Our New Roles and The New Children

The new connections to a higher level of reality and being are slowly but surely being implemented for us now. This process was a very long one, which involved nearly the entire year of 2008! It seemed that 2008, the year of new beginnings, involved aligning to the new, as well as dis-connecting from the old, and it took a lot out of many of us.

As we held the old space for so long, in order that enough of the critical mass could now embody it, we then had to undergo a process of letting go of all that we had been holding for so long. And as mentioned in the last WINGS posting, many of us were quite done, but still in the old space, which did not feel so good! Being bombarded by lower vibrating energies, feeling lost and dis-connected, and most certainly far removed from our sources of power and connection (i.e. feelings of higher energy that we used to embody!) were very common expressions of this stage. The door had not yet opened to the next level for us, and uncomfortable scenarios were ever present. It was almost like going back in time.

But by now, many of us are feeling the excitement that 2009 will bring….a new reality where our dreams will manifest in ways we could only dream of, as miracles abound. But know as well, that these times of trial and tribulations, of frustration, discontent, futility, and perhaps wondering what it was all ever about anyway, served a vital purpose as well.

Through this process, we had the opportunity to realize that heaven, that beauty, that contentment, and even peace and love, are here at any given moment no matter what is manifesting on the outside. The simplest of pleasures, the beauty in a special moment, and the love of another, are all that we seem to really “need” anyway. Manifestations then, of our creations, are not what a higher reality is really about. By the time our dreams arrive for us, many of us will be in more highly evolved spaces where they no longer matter.

Our spiritual evolutionary or “ascension” process magnifies and unfolds in an exponential way….rather, it snowballs. Thus, many times we can evolve right out of a desire or creation before it even has the opportunity to manifest. Stability, then, can seem far out of our reach. But within these massive transitions and seemingly rapidly occurring changes, we always have the opportunity to stay in one spot…which is in the moment. And when we are here, we do indeed experience heaven on Earth.

During this latest transitional phase, as with many phases, some of us are finding ourselves in situations regarding an ailment, for instance, that requires us to stay still. We seem to be unable to move about or continue our regular lifestyles. There is good reason for this. A higher way of being involves staying centered, still, and being very present. When we are running around trying to make things happen ourselves, we are then “moving” energy through our own energy, and source cannot then, assist. We are more connected to our “mental” or dis-connect selves and being guided or manipulated by the old outside creations. In addition, in a higher vibrating reality, we have learned to stay still, centered, and present in order to create a portal for source or light to come through. In this way, all our needs are always met and we are then free to assist others as well through our own special gifts and talents, or passions.

Staying still, then, is vitally important. It helps us to re-connect. So then, many of us are being placed in situations that are creating this state. All in divine and perfect order and being navigated, as always by our souls. “Waiting” can be challenging for those carrying a lot of light. When we have a lot of energy moving through us, it needs an outlet. This is why creativity is so vitally important the higher we vibrate. But if we stay still, we can easily connect to an incredibly peaceful state in the eye of any storm…and we are incredibly protected here as well. We are “waiting” then, to be right where we are.

This training period, or aligning with the reality of staying still has occurred at other points of 2008. It is happening again now, because we need to cement in this state of being within us. Why? Because of our new roles; and our new roles are all about empowering others and not doing everything ourselves. Those days are over (more about this further on in this post).

The re-connection process varies for each of us, as does the timeline. But things are most certainly lining up now. I have a friend who was just told by those in charge of financing her car, that she need not make any payments until March, as she is now in the space of the no space while things are congealing for her. One of my readers recently had an experience where she had to meet with the landlord of the studio where she offers yoga, massage, and other programs, for the purpose of telling him that she would have to break her lease as she could no longer make the payments. He promptly told her that she could keep the space for one year with no payments!

We are being supported in amazing ways while we are going through the process of leaving one world and arriving in another. As things disappear and dry up, we are being encouraged to find other things to offer that are much more in alignment with higher ways and what is to come. We can either chose to ride the wave of this process, or hold onto the old, and as most of us know, holding onto the old creates discomfort which accelerates until we are finally ready to move on and let go. While at the same time, we have always known the higher ways, and it will soon become time to offer these exact ways. These higher ways are now being summoned and requested by the planet. This is all part of the process and it has unfolded just as it should.

As we begin making progress and breaking through to our next level of reality, it can at times seem like we are looking down one long tunnel to anything that is not where we are. Many things can suddenly seem so very far away. This is because they are either not here yet, or we are at a new level where they do not belong. There is no longer any kind of connection. And in addition, we will be connecting differently now anyway…to those on lower vibrating rungs and connecting differently to a higher vibration for us as well.

What does that mean? In times past, many in the spiritual arenas chose to connect by meditating, ceremony, and other intentional endeavors. I have been writing for many years now, that as we evolve, these practices become moot. And now they are more moot than ever before. This is because what many used to desire to connect to, is here right now. It is in our space right now. We do not need to go anywhere to connect to a higher way and to higher energies. We do not need to reach. We are in the higher energies we desired to connect to right now. Yet another reason for staying still and being present. We have now ourselves become the non-physical beings that we used to call on for counsel, guidance, and assurance.

So if we are now where we used to desire to connect to, how will we connect differently to others? Yes, we have moved up onto a very new rung of the spiritual hierarchy ladder. This then creates movement in accordance. For example, our old guides move up, and we become our old guides. And this will indeed change the nature of our old roles and move us into very new roles.

So what about our new roles? Here are the key elements of our new roles:

  • Empowering others will be paramount;
  • We will stay back behind the dimensional border as we will now guide and teach, no longer doing things ourselves;
  • We will offer a vast array of services designed to assist others in arriving where we once were, all the time still evolving ourselves in readiness for our next level;
  • Our new roles will be fine tuned so that we can simplify all our many talents…thus offering one service which will be our area of expertise…our one true passion….our one arena of what comes so very naturally to us. We no longer need to know and do everything;
  • We will go up one rung according to where we were and this will vary for each of us;
  • And at the same time, depending upon which “rung” we are on, we will also be creating higher vibrating lives and immediate surroundings where we will reside in total peace, love, and joy.
The Children

We have now arrived in the energetic and vibrational space of the new children. Most recently, a new wave of little ones arrived on the planet, and in such a tidal wave of energy that they came in as twins and triplets and even arrived to parents who were not necessarily in spaces of becoming pregnant! These new little ones carried a higher vibration and served to create a grid of energy in order to stabilize the big transition.

Our little ones came from realities far, far away that were not familiar with the planet in times past. Now that we have moved up on the ascension ladder, we are in alignment with them and in their vibrational space. What does this mean for us?

The energy of the children will come into our spaces as never before. We may find ourselves seeing movies that are strangely all about children or about adopting children. We may find ourselves in spaces where there are children or babies present. We may find that we suddenly desire to be in the company of children in some way.  We may get emails about children. We are joining with the new children now to create the new and to hold the energy in place for a higher vibrating reality. Before we join in totality with them, they will serve as the bridge, but this bridging experience will be brief as we will be united with them very quickly.

As mentioned in past energy alerts many months ago, Barack Obama will also serve as one who initiates a grid to hold things steady during the major transition. This is his designated role. Looking to this beautiful soul to be other things only places him in a position to create confusion. He is here to hold the space, to create an energetic grid of stability during the fall, and of course a few other icings on the cake. This is why he moved into position so quickly and against all odds, as he was following his soul plan and the evolutionary plan of the planet.

We will serve to hold a space of stability as well. Through our new roles, we will reassure, guide, and assist those in their transitional process as we have already been there ourselves. And at the same time, we get to have magical experiences of being in a very new reality of fun, creation, laughter, and joy. Last night I had a dream … I was at Disneyland…we were all there dressing in whatever costumes we chose, being whomever we wanted in our wildest imaginations, laughing, playing, and just having fun like the little ones! I believe this is what is on our very near horizon. Are you ready?

Until next time,

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Irena 10th December 2008 12:55 pm

Love Is All There Is

Again, thank you Karen. Yes, this is what I feel and believe too! Yet, sometimes it's good to get together with soul family to do some meditation/visualisation. Thanks Karen for writing it out for us!

with Appreciation,

Iesha 10th December 2008 2:11 pm

What a wonderful birthday present for me today Dec 10. This information resonated with me so well it was if I odered it directly or perhaps i did. I feel so much Joy and this lets me know I am definitely on the right track with energy. Thank you Karen!

Mariù 10th December 2008 4:46 pm
Happy Birthday Lesha! :smitten:
Lizbeth 12th December 2008 1:37 pm

My son was born 12.12.06. He turns 2 today. I wonder, because he is such a unique child and the date of his birth, if he is one of these new children coming to us. When he first arrived he tried to leave. I asked him to stay here and, well, there is an amazing story there few would believe. Needless to say, he stayed and we are celebrating his birth this evening.

netdragon 16th December 2008 1:41 am

It is not quite the whole story to say lot of the children (I am one) come from places far away. Most souls on earth come from other places. The soul then manifests a layer of experience, which lower levels of that soul experience sequentially.

There were very very few "native energy" souls on earth. Many souls were new energies coming in to interfere or "play" with mankind during what we call ancient history. This is the past chronologically, not in time, since some were actually alternate "future" realitites. A lot of the ones that are not the new children, the "old energies" come from this group. The new children are a group of beings that come specifically to anchor a new energy and it is true that a lot of them are not "from this galaxy", etc, since the old energy beings made the connection. In that way, it is really the old energy beings that made it all happen. The new children are just helping to anchor. You do not need to thank the new children. We come in service. It is yourselves to thank since you made this happen.

Rhiannon 19th December 2008 8:58 am

Excellent point, again, Netdragon. Love your term : "..., which lower levels of that soul sequentially." I heard or read one recently that was brought to mind by you, : transduce down. So good when we can hear directly from the Indigio. Love and Light


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