The Earth Changes

Although a WINGS message was just recently posted, there are noteworthy events on the near horizon, and knowing the higher level reasons behind them before-hand, will hopefully serve to ease any stress and confusion that may result.

The Haiti earthquake jump-started the emergence of the new reality by opening our hearts and bringing people together once again. It literally cracked open the new earth, and prepared it for its very new beginning.

In very near times to come, we will experience additional natural disasters, and these will not occur in third world countries. Although the areas where these disasters will occur are most likely already known to many, personally, I do not see the need to report this aspect. We are always right where we need to be, at any given time. At our soul levels, we are always, but always, navigated to our perfect places and spaces. In this way, some of us will remain in these areas when these disasters occur, as our earth angel role will be greatly needed. Others can serve better by being removed from these areas, all according to who and what we have all come to do.

In addition, I rarely report these things well in advance, as I feel that there is always room for a different scenario. We never really know how and if all things will indeed actually occur. Reporting these events usually creates fear, and we are already having enough insecurity as it is. In addition, we might just create an unneeded situation simply because we are focusing on it, and it may have not been necessary at all. If we can take this ascension process step-by-step, and focus on each step we are experiencing at the time, then we are always right where we need to be.

Currently, we are right on top of the next impending earth change. Why are we having earth changes and can they be averted? Although they are certainly unpleasant and quite dramatic, they are none-the-less necessary at this time.

The earth is being prepared for a very new beginning. Certain geographical areas are thus being swept clean and cleansed, so that the palette for the new earth will be ready. As we are branching out now, and as the light is beginning to “take over,” a new bed is being made. There is no judgment here. Specific areas are not being targeted because they vibrate so low that they need a swift make-over. What is occurring here, is that there will be specific areas on the planet which will be the light centers, and these areas are being prepared for their new roles.

When a dramatic cleansing and movement with the energies takes place, the area that is cleansed always vibrates much higher after the cleanse and shift occurs. Haiti, for instance, will soon be a recognized sacred space. And some geographical areas may be re-arranged in quite a dramatic way as well.

This is all part of the process of creating the new world. We are starting all over from scratch, and so, the new world must have a new bed to lie in.

For some, we have recently been moved into a new energetic space in order to be energetically removed from these impending changes that will occur on the physical level of our new reality. Feelings of being “sequestered” for a awhile, of being removed, of suddenly feeling that one is now in a new and very calm, relaxed space, or even that we have finally landed somewhere that feels right, protected, and real, are some symptoms of having this experience. Several months ago, many of us were “sequestered” while a new hierarchy was being put into place. This occurred around the time of the separation of the worlds. We needed to be removed while something new was being set up, before we could move into it.

This new “sequestering” is very similar, but for different reasons this time. We are being removed while the new geographical earth is being prepared. These feelings of being removed are most prevalent for those residing in the areas that will be affected, as they are closer to them, and will thus, feel their impact much more. We are removed during these times so that we will not experience any trauma or reverberations from these dramatic changes.

Yes, these times are dramatic and stressful indeed. But if we can remember that we have planned this for a very long time, and know that things are being orchestrated and put into place in a perfect and divine way, hopefully, we can stay in spaces of peace, love, and calm while all of these changes occur.

With much love and gratitude,



misafir 12th February 2010 3:34 pm

Jonah warns his community of a coming disaster from God. They beleive it, and they show repentance, and wait. Nothing happens. It is said that, due to their faith and repentance, God had given up the making of the promised disaster. (from the Old Testament) This story seems to show that even in old days such disasters could be avoided. A change in the general attitude of the community had brought about the change, apparently.
Now, in our times, it is perhaps not much different, since it is said in many channelings that a major role of such mass destructive disasters is to generate the emotions of mercy-affection on a massive scale (in humanity's heart). Then, what if people started to look deeply with the eye of mercy-affection to the whole world, without the need of a whip thru disaster ?

misafir 12th February 2010 4:09 pm

Apparently, such massive soul transitions (due to disasters) have a role in the (metaphysical-spiritual) energy equations. Can they be avoided ? Yes, but it depends on the summations (integral) of the choices made in each individual. It isn't simple (lineer) mathematics, since some individuals will have much different effect than others. There is sense-ability, detectability to some extent but also invisibility and hiddenness to a greater extent in these issues. It is said that one that has mastered his own self will also be recognized by earth (as the master). So, the Earth also listens to, and acts accordingly, the master.
Another option is to call the Superman for help. In case, Superman cannot be contacted, his earthly partner (or, form) Clark Kent can be referred to, and asked for help. Clark can play the weak and unable (Kent=can't), it shouldnt discourage you, he'll get it. Superman, actually, can prevent disasters. Here, Superman represents the New Energy on earth, and Clark Kent, the earthly (human) partner (channelers).. "ask it and it will be.. :)

misafir 12th February 2010 4:45 pm

The New Energy on earth has already re-structured the earth.. Rememeber the re-alignment of earth's magnetic network.. such a thing requires immense (unearthly) power, skill, since it requires massive amounts of transfer and transformation on earth matter.. that means the New Energy masters the earth and shapes up the earth, it is able to.. a power which is able to shape up the earth (globally), and to prevent meteorites to crash to earth by changing its orbit and exploding it in space, can prevent earth disasters to happen, can it not ?
So, we have the mercy-affection producing and beaming factor, the presence and the light of the lightworkers' factor, the superman, i.e., the New Energy factor, the trust and surrender factor..
The New Energy has 'wild cards' that can change the course of things and may surprise us (so long as the humanity cooperates for nice surprises).. :)
Can Clark Ken't' do it ? :)

misafir 12th February 2010 7:28 pm

Thanks conni, but I dont have a website.. :)

misafir 12th February 2010 8:59 pm

Adding a note to Jonah's example.. If Jonah had not warned the people of a coming disaster, people would be ignorant, and then, since their attitude would stay unchanged, the promised disaster would indeed happen. (But, as the threat produced repentance and compassion in hearts, then the disaster need not happen.) See the paradox ? Jonah's warning did a great service, though unrealized.

earthchild 13th February 2010 5:27 am

Although I think most of Karen's messages are great and often very precise, I think it is very unwise to predict or talk about more disasters that are to come, because that produces a lot of fear that causes more imbalance in people than there already is. We are already working hard on achieving balance during these difficult times and facing our fears. What Karen gets is lightworkers working overtime facing all their fears while giving us new fears to worry about.. How is that going to work out?

FutureNow 13th February 2010 8:51 am

yes earthchild
you express my feelings as well. I feel that no one can predict what will be, it does not matter anyway for each one of us is experiencing another world of our own. We all connect on these sites but that is all--- we do not physically share anything.
I read spiritual posts, but the most important thing to me is learning to NOT believe what others say but TRUST myself. we must all empower our own selves and listen to our own inner voice. No one knows more about your own world than you do. I cannot see your world and you cannot see mine, but it exists.
After losing everything I still trust,as I move through the challenges, the simple things I appreciate so much more. and feel so much deeper...

noro11 13th February 2010 10:14 am

I agree to your comment when one looks at it from a position of fear or the low side of resonance. From a position outside of fear Karen's message can be very useful e.g. if someone tells you that you are going to fall into a deep pothole the next day on your way to work, you most likely will be extra alert and conscious which will help you to "see" the pothole, resulting in you having a choice now to perhaps just walk around it and not to fall into it. If that someone would have not given you that info you probably would have fallen into it. I would also like to remind everyone that there is 'no out there'- everything is within us because ALL is ONE. If you truly understand free will and choice than you know that there is nothing to worry about. Everyone experiences and creates his/her reality according to his/her attitudes/ beliefs, choices/ decisions, thoughts and feelings. What might be experienced as a trauma to one might be nothing much to another.So, why not focus on harmony, elegant transition etc. because now we know about the pothole.Critical mass will make it so

earthchild 13th February 2010 10:39 am

Yes, but what good will it do to talk about future disasters, not mentioning where they are going to be and what will happen? To me you cannot look at this outside of fear or as a warning. Maybe Karen intends it to be some kind of heart opening, but I simply cannot see what good this will do and how she can avoid creating more fear. I think it is far better to allow this process to happen in the way it does. Karen has made mistakes before, talking about the plan that was changed and did not happen when it was intended, so as long as there hasn't been another disaster who says she can't be wrong again this time with the only result of having created more fear??

Luna Crow 13th February 2010 1:50 pm

I highly recomment a writing that has been circulating for about 20 years now called, A Hopi Elder Speaks. you can google it on the internet. It is very simple, yet very profound. The River that the Hopi elder refers to is the consciousness we are currently in. I have lived near a River now for 8 years and have developed a relationship with this River. In the winter when all seems so still the River does her work raging through this valley and cleaning out all that is no longer necassary. She develops new beaches, destroys old beaches and literally rips up trees out of the ground. The Earth changes are designed to do the same work energetically. Mother Earth is rebirthing Herself and all of Her children. One year the River came within a few feet of my home (an incredible feet) and there I was gathering up material belongings putting them up high in case the water were to enter my home. After a while, I had a peace come over me. I spoke to Her (the River) and acknowleded how she had created the whole valley I live in and that actually the valley belongs to Her. (cont...)

Luna Crow 13th February 2010 1:56 pm

I spoke to Her of my Love for Her and my Gratitude for all the beauty She has created through the eons. The rain stopped long enough for my home to be spared.
Thank you Karen for giving us an opportunity to surrender, Love,and gain Real perspective.
Luna Crow

Guzar 13th February 2010 11:16 pm

Your messages over time keep referring to “we” sounding as if you are speaking for the “chosen ones” being separated from others. You may speak for yourself, but everyone is on their own path. The only true statement in this message is we are all where we are supposed to be at any given time. It would be nice if you would stop imposing fear upon those who read your materials. This has occurred many times in your writing. The soul is connected to the creator and when one listens to the soul and lives in the now, fear does not exist. Anyone who reads most any reports relating to the climate change and earth changes knows that natural changes occur. This is mother earth changing as we are changing. She is shedding her past and moving on her own path. Everything that is alive on this planet is supposed to be here now and be part of these changes. Some to cross over, some to assist others in their transitions; but all is done for spiritual growth. No soul dies, it simply passes to it next level of learning. We all will do this at some point. So why put fear into transition?

anje 14th February 2010 2:12 am

To Karen,
If you and apparently select 'others' are aware of where the next disaster will occur, and you are courageous enough to report this, then you really must own up and also tell us the details.

Not doing so would, in a court of law, be considered serious withholding of evidence which may save countless lives.

The truth is, no one knows, because the Universe from our human perspective runs on an infinite wisdom that says 'tomorrow shall remain a mystery".

This type of reporting is irresponsible and based on speculation. I wonder if it has occurred to you that earth changes, if they seem so probable to you that you must quasi-warn us in such a fearful way, may mean something positive? The earth is changing all the time. It's not all about tsunamis and earthquakes and tornadoes. When a family decides to change their use of artificial pesticides to natural ones on their lawn, that is an earth change. Maybe what you feel you are seeing, are many of these positive changes suddenly taking hold.

Kirin 14th February 2010 3:58 am

Dear all.

Maybe we should read comment nr 7 from Misafir again.......This positive attitude towards warnings could be used to stop the fearing of fear.....
Then maybe we can all join 'hands' and radiate LOVE!

With love from Holland, Kirin

earthchild 14th February 2010 6:02 am

Yes, but why do the warnings then have to come in the first place? I mean does Karen expect us to be positive when she writes stuff like that??

Kirin 14th February 2010 6:20 am

Dear Earthchild.

Maybe by concentrating on radiating love a bit stronger, we can soften the impact of upcoming events (as written in comment 7). What happens here and now is the old trap of getting stuck in fear; thus reinforcing it.

I do understand what you mean, but by wanting to stay in ignorance we won't be of much help.(Have you read the message of AA Michael? He speaks about moments like this...)
Fear seems to always hit much stronger than positivity.....
I do trust enough to realise such a warning has to have a meaning.....

Hope you understand my view on this.

Love , Kirin

lrm 15th February 2010 12:21 pm

Of course Karen did not intend to create fear,but why bother saying 'hey there will be some changes,NOT in the 3rd world,but,psyche! I'm not going to tell you where,b/c that would create fear...but rest assured,wherever you are is where you need to be.'

And then goes on to say that if you are a)sequestered or b)newly in a place of calm and peace,you are in an area that will be affected?

Karen frequently writes the entire gamut of human experience as indicators in her posts: ie,you might be feeling sad,depressed,joy for no reason,lonely,and then again,you might not be feeling any of these;that's how it is in these times'.

Well,duh,it's called 'being human'. All of those things are things every single human on the planet experiences. And when you list every possible scenario to 'cover your bases'-and attribute those to 'proof' that what you are saying is true,you have to wonder where the discernment is.

Also,if someone has made their financial living off of writings or teachings,that aspect will always be present in one's work.

lrm 15th February 2010 12:26 pm

Continuing on....

Not that there is anything wrong with earning income from one's work,but it absolutely creates a compromise,however subconscious,with one's work,particularly if it is the mainstay of one's income-she is reliant on writing for survival.

And if you are reading her posts for several years,you will see the same writings each time,over and over again.

You will also notice the 'dramatic fashion' with which she writes her messages. ex: when she recently moved and had the flu and had 'magical helpers show up',etc.
Sounds like the stress of moving to myself and most people I know. Things don't usually go according to exact plan,things take longer,and you often get run down and sick. That is not unique to ascension or anything spiritual.

The whole point of ascension is realizing it's not a separate thing or entity-it is experiencing life through a multidimensional lens.

Btw,to anyone who will write 'well dont read her messaages,if you don't like them;she is free to write,and you are free to not read',this is an immature/cult like stance. Dialogue is essential

lrm 15th February 2010 12:45 pm

I actually used to love/read her messages regularly b/c there were some glimmers of truth in them. Now I read them for entertainment,frankly,b/c I have realized how they recycle themselves,and how she writes in a dramatic fashion no different than the news media or hollywood,which keeps people hooked in a cycle of expectation and validation,for the most part.
It's like Fox news for the spiritual journey. Or PBS or whatever you like to call it.
I think she is misleading but well intended,and obviously some people will take comfort in her words,which is fine,but she does not really encourage going w/in and knowing oneself. For the last few years,as I felt the greater patterns in the collective psyche,I actually kept expecting she would post one day and say she no longer would continue writing,b/c she and others have reached a place where it doesn't serve moving forward. But instead,she took a break and come back w/largely the same perspective,while writing even more from an 'us and them' place,speaking of how she knows people already know this info,and that is her target group

lrm 15th February 2010 12:38 pm

She has created her life to need others to rely on this information,whether she acknowledges it or not. She can say we who already know this info and do not need validation,are her target group,but that does not really make sense b/c she would not need to say it otherwise.

There's a very 'my way or the highway' stance in the writings-if anyone disagrees with her,it's b/c they 'do not understand the higher ways' or have 'misunderstood her'.

when she used to write about political events and her interpretation: It's one thing to be neutral and say there is something positive to come out of tragedy,etc,but quite another to put her personal spin and judgement on it,which she absolutely has done,in the past. She then wrote that her new phase would be 'speaking to personal experience,as we all will be experiencing this differently' and she would no longer write about the planetary experiences as a whole or hte political process. Instead of saying it was too controversial,or thta perhaps she was somewhat subjective in her past writing about them,it was a spiritual 'excuse'=not humble

lrm 15th February 2010 12:44 pm

I rarely post on SL,or on Karen's posts-and now I will take leave of my many posts...(:

In conclusion,it always reminds me of the Zoolander movie-when mugato says 'One look. Doesn't anyone see that he only has one look? It's the same look! I feel like I'm taking crazy pills!'

LOL That is how I feel when I read Karen's writings...

and yes,I have read the Hopi prophecy stuff,which is all good and fine,but it is still allowing someone else's experience of reality,albeit a 'Native American sacred experience' color one's own reality.
Whatever reason or belief works for you,great. Many times,they just serve to bring comfort,in the guise of spiritual wisdom. You must drink the cool aid in order to believe.

there are schools of research that also indicate native american prophecy were the result of being told by those in power at that ancient time,that the destruction/colonizing would 'all be for a good reason in the end',so it was their version of something to make them feel better. The promise of salvation by those who had power over them.
Same with today's spiritual movemen

Aliah 18th February 2010 9:33 pm


Aliah 18th February 2010 9:33 pm


Aliah 18th February 2010 9:33 pm


FutureNow 17th February 2010 12:32 pm

thanks for the link Aliah, the end got me --I hope my son is allowed to find his mother again. I have not seen him for so long(divorce) his father cannot see what he is doing. they say this too shall pass but it is so very, very long I want my family I want my child, that is all. I miss my loving relationship oh so much... and I have tried all. Now I just try to live through it all somehow.... This song touched me as it is what i imagine when we see each other again...

Aliah 18th February 2010 9:32 pm


Aliah 18th February 2010 9:35 pm


Aliah 18th February 2010 9:34 pm


FutureNow 19th February 2010 6:19 am


Aliah 21st February 2010 12:40 am

I have been asked to. :) Not by anyone amidst these boards. Its kinda hard sometimes, to honor the separation from people, that I have been asked to achieve by heavenly guidance. But, I know I'm supposed to. Sigh... All things are for good purpose. Wish I could talk about it, but I shouldn't even be here actually. Lol! I poke my head out and about once in awhile just like a curious child, like I have done amidst the spirit library ~ and then feel Guilty! Like I am disobeying. So... I appropriately return to what I should be doing. It is just a part of my next stage of progression... And, I'm workin' on it. hehe :D I understand it, but still! Feeling like a hidden and valued treasure is so very humbling, wonderful and joyful, yet has its moments of lonesome sometimes. Not sad in the least. Just lonesome. Big difference. :)

Thanks for asking though. I hope you are feeling so much better!

Take care... gentle smile.


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