Starting Over

Bit by bit, piece by piece, we are starting over. After enough souls residing in the lower dimensional old world, had been given enough time and opportunity to choose if they would stay behind or move on to their newer and higher vibrating reality of the next step for the whole, many of us then left for the next rung of our very new reality. When we left, we may have felt a great completion, a sense of loss of identity and purpose, and perhaps great feelings of no sense of place. We were done with a very important phase, and because this phase was completed by enough of the whole, we were most certainly done with a very important mission. This was a huge completion. Because we are very done, we are now readying to start experience a grand rebirth, and some very new beginnings.

Immediately before we entered our own very new space, or higher dimension, great muscle and physical pain could be felt, as we were squeezing what was left of any density we may have had within us, into a very small birth canal. But once we arrived, any discomfort may have magically dissipated.

Moving into a higher vibrating reality creates common themes that are always present. Some include: A very low tolerance for lower vibrating energies and ways of being, great loneliness, memory loss, a strong feeling of no sense of place, a great dis-connect from much of everything, extreme fatigue and feelings of not wanting to do anything but rest, apathy, sleepiness, mood swings, great joy, peace, a deeper connection to Source and our souls, greater feelings of love, and a very strong awareness of what is around us. What does all that mean, exactly?

  • A low tolerance for lower vibrating energies: Lower vibrating energies are much too dense for those vibrating higher. They can feel very heavy, unpleasant, and downright awful. These energies are encouraging us to flee, to leave for a higher vibrating shore where we belong, and to create a higher vibrating reality somewhere else. We no longer belong nor do we reside in the lower dimensions. Personal sanctuaries and nature are the remedies for these challenging feelings, along with creativity and things vibrating high (love, caring, respect, art, music, and anything neutral, etc.).
  • Great loneliness: The higher we vibrate, the more we spin off lower vibrating energies within and without. Eventually, there is not much left that we can surround ourselves with. Thus, we can become lonely as we are the forerunners, unless we are able to tolerate the lower energies for long periods of time, which becomes nearly impossible after a while. Eventually, we may seem to be the only ones around, but this is now changing (more about this further along in this post). Hanging with children (as they naturally vibrate higher), and finding small circles of friends and loved ones that really love us and care about us (even if they do not share our beliefs), and vice versa, are the remedies. True and authentic love vibrates high and this is enough to keep a connection, even if we have nothing else in common.
  • Memory loss:  We are evolving into pure energy, and also leaving much behind which can then become difficult to remember. In addition, the higher we vibrate, the more we exist in pockets of energy with different themes. What is in the now is all that exists, as we no longer hold strong and long connections to much. Higher vibrating energy moves in and out, very quickly, and is very in the moment. We are also becoming pure energy. In this way, specifics and details become moot after a while. I continue to receive correspondences from readers who feel a need to correct my spelling, grammar, and punctuation. What is happening here, is that I am now spelling phonetically and cannot remember detailed rules of grammar, etc. I used to be the continual winner of every spelling bee and meticulous about grammar and punctuation as I loved it, but it is simply not possible now, and too time consuming to send each WINGS post out to someone else for corrections. Superimposing letters and words in sentences is common as well in the beginning stages. Details and analyzing eventually become moot as well, as love and energy are all that will eventually remain.
  • No sense of place:  This experience is very common and will occur each and every time we move up a notch on the ascension ladder. We no longer reside in the lower dimensions and the new has not yet arrived. In this way, we do not fit anywhere. There is nothing to connect to and nowhere to go. We may feel lost, freaked out a bit, insecure, and perhaps loose our confidence as we feel out of our old groove. Knowing that these feelings always pass is the remedy here, as well as being in the moment as much as possible, and keeping busy and distracted can help as well.
  • A dis-connect from much of everything: Much leaves our space through the ascension process. We may begin to vibrate differently than others and thus need to part, or perhaps our prior friends are now leaving for a very new and different "assignment" than ours. We can no longer relate to or become a part of the old systems, and even our loving animal companions may part as they are unable to travel with us to our very new shore (they always return again in a new form!). Connecting to the new is the remedy here and it can really make us feel so much better.
  • Apathy, exhaustion, and sleepiness: We feel apathy when we are re-booting, resetting, or in a space of hovering while we are waiting for our new connections or new roles. Exhaustion comes from re-wiring or having our bodies tune up to a higher frequency (our cells are morphing and this take a lot of energy), and sleepiness occurs when we are going from one dimension to another (as does being cold with an inability to get warm). No remedies here, except to just go with these stages and know that they are always temporary!
  • Mood swings:  We feel great around the higher vibrations and not so great around the lower ones. We can try and stay in the higher vibrations as much as possible and in a loving and accepting state when in the lower ones.
  • Joy, peace, a deeper connection to our souls, and feelings of love:  This is what occurs when we remove ourselves from the old, or the lower vibrating energies. If we can remove ourselves as much as possible, it is then much easier to be around the lower dimensions for the short periods of time that we need to. And when we are around the higher vibrations of unity, caring, respect, creativity, love, and joy even in the old world, we can easily feel much better as well.
  • A very strong awareness of what is around us:  The higher we vibrate, the more unity we experience. Separation occurs in the old reality, and when we encounter it after we are vibrating higher, it can feel downright awful. Being aware of each and every thing that is around us, and knowing that we are a whole and all one, becomes increasingly evident the more we evolve. In this way, much else can seem to be existing in great separation mode, almost within its own bubble of separation and locked doors, and thus appear to exist in some strange world of its own. This has always been the toughest one for me, as not "seeing" or acknowledging one another feels particularly unpleasant for me. Everything affects everything else, and the sooner we realize this as a planet, the better off we will be.

Over this past week-end (the end of February and beginning of March), we reached yet another milestone and were then ready to move forward a bit more. This manifested as feelings of great sleepiness, vertigo and spinning for some, and a strong desire to sleep, rest, and nest.

We had successfully released much of the old, had set in place enough of the new, and could now let go and move forward once again...forward into a very new reality. Ever so slowly, we have been putting the pieces together for our very new beginnings. New connections, new foundations, fresh and new pieces in our lives have ever so slowly been manifesting and are being put into place.

Yes, we are starting over. In this way, we needed to be removed and separated from much. We needed to be left with the bare bones of the bare minimum so that we could start once again. We may have found ourselves with fewer friends than ever before, losses of income, stripped of so much, and may even had feelings of being left out in the cold. This was because we had to be ready to start fresh and new...we had to be ready to begin a very new life with new connections and much of everything else very new. Our slates needed to be wiped clean before anything new could be added, as what will be added will be comprised of much higher energy that now matches our own. We needed a clean canvas before we added the first new brushstrokes of very new paint creating our very new picture.

(This scenario is also occurring in regard to earth cleansings and natural disasters. This is why our beautiful Australia has experienced such massive is preparing a clean slate for a very new and higher vibrating reality. What will emerge from the rubble will be a bright, shiny, and new area that will prove to be a very grounded and pristine place for the New World...a place that will be known far and wide for its very special contribution to the planet.)

Thus, we have been released from all of the old...from all of the unpleasantness of the past....from difficult and challenging connections...and from old responsibilities of bringing up the vibrations of the old world and its inhabitants. (If you are feeling miserable and still feel a need to get out, leave the world, and that you are possibly now in hell instead of heaven, know that this comes from a greater connection to the old. The more we are enmeshed in the old reality, the more difficult it can be, and the worse we feel. Things indeed get better as we leave the old world behind, say no to unpleasant ways and individuals, and know that when we are willing to leave and to refuse to participate, we will always be taken care of. Really letting go is always a great benefit that keeps us in the flow during the ascension process.)

Our new reality and our new world will being with us. It will begin with one. Soon (if you have not already done so), each of us will introduce one more piece, or one more person. Then we will have two in our new reality (continued relationships from the past can remain as well, but at even higher levels now). This then, will be the beginning of new communities. Know as well that it took a very long time to release the old, so then, it will take a while to create the new (but certainly not as long as it took to release the old!)

In addition, we have learned that we need to be hyper-vigilant about boundaries. We need to be ever so particular about whom we allow into our new world and new reality. Not everyone can enter, but those who cannot enter will be met at the dimensional border when they ask. Those who do not ask, are not yet at the dimensional border. And those who do ask, will most times be met through our new store-fronts, which will exist on the border, while we reside on another side, having all our needs beautifully met.

What is occurring now with the economy is part of the plan. It was supposed to occur. The old world needed to start over as well. It was time for it to crash, thus, this massive transition is indeed in divine and perfect order,.. and know as well, that we will indeed be protected. We have left that world. Going through these confusing, strange, and perplexing feelings of endings and loss of purpose, are simply proof that we no longer belong on that lower rung of reality (the one that is crashing), and in this way, we have indeed arrived in a land where things are very different. If we can trust that this is so, and if we can remove ourselves from the old world as much as possible (with the exception of our money-making store-fronts), we can more easily experience the Promised Land of joy, peace, love, and harmony, among all else.

We are moving along quite nicely now. Feelings of heaviness, entrapment, distress, depression and panic, are indications of a residency in the old world or of interactions with old ways and lower vibrations. Staying still in our center, or in the center of the storm, and simplifying our lives as much as possible, can keep us out of harm's way. Staying still while being willing to let go and trust can be great resources that enable us to ride the current to a new arrival in the higher realms. We are also much more grounded now as we are readying for a very new reality right here. All the waiting and separation of many years past, and the isolation for many, will soon begin to depart. Yes, we are indeed starting over.

Much love and continued gratitude. Until next time,



majicamelman 5th March 2009 7:40 pm

Trust emerges, a letting go

ken 6th March 2009 6:52 am

Hi Karen
Thank you so much for this wonderful message, I do not care about spelling or grammer, as this messages goes beyond words.It is such a blessing to feel the Guidance and Love.

Blessings and Light

Dori 6th March 2009 11:56 am

Greeting, I appreciate the information. As far as getting cold, I sit on the edge of the bath tub and soak my feet in hot water while I read for a while. The warm air and water warms up my whole body.

misafir 6th March 2009 5:53 pm

Hi Karen.
Words are useful in busying our minds, whilst souls are freed to unite hearts.
Take care of us.
Readers' hearts. :smitten:


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