The Labor Pains of the Re-Birth

The new re-birth we are experiencing has created much in regard to a “complicated labor.” To summarize briefly: There were many souls who became stuck, or who are experiencing difficulty in awakening or opening to a higher frequency, and this is creating delays, dismay, disappointments, hopelessness, and a fair amount of discomfort for many, as we are all connected at our core. For many, these are challenging times indeed.

Many souls chose to depart the physical realms at this time, while others are attempting to align themselves with their next level of vibration. Those who departed can easily return again if they choose, and this form of re-birth will indeed be an easier one for them. Others are struggling to re-align to the new frequencies, while still others have suddenly opened and are experiencing a greater light for themselves.

There were many more than expected who were simply not ready for the energy of the solstice. So much was dislodged during this time, that energy went flying everywhere and is still deciding where it might land. Because there were more souls than expected who were not yet ready, the spaces below us on the ascension ladder could not be filled as was planned. There were simply not enough individuals ready to fill our old grooves, thus holding our old space so that we could be supported in moving forward with ease. In this way, we still cannot let go of some of the old, as there is nothing there yet to take over so that we can be completely released.

Because we are all connected in one beautiful web of energy, we are thus all affected by what occurs for each and every one of us, even if we are at very different levels in our spiritual and vibrational evolutionary process.

What is different this time than in times past regarding the ascension process, is that more light is being held now from within. So even though we may experience solar flares, solstices, and eclipses, they do not affect us nearly as much as they did in times past. And know as well, that the more light we hold and the more we evolve, the less we will be affected by these monumental celestial events. The denser the energy within a form, the more it is traumatized and challenged, as there is more to be released and aligned.

This past solstice and eclipse experience was perhaps more commonly felt as jitters, rapid heartbeat, sleeplessness, weight loss, and anxiety for some, while for others further down rungs of the ascension ladder, huge upheavals, illnesses, relationship challenges, job losses, and the like could be felt, as these symptoms are common in the beginning stages of ascension.

There is no judgment here, as we are all precisely where we had planned on being before we were born this time around. We agreed at our soul levels that we would each hold a space for a particular time and for a particular reason, all in divine and perfect order. So although some of us decided to be the way-showers and go first, others also agreed to lag behind a bit in order to hold things together at the lower levels for the sake of many others on the planet.

So then, some are completely free and clear, ready and waiting on that new shore, and others are experiencing great challenges in regard to waking up and re-aligning their energies. If we decide to stay here in the physical and be reborn, then we also decide to do what is needed to catch up and match the new frequency on the planet.

This dramatic and at times mournful time in regard to the massive re-birth cannot be changed. It is simply a part of ascending. Re-births usually accompany endings. So then, there are massive endings as well. What is occurring right at this moment is a seeming hovering or limbo with some of the energies as well. Physical recoveries in regard to illness are very slow, much is slow to manifest in regard to the new, as the supports we need cannot arrive until the new souls arrive in their new spaces, and so forth.

My father is hovering with his leukemia. Not getting any better, but not getting worse either while he continues to receive countless blood transfusions in order to stabilize him while he completes his internal process. He is still struggling to open and re-align his energies with the new, and cannot seem to see what his life will be about with so much now gone for him. And yet others are healing and growing, while strange synchronicities are supporting them in giving them exactly what they need to support them in their process of opening and expanding, if they are only willing to surrender and know that their ego selves cannot be at the helm in a higher vibrating reality.

On this note, let it be known that although there are many of us who cannot “go back” and continue to hold up the energies of the old during this time, we can help by referring those in need to appropriate healers and entities that are specifically designed for this purpose. In this way, we are indeed helping, but only from a distance. I continue to receive information for others via strange synchronicities, in regard to who or what can help them, and it is then by passing this information along that I can assist, instead of my prior experience of being the one to do the helping and assisting myself.

Things are indeed progressing, but it is only by way of one soul at a time. Basically, there has been a massive re-aligning and re-birth process occurring, and it is creating what appears to be darkness and pain, hopelessness and despair. But in reality, this is what the process looks like when most of everyone is being affected, instead of just the way-showers.

Patience is needed, because although we may feel that “what is the excuse this time?” for yet another delay, we must know that a massive amount of energy is being moved at this time. The souls who were not yet ready are experiencing extreme discomfort, and our love, understanding, awareness, and patience is what is needed now. Remember when we went through all these discomforts at the beginning of our process?  We have been there.

There were several individuals in my arena over the past few months with whom I had made subtle and gracious suggestions as to a possible solution to their dilemmas, or to what they might do about being stuck, but they all felt that they knew what they were doing and could not be swayed. Now, each and every one of them is utilizing these suggestions (even though they came to their own conclusions, as should be) as the gentle tap on the shoulder suddenly became a bulldozer of immense force. And this is how it now is. Everyone and everything is being put in its new place. So although many souls are stuck, they are also preparing for movement as well.

Because we are holding so much more light and higher vibrating energy now, we must also know that we are, as always, the ultimate creators. In this way, waiting for something to get better or to save us via arriving  from an outside celestial event, and giving away our power to something outside of us, without doing our internal aligning, will never work. It is much better, if possible, to feel OK no matter what is occurring around us, or to at least know that no matter how things unfold, or rather how the process manifests, it will be OK with us. Being in the moment with no agenda, even though I frequently report to you what the agenda is, is always a good thing. The planned outcome or agenda is always there, but the path to the outcome is always open to choice and a variety of differing manifestations.

Will things ever get better? Of course. And these recent manifestations are only proof that things are indeed shifting in a massive way. As the energies within all souls begin to arrive in their new spaces, we will very naturally be freed up and supported in our new spaces as well. So even though some of us may be very aware of what our new roles and new spaces are all about, and may be feeling that they may never arrive, we must know that indeed they will. We need not change our plans, as we are only being asked to be patient now, as all, as always, is indeed in divine and perfect order.

With much love and gratitude,




Oldooz 24th July 2009 8:41 am

I always try to remember that "the agenda is, is always a good thing."… awalys try to remember that everything is in divine order… and I just need to be patient. It helps me cope with what is going on, epsecially physical discomforts I'm having… extra weight in belly (6-8 pounds) since Nov 2008, unusual heat in my chakars, feeling intensity in my throat… and etc. I do feel better when I do yoga. What is so much confusing for me is the way my intution giude me. Once IT tells me let go of the relationship you've had and forget about the loved one you've lost… some time later syncronicities unflod to bring him to my attnetion again. At first it was so irritating… but now as I try to be more patient it becomes a bit easy to BE… like the way I used to over 2007… everthing was in order for me.

I'm so grateful to be here… many thanks to you Karen, and to the Spiritual Libaray.

Anyone from any where 24th July 2009 11:42 am

With All That Is - All Things Are Possible! This is a very personal "birthing" and not any two are alike! Love who you are where you are and rest assured All That Is sees you exactly where you want to be already there! And will hold you there until you can see, hear, and feel it for your own being!
Mahatma Love To All

Guzar 24th July 2009 6:54 pm

If you believe that you have risen above your brothers and sisters of Earth, you are mistaken. Take the time to remember what has been shared you many times, you are ONE. You are all part of everything that is. Your God, Creator Source did not give special value to only a few. Look not to the ones who would cause you to doubt your own truth. It is time to allow the love to flow through you enough to find peace within your own life. To love all those around you in compassion, by accepting them as they are. Know that you may find there is nothing more to teach or to heal. Perhaps it is time to live. Time to be grateful for every breath you breathe… and to be grateful that your life is your own. You choose, and stand in the knowing that the light and the dark, regardless of those who believe they have risen above this, is still within humanity and the Earth. Until you come home, this shall be so. Believe it or not, it is your choice. Walk strong, and separate from none. Keep your heart open… your life shall surely show you the path you are on.

angelk 24th July 2009 7:23 pm


I am always so grateful for the "wings" posts that bring clarity to what I was feeling. The heart palpitations on the eclipse, but the inner knowing that we are all here as Spirit having a human experience growing so much stronger now. Sending love and light always.

Kirin Sprong 27th July 2009 2:07 am

Dear Karen.

Thank you for keeping us posted, even though your situation is difficult.
I know how hard it is to be so empathic while having to stay at a distance, seeing loved ones go through all kinds of distress! For me, it is one of my most extreme experiences.
Hang in there and I wish you strenght......I join hands with you to help people get through shifts....
With Love from Kirin Holland

Rainbow Princess 27th July 2009 2:16 am

Thank you so much Karen for your wisdom, I always resonate with what you say and you always make me feel better!
Thanks also to all the others who posted comments.

Love and Light to All



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