fulfilled much of their soul plans for assisting the earth in starting over, they will leave for a very new reality in a very new universe never inhabited by their souls before….and they will begin on the bottom rung of the ladder of reality for that universe (but it will be an awesome rung, in a very high dimensional universe!)

So then, for some of us, we are now beginning the stages of simply being here, enjoying ourselves with all our needs met, and sitting back while we observe the other reality making its changes while we begin to experience the promised land. If you are one who is feeling that the simple moments are all that matter, that simply being and enjoying this earth are now the things you wish to connect to, then you are most likely in this group. In addition, completing a huge phase like the one just completed, will very naturally place a soul in this position. It is now up to us to decide if we want to stay here and enjoy, or move on to another experience. And of course we also have the option of continuing on with our service to humanity as the angels of the New Earth. 

If you are one who is feeling useless, done, lethargic, and uninterested in anything new, pat yourself on the back. It is because of you that we are now where we are as a planet. You have done your job well. And now you get to decide what it is that you really want to do…something that you may have always wanted…and this is why the “getting what we have always wanted” energy has arrived as well (more about this further on).

When we arrive on a new rung, many times we do not arrive with the same individuals that we have been connected to before.  In this way, very suddenly, we may feel as if we have absolutely no one in our lives. We separate for various reasons. At times, our souls are now ready for a new role or “assignment,” and thus previous soul connections may part as they now do not share the same purpose. Other times, we may simply have evolved beyond our prior relationships and must now move on and vice versa.  In addition, we dis-connect from many when we are in a re-booting stage. We must remain free and clear while we are gearing up for something very new. So then, we may resume some of our prior relationships, but we will be different in regard to how we interact with them.

The more we evolve, the more things purify and become simpler. Thus, it is very common for us to have only a very few friends or connections as we evolve to the higher states of being. Higher energy creates connections that are more direct and simple, with a simpler purpose. The higher we evolve, the more our shared purpose is simply about love and respect, or perhaps companionship. In the lower dimensions, we may overlap with another because we share a love of bowling, or with another because we share an interest in dogs, or even with another because we may each have a passion for community building.

As we evolve higher and higher, we shed off any lower vibrating energies, and thus, simplicity is the result. Thus, we have fewer and fewer friends and associations until there are enough of us at a certain level of vibrational reality. And the higher we vibrate, the more we dis-connect from relationships that involved support for one another, as we find that not only do we not need supportive energy ourselves, but we no longer wish to give support either, as this state of interaction does not exist in the higher realms. So then, relationships for this purpose may cease to exist as well.

The journey to this new space that is now being offered to us created other manifestations as well. We needed to wrap up the old in order to be free to arrive in the new. In this way, we may have found ourselves preparing for the new by setting up new foundations, by simplifying and examining our old spaces or responsibilities, by trying to let go of any old manifestations that were holding us back or down, and so forth.

In addition, having to “go back” to anything of the old could really feel downright awful! It was really a time to let go and to become vigilant and clear. Refusing to participate in the old is a good way to get out of it. In addition, if we do not participate, give energy to, or interact with energies we no longer want to be a part of, they can no longer exist for us. In this way, we may have been tested in regard to having old undesirable energies arrive for us, only as if to say, “Are you still willing to allow me into your space?” All we need do is to say, “NO!”  We can only become stuck if we allow ourselves to. When we evolve, the lower vibrating energies always attempt to hold us back. It is really OK to disengage from them without feeling guilty. We do not need to be in that old space anymore, and we cannot move forward until we are willing to let go of it.

If you are having intense feelings of “Don’t make me go back there!”, then I would suggest to you that you do not have to. We have earned our way into a higher level reality now, and we deserve to be here in all ways. We have been released from our old duties and responsibilities, and going with this flow and new reality (by not holding on to the old) is paramount in allowing us through these new gates.

Another current manifestation of being released into the new reality is suddenly having what we have always wanted. This has been a long road the past few years. For those who transitioned into higher vibrating states of being several years ago, it has been a long road of waiting for the masses to catch up. Our time and energetic space needed to remain in the old, in order to support it in evolving higher.  And even if we had indeed arrived somewhere new, it was simply not yet time to move forward into creating this very new reality.

In this way, many of us are weary. Although we believed that 2008 would be the year of new beginnings, as frequently occurs, we decided to wait yet another year so that more souls would be able to get on board. Thus, 2009 will now be this new and exciting year of new beginnings. In this way, we may have forgotten what we have always wanted until it suddenly and very unexpectedly arrives for us!  And at this juncture we may not even care anymore, as our desires can change so radically the more we evolve.

Amazing and “very perfect for us” manifestations are arriving as if from nowhere, or perhaps from a secret fairy who knows who we are and what we need. Thus, very slowly we will find that the world will and can indeed be a place for joy, peace, love, miraculous creations, and beautiful relationships….just in the nick of time. For those waiting for so long, we may have wondered if too much time had gone by and if it was indeed too late. We could take no more.

The past few days, my grandchildren and I have been playing a lot of games. One of these games is a board game called “Mousetrap.”  We got it because of the intricate parts of the game and are actually making up our own game to play so we can utilize these parts.  On the board is a sort of intricate course. When a marble is introduced to the parts of this course, it goes on a journey…..down a shoot, hitting a lever which moves another part, at times knocking a diver off a board and into a pool, and then at the end, a trap is released and the mouse is caught. The course is long and intricate, and each piece must fit together perfectly in order for the marble to create the ultimate result and for the course to operate without disruption. When the marble completes its journey, we all shout with glee and roar with laughter, as it is so much fun to watch.

If the course did not fit together properly or if there was a part that was missing or broken, then there would be a disruption and the marble would never reach the end of its journey and the end result would not be able to be created.

If you are one who is not experiencing much in the way of the “getting what we have always wanted” miracles, then I would suggest to you that there is a block in your “course.” The more we are free, clear, and open, the more of these miraculous miracles we will experience in our lives. The “marble,” or higher energy of this new space needs to be able to move through us as clearly as possible without hitting any glitches. (Unlike the game, in the end, we are not “trapped” but freed.)

What are some of the things that may be holding us back from experiencing this energy? Holding onto anger because of the past is one. We were “held hostage” in the lower vibrations for so long because we needed to be around some lower energies in order to bring them up a notch or two. We may have felt misled or used and abused during this time. In order to move ahead, we really need to let go of any resentment. We may also have resentment and anger from any of these situations from our long ago past as well. We are free now and in order to experience this new freedom, it can really help to be free in our thoughts as well.

Too many responsibilities is another scenario that can hold us back. Letting go of as many things as possible in our lives, and making our lives as simple as possible can really help.

Getting out of the system in as many ways possible as another assist. The old system is rapidly falling now, and in addition it really has some entrapment energy as well.

We can refuse to participate with energy that does not feel good to us. When we do this, almost always, a new and better door will open, or we may even realize that it is time to let go of the old. The Home Page of this web site lists some indicators of becoming an Earth Angel or in other words, indicators of new behaviors when arriving in this new space.

And of course, being in the moment and relaxing as much as possible always helps too. If we can let go and know that what we are experiencing has a higher purpose, then a higher vibrating energy can come through and take care of things for us…directed by our soul, of course!

If you are feeling very done and very grumpy because you cannot fully get out of the old, or perhaps because your new has yet to arrive, know that you are not alone.  There is still much to transpire as we navigate through the waters of allowing a New Earth to emerge and be created, while the old continues its process of departing. Being smack in the middle of the end times would be daunting for most everyone!

Much love and continued gratitude. Until next time,




Andria 5th February 2009 7:15 pm

It is somewhat sad that you can stir up emotions that have caused for us to go in a different directions.
Our hearts where as one, but due to your speculation on matters and the mental heath of another, has without any doubt has caused a very very long love life to end. I know that you will come back with all kinds of reasons and try to nullify your predictions as the only way . but through Karma all will need to stand and take responsibility for there action, and yours and yours alone will be interesting to watch.
Thank You for the sadness you and you alone have created. Now two are not as one, but as alone and in pain. You need to think before you speak.
My children cry every night because of how you mis-directed there father by your miss-speculations I don't know how you sleep at night, but your lack of honesty and what you do not take responsibility.


Jen 5th February 2009 10:23 pm

WOW, ok, so you are blaming the writer of this article for your husbands behavior...hhhmmm? Think of what you are saying...Reality can cause fear because we all seem to wear the rosy colored glasses from time to time, so when you finally look at our past of many centuries until now, you will see that people were NEVER really happy and WHY? because people were controlled by our governments and by our religious leaders and look at where we ended up??? Did we evolve at all? Yes, we may have made some very faint changes, but these changes were destructive and became bigger and bigger through time because as people we were starving.... Our souls were starving for truth and for love and for unity...We have been taught that LOVE is ownership, but if you sit down and think about it closely, once you let go, really let go and TRUST, the most purest of love sets in and everything around you grows more beautifully. Unconditional love! We as people have been conditioned to think of love in a very selfish and ownership kind of way and that is why so many people are ending up in divorce or unhappy

Jen 5th February 2009 10:37 pm

Continued: you say that the writer will have to deal with her Karma, well, so shall you... You are judging right now right? I work with the public every day on a close level and deal with many and what explanation do you have when almost every one I encounter is FED UP with the way things are with our world? It's time to change, things are NOT WORKING and we will self destruct FAST if we don't change our ways. We need connect with our higher self and come back to innocence but we are not taught this in the course of our lives correctly. Of coarse it is beautiful to have committed relationships but many of us cannot keep up with the tensions any longer and we FLEE! and that is why we have so many separations and such. We are taught to be ONE WAY when each of us is so different.We are taught to even live the same way almost, it's sickening... We are not the same! When we figure out how to love unconditionally we will finally know how to be a better husband and wife or lover, father, mother etc. When we let go of our fears and gluttonous ways it will feel as if we have come out of jail

Jen 5th February 2009 10:45 pm

CONTINUED: but first we need to be taught, some how some way and we will feel free...The bible does say, "and you will know the truth and the truth shall set you free" we are just starting to know the truth after so many exhausting centuries. If we knew that truth before now, we would have been in a much, much better world to create heaven on earth a long time ago, but we haven't yet and yes, it is up to us to bring pure energies to earth to have heaven here. We are finally learning about REAL LOVE, the kind that is so healing and kind and pure, without restrictions or without it being selfish and once we start to circulate this in our beings then it will start to circulate around us and create harmony and balance for all of us and for all of our relationships here on this earth! Hopefully there will be less people on depression drugs and less people getting high on the material world and more and more people rejoicing in the new world of LOVE because that will be our remedy for recovery!

Jack frost 6th February 2009 12:41 am

So sad that you talk from only your ego. Easing God Out... You only read into it what you thought what was said and not what I was saying, but I hold no anger towards you. For I love you, It is so sad that we perceive from a place that comes from the past and not from where we really are in life. This to shall take many years to gain. I will pray for you as you see the world through only your eyes. God Bless you. Life flows on within you and without you.

Brette 6th February 2009 3:27 pm

I just want to say that this is exactly what I needed. I have expierenced the shift. I now live in a new reality that does not participate in fear, blame, judgment and negativity. What I have found to be true to get to this state, witth the help of the activating energies, is to clear out all the old beliefs and resentments that I have had. So for anyone that is stuggling to try and grasp this new shift you are in my prayers. This is not about right and wrong this is about living in Love and transending the duality of the 3rd demension.God Bless

Maria Helena Olsson 7th February 2009 7:43 am

Right non, Karen, thank you !

dona 7th February 2009 8:54 am

Absolutely right on target; I read it with great relief, knowing that I'm not alone in my experience. Thank you so much. Thank you!

yvanne66 8th February 2009 8:58 pm

Dear Karen,

you describe 'a little bit of everything' of what I feel :)

CHANGE can only happen in the NOW and the NOW is at every given moment for that past and present are illusions which we hold in our NOW-Mind and are only showing up as manifested realities as we allow it to be (still) true (due to belief)

We have Free Will of Choice and that at any given moment. So, this might help Jen! If it is possible to work on staying in the present moment by 'emptying our minds' of past and future images we should be well on our way. We ought to get out of our minds and simply practice to breathe and enjoy the quiet moment of Being instead of aimless Doing! Eckhart Tolle described this very well in his book A NEW EARTH.
It takes practice and of course I do understand that it isn't easy for many of us.It is most important that we are willing to keep up the 'good vibes' so to work on ourselves. Even if we fail while practicing once in a while - it is all good, because while we do succeed step by step, little by little each and every moment of succeeding is worth it!

Love and Hugs,


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