Moving Into Position

Back in March, we had some beautiful warm weather here in New Mexico at 7,000 feet. It was if winter had decided to be short and brief, and the sun was out early. But then, very surprisingly, we had a day of snow! And then a warm few days, and then some days in the 30’s, and then a snowy day, and then a warm day, and then a day of snow. It was as if the weather could not decide which way to go…a new beginning (spring), or back to winter. And this is how our new beginnings are unfolding as well. With a start, a stutter, and with sporadic instances of arrival and departure, we may wonder what in the world is going on.

Things are finally beginning to take distinct direction, with the assistance of some powerful newly arriving energies. These energies are pushing and moving now in an intense way, and all for good reason. We needed a good thrust forward, to enable us to begin our anchoring in process, and thus, energies arrived for us to create this severe and intense “push.”

Like a bulldozer moving the heaviest and deepest layers, we are now being placed into our rightful positions, even though it may feel otherwise. When energy moves in this way, with a rightful intent, it can at times feel as though chaos has ensued, as if nothing is making sense anymore, as if much of everything has gone haywire and out of control, and we may even become emotional, feel like crying, and panic that things have most certainly gone caput. But I can assure you, this is not the case.

Come June, we will be fully anchored in, and this latest occurrence of strange energies is simply doing its job in placing us where we need to be. Things are being re-arranged now…moved here and there…one thing goes out and another moves in to take its place, so that things can very soon be right where they need to be.

We are most certainly being protected, as being placed in our true and rightful positions keeps us in a wonderful alignment with our highest and truest selves, and with all of the cosmos as well.

Since January, I have been holding the space for my daughter and grandchildren…spending great amounts of time at their home and helping as much as possible while they settle in. And now, my daughter’s husband will be joining them, as he is now ready to leave North Carolina and begin a very new life in New Mexico. Sam and his entire family have lived in a small town in North Carolina their entire lives. This is a huge change for him, and we honestly did not know if he would come. He did not believe that this would be possible, and was not ready and willing to make such a drastic change. He recently came for a visit, the very minute he was able, and is now finishing up preparations for his journey here. He is so very excited! And what a changed man he is!

I am now moving out of that space and will now be more fully ensconced and ready to be completely present in my very new space…all in divine and perfect order. For me, it is an absolute miracle that my family is now near-by, after ten years of painful separation, and a significant miracle that Sam has now joined us. We have never seen him more dedicated or motivated! And even though I have feelings at times, of a bit of loss in regard to my space there, I am much more thrilled to have a larger family now present with one new member. And I know as well, that my very new space and new life are arriving too, or I would not have been released as I was.

This re-arranging process has also placed a hold on some things, as re-calibrating always does. So then, some things may have appeared to have suddenly stopped, but what is occurring is that they are “waiting” for things to settle out before they resume once again. And this is particularly true in regard to sources of income for some of us. But just hold on, because when things begin flowing again, in their true and rightful positions, we will feel more content, at peace, and more secure than ever before.

We are balancing out in many ways as well. As was mentioned in the last WINGS post, group energy or working as a team is balancing itself out in regard to personal energy moving more forward or pulling back more. Meaning that many will meet in the middle now, making equal contributions as a whole. Almost as if the earth is moving a bit on its axis (not my area of expertise, so maybe it is!), things are in a real process now of settling in and creating a much needed balance in order to keep things as steady as possible.

Communication is up front as well, as good communication is vitally necessary in times to come, if we are to work together as a team in all ways. In days past, when communication was not present, it could be very noticeable and extremely uncomfortable, as non-communication vibrates very low and we are now vibrating very high.

These are exciting times indeed, as so much is now being moved into position for our very new beginnings in a very new reality. Even when things may appear to be going awry, they are actually right on track, as the invisible hand of our souls and of the universe is choreographing things for us, without us even needing to try. Doors will open to places where we need to be, other doors will close, and things that needed tending to will now be placed immediately in our faces, as we can no longer delay in wrapping up, in making changes, or in dealing with the inevitable.

At the same time, as always, it can feel very uncomfortable being in the lower vibrating energies of the old world. The old world is now very much an illusion, and thus, many still residing there can appear zombie-like, going through motions without passion or caring, like puppets or manikins living in energies that no longer exist. Other scenarios present involve more intense energies, but they are energies that do not feel good to us, are aggressive, heavy, and grossly out of touch or dis-connected from any higher ways of living, being, or of Source itself. These energies do not yet realize that we are all connected, and are not very aware of anything much around them.

It can greatly help to lay low now, to stay close to home, to stay in our personal sanctuaries until things settle out. Lower vibrating energies can throw us off balance, out of sync, can make us feel vulnerable, and even shut us down. Being in the old reality is more challenging now than ever before, because we are absolutely more removed from it than ever before. Our new beds are being made now..they are waiting for us…we will be there soon in the comfort of fluffy down comforters and angel wing pillows.

This current time of great movement and juxtapositioning is a great gift. We are simply juggling around now in regard to where we need to be. If we can let go and allow our souls to align us without effort, to trust that things are right where they need to be, and to know and trust that we are being taken care of in all ways, perhaps then we can breathe a little easier, connect more fully to this new and higher vibrating reality that is now unfolding for us, and know that our new “home” is right around the corner.

With much love and gratitude, until next time,



stephanielmt 22nd April 2009 7:16 pm

I wasnt expecting an update today, but boy was I hoping for one!!! Huge sigh of relief when I saw that post today! What an up and down roller coaster these last 2 weeks have been. I can tell that all of those things I knew I needed to finally, once and for all let go of have certainly been taken care of! WOW!! I didn't have to do a thing except hold on for that emotional ride :) I know we keep hearing that June will be when we are anchored in, does anyone know or have a feeling if that means that will be the point that new starts arriving or will the have already arrived by that point? Im sure it is different for all :) Sending lots of love and thoughts of comfort to anyone in need. Were getting there....although who knows what that there really is??? :)

Brette 23rd April 2009 9:42 am

The last three weeks for me as well, have been an emotional roller coaster. Lucky for me, this past weekend we had a Mind, Body, Spirit expo, I spent the whole weekend there getting my mind and body adjusted to the higher freguency, clearing out chakras, and letting go of ego. I have to say it was just what I needed and then some. I recevied a energy practice called Shamballa, the first intitiation is the body, the second intitiation is the emotional. By doing both of those energy upgrades I was able to land into our new world. Energy healing works, and I recomend that anyone expierencing acession symptoms do it. So, you don't have to wait another day to land into our beautiful new World- it is as easy as getting a energy download to balance your body and your brain. No problem.
Shamballa is has four intitations or attuements, these attunments connect and balance your physical, emotional, mental, then spiritual.
I had to do something, I am in college and found that I couldn't even write a paper!


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