Taking Charge of Our Spaces

As we ground more firmly into the earth (or rather as the light begins owning its new power and taking its place as the rightful steward of the new earth and new reality), interesting changes and scenarios are beginning to unfold.  

Owning and connecting to our new and rightful power brings with it some specific stages of evolution, and many of these stages have been unfolding in recent weeks and are continuing still.

We are now very here, and on the earth in every way possible, which means that we are no longer up there, out there, removed, distanced, and in meditation. What some of us have strived to see and be while in a meditative state needs to be here now in a reality state. Many of the other dimensions that existed through differing ways of accessing them, are now here 24/7, as we are now living in a new and higher vibrating dimensional reality.  

This change of scene or venue usually begins by feeling a new and different sense of power. In times past, many of us may have used surrender to access more light, or even strived to “get out of our own way” in order to connect or bring in some higher vibrating energies from somewhere else. But now, things are very different. I have written about this change coming in many of my recent books, and we are really experiencing this now, as it is finally time.

We are the light now. We are the power now. Most of us have evolved far enough through Phase I of the ascension process, that we no longer need to defer to something else that seems to know more than we do. In this way, we need not feel that our egos are running the show. Hoping this all makes sense. For those who have gone through and experienced the most intense processes of evolutionary growth and expansion over the years, these souls will feel the most in charge now.

In this way, we need no longer defer to off-planet non-physical sources either. Those of us who have and are experiencing the ascension process, are revered enough by our ancestors (who know very well that those of us in form on this planet were intended to create a new earth, as we continue to evolve far beyond our predecessors), that they leave us alone unless asked. Meddling or dictating off-planet sources are not of the highest order.

As we begin this process of owning our new power, we very naturally begin to tangle with non-physical presences that want to whisper in our ears, telling us that we have no right or business being in charge, or even that we do not know what we are doing. Playing with our egos and our confidence, these energies may be interpreted as dark forces by some, but I have always believed and experienced them simply as aspects of ourselves that are coming to the surface as they are on their way out, and are thus, coming from fear of their demise.

Whenever we evolve and expand, we nearly always encounter the darkness. As if it is trying to grab onto us and keep us tethered to where we once were, these are simply energies which can no longer be a part of us, nor have a hold on us, as we are now vibrating much higher than they are. The same is true for the light as well. When we communicate with the non-physical world which is of a higher order, we are simply communicating with aspects of ourselves which we are not yet ready to own, and thus, place outside of ourselves until we eventually evolve into being them ourselves. As for the darker energies, we are encountering them as well, but only in the opposite direction. So many symptoms of transition! Does it ever end?

So then, as we begin owning our new power, we may find ourselves challenged by issues regarding our egos, as we are simply re-balancing and coming into our true and rightful places. And we have most certainly earned the right to take charge of the planet and our spaces now.

So then, coming into our power can also relate to taking care of ourselves and setting up more secure boundaries, re-structuring into a new and different space, and placing ourselves first for a while as we gear up for the times ahead. In the last WINGS post, I referred to many energies who were only out for themselves, but this is not what I am referring to here.

In order to embody our new power and new space, we need to set it up and we need to secure it. In this way, we may be finding ourselves becoming very clear about what we will allow into our spaces and what we will not. We may be preparing our finances and making sure that we are taking care of ourselves first, and we may find that we are very done with deferring to the needs of others as we may have done in times past during Phase I.

During Phase I, or up until September of 2009, we agreed to assist with bringing this planet to a new and higher level of consciousness by interacting with many of the darker and denser energies. Now things are very different. Because our roles are now vastly different than they were in Phase I, we may now find ourselves saying “no more” to anything we may have endured in times past. In this way, we may become adamant that we be somewhere new and different, and we may find ourselves securing our boundaries like never before, as we attempt to make sure that our new spaces are pristine and pure, all the while embodying the energies of a very new reality and new us.

This is because we are now in Phase II which involves creating the new reality, and not necessarily then, in assisting and helping others. If we are going to set up a new world, we must be able to do just that. We must create spaces that support us in doing what we need and desire to do (and be) next. Yes, many of us will be assisting those who are residing below us, at the next level down (and certainly in regard to the impending natural disasters), but we will come to know, that in times to come (or really, how it has always been), we cannot assist others without assisting ourselves first.

Phase I of the ascension process created many instances where we seemingly had no choice but to be in situations we may have preferred not to be in. At our soul levels, we were simply doing our jobs of raising the vibration of the planet through ourselves. Now, we actually get to come first in all ways. This is part of owning our new power.

When my daughter was pregnant with her twins (who will be two years of age in June), I checked in on their energy to see what they would be about. Each generation, or succession of new souls arriving on the planet, comes with a mission or purpose intact. These newest souls have some very different energies. They are very adamant and powerful beings. They stop at nothing to get what they want. They know what the new reality was meant to look like, and plan on forging through with strong intent, unwavering with what they have come to accomplish. They will not be swayed…they are strong beings indeed.

During my last visit with my grandbabies, they became obsessed with getting some new golf clubs, just like their older brother. Luckily, we found some plastic ones at the store, and these boys bathed with them, slept with them, rode with them in the car, and used them as “tools” all the while I was there. One day while I was sitting on the sofa, Solomon took a hard and forceful swing and clobbered me on the forehead with his club. Quite stunned, I teared up as my head began to swell. Upon seeing me upset and hurt, both babies immediately ran to their cribs and returned with their “blankies,” placing them in my lap as they lovingly tended to my situation.

This is the energy of the new souls. Very powerful, aggressive, active and forceful, but at the same time, having open hearts that do not hesitate to give love and caring. And this then, is the energy that we are finding ourselves embodying as well. As we evolve into matching the energies of the new earth, at whichever stage we are currently experiencing, we always “become” the energy we are residing in. Each succession of newly arriving souls matches the newest earth energy, and as for us, we evolve very naturally into these states as well. In this way, we may arrive as one particular kind of soul, but always morph into the latest model. We may find that we are needing to call upon a very new strength within us now, but we will still find it easy to open our hearts as well when needed and in appropriate situations (not in situations where we are being taken advantage of). The new heart energy knows when to open and when to stay closed.  

There is another scenario unfolding as well. There are indeed energies still residing in the Earth Two overlay, or rather that are still around us, who still do not see the big picture, or rather that there is indeed a whole. Even though many of us may currently be in positions of taking care of ourselves, or rather laying our new foundations and ways of being, this is a temporary situation brought about by the advent of the March equinox and the new plateau that we have created thus far.

So even though many of us are currently tending to ourselves and our own needs, we are only in this phase so that we may be strong and ready to assist others when needed, and also, to begin the creation of the new planet earth. There are others who are coming from a very different stance. These are souls who have not yet awakened and evolved. These souls are taking care of their own needs, and will continue to do so as they are coming from fear. They do not know how to interact with others by meeting in the middle, seeing and acknowledging the needs of those around them, and do not understand that there is a “whole” out there, not just a singular self.

When interacting with these souls, it can be challenging, but we are being taken care of in miraculous ways and guided to just the right situations and changes, so that we need no longer associate or connect with these types of energies. Many weeks past, an energy such as this suggested that I was “taking things personally” when I loudly objected to the situation at hand. I heartily disagreed. For me, it is a matter of integrity and human decency, in addition to a matter of the well-being of this planet and working together as a team while considering the needs of everyone involved. I recently received a letter from a woman who had just experienced the same.

It is almost difficult to remember the days when we were so deep in transition, with seemingly nothing to connect to and feeling so very lost. With each earth movement, we connect more fully, as each and every energy adjusts and aligns with the new energies of the new earth. Many days ago, my off-planet friends revealed to me that there will be a progression of more severe earthquakes arriving next in the Baja California area, and as each area of earthquake activity aligns and adjusts, these quakes will be moving steadily upward into Southern California. Today, Baja California experienced a 6.9 earthquake, as our earth continues with its process of preparation for the new energies. As always, we will always be right where we need to be at any given time, as each of us has amazing internal barometers and a higher awareness present, if even at times at our subconscious levels.

As our very new spaces become ever more intact, so does our very new power, as we begin a new and exciting residency in a very new reality of our making.   

With much love and gratitude,


joshua291185 4th April 2010 9:00 pm

thank you karen bishop!

Sonic Princess 4th April 2010 9:17 pm

"As we begin this process of owning our new power, we very naturally begin to tangle with non-physical presences that want to whisper in our ears, telling us that we have no right or business being in charge, or even that we do not know what we are doing. Playing with our egos and our confidence..... simply as aspects of ourselves that are coming to the surface as they are on their way out, and are thus, coming from fear of their demise."

Oh yes!! I have had exactly that, been having major, major doubts. On the way out? Good riddance to them I say! (thank -you Karen) :smitten:

whiterose 5th April 2010 2:20 pm

Thank You Karen!
With love


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