The Emerging New Reality

We have made great progress the past few days, all, as always, in divine and perfect order. Moving into this new space, and this new reality, creates certain steps and phases that must take place, as all transitions do. We have indeed been removed from the old reality of holding a space for others, for helping and assisting, and of fulfilling our plan of bringing up the vibration for the whole.

These final steps involve releasing the old, believing we are indeed in a new land and choosing to see it, and of course, the beginning experiences of creating things very new for us.

At the end of December and into January, I made a journey to North Carolina from my home in New Mexico to gather up my daughter and grandchildren and bring them back here to New Mexico. Several weeks or months prior, I was told by my non-physical star companion that a specific area would be ideal for them. As I got in the car one day, he appeared in the passenger seat, and together we drove the 2 ½ hours as he guided me to this new area.

Well, it was most certainly not an area I would have ever guessed to be ideal or even higher vibrating, but the more the pieces arrived, and the more synchronicities Ari experienced, the more we could see that this was indeed her ideal spot. Every time she turned on the television, for instance, this area would show up, and she only had one channel! She had finally, finally decided to leave the small suppressed town where she had resided for the past ten years, as these past ten years had proved to be extremely challenging for her. Her soul had agreed to bridge the races and bring up the vibration of this area, but somewhere in the process, it had dragged her down instead of her bringing things up. (Ari has lovingly given me permission to share her story here.)

She had attempted to leave two times prior, but was simply not ready and could not bring herself to leave, as it was not yet time. This January it finally was. I cannot begin to tell you the change in her since she departed her old land and arrived in the new. She has come back to herself...she has reconnected to her soul and to her divine calling, she is blissfully happy, and her life is now magical and full of miracles. I shed tears of joy at this new development, as the past ten years have been so challenging for me to see her suffer so.

Ari and I have been best friends our entire lives, as it has always been just the two of us since her moment of conception. Never bickering or fighting, we have always simply loved each other. Seeing her suffer while she made her choices was so very difficult as her best friend and her mother...but now, things are finally back to the way they were when we were together all those years prior. She is happy once again. She has the original joy in her step...she is being who she once was all over again....and her life is full of ease. We sit together holding hands as we had before, and spend our time laughing, having great adventures, and enjoying the magic of life.

My grandchildren are thriving, coming into their own, and we frequently comment that our faces hurt from so much smiling. The children's new doctor has a name that is frequently used as a label for the new children, and her assistant has a name that is cosmic... we have found amazing things to do and see here, with fantastic aquatic centers for swimming, new and spectacular libraries, sports programs for all ages, a community that takes great pride in itself with inhabitants that absolutely love what they are doing and cannot do enough for us, and the list goes on and on.

Ari has is now in her very protected space of heaven, and I am blessed to be spending part of my time there as well. For me, knowing that my daughter is OK once again, feels like an incredible long awaited miracle, and I frequently become emotional at this realization. It has been a long time coming for all of us on this planet. It still seems almost too good to be true.

I share this story with you as an example that we have indeed left the old and have arrived in the new. I have been writing for several years now that we will eventually find ourselves in protected and magical places on "the other side" while the remainder of the planet continues its transition for the next four years. We are now finally at this juncture with the ascension process. Things are indeed progressing right on track. Those of us holding more light than most, have completed a very important phase, and are now being freed up to move into the new. This was part of our plan, so even though we may have felt trapped in the past, things were actually being orchestrated at higher soul levels, and thus, everything was in divine and perfect order.

This past year, it was common for many of us to have experienced situations where we now might feel that we were misled or perhaps that certain things or situations were not revealed to us completely. At first, when these situations became evident, the remaining ego parts of ourselves might have felt abused, used, hurt, or even angry. But at higher levels, things had to be this way. We had agreed to stay put at the lower levels for a while...until enough of the lower vibrating masses could be affected and thus given an opportunity to catch up before the shift occurred. In this way, we were indeed being trapped or held hostage, but our souls are very advanced and knew we could handle this situation. If we had not been misled or if things had not been misrepresented to us, we would have never become involved in these situations, and we need to be there even if these situations eventually became intolerable.

Now we are free. Yes, we are free.

For the past three years, I have driven a leased Toyota 4Runner. After I got it, I absolutely fell in love with Toyota vehicles and their company. My lease was up in December and I knew I had to either buy the car or get something new. With all the transition energy and new changes, I was not ready then, so Toyota gave me an extension until things settled down for me. A few times during our exploring travels in Ari's new area, we would get lost and end up at a Toyota dealer. In addition, I am currently selling my 8 ½ acres of land here in Ramah, as I need more acreage now. Still staying in this area, I found a new piece of land, will be building my passive solar home on top of a very protected rocky mesa, and the owner of this new piece of land has graciously agreed to hold the land until my prior land sells. In this way, I wanted a new vehicle that could handle the rough terrain easily, and one that I would love to get dirty and muddy!

I imagined down to the last detail what would be perfect for me and my situation, and I really wanted it to be a Toyota. Well, the FJ Cruiser fit in every way. For me, it felt like a sort of special magical creation that existed in some strange reality of illusions. It was almost too perfect in every way. But that was several months ago, and I could only hold that vision at the time, as some kind of connector to the new. This past week-end, I finally stopped by the dealer, only to be told that Toyota was not making these cars in 2009 due to the upheavals in the economy and so forth.

I went back home to Ramah and got a call the next day from a wonderful man who was helping me. He had just gotten a Cruiser in and was holding it for me. I decided to check my credit out. Not involved in the system much, I did know at least that I had great credit. Much to my horror, I found out that my credit score was "very poor" ! Two years ago, I had cancelled a contract with a television satellite company, as they were not providing the service that they had committed to. I had called them several times, had their representatives out, written them many letters, and was not willing to pay for something they were not providing or would not even take responsibility for. They would not budge. Having paid my bill in full, they had reported me to collections for a breaking the contract fee. I had never had a collection agency involved with me before, and was mortified until I realized what was actually occurring.

I do not belong in the old system anymore, and I know that many of you do not either. Purchasing a car by buying something on credit was very rare for me. It was a new experience of becoming involved in the system and I really got a view of what is occurring there. The old systems are crashing, as we well know. We need not be affected by them. In this way, I came to know that I really did not care what the old system had to say about me. Ari wailed, "But Mom, they are ruining your good name!" But who was really ruining my good name anyway? A system that did not make sense? Not having any debt, my credit score would be low for that reason anyway, and that never made sense to me either!

I called Toyota and explained my dilemma. They looked me up in their system and laughed. They said no worries, as my payment record had been so good with my lease that they would offer me my new vehicle for a very low interest rate, and that was it. And as my time with them progressed, the interest rate got lower and lower. So.......I am now a proud owner of a beautiful FJ Cruiser. My experience with the individuals at Toyota was also very magical and awesome indeed. They literally hid my new car from the public until I arrived, as this car was in such demand...much in the same way that my new land is being held for me. By the time I left, we were almost one big happy family with much love and support between all of us. They did so many wonderful things for me. And in addition, this new vehicle is for me, something I had always dreamed about. In many years past, I frequently envisioned myself in some kind of safari looking truck in Africa among nature and the animals. Not realizing it immediately, I suddenly became aware that my new Cruiser looks just like that! A long forgotten dream suddenly arriving from a time in the distant past. A dream that could not manifest until much of the shifting and evolving had been completed. A dream from another time...a vision from my youth....a dream that had occurred when things had been very different indeed.

I tell you this long and perhaps boring story about me, because things are arriving for us magically now, but we may not be noticing. Having experienced so much of the denser and darker energies in recent times as so much needed to transmute, we may easily miss this new and magical.....and very of the new reality. It is coming in like a gentle breeze, lovingly embracing us, supporting us, providing special miracles, and letting us know that we can now become accustomed to a new reality that we have always envisioned.

We are each being placed in pockets of great protection now. Any old or unpleasant energies are being removed from our presence. Going to this "other side" or higher dimensional reality involved a few minor adjustments this time, as the major adjustments have already been completed. Extreme body pain and headaches were part of the minor adjustments. Our physical bodies had to squeeze what was left over from all the evolving we had done, into a tighter space or tunnel of arrival into this new and higher vibrating dimension. Ouch! It was painful indeed. And not only did our muscles ache and throb, but nerve endings cried out as well. And whenever we arrive somewhere in a higher vibration we can also experience acute darkness for a while. But as we evolve higher and higher, the dark periods relating to new arrivals are briefer and briefer.

Then there were the emotional bouts of weeping. Whenever much is about to leave or crash, we can feel as though we want to cry a river and we may not know why. This is a common experience of ascension. Emotional crying. Ascension mimics menopause so acutely, that at times it can be difficult to know which is which! But with so many men and women of all ages having these experiences, even though they seem follow the manifestations that menopause creates, we have come to know that they are indeed only ascension symptoms. In this way, being treated by healing modalities for menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, weight gain, insomnia, memory loss, depression, feeling useless, and the like, very commonly do not help in any way, as menopause is not the culprit here. The only similarity is that we are leaving one experience and arriving in another.

So then, we have arrived in a new space. In regard to bodily changes of the past few years, we will finally begin to see a change. Weight loss is finally here! Yay! We can now begin the process of coming back to our original and ideal body weights. And then there is the aging. Many of us have aged significantly in the past few years. Some of us look old (well at least I do!). In many ways, ascension did it. But now, we get to be revived again. We get to be rejuvenated. We can look good again. Yay again! Our young spirits can re-emerge. Our batteries will be re-charged. We can exhale.

These new beginnings, as mentioned several times past, will also involve new partners or current partnerships at new and higher levels. Prior relationships involving growth or the like will cease to exist. We may have connected with others in the past in order to learn new things about the planet, or perhaps because we had similarities at the time, or even as a means of support, but the new partnerships will be different. They will be formed from joy, companionship, mutual respect, and feel more heavenly than anything we have yet experienced. I have been connected to someone new only at a non-physical level for a good year now, and we will finally meet in the physical sometime this year (Phil and I permanently parted last summer). We will be a perfect match and wonderful mirror of each other. These experiences will happen for all of us.

What we will need as supports for the new will absolutely be there. Absolutely. This is happening now and has been for several months, but will increase in months to come. June will be a big turning point. In June, much will have been anchored in for us in regard to the new, and our manifestations will then be extremely grounded, real, in this world, and we will have a feeling that much has turned around and that we are very much at the helm of this reality and in charge of what we feel it should look like. This will look different depending upon what level each of us is residing.

Know as well that Barack Obama is here to provide stability for these changes to occur. His role is in holding the energies as stable as possible during the final shifting and crashing so that it will be as comfortable as possible for everyone. The shifting and crashing will continue on for four more years until December of 2012. Obama's destiny was to be present at the helm during this time. His grandmother passed away the day before his win was announced. She left as she knew she had completed her raise him to fulfill his destiny, and his destiny was now intact. Making her transition the day before the election results were revealed, was proof therein that he had indeed won the election and things were now in order.

Placing Obama on a pedestal or expecting one man to save the planet is not the intention of his role. His purpose involves embracing many, uniting the whole, and spreading this energy in order to form a higher level web of stability to hold things as stable as possible while we complete the final phases of the shift. This is why his background involves so much diversity and why he does what he does. He is simply creating a huge grid as his soul knows exactly what it is doing. (Please, please do not contact me about Barack Obama in any negative way, try to convince me that he is "reptilian" or some other low level interpretation of his beingness. He is a high level being who is doing exactly what he came to do, just as George W. Bush (and his administration) did as well, and thus creating what is needed at the time for the higher propose of this planet. We are all high level beings at our soul levels, as there is never any darkness present, but simply encouragements that serve to spur us ever forward as great gifts. Polarity does not exist in the higher realms.) Things may not always appear as they really are, thus creating confusion at times, but if we can look to the higher purpose and know what that is, then we can rest assured that everything is indeed OK.

Our new little ones are doing the very same thing in regard to creating this new grid of stability. They are bringing in a higher energetic grid to hold things at a higher level in order to ensure that there is a connection to a higher vibration while the old falls away, never to return. All in perfect and divine order, as always.

So then, for the next four years, we can expect great transitions that will manifest with economies, weather patterns and natural disasters, individual relationships, and really, much of everything. But during this time we will be divinely protected, tucked safely away, have all our needs met, and be ready to assist in a variety of ways until this massive transition is fairly complete in 2012. We will look back, being much more connected to and knowing more of who we really and truly are by then, and be amazed at what has been accomplished. Times past will barely be remembered as things will be so very different by then. And isn't this what we have always wanted...change and transition?

Much love and continued gratitude. Until next time,




iwetta luckhaus 25th January 2009 9:25 pm

Dear Karen,

Thank you for this wonderful article. I agree so much with you and can very close relate to what you are writing about. It's so uplifting to hear stories from other people going through the same journey!
Thank you so much!!!
Much Love

camelman555 26th January 2009 4:31 am

i rekon its about time you got a breather. Good job well done

Silentiger 26th January 2009 6:52 am

Thank you Karen,

The more you read it becomes increasingly obvious as to the role Barrack Obama plays in the destiny of America and the world. St. Germain during his life on Earth contributed immensely to the ascension of this nation. Now at its most vulnerable we can actually glimpse the transmutation by the violet flame of a once powerful peoples emerging again into greatness.

love and light


k 26th January 2009 1:48 pm

Karen, I think "Rooty" with the rusty rifle in the rear ranks is catching on. I don't have to intentionally meditate now. Every moment a part of me is at home. There are really some awesome rapid changes occuring, just as you said.

Ron L. 26th January 2009 10:29 pm

In light of what happened to me during the past two days, your offering was exactly what I needed to hear/read. I spent yesterday and today fasting. It wasn't like I had planned it in advance, it just came about. It brought up so much about my past dreams and what I wanted in life. And it even continued on into my nightly dreams. The traveling in my dreams was so intense that I had to draw pictures as memories of what I had wanted to do years ago. It is almost as if this dream image is right here in front of me. All I have to do is continue to believe it is so, and reach through that dream veil and make it real.

I do find it funny that you associate crying with ascension. I must be ascending very rapidly, because despite the fact that I'm a man, I cry extremely easily. Even while watching the "kid's movie", Kung Fu Panda, I find myself uncontrollably getting red-eyed, tears rolling down my cheeks, and having to blow my nose. The rest of my family thinks there is something wrong with me - but I just tell 'em I'm a sensitive guy. Thanks so much for sharing your story - Ron


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