We're in the midst of some interesting energies unusual combination that we may perhaps, not be used to. In times past when we encountered waves of light, we may have experienced a strong sense that it was indeed here, with miracles abounding, surges felt in our physical bodies, or even waves of overload and tension.

This new plateau many of us are finding ourselves on...this new rung on the ascension a very subtle one indeed. The light is here, but in a much more gentle way than we may be accustomed to. If we take notice, we may find that just what we need arrives for us in an effortless way. Small things that we may have only briefly wished for or perhaps felt we needed, seem to show up all by themselves. It is as if they are saying, "Here I am. Did you call? Can I help you out and make your life easier?" Special kindnesses are arriving as well, and after the past two years, they may seem to stand out like an island oasis in a vast dry desert.

This new magical light is extremely gentle and subtle, and may even go unnoticed if we are too busy, stressed, or focused elsewhere. But this gentle energy is important for other reasons as well.

In times past, those of us who embodied large amounts of light could at times be dynamic, charming, full of life, and our energy could easily fill a room. We were usually noticed wherever we went, people glommed onto us, we were in demand, and had just maybe, become accustomed to this way of being. Standing out above others, we were bright lights, and were usually well liked and desired. We also knew who we were and what we were here to do.

Now things are a bit different. We are for the most part, invisible. We are no longer noticed. We are not desired or "seen." No one seems to want what we are offering. No one wants to listen to us, and it may even appear that no one even cares about us. So what is going on?

We are, just like this new light, becoming much more subtle. In times past, we embodied more ego energy, and ego energy creates different outlets for energy to pour through and utilize. Real and true light of a higher order is indeed very subtle. It does not ask or need to be seen, it does not take up much of the space, as it resides in another space altogether, and it is not about self. It is not particularly aware of itself, it does not "intentionally" try to bring energies up or heal, and it has no particular agenda. It simply is.

Several months ago, a new acquaintance asked me to evaluate a piece of turquoise jewelry she had found out in the wilderness. She said that whenever she wore it, bad things happened to her. Looking into this stone, much was revealed. It had been worn by many ancient women , and it was a valuable and highly revered piece of jewelry. But it was very subtle in regard to its reverence. This stone had been handed down from one generation to another, but in a quiet non-assuming way. There was no fanfare, no ceremony or right of passage as it passed on to another. And the women of this culture embodied the same energy as well. They were precious, non-assuming, very gentle, loving, and knew exactly who they were. The reason "bad things" happened when my acquaintance wore this piece, was because there was a vast mis-match in the way the women of the past who had worn this piece and the way my acquaintance ran their power.

I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to visit many ancient sites in the area of the southwest where I live. It was very common for the ancients to create the most powerful places in a very non-assuming way. The more majestic, noticeable, and obvious places simply served as "covers" or illusions for these sites. The real and true power was usually contained much further away and removed from these other brilliant and noticeable places within or near the sites. In this way, the power was subtle and discreet. But to a true bearer of light and to one who is connected to a higher vibration, these true power spots are very evident.

Higher energy is indeed subtle and non-assuming in many ways. I have been writing for many years that ceremony and intentional spiritual rituals are not necessary. This is old energy. As we are becoming the new angels of the earth now, we are indeed becoming much more subtle and gentle ourselves. This is why we are now going unnoticed. Our old roles of carrying light in order to lift up the planet and make a change are indeed over.

In this way, we can experience a substantial loss of identity now. Even though the ascension process creates a loss of identity in small and incremental steps, this last phase of completion has created an extremely new and different "us." We may go unnoticed when we had not had this experience before. We may feel that we are no longer needed. We may feel a loss of value or purpose. Being a very dynamic person, I am in the midst of re-defining myself now when I enter different situations. It is time for me to "get real," even if I thought I was indeed very real before.

I will say to you again, that we will indeed be noticed and needed by those who are able to "see" us, and by those who are in a space and at a level where we can all easily connect. I am blessed to be able to spend a lot of time with my grandchildren now. The children very easily connect to us. We are all at the same level, as they are very advanced and have vibrated higher from the get go.

Because of this latest arrival into a higher vibrating reality for some of us, we may also find that we have been released from old entrapments. For the longest time, we were literally "trapped" by the lower vibrating realities and by lower vibrating individuals. In addition, we may have been misled as well in various situations during this time, and thus, we still may need to release and let go of any anger, resentment, or feelings of confusion and hurt about being misled. We were held in these lower vibrating spaces because we had agreed to bring up the vibration of that particular space, or rather a particular rung of the ascension ladder. Being in this space until the very end (so that enough souls could be affected and get on board), could easily create edginess, an intolerance for these lower vibrations, and great irritation. As if swatting flies or irritating disturbances in our energy fields, this time is now over and we can now rest and take a much needed breather.

As our old role and purpose is now over, we are being released in many ways. In this way, individuals and situations may suddenly become dis-connected from us, while others will become closer. Yes, we have been released, we have been released, we have been released. And even though we still have egos attached (one of the challenges of becoming non-physical while still physical!), if we can know that being released or "dumped" simply means that we no longer belong with lower vibrating energies, we can come to realize that we have indeed graduated. But there is more great news to celebrate as well.....

2009 will usher in the energy of the "pairings." Many of us will be paired with perfect partners. The higher we evolve, the more we find that we are not matched with partners for reasons of matching vibration and energy that needs healing, but more for the simple pleasure of each other's company as companions of a higher order. In this way, our partners will be a joyous addition to our lives.

Many doors will open for us now. We are so divinely protected, that doors will also close. We will find that what we are in alignment with will match up for us very easily and effortlessly, and what we are no longer a match for, will be blocked from us, even if we believe it is indeed what we thought we desired. In regard to closed doors, a new and better door will immediately open if we trust that all is right where it needs to be.

This releasing energy is like a dis-connect from things that were holding us down or keeping us back. Even in regard to simple things like becoming entangled with electric floor cords, or perhaps tripping over things that seem to want to keep us "down," this sudden and final act of being released will create a freedom that we have not experienced for a long while. And because of this, we may feel very fatigued, tired, and simply want to flop down on a bed or couch and SLEEP for a while. The "pulling" of prior attachments is no longer present, so then, a new emptiness and freedom can create less resistance energy and thus a final letting go with a big exhale and letting down in the form of a deep sleep.

This is a time for much needed self-care and putting self first. A massive phase has just been completed and we now need to turn our attention to ourselves for a while. Unusual weight gain has been prevalent with many over the past two years, but for a different reason than the common ascension symptom of abdominal weight gain. Stress and upheavals are the main culprits here. And please know that certainly not everyone fits into these writings, as there can be many reasons for weight gain. Now, many will find that they desire to dive into self care....attention to healthy eating and exercise and the like. We can now get back on track.

For many, any suffering will cease, if we choose to realize that we are now free. Free and in readiness for a very new beginning.

Much love and continued gratitude. Until next time,




Polly McLeod 15th January 2009 10:35 am

YES, I am released - I have been through every single thing you describe. It took from age 45 to age 54 to make the change. Once I understood that the "personality" was a construct created by the child to survive its environment, I began to lose interest in projecting the person whose nickname was "Vivacious". Where I had been attention-seeking and arrogant, I became humble (VERY HUMBLE). Just this past year I have finally got my ego in check, and now when ego makes trouble, I recognize it and am able to control my reactions.

I carried a depressing burden throughout my young life - the weight of the world and all its ills (didn't we all?). For me it began to lift on 9/11, when I could let my role as Chicken Little go, as everyone else could finally see that the sky was falling.

And since 12/13 this year, I feel the gentle light, and the change, and the release, and the joy and hope and health and all the things you describe.

Thank you, Karen, I often find I resonate most with your posts on SpiritLibrary.

Lady MoonDance 15th January 2009 5:56 pm

As always, thank you Karen. I also find that I resonate most with your posts here on Spirit Library.
I find myself feeling free for the first time in many years.

joshua291185 16th January 2009 11:18 pm

thank you karen

misafir 18th January 2009 7:06 pm

Yes. What a coincidence/match with what you say and what's happening in our lives. It is as if you see thru our private lives. Indeed, it seem we have been released, though up to reading your article it was hard to interprete it was so, it was hard to interperete what was actually happening around. A magical see-thru. Thanks.

camelman555 20th January 2009 12:38 am



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