The "Make Your Life Easier" Miracles

For the past few weeks, we have been experiencing what my daughter Ari calls the “make your life easier” miracles. There are so many of these small and delightful miracles abounding, it is like a waterfall of fairy dust falling on our heads!

Many of the hoops to jump through, rules or regulations, and other seemingly tedious roadblocks have been removed almost by magic, in order to make our lives just a bit easier. Supports to give us a break, or even strange and miraculous tasks that seem to be taken care of by some invisible angel are ever present of late. It is almost as if a loving force is saying, “Here… I will take care of that for you this time.” Things that should normally never be possible or even make sense, are occurring now. We are getting a much needed break.

What is this about, and do we even need to know? Of course, all we need do is be grateful and perhaps just say, “Thank you!”, never minding the cause of it all. Who or what is at the helm of these delightful little supports?

Before we could arrive at the gate of the very new beginnings, enough of the masses had to be ready, and enough had to be present in a state of willingness in order for a shift to occur. As most of us are aware by now, the shift has indeed occurred and we are thus, at the threshold of entering a time where things will indeed be different. And I am not referring to the new administration here in the US…the new Obama administration is only a manifestation of higher energies further at the top…it is not, nor will it be the cause in itself.

“Darkest before the dawn” would be a good phrase to describe this past year or so, as we had to go absolutely as far as we could with the old before the new was in place and ready to roll. In this way, many on the planet are weary, worn out, and perhaps not sure if they could indeed jump back in for another round of “life.” The masses had to be sure that they indeed wanted change, and they that were indeed ready for a new reality. And when it was finally decided…..snap! Our old connections were over. But was it just too much waiting and too much of the old for far too long? Did we go over the top with it all?

It has been a long road to get where we are now. And with each carrot that seemed to dangle in front of us, promising that things had indeed finally changed and all our efforts had actually made a difference, came a message of “not quite yet.”

But now we are finally done. We have come a long way. Changes are finally and really, about to arrive. We have successfully reached the critical mass needed, and allowed as many as possible to be on board, and our old roles are now actually over. The masses will take over our old roles and movement will begin. We have indeed reached a new threshold. This is an exciting time indeed.

These little miracles of love and support…these precious little gifts of heartfelt thanks are here as the segue. They are the connectors to the new, the bridge to the next phase, and the promise of new things to come. They are our rewards for a job well done, for the struggles of the past, and a great thank you from God and the angels surrounding us.

My personal favorites are two: Not wanting to cook dinner one night, I said to myself, “I wish that someone would just bring me dinner right to my door!” Living in a remote area, and in the midst of a snowstorm, within a day came a knock on my window one night and there stood my neighbor with a container of hot homemade soup, deviled eggs, and cookies. Most recently, pooped out from a day writing new pages for my web site, I clicked on the television in hopes of a good movie. With a heavy blanket of snow covering my satellite, I do not know why I did this at all. There should have been no reception. Lo and behold, I ended up with perfect reception all that night. Although it made absolutely no plausible sense, it was a nice break and seemingly small miracle for my enjoyment.

With others reporting that their bills have miraculously been paid, even though they knew they were in arrears but the agencies said otherwise, to others receiving services for free for no particular reason, to miraculously finding just what we need when only a short time before there was nothing there, these little angelic miracles are abounding everywhere.

We are being told that things will be different now…that the so-called darkness has gone elsewhere and can reside here no more. We are being asked to grab onto this new hope, to these new little miracles, and to this new connection and pipeline to a very new reality. These miracles are the train that has stopped at our station. They are saying to us, “Jump on board! I will take you there if you only choose to believe. I have come for you now.”

Will this be the end to suffering and loss, to hardship and pain? No. There will still be ups and downs, and natural disasters, and great changes and upheavals, but they will be tolerable, manageable, much less than predicted, and much easier as we will indeed be helping and supporting each other now. The help, support, and love that we need will be ever present. And for those moving into a much higher rung on their evolutionary ladder, they will experience ease, effortless living, unity, and most certainly great love and peace.

Pairings will be ever-present. For a while in the past weeks, I could not glance anywhere without seeing “twos” everywhere. The digital clock would read 2:22 and 22 seconds, I would wake up in the night at 2:22 and on and on. These pairings will be part of the new beginnings, as the time for going it alone will be over. In this way, if you are one who has been comfortable being alone for times in your life, you will most likely have found that in recent months you suddenly no longer like it. This is simply a natural stage in our evolutionary process indicating that we are now embodying the unity energy.

Higher vibrating energy arriving for us many times creates bloating, or feeling as if you are being filled with air. Weightlessness and strange feelings of buoyancy can also occur. But as we evolve more and more, the expansion symptoms lessen and lessen, and they are unique as well, for each and every one of us.

Waves of creativity are also occurring now for many, as the re-connections continue to manifest. If even in slow and steady steps, and if even in regard to creating new endeavors for ourselves that are too numerous to list, this energy is most certainly indicative of reaching a new plateau of vibration for us all. Although this creative energy can manifest in many new ideas, the further we evolve and the higher we vibrate, the more we come to know that there is but one special offering we have to give to the planet.

What is your offering? What is your oh so natural groove, and how will you now bring it up into a higher level? Can you refine it, simplify it, and make it pristine? Does it come back to you over and over again? Do others ask you to offer it? Is it easy and effortless for you? For some, have you evolved into teaching it instead of doing it yourself? Have you known so much about it forever and ever? Are you an expert at it yet? Are supportive partners arriving for you? And yes, is it as effortless for you as these new little miracles are?

Until next time,

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