Moving Forward Through the Opening of the Equinox

Becoming as free and clear as possible is what our souls are attempting to do, as we continue to prepare for a very new residency in a very new place. And even though many of us may be fairly clear of much that is vibrating lower than we now are, or was holding us down in the past, we still do not yet know exactly where we are going.

Here’s the situation and the divine plan, and as always, we are right on track:

In mid-summer of 2008 we began to get signs or symptoms that we were done. This manifested as not knowing what we were now supposed to do, feeling worthless and out of place, feeling invisible and not valued or needed, and generally just lost. By October, the dis-connect was very evident and complete for many, and by January of 2009 it was fairly clear that something very new was on the horizon for 2009.

January brought in many manifestations of setting up for the new, of creating a very new stage for ourselves, and of getting a new foundation ready for a very new reality in a very new place. Almost as if we were packing for a very special trip, we were having desires of replacing anything old with something new, of knowing we were going somewhere new and exciting, and of leaving our old world behind as we readied for a new journey to a new land. As we neared the completion of this setting up process, other things needed to be addressed as well. We needed to be ready at all levels. So then, our new foundations also included a new us.

Attention to our health and well-being, along with attending to what we needed first was now a priority. We had successfully brought the old world up to a new vibration or rung on the ascension ladder, which was our original intention, and now we were most assuredly able to tend to ourselves for a while. As the ascension process so mimics menopause in both men and women of all ages, this was no exception. We were done “raising” the planet, and now it was time for us.

Self-care then, ranged from attending to our weight, to exercising, to anti-aging processes, as the ascension process (especially in the last two years) can really age a person (all that transmuting through ourselves!). We now get to be rejuvenated as we begin again…a re-birth in another land and in a very new reality. In this way, watch as our energy returns, as all those muscle and body aches and pains of the past resulting from our old roles disappear, and as we connect to the many new products and supports out there that serve to revitalize and rejuvenate.

In addition, we needed to leave the old world behind in all of its entirety, and this was a long process, or so it seemed. As we neared June of 2009, we had to really let go, let go, and let go some more. We may have suddenly awakened and found that we absolutely had no desire to be with the same old people, the same old things, and in the same old ways. Our roles have changed. We are being reborn. Everything is and will be different now.

The more we spend time in the old structures and the old systems, around the old vibrations and the old ways, the more we will most certainly go insane, become incredibly angry, and totally miserable. Like a surgeon with a delicate scalpel, we had to meticulously cut out the old from our lives in order to start again, fresh and new. And starting new with a very new beginning comprised of near nothing, is what needed to occur.

The equinox of March 20th and the new moon on the 24th opened another new door. If we were vibrating in any way that was not a match or in alignment with the new reality, we would most certainly know it. Some old vibrations that needed to depart? Not putting ourselves and our needs first. Not being comfortable asking for what we want. Allowing ourselves to be trapped and held hostage by lower vibrations that sucked our energy. Believing we had to be “nice” and polite to energies that were not. “Allowing” older and denser energies to have free reign, thinking we were being respectful.

If we were not ready to enter through these new doors, we then had to undergo yet another, but brief cleanse and release. Abdominal distress, muscle and body aches, emotional pain, and the like were common manifestations. And as always, when we move up into a higher vibration, we can become very lethargic, weak, sleepy, tired, spaced out, and as limp as can be.

Starting all over again, and starting new can at first feel empty. But it can feel gloriously good as well. It is very freeing. The more that we progress with this process, the lighter we feel, and thus, having to be entangled with anything at all, can make one short fused, con-fused, angry, resentful, and depressed. And butting up against any lower vibrating energies can make one come out swinging. But the more we let go, cut out, leave behind, and refuse to participate in these old energies, the more we will find ourselves in the eye of the storm….our perfect center…and right where we need to be.

Being in the eye of the storm is being in a wonderful flow that creates and attracts to us exactly what we need at any given time. In these new and higher energies, we can simply be still, go about our day, and the universe will bring anything and everything to our door. A good rule of thumb to follow in these energies is to pay attention to which doors are opening and which are closed. I have found that any road-block or closed door is simply telling me that there is another alternative that is much better and I will immediately be led to that open door. I need do nothing…the door will arrive almost immediately, and if not, I have learned to simply wait while enjoying myself and staying still.

Right now, we are in some very quiet energy. The phones are not ringing, the e-mails may be sparse, and the money may be in a slump (if, you have arrived in the new). But this is only temporary. We have made great progress in setting up our new foundations, in letting go of much, and in simply allowing the flow to take us where we need to be. If we try and push ahead now (and please know that I am only giving you an energy reading here…you can do whatever feels right for you), we will be going against the tide and perhaps even creating things that will need to be un-done and that we will need to back out of later on. It is quiet now because not everyone has yet arrived and because we will not fully connect to each other until everyone does.

This time is for our enjoyment now. This time is for relaxing and for us. This time is for creativity and for continuing with the set-up process or in other words, continuing to create and to design what we will soon be bringing into form.

In this way, we may not be clear on where we are going. We may feel that we are done, ready to move forward, but have no idea where to go! We may feel lost without a rudder, feel dis-connected yet from our new shore, and wonder where to go that now fits where we now are. This is simply part of the process. This new energy is so very magical, it is so very light, it is so very clear, it is so very precious. And staying in the eye of the storm, or out of the old, is a sure fire way to find it.

It is these simple moments that can place us there. The other night I was in bed with my eight year old granddaughter. It was late as she is on her spring break. We were both reading. Periodically, we would stop and ask each other, “What page are you on?” Looking over at her face so close to mine, her beautiful and intense deep brown eyes (we have generation after generation of blue eyes in our family!), and her velvety chocolate brown skin, I could only marvel that my blood actually ran through hers. Waking up in the morning to two little ones but nine months old, as they laugh and giggle, smile so brightly when making eye contact, and fill the room with brightness, makes my day as well. And while back at my home in the wilderness of Ramah, as I sit outside writing on my laptop, with a very gentle breeze flowing through my hair among the warm new rays of spring, I am truly in my center.

April will bring in many more connections and even more of a move forward. Things are anchoring in now, if ever so slowly. The equinox and new moon opened more doors, brought us more fully out of the old, and allowed yet more freedom into our lives. These events in March allowed us more “room,” as we could then progress yet a bit forward still, move more fully out of the old, and thus, not have to be “swatting” at the old energies around us! The more we dis-connect from the old, the more comfortable we will be, and the universe (or our souls) is guiding us every step of the way. We need only follow the crumbs, open to this new guidance, get out of the way, and allow our new spaces to magically arrive for us without analyzing, questioning, or resisting. It is through this ease, through these open doors, through these continuing messages and amazing synchronicities that we will find our new spaces and new homes. Saying a vigilant “no” to anything old that attempts to connect to us, and saying a vigilant “no” to any participation in the old and uncomfortable energies, will always allow for the new to arrive as if by magic.

By June, then, our anchors will be complete. We will be fully grounded in the new and ready for our very new lives and new realities to begin their complete and assured new beginnings. Because of this new “groundedness” that we will need to embody, we are preparing still in some ways. We will no longer be able to connect up there and out there. We will no longer be able to “leave” through meditating, imagination, or much else. We need to be here now. We are holding these new energies of this very new rung on the ascension ladder and these energies will come through us. We have evolved this far and we have earned it.

Thus, we will be shouldering and embodying more. So although we may be much lighter, we will also feel much heavier in that we will be very attached to the earth now. We will need to stay put, stay still, and stay centered. We are holding so much more light now.

This confusion on where to go and where we now belong will begin to dissipate. We will soon realize that we are the ones who will be creating where we are going. We have arrived on a new rung of the ascension ladder, and we must now create it. It is up to us. So in this way, as I mentioned in the WINGS post of March 15th, we will begin to connect to each other and form a web of foundation for this very new rung. As we observe what is occurring on the next rung down (or the old world as it is making a massive transition as well), we will also be creating our own very new world on our very new rung. Learning how to stay out of, or navigate the energies of the old world, will seem foreign to many of us, but becoming angels of the earth is our plan and these new ways of being are what this web site is all about.

Yes, by April we will feel oh so much lighter, we will experience so many magical occurrences, and we will know indeed that we have arrived somewhere very new while we have gotten oh so out of the old world and old reality at last.  

With much love and gratitude...until next time,



Irena 26th March 2009 12:53 pm

Love It! And again, thank you Karen for explaining to me the goings on in my life at this moment. Thank you Spiritlibrary for bringing this to us so quickly!

With Appreciation, Irena

Nada 26th March 2009 10:15 pm

A breath, so refreshing; like arriving back home from a long trip.


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