The "Miracle" Energy of the New World

Things are still moving into place, as we ready for our very permanent positions which will be completed during the solstice of June. These new changes and our new positionings run very deep. If you are one who is sensitive, you may be feeling deep movement within like a bulldozer or glacier moving inside, placing everything right where it needs to be. This “invisible hand” is from the divine indeed, as it knows so very well exactly what it is doing, even if at times things do not make much sense, or may even take us very much by surprise.

Miracles and more miracles are the earmark of this exciting energy, as our divine and perfect positions on the earth, divine and perfect partners, divine and perfect contributions, and divine and perfect areas of residency, to name a few, are now being lined up for us, if we only allow and trust.

What is occurring now, is that we are finally, but finally being put into place as the divine and rightful stewards of the planet. We are being moved into position via a total and complete anchoring into the earth, so in this way, we will finally feel as though we are home indeed. Thus, “home” will no longer be out there and up there, but very here. And so, feeling a deep bulldozer energy is only indicative of this very deep grounding.

In this way, we will experience feelings that we have never felt before. A calm, a confidence, a sense of security, feelings of great protection, and even of a magnificent power, but only of the divine. So then, these new feelings will be quite different from what many are experiencing now!

I have never experienced so many strange and unpredictable behaviors from others as I have of late. At some levels, whether consciously or not, many are feeling the insecurity of hanging out in mid-air with nothing to hold onto, until we are finally done with this massive re-aligning. And when we are not yet plugged into or connected fully to that new shore, feelings of vulnerability can be ever present as we are not really anywhere quite yet…but certainly making some amazing and miraculous progress! Not taking things personally, and knowing that many of these strange occurrences and behaviors will pass, can greatly help to keep this in perspective, along with letting go of any victim thinking!

We are beginning to see now, and will continue to see, some amazing things occurring. Miracles we may have never expected will grace our spaces and tears of joy and dis-belief will be a norm for awhile, and it is about time. Those who have been stretched to the limit, exhausted from the separation and loneliness, will soon have a very different experience as we begin the new unity.

I just arrived in the Albuquerque area last night, for another of my regular visits with my daughter and grandchildren. As they all unloaded my car for me, I remarked that “you have no idea how nice it is to have someone unloading my car for me!” A short time later, I was preparing the babies for bed, when my daughter remarked, “you have no idea how nice it is to have someone putting on their pajamas for me!” And this is the way things are unfolding for all of us.

With just the right energy or person suddenly arriving for us, these very new connections of unity and support are barreling in, and none too soon. Like perfect pieces of a massive puzzle of divine and higher energy in a new dimension, we are now connecting to just who and what we need…and some of these new connections are connections that were originally intended but may have been disrupted or challenged while we were residing in a lower dimension where darkness created a very different scenario.

While we are now connecting more and more to our perfect and divine scenarios, we are also leaving behind connections that were not meant to be. We are losing right and left, individuals, situations, and much else, that does not fit into this amazing and higher vibrating reality that is on the very new horizon.

Things we have had to endure, put up with, or the like, will no longer be. Our time is now. Justice will be served on all accounts. We will come out “the winner” in every situation, and never again be taken advantage of, abused, or the like. We actually never were anyway, but only transmuting the lower vibrating energies, and thus, we had to be where they were. Everything, but everything, will come out in our favor.

Sudden and unexpected changes will occur for many, as we will soon be completely residing in a higher dimension, and thus, have a very new beginning that will feel so much like being in Heaven on Earth. In this way, we may suddenly leave everything behind…our plans, our homes, and others who will not be a part of our very new reality.

Before we can access this new Heaven on Earth, much of everything is removed from our spaces. So then, we almost literally arrive with nothing on our backs. We take very little with us before we begin anew. We are starting over in most every way possible. What remains is what is left…what will still fit us in a higher vibrating reality…along with the new.

When we cross over to the other side via the physical death process in the 3D reality, these feelings of vulnerability and confusion are much the same. What makes this process more bearable is letting go and trusting…and knowing that our loved ones will be there to meet us, while knowing that we will be welcomed with open arms and love after we let go and release all of our old infusions of energy. We will be welcomed by each other, as so many of us will arrive at once.

When we do not yet know where we are going, we can become frightened. What is on that other side, anyway? I have never been there before! But know that it will be much better. Surrendering, letting go, trusting that our souls and Source know exactly what they are doing, and having faith can very much ease any feelings of vulnerability, fear, insecurity, and confusion.

We are almost there. We are getting closer and closer. And yes, very soon, things will be very different indeed.

With much love and gratitude,



In regard to the WINGS post of May 14, I did not mean that we are leaving the world and also leaving our bodies. We will be in our bodies for a very long time. We are simply going to a new reality right here on the earth and things will feel very different. For those of you who are familiar with my words and messages, I believe that most would know that I am fairly conservative and would never mean something that extreme...and also know that something that extreme would never occur. This massive transition we are undertaking very closely resembles the death process in the old 3D reality, only we are dying while we are alive. I mention this many times in my postings and in my books. Our transition will be a very beautiful one and I am greatly looking forward to so much new and miraculous for most all of us.

Many blessings to you all. Take gentle care,




misafir 14th May 2009 5:36 pm

All good news! It's nice to wait for June the solstice. To celebrate the arrival at the promised lands, -heaven on earth. Thanks to our google. Karen. Thank you.

misafir 18th May 2009 2:53 pm

Divine Google. ('G').



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