Staying in the Eye of the Storm

We are moving into new territory now, and as we continue to evolve, while at the same time being present during the final stages of “the end of the end,” we find ourselves in new and interesting spaces we may have yet to have experienced.

The old world as we know it is coming down more rapidly now. We may find that it is more difficult than ever to interact and become involved with much of anything. Nothing may feel “right” or good, we may wonder where it is that we are meant to be, and in addition, may feel that we are lost in a space of no space, as touching the remnants of the old reality are like forced habits of survival that we must endure for a while longer.

As if we have been ousted into thin air, floating around in outer space with no anchor, and holding our own personal center within ourselves alone, we wait as the old world continues with its dismantling and demise of energies and creations that can never begin to fit in a new world reality.

The alignments of the new, the preparation of the earth for the new, and the shake-ups that will continue to unfold for many months to come, have created an instability around us that is forcing us to scramble for something to hold onto…something that we may hope and pray will feel remotely good and loving.

Like actors in a play where the script no longer applies, we may continue on with our old lines and masks, or even wonder how we are supposed to interact with others who have barricaded themselves in a box of fear, subconsciously waiting for who knows what. And even at best, watching yet others behave as if everything is seemingly okay, when many of us know what is at hand at the unseen levels, may make some of us wonder what strange science fiction movie we have now placed ourselves within.

Of course, of course, and as always, we are progressing with a spiritual ascension process that unfolds and reveals itself in ways that we would have never imagined until they are directly upon us. And as always, it is precisely the option of free choice that creates what kind of experience the planet will have as she continues to morph and mold herself into a new and vibrant home for a very new reality.

In these ways, even though so much is coming to a final ending, it is our spiritual evolutionary process that is in tandem with it all, creating new individuals that will learn and evolve into higher vibrating beings who will naturally find themselves right where they need to be, and being precisely who and what they need to be as well.

As has happened so many times thus far with this one-of-a-kind experience, the plan has again changed or at least been re-molded into something that fits with the current unfolding of free-will choices and ways the planet and her inhabitants have chosen to experience this massive shift.

Fear and self-preservation have created a massive experience of separation. We are simply not “seeing” one another, and so, beginning any new creations with others at a much higher level vibration which will stay intact during the end of the end, has been drastically delayed now. In this way, we are now being encouraged to “lay low” so to speak, and to open to new spaces that are much more subtle, gentle, easy, light, and that do not hold any kind of big and dramatic space.

This adjustment to a higher level plan will manifest in a variety of ways. We may find ourselves working for others with a secure salary instead of being self-employed. We may find ourselves in roles that are simply centered and simple, with no agenda or plan. We may find that we not need “do” anything, but now simply enjoy where we are, as we very subtly and purely are now meant to be who we have always been at our truest and highest levels. Things will be much “quieter” as we stay in the eye of the storm. We will not be creating anything new. We are being removed from harm’s way.

We may feel that we are going back into the old or back into the mainstream, but what is occurring, is that we are going back to the basics. So much (including electronics, for instance), has gone as far as it can go, to the point where it has lost its original and pristine intent (including the “New Age” movement as well), and now must come to a final end. In addition, we are going back into what feels like the mainstream, because we are anchoring into the new earth and it is very here.

Our new spaces and roles are all about simply being. Being the truest and simplest aspects of ourselves. And as these aspects come so naturally to us, these new spaces will be effortless. We are being encouraged now, to be self-sustaining beacons of light by simply being ourselves. We may find that we have no desire to assist with anything, help anyone, or much else in that vein. We may see others asking for help that we may have provided in times past, and simply feel that we are “very done” with that kind of thing. We may feel a massive ending to most everything that we have ever known. A very final death.

What is happening here, is that we are being moved into spaces of great protection from the fall. We were not meant to go down with everything that is going down, or even to assist with the process. We are now being guided into spaces that are very free and clear from the old reality that is crashing like a string of dominoes. If we felt invisible before, we will feel even more invisible now. This is because we cannot allow ourselves to be grabbed onto like life preservers, allowing those who may be drowning and panicky to push us under and contribute to our demise.

In times past, our spiritual evolutionary process gradually made us feel invisible, as we were now living and vibrating in a much higher level of existence. Those with density and the self-absorption that more ego states create, were unable to see us. Now, we are more invisible than ever, as we are naturally being taken to spaces of safety and security during these massive endings and times of great collapse.

The previous plan was that we remove ourselves from the old reality, which many of us did. Then we had planned that we would begin a very new reality in a very new world, as we came together as brothers and sisters. This new reality that we would create as a whole would sustain us while the old reality eventually disappeared altogether in a very gradual and loving way. All the while, we would assist those who were willing and who were asking, up the vibrational rungs of the ascension ladder. Well, guess what? Human beings have free choice and this has created yet another tweaking of the plan. Will it ever end?

Not enough souls are ready, and so the old plan cannot unfold. The old reality is indeed ending, and the earth is progressing as she had planned, but the “how” and the road that is getting us there is changing with each and every breath we take. We are indeed in a new and higher vibrating space in the cosmos, and this alone creates new and awesome states of being all on its own. So no matter what may seem to be going on around us, what is occurring within us is something very new indeed….and it is all about the heart energy. It is the heart energy that will take us exactly where we need to be, and what will serve as our source for creating anything we may need in times to come.

On April 21st I awoke at dawn to find my father in my bedroom. A bit bewildered, he was not quite sure where he was. All he could say was, “I wasn’t sure what to expect. I really didn’t know what it would be like.” A few hours later, my daughter called to tell me that he had died, and it was at that very moment that he had arrived in my space. We spent the next two days talking up a storm as he left for brief periods and then returned. In a very short while he had figured out how to navigate and realized where he now was, and he was soon off and running. Although only in this particular phase (immediately after transitioning) of the non-physical for a short time, it was nonetheless nice to speak to him once again.

Wondering why he had come into my space immediately when he left his body, instead of arriving somewhere else, and asking him about other places he had travelled during these few days, it became clear that it is the heart energy that dictates what connects to what.

If anything, my father always knew how much I love him. I was blessed to have absolutely no regrets when his time here was ending. I know he felt my love for him all of his days, and he always appreciated it. So then, it was this great love we shared that dictated where he would land when he left his form. It also dictated where he would travel to next, as at times he would tell me what he had done that day. One night we had talked for quite awhile and I finally said, “Dad, I am beat. I need to turn out the light and get some sleep.” Feeling that I might be brushing him off, I asked him what he did while everyone was asleep. “Oh Karen,” he replied, “There are so many places I go! I get to go to concerts and most everywhere I want!” He loved music, and I could feel the happiness and joy he felt while at a concert somewhere on the planet. His heart and joy would take him immediately where he wished to be and to what he wished to experience.

For several days preceding his memorial service, he was gone from my space. I knew that after a memorial service, most souls then depart for their next phase of “intake.” I had asked him during one of our last conversations after he had passed away, to please let me know when he was “really leaving” for a while. On the evening of his memorial service (which I was not “supposed” to attend), while I was sitting with my daughter in her living room late at night, he did indeed show up and told me that he was now going on to the next leg of his journey. The next day, I could see his soul many times, but it was my father at a much younger age, during his happiest days when he was growing up in India.

I tell you this story because several of you have written and asked me to share it with you, as you have loved ones who have recently departed as well, and also because our own spiritual evolutionary process of dying while we are alive is so very similar.

We navigate through the heart in the next dimension. When we are in the heart space, everything is dramatically different. And we can now stay in these states the far majority of the time. In the heart space, we can see much more. Everything makes sense, and everything is clear. And in addition, we see each other, see that absolutely everything is indeed connected and supports a whole (or way of existence), and we come to clearly see that the world of separation is created from the density that existed in the old reality and in the lower vibrating dimensions or emotions.

Once we have arrived more fully in these higher realms, it can be extremely challenging to be a part of what one leaves behind, and to live in a world of separation. We may want to cry out, “See me! I am here!” just like my father may have felt after he left his old form and was still floating around in an old world from his past. If you have evolved into a state where all you know is group energy and that we indeed revere each other highly for who and what we are, it can literally feel like hell being in a world where that is not the norm.

Until this time arrives, and while we are still living in the physical reality that still surrounds us, we are being encouraged to stay in the eye of the storm, to be who we know we are at our truest and simplest forms, and to know that all our needs will be miraculously met. An invisible current of god energy is navigating for us during this time. It is setting things up for us, making sure we are taken care of, and all we need do is to follow the crumbs and take the opportunities that our hearts are navigating us towards.

As the heart energy begins to overtake all else, we will at the same time learn very new ways of existence that will serve to sustain us during the time of the fall. As I drove across the United States last week, I was blessed to be in the heart energy and to experience where it led me. I met the most amazing people in the smallest of towns, and had the most loving and respectful experiences I have had for a very long time. It was so beautiful, that my cat even enjoyed the trip, and she usually gets distressed during travel.

The heart energy overrides all else. It does not care what spiritual belief one has, what color one is, what life-style one has, what profession one has, or what age one is. It is the glue and the connector, and it is what allows us to see each other. And when in the space of the heart energy, we need only stay in our own space….centered and in the eye of the storm.

 With much love and gratitude,



FutureNow 3rd May 2010 3:53 pm

i did not see one mean spirited person here --I just saw people expressing and trying to understand --thank you all i learned a lot here this week :)
that is all it is

so as above so below :)
to lili555

angelika 5th May 2010 3:19 am

Hi All,
when I first started to read the comments I was taken back a bit by the strength of some of the opinions. Some are more positive than others. I get the frustration of the other posts as well though, it's hard work navigating through life.

All I want is having loving, helpful people around me who care for the environment and so on. Well, to be honest I just want to feel good within myself. And I'm still working out how to achieve that without needing others to make me feel safe, loved and happy.

Each time I get another challenge thrown at me, I flap about first, shout a bit, eventually give up and work out how to resolve the issue. Coming across spiritlibrary has been a great help, Lilou Mace is great too.

Love & peace (and hugs) to all fellow co-creators

sunshinestorm 5th May 2010 6:05 am

I find it really shocking the amount of negativity and projection in these comments. I'm saddened to see the very ego based low vibration behaviors that our movement is supposedly trying to shift with our ascension. Wow. Heart energy, people? Do we so easily forget that is why we are here? Do we turn on our backs so easily on our own? If this is happening in such high intentioned communities, it is really no wonder we are unable to carry this shift. Do you not see you are acting out exactly what Karen believes to be the reason we cannot take the shift higher? And then you attack HER for it?

I'm really heartbroken to read all of this harshness directed at Karen (and each other) ... especially when it is quite clear this is a time of need for her. When we are down etc, we need our tribe to encircle us with love. Not hurl insults or name-call.

I expected to find a community of love and support here. Instead it is a mirror image of what everyone says is so dysfunctional about the old world, old paradigm, and lower vibes.

Shocking. Like a pack of rabid dogs tearing apart it's own.

FutureNow 5th May 2010 6:25 am

I do not see any tearing apart --some harsher but most are just expressing and trying to understand.
but may i ask what it is you have done above in your letter? Is what you wrote tearing apart others moreover?

angelika 6th May 2010 2:30 am

Future now,
and so we catch each other out, the ego sneaks in without us realising, well spotted.

Sunshine/storm has a point too though, whilst we express ourselves harshly its also what we're drawing into our life. As Buddha found out long ago, it's all about balance.

At least Karen's article has created a huge response and gets people talking and coming together so to speak.

Love & Blessings,

Nickola 6th May 2010 3:05 am

I don't want to make my self available so please dont respond to this comment

just a song


FutureNow 6th May 2010 11:00 am

Hi Angelika,

Wow the coolest thing i see here is that WE ALL are growing into our own--no one above us we are equal both the teacher and the student --it is very cool! No on makes my choices now i am knowing who i am and what i choose. and all others are respected to choose theirs :)
RE: EGO--- Jesus said "why do you see the thorn in your brothers eye, but cannot see the log in your own?" LOL that is so true and funny! So i see what others say and have compassion for it as it assists me to locate any negative reactions in myself...
FYI: Karen posted another article i saw it and she tells people they have 3 options etc... That is true for her but is that true for me or you? you decide but i CHOOSE infinite options, not 3! I will choose my own. I bless Karen and thank her for the helpful info, for it provided me with much needed opening of my mind. I create my options now and she helped in part--
FYI: great Song Nikola :)

femme 6th May 2010 10:45 am

I've read Karen's posts for a while, all the while I've been changing myself. I know that I always find many similarities running through my mind/life that this woman experiences. I too sense some final endings going on, and a day doesn't go by, where I am not given messages about that. Does it come from mind or elsewhere? As I began as a cynic, I'm not prone to naivety, and my instincts have been usually right on. Maybe just my experience is ending, or maybe things are falling here? I don't expect her to be right on the money every time--the way things go, it's just not that precise, but those in touch are usually in the ballpark. I think people are uhappy with her messages now, and they just don't see it, or want to see it. Her messages these days are quite different than a few years ago, actually, if you can perceive the nuances.

angelika 7th May 2010 2:35 am

Hi FutureNow,
you've said something that is true for me as well and I hadn't noticed it.

I too have grown into my own, so to speak. It was a painful journey but I now make my own decisions based on what feels right to me, no longer doing what I hoped would make others happy. I've taking my life back into my own hands. Anything that's not making me feel good gets examined for lessons and how to resolve it.

Thank you so much for this post!

FutureNow 7th May 2010 7:24 am

thank you Angelika!

It is so wonderful to connect, it has been an excruciating journey but i see the light now at the end (beginning of the next) ;)

yes trust that all is FOR you not against you--thats what I remember--most times now anyway...


shapeshifter 8th May 2010 3:52 pm

Hi FutureNow, your name says it all. We cannot expect the future to bring us happiness or to meet any of our expectations because the future always remains out of reach. There is only this NOW moment and if we are not fulfilled here, it won't happen anywhere else. When all our hopes and dreams are tied to a future that doesn't really exist then of course we always end up disappointed.
Maybe this is what Karen is inadvertently teaching herself and the rest of us.

FutureNow 8th May 2010 8:08 pm

Hi shapeshifter
words are ineffable and only "pointers" and the name does not mean that at all :) but you can perceive it that way if you want but that is not what I think of --
I am aware of the now but also i see a future of peace and kindness beyond what i can write here. So I say Future Now by being in the Now and knowing the dream for all, but only some live in that dream now ;) see ? but i know what i mean

I think what i write in the posts says more than the 2 word Label, handle or name..

I am not coming on here anymore so cannot respond again, I have found it does not serve me but i am grateful for the years it did and communication with people like you

Take care
bye Now

Artrias 10th May 2010 11:14 am

for me, the timing, dates, exact predictions, how these words align with or repeat those of the past, etc., is all irrelevant .. there is a truth in Karen's words here which my current situation re: the changing times, the ongoing need to be true to oneself and continue to grow personally in spite of what appears to be happening in the 3d world, and how I must stay on my own path whether in or out of physical form .. as with all words from all authors and channels it's for me to decide which assist me in understanding my own journey, and these do ... thank you

DonH SA 16th May 2010 1:19 am

My guess?: Karen has been sharing her very personal experiences. Its hard to share in all of it. Paying for it? Well....
If we all followed her personal style, this site would be a real mess. She is a great medium though.


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