The Separation of the Worlds

In times gone by, when we were young and naïve, we may have imagined that the ascension process would be incredibly joyous, full of ease, and lift us up to a higher dimension where we would float on a cloud in Heaven, maybe eating bon bons all day, or perhaps suddenly be filled with light while our challenges disappeared in one fell swoop. We would reach the Promised Land where love would abound and we would never again have an unpleasant experience. Now we know better.

Although certainly in many ways things get better and better, and if we were to look back we would see a very different version of ourselves, the ascension process still presents itself in ways we may have never imagined. As we begin to vibrate higher and higher, and reach higher planes of existence, so much changes for us, and we are always met with very new challenges in order to match and align with the higher vibrations we now find ourselves surrounded with.

This is a grueling and challenging process, but bit by bit, we come to realize that we are always right where we need to be and experiencing just what we intended to experience at exactly the right time. And we become much stronger as well the more light we carry. The Promised Land is indeed on a near horizon, but getting there has presented itself in many strange, miraculous, and unexpected ways. And paradoxically, the closer we are to arriving, the more we realize that we indeed no longer have the same desires, and service to humanity with disregard to our own personal desires can begin to overshadow all else as our ego selves diminish ever so slowly.

As we find ourselves in a very new space, on this latest new rung of the ascension ladder, new and unsettling feelings can arrive as well.

The other day, my daughter jokingly confessed to me that perhaps I had become "bi-polar," as I had been exhibiting some behaviours for several months that she had never seen in me before. She claimed (smile) that I was blissfully happy at one moment and quite grumpy at another. "Who, ME?" I had responded in great astonishment. The usually happy, joyful, and pleasant ME? She must be delirious or perhaps grumpy herself and simply projecting, after all, I knew I was just about perfect just about all the time...she must have been talking about someone else! (smile again) "No, I'm serious Mom," she persisted.

So what was going on? Was this yet another strange and unprecedented ascension symptom? Extreme mood swings from one moment to another with great extremes in experiencing the world around us? Yup, yup, and yup again.

After we experienced the great disconnect from the old reality (roughly around October of 2008, but really beginning to manifest itself in July and onward), we were then set free and slowly began the process that this monumental experience created. Losing the sense of our old selves, feeling lost without a rudder, confused, or even useless as our old roles were now over, we also began to slowly re-connect to something very new and different...and magical indeed.

This great separation from one reality to another was quite distinct, dramatic, and very complete. We had succeeded in bringing up the vibration of the old world and now it was time to depart to a new shore where things were magical, peaceful, blissful, loving, and where all our needs were miraculously met. But we are still in the process of adjusting, as this has been a substantial vibrational leap.

The chasm between the old world and the new reality is now quite large and also quite distinct. In this way, there is a huge polarity present, and thus, while we still continue to straddle one reality with another, we may indeed feel bi-polar.

As we progress in our spiritual evolutionary journey, we ever so slowly lose tolerance for lower vibrating energies. At first we may become irritated by them, then we may guiltily wish we did not have to be around them, and eventually we come to a point where we say, "Get me out of here!" Our intolerance then becomes total, and the loving beings that we may feel we should be, seem to have strangely been replaced by an imposter within us that feels repulsed by the lower vibrating energies.

"What happened to my spiritual self?" we may wonder. "Aren't I supposed to be loving and kind to all others? Doesn't vibrating higher mean that I am now a perfectly loving and understanding person, here to make others feel better when they are around me?"

With this extreme chasm now present from one reality (or dimension) to another, our reactions then, are extreme as well. The gap is now quite large. When we are in the lower dimensions, or lower and denser vibrations, we can feel absolutely horrible. Very horrible. This can manifest as great anger, pain, frustration, tension, and a real grumpy attitude. And then quite suddenly, we can encounter something that vibrates higher and we can immediately feel happy, right, blissful, and in a naturally good space.

From one extreme to another, we may begin to wonder what in the world is going on within us. And with a near zero tolerance for anything that vibrates lower, we may find that we do not like ourselves much as our reactions to these vibrations are creating unpleasant feelings within us. If you are a woman of menopausal age, you might have recently decided to have your hormone levels checked, wondering if this is the culprit, but with so many having this experience, perhaps it is not due to a physical cause.

Ascension has always mimicked menopause in both men and women of all ages. Thus, feelings of "I have had enough," or "I am ready to be done!" or perhaps "Is it time for me yet?" are very common as we have done so much to assist this planet since our arrival. Short tempers, memory loss, a need for self- care, and a desire to move on are simply a part of our spiritual evolutionary process at this current stage, even if these things do indeed mimic menopause.

Feelings of tightness, pressure, and short fuses are also common symptoms as when we migrate higher, the energies become tight because anything that vibrates lower within us needs to be "squeezed out" in order that we become aligned. We may feel as though there is now much more energy flowing within us, we may feel like we are hyperventilating, having pressure in the chest, perhaps feeling like we just got hit with a quadruple shot of caffeine, or may even have difficulty sleeping as so much energy is now flowing through us. In this way, "alignments" do not always feel great. After the energies are squeezed out and adjustments are made, we always feel least until our next phase of expansion! The higher the evolutionary space we occupy, the less lower vibrating energies there are present. This is because love is the ultimate energy that remains. Thus, we lose more and more of ourselves as things progress, resulting in a need to adjust or we become grossly uncomfortable.

This latest move upward is no different. We are adjusting now in a great way in regard to boundaries and how we interact with the lower energies or lower dimensions. We are very far removed from them now, so in this way, they feel downright intolerable to be around. In addition, we are so done with them, that we can become exasperated and angry when they show up in our space.

Add to this the challenges of the past year, perhaps feeling like a punching bag as so many of us got clobbered over and over, and it can be extremely hard to be around anything unpleasant. We are indeed ready for the new, for our Promised Land or at least a bit of a rest, and maybe even an experience of a very higher order.

But the higher dimensions are here as well. Miracles and amazing new connections are beginning to manifest, feeling great is occurring, if even at unpredictable intervals, and we are well on our way to a better and new reality for ourselves.

Several weeks ago I began having dreams about the original intentions or rather the pristine connections. For example, one night I had a flash image of December 16th. My daughter was born on the 24th of December, but her due date was the 16th. The message here, or programming I was receiving was about the original intentions. For many years now, we have been adjusting our energies in order to stay in alignment as a planet. We have had to adjust to stay balanced when so much was out of balance. Now, we get to return to the original and pristine intentions, the true connections and alignments, and what we had always planned for the planet. These new and pure alignments are occurring within us, as we can finally get back to whom we really are and to what we came to do...setting up the New Planet Earth. So in this way, we are preparing for our very new roles indeed.

In addition, and on this same note, we are clearing and releasing again, but it is very different this time. In a strange way, we went a bit backwards the past year or two. We decided to wait until enough of the masses had a chance to catch up before we moved on, so in this way, we were trapped on a lower rung of the ascension ladder for longer than we may have wanted (but our souls decided we would, so all was right where it needed to be). Because of this, we took on more of the lower vibrating energies (thus, the "being clobbered") than we had in the past...and these energies were energies that we were quite done with. So now, we are releasing and clearing these experiences once again.

The reason that this is different this time, is because it was sort of an add on, or unusual and one of a kind experience. Even after we had been very done and our vibrations were much too high to have these experiences ever again, we none-the-less became entangled with the lower energies as we were waiting until just the right moment to depart. So then, we now need to clear out or remove the residue created from these experiences (hope this all makes sense!).

When I began a very accelerated ascension process many years ago (as I was so far behind with my soul's intentions), I experienced strange and intense dreams for a period of time. These were snippets and frames rapidly flying past me in the night, as I was releasing the old...almost like a life review. This is happening again for me, but to a much lesser degree. We are releasing in our dreamtime what we no longer need to be connected to. So even if you are one who has not had any kind of intentional healing for quite some time, you may suddenly desire to have some kind of clearing done. Even so, the ascension process always creates what it needs to very naturally, all on its own, without any intentional assists.

As we begin to move on, away from the lower vibrating energies of the past, we may also become very interested in our own personal health and well being. Now having the time to take care of ourselves, to make adjustments in diet, exercise, and the like, it is finally time for us for a while. At our soul levels, we know that we need to be pristine within in order to fulfill our very new roles.

So what about navigating the dimensions? How can we stay sane and happy when we have to be in the old at times? Having very adverse reactions to old energies is a high sign that we no longer belong there. We are being told to leave and go to our very new space and new reality.

The higher we vibrate, the more that intentions are no longer viable. Intentions are far too time consuming for the very direct and swift energies that exist in a higher dimension (this is addressed in more detail in Stepping Into the New Reality). Thus, navigating in the higher realms actually becomes much simpler. We need not then, make anything our intention, as we very naturally and swiftly attract what is inside of us.

In this way, we can now find that doors that close do so because they are not in alignment with whom we now are. Many doors are opening for us accesses that may have been blocked in times past. And these accesses, miracles, or doors can open if only very briefly right when they are needed, and then close once again. In addition, whenever we find that a door is closed, or that something is far too difficult to gain access to, or rather no easy flow with many blocks, this is our high sign that this is the wrong direction or wrong manifestation for us.

Another common scenario of ascension that presents itself frequently is the grabbing or holding on of the lower energies when one has now navigated to a higher dimension. This can manifest in many, many ways, from things in the nature kingdom tripping us when we walk, to individuals clutching onto us, not wanting us to depart, to old energies asking us once again come back and do what we used to do.

If we are ever tempted to jump in and assist, we will likely become like the swimmer attempting to save a drowning victim while we are pulled under and end up drowning ourselves. The higher we vibrate, the more vigilant we need to stay on our true and rightful disregard the opinions and ideas of stay in these new and higher realms we are now so blessed to be surrounded by.

Another common symptom of vibrating higher? The loneliness. The more we evolve, the smaller our circle of friends becomes. Eventually, we find ourselves connected to but a very few loyal, caring, loving, and very special friends. My star companion told me the other day that my friends would again be "scarce and few." Ugh! was my first reaction until I realized that these very special relationships run deep and pure and are very special gifts indeed. The remainder of the time, we will be attending to our service to humanity and our connections and loyalties will be in regard to assisting others. Eventually, the communities will form when enough souls are ready, but this is the current scenario for some.

As we come ever closer to becoming the angels of the earth, we begin to learn very new ways of being indeed. I am just starting the first of the Emerging Earth Angels mini e-books that will address in greater detail our new roles, how to navigate the dimensions and stay sane, more about our dimensional border store-fronts, and more of the strange and surprising feelings we encounter as we evolve. These mini e-books will be offered to you on this web site via donation only, as these times of transition can present unusual but temporary circumstances for many. There is far too much information about our new changes to be offered solely in a WINGS post.

For our special friends down under: Our hearts and prayers go out to you as you experience such great loss through your recent fires. Know that you are greatly preparing for the new, as much is being cleared away for your very new foundation. You will emerge a shining star for our world and we love you so much!

Much love and continued gratitude. Until next time,



Cristina 26th February 2009 7:15 am

You know Karen, I cannot wait for the day I will be reading articles here (SL and entire net) mentioning things in the lines of: I found my spiritual family & friends... I remember when I used to feel all those aches and pains...Today, I realize I am living the 'promised' times as I can feel all this love and harmony around me...

Although sharing the symptoms and identifying myself with the path you described yourself being, sometimes I wonder where can a get this certainty (hope) you seem to have. the 'what if'...

Let's wait for a few years, I guess...


Michelle S. 26th February 2009 9:52 am

I too have been told by Spirit that I will be alone for the most part (this is not new). For a while I tried relating with lower energies out of loneliness and did take on some stuff from a very miserable person. :-\\\\ Yes, cleansing now. I've been told by Spirit I will experience my "family" in Spirit, not on Earth. My sister passed away at Christmas so I'm working on our communication. Sigh... Anyone who is able to send a hug, I would appreciate it! :smitten: Many blessings... Peace be in and all around you! :angel: M*

Denise 26th February 2009 10:35 am

A BIG hug to you Michelle :) and with it may you feel much love, light and peace being sent from a fellow Spirit Traveller in similar circumstances.

Are you aware of the Kryon chanellings through Lee Carroll?
In the last paragraph of the latest channelling, he says;

"When you push on that door to the Higher-Self, whatever that means to you, and you sit alone, you’re going to feel a family start to open up in front of you. You’re going to feel a family flow into your life that’s going to stay with you every moment. You will never, ever be alone and you will never feel alone. In that family, I reside, for I am your family. And so it is. Kryon"

I hope that may bring you a bit of comfort!

My very best wishes to you, Denise

Mariù 26th February 2009 10:58 am
a big soulhug to you Michelle! :smitten:
Peace 26th February 2009 12:22 pm

Sending you much love, peace and hugs. Michelle! I completely understand. My Mother-in-law died the day before Christmas, my puppy died during her spaying surgery the day before Valentine's day, and although I have my husband and child living with me,
all of the energies and events, some times overwhelm me and I feel alone too. But have been working on it, and trying to "be" more and "do" less. Thank you for sharing here. Love to all, for the good of all.

Stefanie Newton 26th February 2009 1:11 pm

So much of this message has been true for me too. I am clearing stuff from thousands of years ago and it hurts!! A lot of emotions I didn't want - Spirit called it a 'Time Bleed' They have been wonderful - treating me so lovingly and telling me exactly what to do to get through 'this next bit'. I was also warned about the 'isolation', and it has happened just as they said it would. My 'Star' guides all say that I will have far more contact with them than before to make up for the companionship that is lost. I have friends that I love but we have lived all over the world so many of these friends are not here. I have been one who has had CFS for 4+yrs and done my 'ascension' at breakneck speed too. In fact I did plan this and it does make perfect sense once you know what you are here for! I too have had this 'shortness of temper' Who? Me? It is the stress of all the energy changes. Has anyone else noiced that their 'other lives' seem to feel 'nearer' too? More thinning veils I think. Your column has been so helpful with the symptoms too,Karen. Thankyou. Light Blessings, Stefanie.

iwetta 26th February 2009 4:29 pm

Dear Karen, thank you for the wonderful article. I can't say how much I resonate with it. The mood swings and irritation with everything vibrating on the lower frequencies and being confused why I can't be in love with it! I see how friends and family are thinking that I'm going nuts :idiot2: But luckily there are still friends which are accepting me as I'm or better as I become...!It's good to know that we are not alone going through this process...that we all connected...I guess a big help, at least it was for me, was the connection to my self(my soul and IAM Presence). Since then I feel not lonely anymore...and there is one more thing I feel very strong...maybe you too? I want to be alone, far away from other people, far away from noise, cars, TV, just be somewhere in the nature, digging in the garden, enjoying the peace...
Love, Joy, Peace and Hugs to all of You :smitten:

lesha 26th February 2009 5:41 pm

Yes, Yes, I too resonate so much with this article, cleared too at record speed over 2008 when sent into the physical mountains for spiritual activation transformation and now after 14 months here in basically solitude i am ready to come down and find that spot some where in the forest/woods to just CHILL and BE in surroundings of peace as I AM Peace"
Thanks Karen, when your information is for me, it registers without a doubt!

Irena 28th February 2009 8:07 pm

Thank you so much Karen. Your sharing here has so helped me understand what I was going through this past week. You cannot imagine how true your words are for me and how it has helped me understand and forgive myself.

with Gratitude,



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