Moving Into Our New Spaces

The high/low, up/down pattern with the energies continues, as we move forward with creating the new reality one piece at a time. Now, we are creating and moving energy at some very deep levels, as we have made great progress enabling us to begin new phases in setting up a very new reality.

Last Thursday, February 4th, we had yet another shift, and although these shifts feel very unpleasant when they occur, they are none-the-less creating their original intentions…the purpose being to move us into a very new space, and then align with that new space and way of being and living.

When these new blueprints arrive, they always feel wonderful at first, and then we must align with them in order to bring them into form and to make them “stick.” So even though it may feel like not much is occurring at times, we are indeed making progress as these energies are pushing and pulling if even in some strange and uncomfortable ways.

We have begun the “pushing out” phase that I have described in WINGS past. We anchored and grounded into the earth, and because we are progressing right on track, we are now pushing these new and higher vibrating energies and patterns “out” in order to overtake the remaining illusion of the old reality.

This pushing out and expanding of our new and authentic selves, and our visions of a new and different reality, can at times feel like a collision is occurring. We can feel a tightness, an anger, a frustration, and a smothering effect as we strive to break through the old energies with our very new and higher vibrating energies.

With the large “germination” phase nearly over (yes, we still hunker down and hibernate with these ups and downs during the “down” phase), our new budding selves are breaking through the earth and reaching for the sun.

Hitting and making contact with the old energies can indeed feel unpleasant, but we must know with complete certainty, that we will indeed, without exception, overtake them (sounds like some kind of a nasty battle! …smile). I have had recent experiences with this scenario in grand situations, resulting in what I could only describe as genuine miracles. What we are being told is this: “The light is now the true and rightful steward of the new earth, and thus, the earth will be gifted to the light in all rightful ways. This is our new home…our heaven on earth…and it is indeed in the making now.”

Holding true to our stance and holding true to what we know is a higher vibrating way of living and being, can greatly served to ensure our new residency and rightful place in the new reality. And if becoming angry and very insistent that we have our way is the vehicle, so be it, as anger can at times be a great vehicle for movement and change, and certainly take us out of any old world victimization we may be feeling.

In addition, this shift on Thursday and Friday created yet another sort of split, as some energies went one way, and other energies went another. There will indeed be rungs of differing vibrational frequency in the new reality, and these powerful movements are simply moving things into their true and rightful positions and spaces. Order is being created, and this is how it should be. If we were somewhere we should not have been, we were moved back. If we needed to move forward, we were moved forward. If we needed to shift out of one space and into another, no matter in which direction that took us, the energies during this time accomplished this task. All with divine perfection.

On January 15th, we experienced several cosmic events all on the same day, which supported the blueprint for a new beginning for each and every one of us. So although this blueprint arrived with a bang, and then appeared to suddenly have vanished, in actuality, it did not. We have been aligning with it ever since. Looking back to where we are now, compared to where we were on January 16th, we have indeed traveled far and come much, much closer to that new beginning reality. As with all of ascension, we take things in steps because we must integrate and align, and Phase Two is no exception.

We “plug in” to the new energies, feel upbeat, positive, and see with clarity and hope, can remember who we are and perhaps what is next for us, have some new sense of security, and then it vanishes. While this new connection seemingly vanishes, we are germinating still, aligning, resting, burning off any lower vibrating energies within us, and preparing for what we are in the midst of creating.

So in this way, we may think everything is okay one minute, and then drop into a dark pit the next, feeling only despair and futility. This process for Phase Two (which began after we “crossed over”) is very different from the process for Phase One, as we are creating very new and from scratch (due to the fact that we separated from the old reality and there are now no ascension rungs below us to hold things intact). So then, it is up and then down because we are literally creating the new one minute and one piece at a time. (This new and unusual process is described in detail, along with much more, in the new mini e-book which is nearly complete now, so I will not go into it in great detail in the WINGS messages.)

Yesterday, February 9th, brought in yet another wave of seeming darkness and a deeper alignment. We are moving through old layers still within us, and at the same time, our outside reality is adjusting and re-calibrating with great intensity. Things are moving into position, are being set up, and are connecting together, as the next layer of the new grid comes into form. In this way, at pivotal times we must stay back and allow this to occur. Strange dreams at night (about how and where we had fit into the old reality, as we are now releasing these old spaces during dreamtime), needing to sleep more often and more deeply, and needing more fuel, are indicators of this process.

We are aligning at very deep levels now. We are connecting to a new inner strength and power, and this can take a tole on a human body and spirit. And as always, exhaustion and fatigue play a major part when we are moving massive amounts of energy within ourselves. And during these times as well, we may not be able to see the forest for the trees, as seeing through a filter of the density that is shifting makes everything look dark and gloomy, if even for a brief time.

I was on a walk the other day along the river at the bosque near my home. It was a rare sunny day (we have been having unusual weather patterns here in New Mexico, not unlike many other places around the globe). Weeks of no sun and unusual cold do not jive with my vision and prior experience of living in the southwest! But things felt different that day. I could feel that the weather was beginning to change, even though it was only the first week of February and still very cold. There were tiny, tiny new buds on the trees. There was a new green weed in my yard. The sun was actually out and shining. The geese were flying and honking. And in a very subtle way, it was getting warmer.

And this is the way it is with the creation of the new reality as well. Behind the scenes, things are changing and shifting. Much is being put into place. We are preparing for something very new and very different…much different than we have ever known before. And much different than we could have ever imagined in our old minds which existed in the old reality.

With much love and gratitude,


johneblums 10th February 2010 8:16 pm

On a personal level, I was talking with Mother/Father God, in my usual dream conversations with them. We discussed the level of shift in old paradigms, particularly in Russia, and the high level of Light-bears in the Baltic and Nordic countries. In a jovial mood, we also talked about a spiritual/radiance dance celebration, at the time of the european mid-summer solstice. From the "Taro-Tora-Twins" : Holy-Way-Showers to God-dess.

Irena 11th February 2010 2:21 am

Thanks Karen :)

I've been feeling Good for a week now. I read most of the messages on Spritlibrary and on FB. I am so grateful.

One of the things that has helped me was reminding myself of the Good Wolf and Bad Wolf story. I sincerely choose to feed only the Good Wolf.

with Love,

earthchild 11th February 2010 9:03 am

Are other people here also "waiting" for the new to arrive or has it arrived for some people? I am curious? are we still waiting?

patms77 11th February 2010 11:47 am

Oh-my-GOD!!! thank you so much. i am sitting at the bottom of a big hole aand i had no idea how or why i got here. you have added to my courage and hope. BLESSINGS! patti

ladyguen2003 11th February 2010 1:56 pm

OMG....I feel like you wrote this for me. Thanks. I need to show this to my husband in hopes it will help him understand why I am so.......all over the place. I'm up, down, positive, negitive. At times I can't stand myself.

misafir 11th February 2010 2:56 pm

Well, this time, I have no comments to make, but, I felt a need to just 'show up' ! :)

Zen471 11th February 2010 3:34 pm

I knew this is what was happening to me yesterday. I even stayed home from work so I could just surrender. My daughter called and she was in a dark dark place. I talked her through. A friend who lives out of state called to talk through a decision she made that seemed so uncharacteristic.

Even with the lows, it helps to know that they are for a purpose. Some issues have bubbled to the surface and I'm facing them.

Thank you sooooo much for this article!

earthchild 12th February 2010 2:39 am

Anyone else feeling that these feelings of darkness that coming to the surface now that you need not analyse it, but just let it be, observe it? I actually thought I was going losing it again in this process, have felt that way many times, but thought I was passed it, and obviously not since more is coming up now.


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