The Final Phases Before The New

Now that we have “graduated,” and are holding so much more light than ever before, thus enabling us to leave the old world behind and enter a very new reality, we will find in 2009 that our new realities will arrive for us like gifts long awaited, connections we could only dream about, and feelings of “finally…at last.”

Being hustled away to our own individual safe havens, with connections and supports that we have yet to have experienced, we will find ourselves safe and sound, with all needs met, while the remainder of the planet continues its’ fall and massive transition.

As trying and challenging as the last year and a half have been for many, we have done our jobs well, and now we will soon find ourselves in spaces of great protection, for as the new angels of the earth, we will be placed in very new positions as we watch over the mainstream with love and grace.

One of my favorite things to do with my grandchildren, and we have done this as each of them became big enough, is to put them in my lap while I am driving the car, allowing them to hold onto the steering wheel, and to guide the car all on their own. Simeon is now four, and got his first chance at “driving” when I was back with him in North Carolina this fall. The kids absolutely love doing this, and we always try it during the very last leg of the drive home (usually on a gravel road or very quiet area so as not to endanger anyone).

They come alive knowing that they can now be at the helm themselves, and thus be in charge of navigating a very important vehicle. At times, they may swerve a bit too far off the road, and it is then that I very discreetly nudge the steering wheel just a bit, in order to guide the car back onto the road, so that we can arrive at our destination….home.

My star companion of the last eight years does this as well. He will appear most unexpectedly at times when I am beginning to go “off the road,” and very lovingly and gently guide be back on my path. He usually tells me things that I am vaguely already aware of, but his validation and confirmation allows me to jump back on my path in a much more assured and confident way.

Most recently, he appeared to me in a form that I have yet to have “seen” him in. As he sat in the passenger side of my SUV, for the first time, he revealed himself in all his totality. I could see his hair, his clothing, and every detail of his face. The emotion I felt, I cannot begin to describe to you. It was like coming home….like being re-united with a higher version of me….it was as if something incredibly familiar and was now sitting right next to me. It took me several hours to “come back” from this state of unity and connection at such a high level. It was a very emotional experience.

In times past, my star companion would be on the other side of a veil, removed from me for the specific purpose of allowing me to grow, expand, and learn on my own. I could never quite reach him all the way….he was always at arm’s length, just a whisper away.  He was simply not allowed to connect with me in complete totality. This time it was very different. He is here now in this new way, because I have now arrived in a vibrational space that he inhabits. I have now become him, have evolved into him, and thus, he will soon be departing from his old role, as I am now him (or rather he/she as there is really no gender here).

We are all having this experience now. We have graduated. And in this way, we will now be the angels that will lovingly watch over, guide, and be present for others who are well on their way. We will guide and teach from the experiences we have had and from the ways we have expanded and grown, evolved and opened. We have all gone up to a higher level in regard to whatever we were doing in the past. This experience of “moving up” can manifest differently for each and every one of us.

And each and every one of us has a specific purpose that is being dictated by our soul’s original intentions. It is these distinct and individual purposes that will begin to surface in magical and intense ways in times to come. When my neighbors go away for several days, I take care of their animals, and they do the same for me. They were away the past several days, and I had the pleasure of taking their dog Kona on several walks. Oh, how I love the energy of dogs, as they are so very naturally joyful! They love to run and play!

We were talking a lot when we were together, and Kona was telling me that she has felt lost of late. This past year, two of her dog companions left, as well as one of her cat companions. Her “people” have been unusually busy as well, and been through a lot of changes as most of us have. Even though Kona is dearly loved by her owners, she needed a purpose. She needed to know what was hers to do. She needed to be a part of something. She needed to be “seen.” A Husky/German Shepherd mix, with high energy and a need for “work,” she was feeling at a loss. And this is true for each and every living thing on the planet. All living things have a very natural purpose and a very natural groove that they fit into.

We need to know who we are. We need to know what is ours to do. We need to know how we fit in with the whole. We need to be validated, appreciated, revered, and acknowledged for our own individual gifts, contributions, and soul purposes. And we need to have an outlet and opportunity to offer our purpose to the whole. This is what we are evolving into…or rather a higher level of living and being.

When Kona is feeling lost, she chases cars and runs off during the day, not really sure what her boundaries are or where she is needed. But during some of our time together, during the times when she was in her true and real power, embodying her true authentic self, she was majestic. She led the way, she forged ahead, guiding me on our walk with dignity and purpose, all the while embodying the natural energy of joy that dogs so easily possess. It is this space or nitch that aligns us ever so naturally to our souls. When we are in it, we shine, we feel whole, and we feel connected.

These new beginnings and new connections for 2009 are there waiting for us if we only choose to embrace them. For many, the past year and a half created challenges, weariness, unpleasant experiences, and perhaps a hopelessness that things had gotten very dire and most certainly much worse.

But we cannot arrive in the new until we let go of the past. We may feel hurt, disappointed, abused, or even let down from these past few months, and it may take time to get over these feelings, but when we do, it is then that the door will open and the new can arrive. This past year many of us may have felt like punching bags. We may have experienced much unpleasantness that was not our norm. It was almost if we had stayed too long on a lower rung of the vibrational ladder. But we needed to be there until the critical mass was reached…until our old rung was successfully taken over by our old energy, or an energy that was now new for the masses. It is then that we could now move on.

As it is now time to begin arriving in the new, this holding on or transmuting of the most recent energies of the old that we had found ourselves embroiled in, can manifest as severe muscle stiffness and pain, or even severe sinus headaches, nerve disorders, nausea, rashes, sleeplessness, and the like. We can find ourselves creaking around as if we are 110 years old! We need to let it all go. In this way, many of us are currently purging and releasing all the energy of the past year and a half. Symptoms of detoxing and purging can now be present, but only for a brief period of time.

The solstice of December assisted as well. It supported us in going deep…in bringing up all the yuck from these past several months, and thus, bringing these energies to the surface so that they could be released and let go of. We need to be ready for 2009….ready for these new  beginnings and new connections. We need to be fresh and clean, and thus, free of the old.

Although the next few years will continue to bring upheaval and change, things will be a bit different. For the majority of 2008, we were being prepared to come together as brothers and sisters. We were evolving out of states of having the Universe, or rather energies from afar and above, be our partners. Our partners are now each other. We will create a grid of energy, along with the children, and hold steady the beginning pieces of the new world while the remainder continues to fall away. These energies within us will be the stabilizing factors, and this is why we will oh so naturally begin to embody our true and authentic selves, as we become the angels of the earth. We will be so vitally needed that our store-fronts will indeed have to thrive.

Connections with others will be deeper now. We will be devoted to a few individuals in our lives like never before, and they will be devoted to us. Our new communities will, and can be, comprised of simply two, and then they will grow. It will be a very new reality for us here on Earth….because heaven is not up there, out there, or anywhere in between…it is here.

As we continue to navigate these waters of change and transformation, knowing that we have each other, will make all the difference indeed.

I will be leaving for North Carolina on December 24th to bring back my daughter and grandchildren to their new home near to me in New Mexico, so there will be no WINGS posting for that week. But when I return, the new web site will be ready for you! I am very excited about my very new beginnings, and for yours as well! Hoping to see you in 2009…may you be blessed in all ways...

Much love and continued blessings. Until next time,

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Irena 23rd December 2008 10:21 am

Love Is All There Is

Beautiful! Exiting and rings true! Thanks again dear Karen and May You Enjoy the Blessings that we gratefully share with you!

Happy Holy Days!

Happy Holy Days Everyone!

with Love,

Adam 23rd December 2008 5:13 pm

Hello Karen,

I just became aware of your work this morning through an update from which I have been subscribed to for only a couple of days. I was drawn to and read "The Final phases before the New" and am very thankful for it. It provided confirmation and comfort for me and what I have experienced the last few days.

I woke up late and in a fog on Sunday morning Dec 21. For the previous few weeks I had been preparing for participation on Dec 21 in a "2nd Ascension Wave" meditation with Lord Kuthumi through a channel which I follow. Although I am feeling better now I have experienced significant stiffness, headaches and have been dancing with sinus issues and more stiffness for a couple of months.

I live with my wife and boys ages 2 & 4 just south of Chapel Hill NC. If you feel intuitively I may somehow be of assistance on this side of your journey with your daughter and grandchildren please let me know.

Thank You


netdragon 23rd December 2008 7:14 pm

"He was simply not allowed to connect with me in complete totality"

Keep in mind that there is no committee that decides what light/energy beings can and can't manifest a physical body on Earth. Additionally, they often manifest a body at a higher vibration level than most people can see. You (and earth collectively) may be raising your vibration to the point you can see them now.

Keep in mind that the lower the vibrational density of a body they manifest, the more risk they have of it ending up being permanent (as long as the body they just manifested stays alive). There's usually a window in which they can safely manifest a body. The merkabah field helps, but the longer one goes the more likely they are to forget they are not human -- kind of like things fade like a dream when you just wake up.

Afiyah 29th December 2008 8:03 am

Hi Karen,
Thank you very much for your insights. You have helped me tremendously to traverse this hurdle. Keep up the good work for you are helping others chart a course that previously had no roads nor sign posts.



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