Put Your Seat Belts On!

This past Thursday (June 11), as I prepared for bed, my star companion showed up with a message. I had just shown my property for sale that day, and assumed he would be pointing out some things that I needed to be aware of, or perhaps that would be helpful in regard to the day's occurrences, as this was his usual pattern...always helpful is assisting me in any way possible. But this time, I was in for a surprise.

Instead, he stated emphatically that there would be a turn of events that would change everything for me, and it was just around the corner. What exactly did that mean? I had been seeing this same scenario for several weeks and even months for all of us, but never heard this directly from him. And when he tells me something, he is never wrong. He was telling me this himself now, because it was now finally time to go.

Upon looking into the dimensions and energies more specifically, an amazing picture unfolded. My non-physical companion had also said that there was a very special place being prepared for me, and all the pieces were nearly in place. He showed me a beautiful land of peace and serenity, a very new home, and a special new home that was being "made" by many loving beings...all for me. Everything was being put into place, and I need not intentionally do a thing to get there.

I was indeed near ready to be "going" somewhere new, to say good-bye to all I had experienced and what I had lived up until now, and to thus arrive in a very new land. Several years ago, I had a similar experience. I remember seeing a very clear vision of me, waving god-bye to all I had never known, and leaving this world. At that time, we really did not know what ascension was about, and so, I became very frightened. I thought that I was probably preparing to die, not yet knowing that we die while we are alive through the ascension process.

This kind of dramatic departure occurs when we are ready to enter a very new reality and very new plateau. As I have described in "Heaven's Gate," the new mini e-book accessible on this web site, we have been climbing rung after rung of the ascension ladder for several years now (letting go little by little), and have finally reached a very new plateau. Very different from a rung, a plateau is quite dramatic in that we leave everything behind, and do indeed arrive somewhere unbelievably different, far removed from anything of the old world and of the past. And it is there that all our needs are always met. Since that first significant departure I experienced those many years ago, this has remained true for me without exception, and so, I know it to be true for anyone reaching this level.

This same scenario is occurring again now. But know as well that it will manifest differently for everyone depending upon where each of us is residing dimensionally.

When I had this experience several years ago, I felt very alone, as I felt as if I were going somewhere and leaving everyone and everything behind. It was acutely uncomfortable, as not many were in my position at that time. But then one day in the midst of my panic, it suddenly became clear that we were all eventually going, if even at different times and in different ways. And this is why we are so rapidly evolving into the angels of the earth, in order to assist others in arriving where we now are.

So then, where is this new place and new reality that will be arriving so very soon, and what is the sudden turn of events that will change everything?

At this point in our journey, many of us have let go of much of everything (whether intentionally or not)...jobs, individuals, relationships, sources of income, future plans, and literally, pretty much everything. This is because we cannot go across the border with all our suitcases. We are starting very new. Remember? This us what we have wanted and have been complaining about not happening for quite some time.

Because there is nothing much left for many of us, we may be feeling very empty right about now. We may perhaps feel exhausted, tired, un-plugged from our Source or even from ourselves, and just feel like we are hanging out there in mid-air, floating from here to there with no sense of direction and not much to keep us going. Because we have let everything go, and are preparing to start very new with a very clean slate, we may indeed not even know what that "very new" will even look like!

We have endured much these past years, and even throughout our entire lifetimes, for that matter. It has been a long haul and we have done our jobs well. We have successfully brought the planet up to a vibration that we used to embody, and now we get to leave for greener pastures and new realities (and again, we will assist those residing in the lower dimensions in getting where we are, so the journey continues on...only now it will be much easier).

In this way, we have earned our seeming retirement and our gold watches, and really, our angel wings. This is why our new spaces are lovingly being prepared for us now, and we need not do a thing. We are so highly revered by the cosmos for what we have undertaken and achieved, that we are now being granted our Heaven on Earth, and it is being prepared for us now. Even though it is up to us to create our very new reality, the space is none-the-less being prepared by very loving hands. In this way, there are many, many pieces that need to be put into position, and as I have said so many times in weeks past, because this is such a monumental move, it is taking awhile.

What will unfold for us very soon, will be things very different indeed. This is what my non-physical companion was referring to when he said that everything will change. This is why I have been writing for many weeks now, that we cannot create much at this time, because if we did, we would simply have to undo it because everything is soon to be very different. This is why nothing much is working for us now, and why we are experiencing the "stop sign" energy in most all things. Nothing is being allowed to break through for us, unless it is specifically related to our very new selves and very new endeavors, and even then, these new manifestations are arriving like turtle steps in molasses. We are being very protected.

Almost daily, I have a new "aha!". So even though it may seem that nothing much is happening, for me, I am realizing things and opening to higher level information at a rapid rate. Another divine outcome of this unusual space we are in, is the experience of being in our centers, being in the now, and trusting that all is in divine and perfect order. I have never experienced in all my years of writing these messages, so many of my readers in such a loving and magical space of trusting and faith, or connecting to their angel selves, and of embodying such loving and magical energy. It is divine to see...your letters are amazing indeed and a joy to read each day. Thank you so much...I feel so blessed to have you as family.

Do we need to know and plan our very new endeavors and our very new contributions and our very new selves? Is it up to us?

Very soon, we will be granted strange and unpredicted sources of income, never thought of opportunities will arrive, we will receive unusual offers, we will be given amazing gifts, and we will then, need to make some decisions and decide which direction we wish to go. Great changes and very new directions will arrive for many of us. It will be all things new, and we will feel as though we have left one reality and experience behind and are now beginning something very new and different....very fresh and clean....and as if we are starting all over again in new shoes and in a very new world.

When, oh when, will this happen? These things are impossible to predict with accuracy. This is because it is always, but always, up to us. Yes, the solstice of June will most certainly anchor us in to this new reality in a very new way, but we always seem to take the road that allows as many as possible to be on board...thus delaying things sometimes years! No, it won't be years this time, as most of you know.

Once the new manifestations and new openings begin to arrive, things will snowball because we are all connected. It is then that these newly purified individuals and places will connect to us, in a most pristine and perfectly matched way. I have been hearing for weeks now, that my perfect partner or companion is due to arrive very soon, as in the new world and new reality, our experiences will be oh so different and oh so divine indeed. It will be all about purified matches in vibration, in other words, a Heaven on Earth.

Even though things may seem to be on hold right now, it does not mean that certain things we were planning on manifesting simply will not occur. Some things will and some things won't. And again, for those of you who have been concerned that I am referring to us leaving our bodies behind or that a space ship is coming to take us away, this is not what I am saying.

When my star companion said that a very new home was being prepared for me, he did not mean this literally. Yes, some of us will be relocating to new and different places on the earth that most perfectly match who we now are and what we will soon be creating, but we can also create these things right where we are now. When my companion said that I would be removed from this reality and taken away, he did not mean that I was going off in a space ship. Dimensions exist within dimensions. When we leave one dimension, we go to another dimension right here on the earth. We go through, not up and away. Thus, we will be going to a Heaven on Earth, and then assist those who are ready, in getting where we are. For a very detailed account of how we will assist others, I welcome you in downloading "Heaven's Gate" from this web site. If you are currently strapped financially, know that it is offered by donation only.

Have you reached the end of your rope? Are you out of gas? Do you feel empty and lost? Are you unusually tired or exhausted or perhaps feeling cold with an inability to get warm? Know that these are simply indications of an impending transition, as we are most certainly very near to experiencing a full tank of gas, touching the end of a very new rope, and having an opportunity to find out who we really and truly are and what we wish to contribute and create.

With much love and gratitude,



angelk 16th June 2009 6:56 am

I love your messages, Karen. You always seem to make sense of what I am feeling and its good to know we are finally going to be getting some relief! I have been feeling so confused and exhausted that a full tank of gas and being lovingly accepted and having things made ready for us sounds absolutely divine right now. I welcome the changes and the rest. Your messages and so comforting, thank you for sharing.

souldancer 16th June 2009 9:55 am

Aloha Karen,

Mahalo for this post! As I reflect over my path spanning the past three decades, I found myself getting dizzy from nodding my head up and down so many times (in agreement) with your post! WOW - how true - at least from what I've experienced.

Much of what you share also got 'downloaded' and printed in my first published book. (The essence of this book is simple. First - understand we need to learn how to receive more with ease and grace. Once receiving is more effortless, giving with ease and grace is a natural byproduct. To help with receiving, I invite readers to really KNOW what they've already received!! (Often we've forgotten.) Then support for giving, based on KNOWING ourselves (as well as forgiving all that needs forgiven) truly 'lightens the load.'

So, I'm unbuckling my seat belt. I'm finding peace at levels I can't put words to. While I seem to appear as a bit odd to most folks when I bow in gratitude as I decline their dogma's, drama's doubts and related 'seat belt straps' I don't mind.

Reading your article affirms what I've sensed for decades.

Tzaddi 16th June 2009 10:32 am

Thanks, Karen. Just when I'm feeling so utterly rudderless, alone and separate, you've reminded me that I am smack dab in the middle of all the love and support I could ever imagine. By the way, in case you actually read these posts, I want you to know that when I read your book, Remembering Your Soul's Purpose, I smiled at the mention of Bayfield, because I live in Durango and imagined that we might have been friends.

Laura Bruce 16th June 2009 5:14 pm

Hi Karen!
I have been actively working on my spiritual development for over 20 years and I don't mind saying, I'm Pooped! My partner and I read, study, search, teach and spend just about every minute of the day in the pursuit and reflection of who we are and how can we help.
Both of us are suffering from exhaustion and tho we love it here, are eating well and technically are in good health, we sometimes wonder if we're doing something wrong. We were inspired to move to Arizona from Texas, are living on the edge of the desert and we're still not entirely sure why we're here. We are doing everything we can to keep our meager bills paid and keep getting supplied with what we need but it's a constant walk in faith and our biggest task seems to be to trust, trust, trust and listen and trust some more.
It's comforting to know we're not the only ones but I wouldn't wish this level of exhaustion on anyone.
I think much of weariness is litterally from dealing with a society I simply can no longer agree with.
Thank you for your loving words and Bless Us All! Laura & Don

Ron Laswell 16th June 2009 9:35 pm

Your description of "life's plateaus" brought back many memories of my life 34 years ago. At that time, I was living in "lonely" Minneapolis. I became attracted to Eastern mysticism, all thing esoteric, and learned how to do spiritual astrology. It was so difficult to explain something to others that I could literally feel in my bones. For instance, over the years, I've noticed that whenever one of the larger outer planets, like Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto moves into another sign, I'm intimately aware of those energies emerging into my own life! I know that I'm "moving", but lately it has been amazing to see the sheer numbers of people who have been ascending onto the plateau on which I've been for the past umpteen years. And in spite of my perceptions of the events currently unfolding and transpiring in my life, I know I'm accelerating in my evolution because I sound more and more like the different channelers (I too channel) that I "meet" here on SpiritLibrary.com. My wait appears to be over. Ommm.

Oldooz 18th June 2009 2:02 am

Hi Karen

I've been reading your material for almost a year. I got to know you on Y360. Thank God, I found this website because I was about to lose touch with you because your website can't be opened over here (I don't know why). Anyway… what is so shocking for me is the current events that happened in my country, Iran. I know that "gains" can't be reached without having something "lost"… although there are many suffering all over the country. The election hold on 12 June and then something happened that nobody expected it. Anyway… I look forward to the new opportunities that may cross our paths.

jrjames 18th June 2009 2:04 pm

Graduation Day
June 21, 2009

At last it is here what we have waited for so long
A little sad to be leaving
But gladder to go
To go where we do not know
As no graduate really does
Have we learned enough
Have we detached from the old
Have we left everything behind
We realize as we pass these familiar halls
That it is not over it have just begun

A thank you to my co graduate Karen

I once dreamed of a world
That was wild and rough
Fear was everwhere and there was never enough

I played the game well
Because I thought I should
But finally I reached the point
Where I no longer could

I woke from my heavy slumber
And found God everywhere
I thought he was missing
But he was always there

I looked around at others
They were snoring so loudly and deep
It was easy to tell
They were still fast asleep

Then I noticed I was just a small baby
Who still had far to go
But then I thought of god
Who I knew loved me so

I was at the beginning
When I thought I was at the end
What tomorrow will bring
I will think of then


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