Preparing For June

For the past few days, I have been seeing "fours" everywhere. While we were playing the board game Monopoly last night, I continually rolled double fours, over and over again. When I got in the car this morning to go to the library to post this WINGS message, the outside temperature reading in my car gage was 44 degrees. Over and over, the double fours, equaling eight.

We are still in the process of setting up a new foundation for our new residence in a new reality or higher dimension. In numerology, a four represents foundation and an eight represents abundance. Thus, the energies are telling us that we are right on track with preparing for our new beginnings, and most importantly, now poised for a new security in a very new way.

And June will mark the pivotal point of this new grounding, thus placing us in position for the completion of our readiness for our new roles and of course, more abundance than ever before. In addition, the alignments will be complete and we will then be ready for our very new adventures and creations for a very new chapter of a very new life. We will have completely landed in June.

So then, we may find ourselves preparing now, if ever so slowly, by accomplishing things we need to have ready in order to lay this foundation or create these supports. We may be attending to our health now, so that we will be balanced, ready, and strong. We may be creating new things that will thus be ready when the time is pieces for our new endeavors. For me, one manifestation was a new web site sever that could accommodate what will be arriving for me....creating a very new foundation. We may be designing, writing, setting up, moving, preparing to build, competing loose ends, and connecting, if ever so slowly, to things new.

As always, we are right on track. Being "in between" is a natural part of this process, as we have really and truly let go of the old reality and our old roles...and again, June will be the big moment when everything will come together completely and manifestations will fly around us so easily that we will wonder why it had to take so long to get to this space.

Within the mainstream reality, things are progressing as well. The new planet that is emerging can no longer represent any of the old. Thus, the old has to be tried again and again, or rather, changes proposed need to fail, so that the message can be clear that something very new needs to occur. VERY NEW. Very similar to our President Bush here in the US, fulfilling his role so beautifully by igniting in the masses the desire for something very new, the stumbling around occurring now in an attempt to prop up the old will not at higher levels it was not intended to.

The masses need to receive the message that there is no going back. No saving the old, no holding up the old, and no returning to an older reality of security. Thus, any attempts in this regard will need to fail in order to place the masses in a position where it is accepted that a VERY NEW reality needs to arise, in all ways. A preparation for change that will be severe enough so that this VERY NEW will be the only possible outcome. If the VERY NEW were to arrive first, then many would say that we should have done this or that in order to preserve the old familiar reality. So then, it has been set up this way so that the masses will be able to see, to support, and to get on board will ways very new indeed. This is a preparation period for the masses to be more open to allowing for something very different.

And much change needs to occur. "Housecleanings" are occurring with regularity now as well. Thus, the old is leaving rapidly indeed. Intolerance for things of a lower vibrating nature are manifesting in the mainstream, as should be. Great change is on the way, as the old is finally being ushered out.

During this time, and it will take a few more years, those who have left the old reality, as their roles of bringing up the vibration are now very over, will find themselves with all needs being met, safe and secure, in a wonderfully happy space of our own individual versions of heaven. This will indeed occur.

Also during this time, we may experience loved ones and animal companions departing, as there has been a big shift and they are then ready to move on. Some may choose to stay and adjust, and others will choose to part. There will be so much new, we will wonder who we are and where we are now residing.

I know of many who are now receiving abundance like never before, even if in strange ways or perhaps because of a service we will soon cease to be providing. We are indeed being protected and sustained. Some souls have volunteered to experience great losses in income and such, in order to be the "poster children" or proof that there is enough suffering to warrant a change, while others are doing just fine. Everything is right where it needs to be for this very massive transition. We are all doing our part, whatever that part may be.

At times we may feel that we have suffered enough...(that especially) the past two years have been nearly intolerable and stretched us far too far. And we may even be getting cynical as well. Whenever I have these thoughts, I remember the very young children in Africa who have had limbs severed, been raped, and experienced countless other tragedies and I wonder why I am such a whiner. I really have nothing to whine about, but at times I can really complain. My daughter continually reminds me that things for me are a much bigger ordeal than for others. It is because of the heightened sensitivities and the knowingness of the higher ways of being and reality that are not taking place .I know this is true for many of you as well. And as we evolve higher and higher, it can be increasingly difficult to even go anywhere, as the lower vibrations are near impossible to tolerate.

For sensitives, being hit with a lower vibrating energy can feel downright awful, and those who are not as sensitive may never quite understand. Even with a knowingness and understanding of the whys and necessities, the sensitivities are still there and the feelings and pain can never really be ignored completely.

But as we evolve, we find that we are able to shoulder them more easily, as we fulfill our soul shoes like never before. With the new grounding now occurring for us, we need to be very here now, and especially with our new roles as Earth Angels. Part of our new roles now include an ability to handle and shoulder tragedies for ourselves and others, and still maintain the light and responsibility that we came to provide.

And with more of our ego selves having departed through the natural process of ascension, we are much more able to "not take things as personally," to not feel slighted and disrespected, and to move oh more fully into these higher vibrating roles of our souls. We eventually come to know that we no longer belong in realities where individuals are not noticed for whom they are, or are simply not noticed! It is then that we begin finding our own communities of love...and these communities simply begin with one, then two individuals, and will not grow until the right individuals show up at just the right time.

Yes, we are still in the process of connecting to our new roles and new foundations, but we will all be taken care of, as we are the ones creating this massive shift in the first place. It is not outside of us and we are not victims. This plan and process came from our souls, and we are moving along just fine, even though it may not appear so at times.

This re-connection process is slow as it runs so deep. It runs so deep because we have existed in the higher planes for so long, and now we are very here with all of our being. We are no longer pulling in higher energies from somewhere else (a somewhere else where we were existing much of the time), as we are the higher energies now, embodying them more than ever before. This is simply an indicator that much has progressed. Yay! The planet Earth is now much more poised to accept a very new reality.

This WINGS message is a bit shorter than normal as I currently have the flu. After I completed enough of my new foundation to let me exhale a bit, within minutes I came down with the flu! My brain is a bit foggy in between sneezes and coughs, so this will have to be it for this time. As always, thank you for your patience, understanding, and your continued support. I am continually baffled as to why so many of you return to read these posts (as I know you are also very aware of what is occurring), but I would not be able to fulfill my purpose without you! I am eternally grateful for your loyalty and support.

Much love and continued gratitude. Until next time,



christie 16th February 2009 9:54 am

Hi Karen, Perhaps I am misinterpreting where you mention President Bush. Did you mean President Obama?

eeternelle 16th February 2009 9:54 am

Thank you very much for this very uplifting message. It is always good to be reminded of love that is available to us and that we are loved and taken care of. Please feel better! :smitten:

Jack frost 16th February 2009 11:42 am

She meant Pres Bush, As we needed his actions for the mass to understand the move that was needed to take place. If it where not for Bush, The need for change may not have been recognized.

skyestuffs 16th February 2009 11:51 am

Karen, You're right. I do know these things you talk about. But it is nice to know that someone else knows it also. And you are that someone. Also, since you are doing the writing about what is going on, not only reaffirming what I am feeling and at the same time giving me new insights, your writing about it releases me from writing about it. I can now choose another way to express what is going on. I am learning basketweaving. It seems to delight me to no end. So, your writing gives me an opportunity to pursue something that will express my sensitivity to the changes. I can relax knowing you have the writing end covered, that is, you are holding down that corner of the new reality fabric. I can hold my corner down by discovering the new twists and turns in the new reality fabric through basketweaving. So I visit your site and buy your books to give you the support you need to be OUT THERE expressing the new reality fabric for us. Well, I also bought your books because I like reading them. They make me feel good when I hold them in my hands. Good energy! Light on! Thanx! And LOVE!

lesha 16th February 2009 1:37 pm

Interesting, Karen, you've been seeing 4's I have for quite some time now, I have in fact been noticing since about summer last year the 4's and I looked at my Journal and I had noted the 4's back in 2006. I hadn't even connected the 44's to the next President as the 44th. I saw a meaning of 44 as being Divine/Sacred Marriage.
I just wrote in my journal a couple days ago about June. Also I met a young woman who worked on my computer at the computer repair shop who goes by the name of June just last month(June just got married also) and had a dream about 2 men who are both called June, in fact each one is called June Johnson, they are no relation to each other but I know them very well grew up with them. So needless to say I have been wondering why 3 June's to me at this point so happy to read this message on June.

lesha 16th February 2009 2:20 pm

"And as we evolve higher and higher, it can be increasingly difficult to even go anywhere, as the lower vibrations are near impossible to tolerate." Have any here sensed this?
Sometimes I think it is just me, and I am so happy to have confirmed that it is not! Had to come back and post on this comment by Karen, it is absolutely true. Friday 2-13-09 i left home to attend to outside errands and before I could go a block I was met by lower vibrations and the whole time I was out it was the same. I made it through with LOVE flashes of LIGHT from me, yet the feeling was not the greatest. I am in a City where I have been holding the Light for about 14 months, have not met anyone of higher vibrations since I have been here so I am alone here. I have recently started the feeling that it is now time to leave, move off to my Joy, have not gotten where yet , not a biggie though I moved here seemingly overnight, never really hearing of this place one month and the next I was here, deduced it was to hold the light for Presidential election as it is one Southern state(NC) went BLUE.

misafir 16th February 2009 5:08 pm

Unlike most other, Karen seems to channell her own Self with a big 'S'. That's Rare with a big 'R'. (To me,) Karen is Rare again with a big 'R'. Glow, Dear, ('D'). :roll:
Karen and Kryon sounds alike ! I think that's meaningful, too. Considering the quote from the master of Lovers Mevlana C.R. which may be translated to something like "The most delicious part of meat is the part adjacent to the bone.", I wonder the adjacency of yours to Kryon, presumably, being one of the core-bone energies of these times.
(Adjacency can possibly be created by simple bonding !)
The knowledge of what's hidden in future seems to be linked to Kryon's energy for these times, as a specialisation. It seems, without an attachment to such a specialised energy, the visions of visioners about future may fail to happen, in these times, as it often happened to be so.
Grip-flu ! It seems there's an outbreak of grip and flu even among our channelers ! We hope you all recover soon and get well. Yes, the diseases and sickness issue can be dealt metaphysically.Just experience immediate cure by acupuncture!

Amandha Dawn Vollmer 23rd February 2009 9:59 am

Thank you kindly sister Karen for your wise words once again. :smitten:

I have followed your messages for many years now. I think 4! I too have really noticed the 4s this week & was wondering why. I find it extremely relieving to read these messages as I often feel 'alone' in my extreme sensitivity to all things. I really hope this will change in June too, I have found it a great challenge to feel this way. The last two years have felt 'unbearable' & my ego-tendency (of what is left!) has been toward self-flagellation & negative self-talk. I have found the drive & thereby the passion that I had in my mission no longer present because how I was 'doing' it before was ego-connected and now that part is gone from me. I simply don't know 'how to do it' anymore & feel like I am wandering around with a big question mark hovering over my head. I am starting to understand it is about allowing, letting go, and BEing however as easy as that may sound, I have found it challenging because my mind still wants to know how to 'do' BEing!

Thanks for the share and sending the love that I AM!

Dawn 25th February 2009 6:24 am

Amandha; your mind/ego keeps you stuck by focusing on how to do BEing. That is it's trick to keep you from being.
If you let go of the how it can just happen. Use your breath to come into being. Imagine your whole body breathing and every cell breathing that may help. Your mind will never know being it is not able, it a trick to keep you from being, it cannot compute the process of being in the moment. Ekhart Tolle has a great way of getting to the Power of Now if you need more help with this. Good luck Namaste Dawn


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