The End of WINGS and the Death of the Old

To all my readers:

At the beginning of May, I left the old shell of an old self behind. Like a massive death and final ending, my time was up and everything that went along with it was gone as well. As my star family continued to tell me, “Your time is over now. You have finished what you came to do, and it is time to come home.”

As with all endings, so many of the doors around us close, never to open again. Backs are turned, spaces will not open, and there is nowhere left to go. In these ways, we become virtually invisible, as we are no longer residing in the dimension we are about to leave. It was indeed time for me to jump into the dimension above me, and to have a very different existence than I had experienced up until then.

Many of my writings explain how we get “kicked out” when we no longer belong in our old spaces. These old spaces become so unbearable that we can no longer tolerate their energies. In this way, we are shut out and encouraged to leave by the very unpleasant behavior of the energies who are still residing there.

For some of us, our next dimensional leap is into the energies and reality of the heart. In this way, if we find ourselves around anything that does not emit the heart energy, we can become acutely uncomfortable and feel lost, not at home, wounded, abused, and at best, be unable to communicate or connect to anything that does not come from a heart connection.

Putting on a “suit of amor,” a tough exterior, or even utilizing deliberate “protections” in order to survive in the world does not work with the heart energy, and for me, has never and will never be an option. I came here to experience this planet as the soul that I am, and I intend to continue to do just that.

My time for writing the WINGS posts and e-books was over about two years ago, but I was asked, like many of you, to continue on for a while until the direction of the planet and the path was permanently set. In this way, I continued on longer than I had ever intended, and even came back at the end for this purpose. I will not be returning again. I no longer reside where I used to reside, and I am permanently finished with my prior role and all it entailed. As we have now chosen as a planet to arrive in a new world in a way that perhaps we had not envisioned, I will also then, no longer be offering Soul Celebrations or creating Angels Rest. I have been cut loose in all ways.

In Creating the New Reality, there is an explanation about soul infusion and what it feels like to be embodying a form with your soul when you have evolved beyond it. Very simply, we are not all there anymore. By following our hearts, we will automatically be taken to our next “form.” So although we may at times feel we have experienced a very permanent death, because we are experiencing ascension times, we frequently have the option of dying, but can take our forms along with us. When our souls arrive in their new space, they come alive once again.

I did indeed have a death experience with all the bells and whistles, a life review, a final farewell, and a permanent end. One of my exit points was triggered. After the beginning stages of the process began to snowball, I found myself at a specific stage where I chose to keep my form here on earth in the heart energy, as the heart survives all death. My star family has offered me 24/7 access to home, encouraged me to visit often, and told me that I am welcome to come and go as I please. Currently, I am having a very needed time out for rejuvenation and for learning some new things for my new space here on the planet, and trusting that my needs will be met during this time.

As soon as I knew with absolute certainty that I would never again write another WINGS post, I cancelled all the subscriptions for regular automatic payments, as I did not feel comfortable accepting money for something I was no longer offering. This is why some of you received a PayPal cancellation notice. If I have missed any of you with regular subscriptions, kindly go into the history section of your PayPal account and cancel your subscription. If you have any problems, feel free to contact me, and I will take care of this for you. For all of you who donated on a regular basis, even though I thanked you each and every time, I thank you again now…I cannot thank you enough for keeping me up and going. And for those of you who sent me wonderful letters of gratitude, I thank you as well. They were fuel for my soul each and every time.

In times to come, my new space at will be available for those who desire to experience the heart energy, although the web site is nowhere near completion or even in its beginning stages at this time….I am still in “protective custody” for a while longer completing my process. In this new space of The Heart of the Night, there is no agenda, no intent, no purpose, no teaching, and no “New Age” energy or higher level information. It is a space of center and calm, and full of the heart of the ordinary and pristine moments that are available to us now, as we wait for our mother earth to complete her endings in all ways. It is also a space that perfectly reflects who I am as well…the pristine, subtle, and more simple energy of my true and authentic self. (For those interested, if you are on the Emerging Earth Angels e-list or choose to sign up now, you will be notified when The Heart of the Night is ready to be experienced.)

The Emerging Earth Angels web site will remain up and running for anyone who wishes to access any of the information here, or to order books and e-books, as there are still many who are now asking for their next step. Everything will remain the same as it is now, but with no new information added on a regular basis.

In the very last WINGS post for May 2 (for those of you wondering, for various reasons it was not announced via the e-list), higher level ways of living and being had not yet manifested to a large degree on the planet. Once I left my old space behind, I immediately found myself embraced by an unlikely group of human angels exhibiting all of these qualities, ways of being, and more. I would never have thought to find these angels where I did. Looking back now, I can barely remember the person I used to be. And my new space at The Heart of the Night will give me the opportunity to be in the best space with the best offerings I have yet to have experienced so far. For me, my new beginning and re-birth will be as it has been in times past...far beyond what I could have ever imagined for myself in my own  mind. 

In the last WINGS post, there were three possible options explained to me for my choosing. In the end, I chose all three… What will you choose?

With much love and gratitude and a heart-felt good-bye,


Mys. Terious 15th May 2010 10:27 am

[This comment has been deleted at the user's request]

rachelmagnus 15th May 2010 10:36 am

If there's one thing I can understand, and RESPECT, it is your path. And everyone elses, for that matter. You have the cajones to follow your divine direction, rare.

susie_walker 15th May 2010 10:56 am

With deepest gratitude for all the support you have given us so far. Enjoy your 'time out'. Really excited to see what comes next.

dolores 15th May 2010 11:00 am

:smitten: Thank you Karen for all that you have brought forth for so many of us . I truly appreciate all that you are and all that you have shared. May your new journey be effortless and a beautifully blessed experience.

May your soul dance like never before. Thank you for your LIGHT :angel:
Peace love joy!
Angel Around The Corner

kamilla 15th May 2010 11:02 am

Thank you for bringing Light to so many lives. May our gratefulness and love acompany you on your new Path, as you have given us so much take our Loves and Thank You on your Way. Your teachings, your thoughts, your Light wil stay with us always.

StarEnergy 15th May 2010 11:29 am

Thank you SO much for all that you have done if it wasnt for you i would still be in the lost sea of why is this things happening lol...Its been so great reading your post and watching your jorney as i know we all have a jorney..mush heart felt love sister..have fun!!

Danna 15th May 2010 12:03 pm

Dear Karen,

Thank you so much for your extra efforts over the last two years. I think I am one of the ones that you held on a little while longer to help, and I will be eternally grateful. I hope your new adventure will be even more wonderful than you could imagine.



Artrias 15th May 2010 2:06 pm

It has been heartening to read along with you over the years, similarities of the human path, learning to accept the void created when the old ways end and something greater arises, feeling I need to know what to do when there's really nothing to do! Travel well, my friend, wherever and however you are guided.
Artrias (aka Gordon)

femme 15th May 2010 3:33 pm

"These old spaces become so unbearable that we can no longer tolerate their energies ... we are shut out and encouraged to leave by the very unpleasant behavior of the energies who are still residing there."

" ... if we find ourselves around anything that does not emit the heart energy, we can become acutely uncomfortable and feel lost, not at home, wounded, abused, and at best, be unable to communicate or connect to anything that does not come from a heart connection."

This sounds to me a lot like what she experienced here on the group and perhaps from personal messages from overly judgmental readers. "Energies that are still residing there," would seem to apply to the readers/"angels" that she is trying to communicate to, people who were not open and extremely judgmental of her latest posts. I guess I would leave too, although she could have adopted a "tough hide," to them, understanding that there were some people out here still valuing her experience.

The commoners will find someone else to bash, who doesn't articulate their experience and entirely validate their existence.

whiterose 15th May 2010 4:35 pm

Well it's certainly goodbye to the 3D Karen but it won't be too far off before we say hello, hello she's back.

Cheers Karen for staying so long in the 3rd Dimension - you are indeed a very brave warrior and I for one salute you.

With love

lrm 15th May 2010 7:29 pm

Referring to people who simply didn't agree with one of karen's posts, as 'commoners', only shows where you are, and is not a reflection of people who disagree with the writings of a person.

A person is not their writing or their work-it is simply something they create for a time that they choose to. Just like an artist may not paint forever, he/she will continue as long as called, regardless of whether or not people criticize what is created.

I personally have wondered for the last few years, why karen was still writing-as i had expected, based on where things were at, for her to do just this, but 2 yrs ago-leave the website up, and move on from the energy alerts. she has confirmed in this post that she did feel it at that time. point being, many of us who were 'critical' as you said, had fully subscribed to karen's writings over the years,and felt resonance with it,a nd found it entirely repeating itself in recent times. [based on what karen says here, we may well be correct,if she felt like she has been done for at least 2 yrs.,but was 'hanging on', repeating]

lrm 15th May 2010 7:28 pm

continuing my reply to femme:

I am speechless in a way, at your calling someone disagreeing with someone else, 'a commoner'.
Perhaps we have not reached royal status in our consciousness such as you have?
How amusing for you!!!

In any case, I will repeat again-people,Karen does not read these comments, and in fact may not know spirit library even exists. based on a few negative comments,karen would not simply stop writing,after doing so for nearly a decade. c'mon. she has faced disagreement w/her writings before. However, I am sure you may choose to feel whatever 'reason' you need, such as blaming a few reader comments for a what is a natural transition for Karen.

Karen was simply saying heart energy was the place, she did not say or even allude in my interpretation, that this particular website was not heart energy. The illusion and projection is quite astounding around here sometimes. We love to make ourselves the center of things, it seems.

aiyana_rosel 16th May 2010 8:11 am

Thankyou Karen for all the time and energy you have taken to inspire us with your insightful posts. I always found them uplifting to read :) I hope you will be very happy in your new project. Much love xyx

naturaltini 16th May 2010 9:36 am

Thank you for everything!! All the best for you. With love and gratitude, Christina

StarEnergy 16th May 2010 12:54 pm

i totaly agree with you..if we would all really look at it alot of posting say the same thing just diffrent people translating it in there own way of what they whats the diffrents of karen saying it or the others? i was confused lol

femme 20th May 2010 1:38 am


So agreed! Thanks for taking the time to post that.


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