The Separation of the Worlds

I have been sitting on this information for a while now, as I prefer to write about things and situations that we are currently experiencing as it gives things more meaning and understanding. My role is only to validate, and thus, keep the power within each and every one of us.

For many, September 9 marked the final completion. This meant that we were absolutely and positively completely done with the old reality and lower dimensions. Thus, a massive cord was severed and we are now cut off from everything old…our prior lives, our prior roles, and our prior everything…really.

This can feel like much of everything is very far away and now residing in another world, we can feel suddenly removed from much and from individuals we were connected to before, it can be near impossible to communicate with those who are residing elsewhere…either through communication problems or even with technology (and Mercury being retrograde is adding to this).

Yes, we had been “removed” for a while as this process unfolded, but what is different now, is that the remaining tendrils are now being very suddenly severed. Like a knife cutting out and removing lower vibrating energies from our lives in one last fell swoop, any remaining cords are now being cut, seemingly whether we like it or not. If we have crossed over to the other side, we are no longer allowed these connections to those in the old reality, in ways that we have had prior.

What is occurring here is the separation of the worlds. The vast chasm between the rungs of the ascension ladder is most certainly at hand now. Around the window of time of September 9, we were asked to choose. We were asked if we wanted to move forward into the new reality, stay behind and experience the suffering, or leave the planet altogether.

Enough time had passed for each and every soul on this planet to get on board, to open to source, to examine his/her patterns and beliefs, to make changes, and to be willing to grow. The time was up. The decisions were made, and now, the results of those decisions are now beginning to manifest.

The separation of the worlds will not be pleasant in many ways, but it is all relevant to how we choose to perceive things. Those who stayed behind, or who chose to remain in the old world and old reality, unwilling to make changes and to open, will now experience a massive amount of suffering and destruction. I am normally not a gloom and doom writer, but I must stay true to what is occurring, and unfortunately, this will be the new scenario.

Wake up calls almost always occur through suffering, or hitting rock bottom, or through desperation. Thus, this will be the scenario for those existing on the “other side” from where we now are. But for those who chose to move forward, a vastly different scenario will be present.

Those who chose to stay on the earth, and who chose to be willing to trust and open to a very new beginning and new experience, who were willing to let go of much of everything, and who were very ready, are now finally beginning the first stages of creating their own heaven on earth.

If we can become very clear and detailed about what it is that we want to create for ourselves, and what exactly that will look like, then it is now finally time to experience it. Miracles will occur, we well be safe and secure, we will be in a new world and new land, and most assuredly, have a very new beginning without the struggling, pain, negativity, loss, and much else that we may have encountered in times past.

For me, this is a painful process in regard to who has been left behind. I have lost my father, my mother, and now my daughter and grandchildren. These severing energies cut so deep and strong, that it feels like a terrible death has occurred, but the worst part for me, is in watching my loved ones suffer so. But I know as well, that they are all on their own individual journeys…and these journeys can be beautiful to watch at soul levels.

Everyone has had enough time to align themselves with the new, right up until this point of completion. There had to be a breaking point at some point, and this is the time.

But all, of course, is not lost. There is always room for change, growth, and different decisions to be made. It is never too late. Everything is not lost for the old world. What is occurring, is a separation of the worlds, a large chasm in between them that will grow ever wider in times to come, and a distinct removal from any kind of interaction from one world to another.

This is a massive separation, with a very tight boundary.

Thus, we will be very removed and unable to connect to the “other side” vibrating below us…to the old world. We can no longer reside there as we are now fully living and breathing on what was the “other side” for us for so very long. So how do we now connect to the old world if we choose, especially if we are no longer allowed there?

We are now on the “other side” that our guides have inhabited for so long. We are indeed becoming earth angels. Thus, we are now the angels of the earth for those in the old world. And this is how we will connect if we indeed choose and need to connect. This means no saving, so doing things for others who reside there, and no helping. As earth angels, we assist when asked, through our expertise and abilities. We allow those in the old world to find their own way, just as we did in times past. When we needed help, our guides and angels gave us advice, and such, and this is what we will now be doing as well.

Our guides did not come into our spaces (the higher vibrating ones at least) uninvited, tell us what to do and how to do it (unless asked), do everything for us, and live where we did in order to bring up the vibration of the planet. They stayed on the other side, allowed us to bring up our own vibrations and to hold our own light, and assisted us in how to do that, until we were eventually vibrating as high as they were, and then they left and made room for us.

If we continued to reside in the old world, we would be holding all the higher vibrating energy, hogging it so to speak, and thus disallowing those who are still finding their way to open on their own. They need to find their own higher vibrating selves and their own connections through opening on their own. We can now only watch from a distance, assist when asked by the souls left behind who are willing and allowing, and in this way, perhaps feel a bit better about the suffering and destruction that will soon be occurring in the old  reality. As always, the suffering and destruction will serve as an impetus for awakening, as will our own presence at special times.

Another way to connect is through the eternally high vibration of love. But this way has a different catch. As we are now very much in a new reality, our connections to those who have not asked for help, will simply be in relation to normal interactions still necessary in some ways. During these brief times of visiting the old world, staying in a loving space keeps us in the higher vibration of where we came.

As time goes on, the separation will become ever more severe. Currently, there is more of a chance for souls right on the border to cross over, as this separation has just occurred and the line is still a bit grey. Right on this edge or border, there are many still making up their minds. All new places cannot be filled and new connections made, until each and every soul determines what they now want to do, be, and what they want their reality to look like. When these final decisions are made, then souls will begin connecting, and also begin severing the cords to other souls.

So what about all the new arrivals? How will they survive and what will life be like? As mentioned so many times prior in WINGS posts, we will connect to one another, and thus have all our needs met, have magical support, and hold each other up in beautiful ways, as we create a very new reality.

But first, we must know who we are, what our true and authentic selves are all about, and what we are here to contribute. And we must decide what we want our new beginnings to look like as well. Once these decisions are distinctly made, an anchor is placed, and things begin to sort themselves out.

I have been feverishly writing the new mini e-book, with so much of this information for you, hopefully serving to validate what you already know and to serve as a road map as well, in order to put more clarity and purpose into this new situation and process, than I could in a short WINGS post. And I am in the process of setting up camp in a new area as well, where I will reside for quite some time and be offering gatherings for those arriving in the new.

If we can allow ourselves to be positive, open, and trust that our heaven on Earth is really here now, and stay out of the old world as much as possible, our heaven will then manifest for us much more readily, as these higher states of being really serve to keep us there. And for those of you who cannot move forward quite yet, your current space can readily and easily become a heaven on Earth, all in itself, until the time is right. We are being very protected and watched over now, held very safe and secure, no matter where we are, as things are always divinely orchestrated.

With much love and gratitude,

Comments 16th September 2009 7:46 am

Dear Sweet Karen,

My prayers are with you. I honor your courage for sharing your truth. Yes people are choosing different paths than us but that does not mean we need severe all ties. Making peace with what is and being fully present allows you to experience whatever is in your best interest while allowing others to do the same.

Many times it is hard to be around others when they are suffering because it triggers the parts of ourselves that we need to heal. Our family of origin are our greatest teachers. This is where our inner work continues as well as learning to set boundaries.

Everyone's journey is exactly the journey they should be on. Our new world is within us when we make peace with the circumstances of our lives. For then we begin to see the world with new eyes. This is a ever evolving process of growth and change.

May you find the peace and the clarity you are seeking.

With much love and respect,

Debbie Milam

joshua291185 16th September 2009 11:41 am

thank you karen. your messages are always right on time.

Ashleyjkd76 16th September 2009 12:27 pm

Very helpful. Thank you!

lisa marie 16th September 2009 1:10 pm

still sitting on the fence or not? I try not to contemplate this too much, rather be present in the moment finding love and respect for the circumstance that surrounds me. 90% of the time I find myself surrounded in joy, love, and a peace of knowing that whatever happens will be in my best interest. I have not as yet found my way to live not connected to our crumbling world. I have to be anchored into my new awareness at all times when still living within the crumbling systems. Faith, has been my most constant companion! Thankyou for the love and support here on spiritlibrary

Martha 21st September 2009 12:48 pm

Hi Karen,
Thank you so much for this posting. It helps to explain the wicky-wack emotions of the past two weeks. I have been wondering what was going on. Thank you!


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