The Crash Landing is Over...We Are Finally Home

On the week-end of the 21st and 22nd, we finally landed securely in our new homes, our very new spots, and in the places that the tumultuous energies were guiding us towards. Feelings of a very new grounding, a wonderful contentment, and most certainly, a very new and welcomed feeling of “home,” could be felt in many ways. Finally, a calm…..finally a peace….finally a sense of security and safety.

To recap: June’s solstice threw everything up and out, so that anything and everything could land in a very new space, some on one side, and some on a very new “other side,” while creating the start of a chasm between one reality and another. A MASSIVE movement of energy was required to accomplish this result. For many, it felt like an energetic bomb had exploded. So then, the anchoring in and grounding that was supposed to occur in June, is finally occurring now. The required change of plans that most of us are now familiar with, resulting in the separation of the worlds, created this delay.

From the equinox of September until now, massive amounts of energy were moving once again, but this time, the purpose was to align everything with where it would ultimately end up. Thus, intense energies were pushing everything into alignment. This pushing created strong experiences and feelings of panic, anxiety, depression, tension, racing hearts, hyperventilating, and an inability to focus and concentrate, to name a few symptoms. Alternating with break periods of lethargy and very low energy, darkness, and confusion, and then joy and happiness, the see-saw and erratic energies created great mis-matches in the beginning, as all the energies were trying to navigate to their ultimate connections and new locations. Everything was being pushed every which way.

A huge amount of energy was present and required to create this new alignment. This was a massive and required undertaking. The planet was being navigated and re-routed to its very new location in the cosmos, all the while being pushed and guided with a very strong hand, to where it would now reside. The planet had to leave one old and very familiar groove, and arrive in a new and yet to be resided in, new space. We reside on the planet….we were affected... and we are ourselves, the planet as well.

The pushing energy was so intense, as this was a MASSIVE and very pivotal movement, that it also pushed up residue energies within many of us that appeared to need healing, in addition to pushing up and out a large amount of darkness. This is why things appeared chaotic and dark for a while and at specific times.

We are now vibrating above darkness, or the denser energies, and have been for quite some time. So what really occurred was not that we needed to purge and release again, but that the so called darkness was moving as well, and being that it was up and out, it triggered within us, anything dense and dark that had since gone dormant. We never really “heal” everything within us….we make a certain amount of progress and we get to a point where we reach a threshold and no longer require healing. This is why after a certain point, healing can prove detrimental as it only serves to put us to places where we no longer reside. So then, eventually the denser and darker energies within us simply go dormant, as we are vibrating much higher than they are, and they can no longer survive or thrive within us.

In addition, as we progress through the ascension process, we slowly begin to remove ourselves from any denser or darker energies outside of us, as we can no longer tolerate them or share their space. So in addition to vibrating higher ourselves, we are also no longer in a physical or energetic space that houses darkness; this creates a situation where any residual denser energies within us can no longer be activated, as there is no bridge or corresponding energy dance that can occur from within to without. Hoping this all makes sense.

With all the energies moving so intensely the past few weeks, and changing positions, there was then energy everywhere and anywhere, as nothing had yet found its designated home. In this way, we really felt a darkness within us at times, and some old and dormant energies were then activated once again by the darker energies that were passing by. And being that we were not in our “homes” yet, we were fair game, to some degree. So then, many little lower vibrating pranksters were able to wreak some havoc with some of us, or at best, to make us feel uncomfortable for no apparent reason. This scenario is now over, as we have finally arrived home.

Home at last.

Now things will be very different indeed. We are now in some very high vibrating energies. Some very magical energies. Some very loving and caring energies. Some very gentle and soothing energies. Now we can exhale. Now we can breathe once again. Now we can relax and feel safe and protected. Now we can really begin to connect to our new families and to our brothers and sisters like never before. And now that we are in such higher vibrating energies, we will begin to experience things like spontaneous healing, renewed health and a new vigor and energetic self (as opposed to an exhausted self), and a very new re-birth in all ways.

All the energies that were flying around, decided where they would ultimately end up during this time of great movement. So in this way, there may still be some connections that have not yet manifested in their entirety quite yet, even though they have touched noses… but their journey has now been marked, and in time, before 2012 or rather within the next two years, they will begin the process of uniting to their completion, if even in slow and steady steps.

This time we are now entering will be like no other. It is indeed the time we have been waiting for, and which we have only dreamed about. This new space is now seeping into every cell of our bodies, filling us up with its presence, and allowing us to bask in the beauty of this amazing and graceful energy of the higher realms. We are thus BECOMING this energy ourselves, in every way.

Now we will experience the unity of our very new families, of whom we were intended to come together with, and with whom we will share a great love, respect, caring, and joy we have yet to have experienced. For those with whom we had to part, a strange yet comfortable detachment can be felt, as we have indeed died while we are alive, creating a distance and chasm from one reality to another.

Even though we may feel oddly detached and emotionless in some ways, many are reporting that they are re-uniting with friends that have been nearby, but with whom they had not shared a connection with for quite some time. Detaching and yet connecting, all at the same time. It is a matter of who now shares our vibrational space.

Recently I moved into a new house. My very first purchased home after 55 years of moving around the planet, doing my soul work. This house is quite large for me, and has taken some getting used to, but I was most assuredly guided to it, and so, know it is where I need to be. As I attempt to unpack, I am finding that pretty much NOTHING from my old life or house fits here. A continual mis-match every time I turn around or attempt to put something away.

We cannot bring our old selves and our prior lives with us to the new reality. The new reality is expansive, big, a very new and vast territory, and within it, we must now create something very new and different. I knew when I purchased this house, that it would not be just my house, but a house for others, thus, the reason for it being so large. We will indeed be uniting now with our brothers and sisters, and connecting in such a profound way, that these unions will replace any unions we may have lost in the recent past. These new soul unions have a very different feel to them. They feel very alive, energized, blissful, exciting, and other worldly, and serve to connect us at our core. And the gratitude for these long awaited connections is immense.

The vibration that we feel the most now, and the one that we crave, is the vibration of love. It supersedes all else. No matter what the circumstances or what may seem to be occurring, if there is love present, we are most certainly home and intact in a higher vibrating experience.

This new grounding in also places us in a very new position of our true and rightful power. We have now anchored into the earth. We are the true and rightful caretakers of the earth, as many of us created her and in addition, created the ascension plan. This is not an arrogant posture, but one of rightful stewardship. We deeply love the earth and all her inhabitants. And have taken every possible precaution and step to ensure the greatest love and respect for each and every soul who is residing here, along with the earth herself.

There will indeed be more grounding yet to come. We have only yet begun, and the solstice of December will only serve to pull us in even further. One by one, and ever so slowly, we will find each other…we will come together with the greatest love and joy possible, and we will begin to create together in slow and steady steps.

Focus and visualization will be paramount now, as what we choose to fill our minds with and what we choose to believe will manifest for us like our own personal movie. Our focus and visualizations, or our dreams and desires, will come together to create a very new grid of the new reality. In this way, we can very easily come out of a “downer,” simply by choosing to see that what we may believe is occurring, simply is not. Or even that we do not choose to have this particular experience, and are now able and willing to navigate ourselves elsewhere. Everything is in divine and perfect order for the creation and experience of a new beginning in the higher realms. Anything else is simply an illusion, fear, or even a belief that what has occurred for us before we finally arrived is still the norm.

These experiences in the higher realms are now possible because we are now out of and free from the lower vibrating energies. Arriving in a higher vibrating space, surrounded by higher vibrating energies, changes things dramatically. Very dramatically. If we are ever feeling perplexed or confused about our new path or new connections, we will find that a perfect message just for us arrives within the lyrics of a song, the theme of a movie, in a dream, or perhaps within a book. Something is trying to connect to us and to speak to us. We are being guided very strongly now, and supported in many ways. Magical messages then, will serve to validate and reassure us, if ever we become doubtful or have feelings of “just the same old, the same old.” We are being told to hang in there, as things will indeed be quite different this time. This also means that the long period of nothing manifesting, of nothing seemingly “good” arriving, and most importantly having the experience of none of the predictions we have received ever coming true ARE NOW OVER. Our true and rightful paths can now manifest…in all ways.

This very new reality has now received us, is surrounding us with its incredible and magical energy, is welcoming us and beckoning us to fulfill our purpose here, to step up to the plate, to bring forth what we came to bring forth, and to come together as never before as we begin to create a very new heaven on Earth.

From one of my favorites, Martina McBride’s Shine cd, “Wrong Baby Wrong”…she says it well:

“Wrong baby, wrong baby, wrong...It aint the end of the world ...It won’t be long, baby long, baby long;

Come on now
Everyone falls down
Everyone crawls now and then
Then they get up again
You cry if you want to
That’s what we all do
But if you think you’ll never move on you’re wrong baby wrong
You’re wrong baby wrong
Wrong baby wrong baby wrong.”

With much love and gratitude,



LoveBeing 27th November 2009 4:41 am

Oh, yes! I'm getting ready... to change my location, although everything is not clear yet. I felt that too, that I don't like to take my old things with me into this new journey.

I'm emotionally a bit insensitive.

Something I'll really celebrate with all of my heart is to once again connecting to my Higher Self. I've noticed that the signs are getting meaningful. I've suffered a lot because of the disconnection with my Higher Self.

Thank you, Karen.

Nickola 27th November 2009 11:15 am

woohoooo lady


jedigrl82 27th November 2009 3:57 pm

thanks karen for more insight i'm physically aone in this journey and have ben on the brink of insanity as of late. it seems inside it's all ok but i have not felt a connection to the higher realms in a while now.

much peace and love

misafir 27th November 2009 5:36 pm

Recently, Kryon had told that we neared the end of 'winter of spirituality'. And, so it is.
Thanks Karen, for the details.
(We may expect beautiful flowers to blossom at the end of the winter, and at the beginning of the spring, of spirituality. Worth to celebrate.)

Shay 4th December 2009 1:42 am

Yes Kimberly - I'm totally with you on this. There's been a serious disconnection for me too...for months now! And doing it all solo makes me too feel like I'm constantly walking that fine line between sanity and madness! For what it's worth-please know you're not alone.
I've started writing about this in my 'Diary Of A Crazed Ascenionist'.


jedigrl82 18th December 2009 2:40 pm

thank you for that shay!! i have been feeling much better physically as of late but still feel very disconnected form the divine i went and seen a medium who told me i should be resting for 6 months!! but i feel lazy which i know i'm not. i have had my nose to the grindstone so to speack on a spiritual level. i have never worked so hard for something in my whole life so i'm gonna take the advice! you don't notice the inner work right away and realize what you have really been going through!! but anyway i appreciate that i'm not alone! peace and love!! and of course holiday blessings


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