Staying in the Eye of the Storm

We are moving into new territory now, and as we continue to evolve, while at the same time being present during the final stages of “the end of the end,” we find ourselves in new and interesting spaces we may have yet to have experienced.

The old world as we know it is coming down more rapidly now. We may find that it is more difficult than ever to interact and become involved with much of anything. Nothing may feel “right” or good, we may wonder where it is that we are meant to be, and in addition, may feel that we are lost in a space of no space, as touching the remnants of the old reality are like forced habits of survival that we must endure for a while longer.

As if we have been ousted into thin air, floating around in outer space with no anchor, and holding our own personal center within ourselves alone, we wait as the old world continues with its dismantling and demise of energies and creations that can never begin to fit in a new world reality.

The alignments of the new, the preparation of the earth for the new, and the shake-ups that will continue to unfold for many months to come, have created an instability around us that is forcing us to scramble for something to hold onto…something that we may hope and pray will feel remotely good and loving.

Like actors in a play where the script no longer applies, we may continue on with our old lines and masks, or even wonder how we are supposed to interact with others who have barricaded themselves in a box of fear, subconsciously waiting for who knows what. And even at best, watching yet others behave as if everything is seemingly okay, when many of us know what is at hand at the unseen levels, may make some of us wonder what strange science fiction movie we have now placed ourselves within.

Of course, of course, and as always, we are progressing with a spiritual ascension process that unfolds and reveals itself in ways that we would have never imagined until they are directly upon us. And as always, it is precisely the option of free choice that creates what kind of experience the planet will have as she continues to morph and mold herself into a new and vibrant home for a very new reality.

In these ways, even though so much is coming to a final ending, it is our spiritual evolutionary process that is in tandem with it all, creating new individuals that will learn and evolve into higher vibrating beings who will naturally find themselves right where they need to be, and being precisely who and what they need to be as well.

As has happened so many times thus far with this one-of-a-kind experience, the plan has again changed or at least been re-molded into something that fits with the current unfolding of free-will choices and ways the planet and her inhabitants have chosen to experience this massive shift.

Fear and self-preservation have created a massive experience of separation. We are simply not “seeing” one another, and so, beginning any new creations with others at a much higher level vibration which will stay intact during the end of the end, has been drastically delayed now. In this way, we are now being encouraged to “lay low” so to speak, and to open to new spaces that are much more subtle, gentle, easy, light, and that do not hold any kind of big and dramatic space.

This adjustment to a higher level plan will manifest in a variety of ways. We may find ourselves working for others with a secure salary instead of being self-employed. We may find ourselves in roles that are simply centered and simple, with no agenda or plan. We may find that we not need “do” anything, but now simply enjoy where we are, as we very subtly and purely are now meant to be who we have always been at our truest and highest levels. Things will be much “quieter” as we stay in the eye of the storm. We will not be creating anything new. We are being removed from harm’s way.

We may feel that we are going back into the old or back into the mainstream, but what is occurring, is that we are going back to the basics. So much (including electronics, for instance), has gone as far as it can go, to the point where it has lost its original and pristine intent (including the “New Age” movement as well), and now must come to a final end. In addition, we are going back into what feels like the mainstream, because we are anchoring into the new earth and it is very here.

Our new spaces and roles are all about simply being. Being the truest and simplest aspects of ourselves. And as these aspects come so naturally to us, these new spaces will be effortless. We are being encouraged now, to be self-sustaining beacons of light by simply being ourselves. We may find that we have no desire to assist with anything, help anyone, or much else in that vein. We may see others asking for help that we may have provided in times past, and simply feel that we are “very done” with that kind of thing. We may feel a massive ending to most everything that we have ever known. A very final death.

What is happening here, is that we are being moved into spaces of great protection from the fall. We were not meant to go down with everything that is going down, or even to assist with the process. We are now being guided into spaces that are very free and clear from the old reality that is crashing like a string of dominoes. If we felt invisible before, we will feel even more invisible now. This is because we cannot allow ourselves to be grabbed onto like life preservers, allowing those who may be drowning and panicky to push us under and contribute to our demise.

In times past, our spiritual evolutionary process gradually made us feel invisible, as we were now living and vibrating in a much higher level of existence. Those with density and the self-absorption that more ego states create, were unable to see us. Now, we are more invisible than ever, as we are naturally being taken to spaces of safety and security during these massive endings and times of great collapse.

The previous plan was that we remove ourselves from the old reality, which many of us did. Then we had planned that we would begin a very new reality in a very new world, as we came together as brothers and sisters. This new reality that we would create as a whole would sustain us while the old reality eventually disappeared altogether in a very gradual and loving way. All the while, we would assist those who were willing and who were asking, up the vibrational rungs of the ascension ladder. Well, guess what? Human beings have free choice and this has created yet another tweaking of the plan. Will it ever end?

Not enough souls are ready, and so the old plan cannot unfold. The old reality is indeed ending, and the earth is progressing as she had planned, but the “how” and the road that is getting us there is changing with each and every breath we take. We are indeed in a new and higher vibrating space in the cosmos, and this alone creates new and awesome states of being all on its own. So no matter what may seem to be going on around us, what is occurring within us is something very new indeed….and it is all about the heart energy. It is the heart energy that will take us exactly where we need to be, and what will serve as our source for creating anything we may need in times to come.

On April 21st I awoke at dawn to find my father in my bedroom. A bit bewildered, he was not quite sure where he was. All he could say was, “I wasn’t sure what to expect. I really didn’t know what it would be like.” A few hours later, my daughter called to tell me that he had died, and it was at that very moment that he had arrived in my space. We spent the next two days talking up a storm as he left for brief periods and then returned. In a very short while he had figured out how to navigate and realized where he now was, and he was soon off and running. Although only in this particular phase (immediately after transitioning) of the non-physical for a short time, it was nonetheless nice to speak to him once again.

Wondering why he had come into my space immediately when he left his body, instead of arriving somewhere else, and asking him about other places he had travelled during these few days, it became clear that it is the heart energy that dictates what connects to what.

If anything, my father always knew how much I love him. I was blessed to have absolutely no regrets when his time here was ending. I know he felt my love for him all of his days, and he always appreciated it. So then, it was this great love we shared that dictated where he would land when he left his form. It also dictated where he would travel to next, as at times he would tell me what he had done that day. One night we had talked for quite awhile and I finally said, “Dad, I am beat. I need to turn out the light and get some sleep.” Feeling that I might be brushing him off, I asked him what he did while everyone was asleep. “Oh Karen,” he replied, “There are so many places I go! I get to go to concerts and most everywhere I want!” He loved music, and I could feel the happiness and joy he felt while at a concert somewhere on the planet. His heart and joy would take him immediately where he wished to be and to what he wished to experience.

For several days preceding his memorial service, he was gone from my space. I knew that after a memorial service, most souls then depart for their next phase of “intake.” I had asked him during one of our last conversations after he had passed away, to please let me know when he was “really leaving” for a while. On the evening of his memorial service (which I was not “supposed” to attend), while I was sitting with my daughter in her living room late at night, he did indeed show up and told me that he was now going on to the next leg of his journey. The next day, I could see his soul many times, but it was my father at a much younger age, during his happiest days when he was growing up in India.

I tell you this story because several of you have written and asked me to share it with you, as you have loved ones who have recently departed as well, and also because our own spiritual evolutionary process of dying while we are alive is so very similar.

We navigate through the heart in the next dimension. When we are in the heart space, everything is dramatically different. And we can now stay in these states the far majority of the time. In the heart space, we can see much more. Everything makes sense, and everything is clear. And in addition, we see each other, see that absolutely everything is indeed connected and supports a whole (or way of existence), and we come to clearly see that the world of separation is created from the density that existed in the old reality and in the lower vibrating dimensions or emotions.

Once we have arrived more fully in these higher realms, it can be extremely challenging to be a part of what one leaves behind, and to live in a world of separation. We may want to cry out, “See me! I am here!” just like my father may have felt after he left his old form and was still floating around in an old world from his past. If you have evolved into a state where all you know is group energy and that we indeed revere each other highly for who and what we are, it can literally feel like hell being in a world where that is not the norm.

Until this time arrives, and while we are still living in the physical reality that still surrounds us, we are being encouraged to stay in the eye of the storm, to be who we know we are at our truest and simplest forms, and to know that all our needs will be miraculously met. An invisible current of god energy is navigating for us during this time. It is setting things up for us, making sure we are taken care of, and all we need do is to follow the crumbs and take the opportunities that our hearts are navigating us towards.

As the heart energy begins to overtake all else, we will at the same time learn very new ways of existence that will serve to sustain us during the time of the fall. As I drove across the United States last week, I was blessed to be in the heart energy and to experience where it led me. I met the most amazing people in the smallest of towns, and had the most loving and respectful experiences I have had for a very long time. It was so beautiful, that my cat even enjoyed the trip, and she usually gets distressed during travel.

The heart energy overrides all else. It does not care what spiritual belief one has, what color one is, what life-style one has, what profession one has, or what age one is. It is the glue and the connector, and it is what allows us to see each other. And when in the space of the heart energy, we need only stay in our own space….centered and in the eye of the storm.

 With much love and gratitude,



FutureNow 1st May 2010 6:17 am

I truly hear ego mixed in these messages--I feel it more. I bless karen either way, but these messages sound the same for 2 years and something does not ring true anymore
decide for yourself as we all must :)

vkd1 1st May 2010 7:31 am

If our souls have already decided on the paths for our lives before we are even born, what is all this "free will" stuff about? Why can the rest of the planet make a choice not to proceed when I don't remember being given the choice? Besides, I don't see the world falling apart - looks the same as it always did, although many lightworkers would say their worlds have fallen apart. Maybe we are the ones who are nuts and the rest of the planet are actually the sane ones!

vkd1 1st May 2010 7:49 am

I find I have a little more to say about this....I have read these messages over the years and August 2008 was supposed to be the time when everything came together and we lightworkers flipped over into this wonderful new space. When that didn't happen, the message was, ooopy - the calendar was out by a year but 2009 is it! Since nothing happened in 2009, I found these messages became all about souls not being ready, plans have changed....and so on. I reckon she is back-tracking on her "predictions" and finding reasons as to why they were incorrect. Weirdly, her messages all seem to revolve around her living locations and her father's health and these are held up as evidence for her messages. Sounds like just life to me. Perhaps she is reading just a bit too much into her experiences?

FutureNow 1st May 2010 8:07 am

it is time for us all to choose our own way and not "believe" what others "predict" lets make our own predictions:
here is mine: I predict my hellish life is now over and is rebuilding NOW into a peaceful, joyful, loving, open and fulfilling existence here on earth. I will respect others path and follow my own!

In deep respect to all,

csavage 1st May 2010 11:12 am

Thank you Karen - this explained a lot!

KevinGrey 1st May 2010 12:04 pm

The issue for me comes in with the idea of "The Law of Attraction", "Identity=Reality", the Law of Correspondence, or whatever you wish to call it.

And that issue is that, whatever you are being, is reflected in your reality/experience.

So, if you are "waiting". Guess what? You'll get more waiting. More of nothing changing. Caught in that space of looking for something to happen before you decide to move.

This, is allowing your reality to dictate to you. Waiting for the facts to align to allow yourself to do. Which, is ass-backwards. If you wait for a shift, if you wait for enlightenment...then you will continue to wait, because you are willing to.

When you decide that you are shifted, you are aligned, you are enlightened, then the waiting stops and the being begins.

We can even go back 2000 years to Jesus, in the Gospel of Thomas telling the disciples that the Kingdom of God came. You're standing in it. Stop looking for it and see it.

Nickola 1st May 2010 12:08 pm

lighten up I say..

dont focus on plans and stuff

In the end we have to die,
keep that.

FutureNow 1st May 2010 12:33 pm

yes Kevin i agree and yet there is never a mistake for these past 3 years have been like a thousand to me! I have learned much and trust what must be and trust all of it more now too.

I know death is just transition I have seen it-- I fear it not at all. The hard part for me was I was afraid to live! Now I agree no more waiting. go with the flow and welcome all that comes in your face--it is all for you (you means us)
sometimes teachers dont want to let go and now need to turn to their own selves and not others as most here have done. either way there are no students and teachers we are both or really sharing --both can learn

Arnie 1st May 2010 1:45 pm

Hahaha yet another "change of plans"...jeeez Karen I`ve been following your messages since 2004, and it`s the same crap over again....

Sometimes I can agree with the message, but truly; do you copy+paste from years before? Seriously?

Like another user said; first it was 2008, june, then 2009, and now "...not all souls are ready..." Again????


People watch out for Planet X

Sincere, honest messages, straight from the heart, no "floating angelic heavenly divine" fluffy messages.
Just true story, the way the world is.

People: see previous years messages; there is just to many similar stories, cleverly posted, since we don`t remeber more than two-three messages back. Ëasy to manipulate people this way.
People: Get a life. Life is about interacting. not believing in any kind of dull "realm" to suddenly show up, or save us, or whatever.
I am finito reading your BS Karen.

Angel Eyes 1st May 2010 5:15 pm

If you have nothing good to say? Say nothing.
Karen...Thank you for your abiding love, thank you for years of service in assisting us all in making this transition. Your messages over the years for me have been of immense value. I feel a deep connection with you as if we are sisters in the higher realms.
Thank you for this & every message.
Love, Light, Hugs, & Blessings to you my dear Soul Sister.

Arnie 1st May 2010 5:33 pm


Arnie 1st May 2010 5:34 pm

If I have nothing good to say? So critisism is not allowed?
I did adore and follow these messages for years, truly.

Now; absolute nonsense, copy paste from previous years (check by yourselves) and I hereby speak my mind in stating so.

vkd1 1st May 2010 6:02 pm

AngelEyes, don't be upset! I have read your posts before and you are very defensive on Karen's behalf. And that's lovely. Arnie is right though, I have noticed this too.

If you are "in sync" with Karen, then ignore the rest of us who aren't.

k 1st May 2010 10:12 pm

We are often told that what we experience is an illusion, but then we jump right back off into focusing on the details of the illusion. There are not going to be the them and us, with some acsending and the others just illimanated. We are in this illusionary experience to learn about duality, the light and the dark, the good and the bad. We keep returning life after life as long as we choose to keep seeing duality. But, at a point some of us decide we are tired of seeing the bad and want to see just the good, we decide to work through our egos and passions and seriously work to return to our Divinity. The people we see as bad and who will not ascend are mostly players in this great game we see around us. They are Divine energy that we project onto, they are our teachers and maybe even angels in disguise. They let us play the game. As long as we choose to see them as bad or with darkness we are continuing to choose duality and the desire to remain in the illusion remains. God really is merciful, He gives us just what we ask for.

k 1st May 2010 10:19 pm

So, the next time you see a bad guy who does something to make you angry or upset, thank them for being willing to play the role of the monster so you can learn your lessons on the path back home.

lrm 2nd May 2010 1:48 am

I couldn't agree more=cut and pasted...I feel the same way,the last two years with karen's messages. It's crazy-the same thing over and over again. Even if she does not cut and paste,you could easily insert a current message into a message from 2 yrs ago,and they would make perfect sense together! with no editing!

alot of ego for sure...and yes,she is writing about life,but drama sells,and for many it seems that reading about life in a melodramatic fashion,with things being attributed to 'ascension', really is know? People are soothed and drawn into melodrama,no differently than television or relgion of any kind.

I also loved karen's messages for a few years....until i realized they are the same over and over again. and she has a sort of 'blaming others' attitude re: plans changed.

vkd1 2nd May 2010 2:39 am

K, thanks for this. Do you think there can be different types of duality? I have no problem with other people and haven't really seen them as good or bad since I was about 24. It's God I have the problem with. Despite believing in God from an early age, I have had a life of trauma after trauma and honestly don't understand what it is I am supposed to learn. I have never felt any "connection" either and I have probably spent 14 years looking for something to trust in. I used to believe things work out, God is good etc but now....I don't even have that.

DawnD 2nd May 2010 7:32 am

Honey you shouldn't be mad at God for what you are going through. Before you were ever born you wrote your own life's history, including all the bad and good things that are happening.Everyone writes their own life plan before we ever come over in birth. Even the BAD people that are out there doing indescribable acts are here because someone has written in their life's chart that they will encounter this problem. We are here to learn lessons for God. If you are upset at the way your life is going you have no one to blame but yourself. Something to remember when life throws a monkey wrench into the mix.

FutureNow 2nd May 2010 8:07 am

I came back to read the posts I would like to add that all has value--meaning that no matter what happens it is for you not against you.
enemies (a word for teachers for you) are there for you but also you are adding to their lessons as well. It always is both ways :) just some choose to learn NOW and some later--but it is in their memory -- meaning interaction with you if you choose to learn and they do not)

Quote: Many have had their greatness made for them by their enemies.
-- Baltasar Gracian

I thank Karen for the information i did get as it did help me at one time. NOW i find it no longer serves and i am moving on to the next ?? whatever that is LOL
thank you all for your sharing it has assisted me as well to understand the bigger picture

casimir1 2nd May 2010 8:21 am

We are all on this journey and I feel Karen is sharing her experiences with every one, and there is nothing wrong with that. I find it fascinating that some people say the messages are all the same as it was written two years ago, however they still come back to read Karen’s messages …

Use your abilities to share your experience and understanding of things by going within yourselves

"Have the faith that all the answers to your questions & needs lie within your beautiful heart,
You are a true gift of joy & a very special soul in the eyes of the Divine one,
Open the door way to the Heaven within your heart unconditionally and live in peace"

k 2nd May 2010 9:40 am

vkd1, the way I sense it, is that we are all Divine cretions and everything is really good, but our perceptions cast judgement on to our surroundings allowing us to experience duality. There are at least two parts to us. The aspect that we are aware of and then there is our true self that we try to learn to know in meditation and clearing the clutter of our busy minds. The true self is our guide and when we stray off the path we encounter the monsters that we are so afraid of. Our ego self wants us to stay in duality, and see the bad so it is always tempting us to stray, but our true Divine self does not spare the rod. We are all Gods working our way through the lessons of this experience, choosing to see the good and not the bad, clearing the debris of ego and passions to connect with our true self and recognize our true Divinity.

FutureNow 2nd May 2010 10:38 am

I come back to read because I had a connection with Karen's words and i care about her as well. I also wish to explore if others resonate with my feelings and that is why for me...

EarthAngel339 2nd May 2010 4:03 pm


I believe that we should all be working on making the new reality by forming barter/trade living conditions where we aach use our one or two gifts and in that way those of us who are homeless can be given the housing we so desperately need. Those people who work hard like doctors and lawyers can afford to give us a room to live in and we can work hard by cleaning, cooking, baking, taeching, nanny care, child care, elder care, garden and farm work, sewing and knitting and many other chores. If the world remains in the current selfish mode of materialistic capitalism, then the world will reap the results.

lrm 2nd May 2010 5:20 pm

what is 'fascinating' about reading karen's messages,even though they are the same as two years ago?
The only way to know they are the same,is to have read them since...duh.
This is not fascinating.
It's also entertaining to read them at is not 'required' to 'only' read messages that one completely believes and subscribes to. It's really okay in life to read and check out things one does not like or resonate with-who is anyone to suggest that people who 'don't resonate' simply not read?

That is waht is fascinating to me-this sort of socialist and everything must be the same or non-conflict mind-set that is rampant in the new age movement. 'oh,if you do not resonate,then move on'. Hilarious. There's no need to say that. Simply say that you enjoy the messages, not tell others who don't currently appreciate them, to move on or 'say nothing if it's not nice'.

This is the fascinating part to me: The insistence of some, on everything needing to be a partcicular 'way' in order to seem 'in resonance'. Whatever. I think is is equally fascinating that Karen continues.

lrm 2nd May 2010 5:25 pm

I think it would be useful for people to notice how karen wrote that she would still be 'writing messages while away' for those who have 'paid regular donations' to her work/writings.

When someone's work becomes tied to their income for survival,it will impace the work over time-b/c their primary focus on the work itself, will begin to be impacted by the need to make money.

This is not intentional, of course Karen intends to share from the heart---but when she has become so reliant on her writings by now,for income and the survival mode inherent within it, there is naturally an affect on the ego filtering of the work. Hence, you have years of the same type of messages. A few years back, I was on par with Karen's writing-and I sincerely thought one month,that she too would be no longer writing her messages,but would leave the site up for future folks to benefit from. It was where things were at. Instead, she chose to create a new idea/site,with alot of extravagance around it,and the messages from then were still the same,but couched in different clothing. she relies on it now.

lrm 2nd May 2010 5:33 pm

Um, sovereignty and self-determination are the most important to me, as far as ascension and liberation are concerned.

This is not about socialism and money is evil vs. capitalism and we can all attract whatever we want b/c we are divine.

It's beyond those.

In any case, are you saying 'selfish capitalism' is for those who do not work hard,that only doctors and lawyers work hard? Many would also consider lawyers and the legal system itself as a by product of this selfish capitalism you discuss. And doctors,too,would be considered selfish for not being altruistic and being funded/supported by the church/religious order of the day, as medical care was in the past.

If one proposes a non capitalist reality, one is already submitting one's sovereignty to someone else.
If you want to barter,then barter. You will then have already begun to create the system you want to create. But suggesting it to others on a forum is not really creating that vibration. We cannot make a system, and make others conform to it,as a means of 'creating a new reality'.

A new system is not the answe

susie_walker 3rd May 2010 3:38 am

If you don't like what Karen has to say, stop reading her posts and move on.

FutureNow 3rd May 2010 6:30 am

i see that as well--but you said it :)

lili5555 3rd May 2010 2:38 pm

Karen my deepest condolences to you and many blessings to your father. For you dark-sided types on Spirit Library to use a persons death as an opportunity to be disrespected-karma is so,so harsh. For those that do not believe in karma believe this-your hateful, mean-spirited put downs will consume you. Thinking you are "spiritual" and "just helping her out" by providing meanness and sour grapes will have you in a bottom of a spiritual pit.

I don't play the "I'm more spiritual than you are" game. I don't need to channel or anything else to spot a mean-spirited passive-aggressive type.

I'm flawed,everyone on this site has flaws, and so to Karen, again, I say condolences. To those "loving, good-hearted" types that are bashing (or trying to) Karen in her time of sorrow may you get every shadow back-amplified.

Now THAT is mean spirited and heart felt.

I mean every word.

susie_walker 3rd May 2010 3:10 pm

To lili5555:


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