The Three Options

We are again at a crossroads at our soul levels, and although I just posted a WINGS message on April 30th, after visitation from my star friends, I feel a need to share a bit more about our current situation on the planet. Each and every one of us is strong and wise at our core, and personally, I have always felt that we have our own barometers, strong and clear, and using that individual muscle is always the best way to go. In this way, all the postings I place on the web site have always been meant to validate what we are all experiencing, and although individuals, we are all in this together in many ways.

For the past few months, I have been given the option of staying here on the planet or making my final departure. We may wonder how many band-aids we can put on a massive planetary wound before it is time to throw in the towel, or even perhaps how many disappointments a soul can endure before it begins to wither and die. And if love is the air we breathe in this new reality, we may breathe it out with ease, but we still need to breathe it in too in order to survive. What do we do when there is no air left to breathe? How do we continue to sustain ourselves and fill our lungs with the precious fuel that we need in these new and higher realms when love, caring, and the heart energy seems a very rare commodity?

On April 29th I had a birthday. For all of us, there exist exit points and pre-planned departure times for each soul, which can be utilized or not. Many times, our birthdays signal the time for a re-birth, and we get to choose if we will stay and have a new experience here, or make our final departure and have a re-birth somewhere else. I felt the departure signal very strongly this time…it was nearly overwhelming. The last time this occurred was when we decided to make a very new plan and set up the separation of the worlds in September of 2009 (no birthday energy that time). Something was definitely over and finished. Many of us were given the option of staying or leaving. And many of us chose to stay, as a new world was then at our fingertips, consisting of souls who appeared to be willing and ready. We were going to get a fresh start and go back to what we had always known, but on a very new palette.

Now we are finding that the creation of the new reality is once again going in a very different direction. This time, we have decided not to wait for enough souls to be ready. This time, although many souls have chosen to remain in denser energy of thought and being, the planet is forging ahead all on its own. With the personal choices made by each soul currently on the planet at hand, we many very well indeed experience this massive shift in ways much more uncomfortable than they ever needed to be.

Today, knowing I was now perhaps in my final days, and being called home by my family from the non-physical world, I sat down and decided to have a chat with them. It was then that I was given three personal options, and I share these with you, as I know some of you are in the same position.

Option One:

Wait it out. This means that we can lay low and disappear into the current world for a while (until 2012). The WINGS post for April 30 gives much more detail about this option. We will be taken care of in strange and mysterious ways, but will be staying to ourselves quietly with no agenda, while we wait for the storm of the final days to reach its completion.

Option Two:

Make it happen. Sounds contradictory to the first option, but what in means is that we will stumble upon and find ourselves experiencing strange and unprecedented ways of utilizing the new energy. For several months, I have been having these kinds of heart centered experiences. These experiences help us to feel much better about what is occurring around us. It’s how one feels when one has crossed over from the 3D reality, only we are still in a form now, having these same feelings and awarenesses.

For instance: While driving across the United States last week, I read a billboard that said. “No services for another 200 miles.” “You’ve got to be kidding!” I muttered. Immediately below the first sentence arrived another one on the sign. “Just kidding” it read. A few moments later, I said out loud, “I’m getting really hungry.” Immediately a sign appeared by the side of the road for a restaurant called “The Hungry Traveler.” And when my father entered the hospital for the last time, I received a recorded “wrong number” phone message from a funeral parlor advertising its services…the universe telling me that he was finally preparing to depart. These experiences have been endless, and I always feel that God is speaking to me, letting me know that everything is always okay and right where it needs to be.

Option Three:

We can leave this world through the death of our form, or basically, die the old 3D way. This means call it a day. The final ending. Throw in the towel. We have gone as far as we possibly could. There are no more options for us. There is nothing left for us here right now. We are too tired to get a second wind going yet another time. We would rather watch from the side-lines.

None of these options is right or wrong. Each individual soul will chose the best option possible. In times to come, because souls residing on the planet have chosen the pain and suffering method of shifting over, and seem determined to hold onto their lower level ego beliefs and feelings of survival, we will begin to see big shifts in regard to the heart energy. With all the endings and losses on the horizon, the inhabitants of the earth will be placed into situations where they now know what is really and truly important, what they value most, and what they are really grateful for in their lives. And maybe, just maybe, we will all finally revere each other, see each other, be grateful for each other, and simply enjoy what is already here and always has been.

We are most certainly in the end times...the final stages of death…death of the old reality and the old world. We may find ourselves reminiscing about better times, wanting to go back to the good old days as we know at some level that everything is finally over and we may never have those experiences ever again. We may wish we had done things differently, wonder if we lived our lives well, and find ourselves now truly cherishing every moment for the beauty that lies within it. We may find that people from our pasts and things that had never been resolved are now coming to the fore-front, as in the end, we always touch noses with everyone who touched our lives. These are symptoms of a dying world, of an impending death. But we also know that after each death, there arrives a new birth. A very new beginning. And this time, it will be a new reality of the heart.

With much love and gratitude,


lrm 7th May 2010 2:46 pm

shapeshifter: are you really keeping this response to another post, as your 'tag line' for all of your posts now? huh.

also, if i may, perhaps karen is also talking about a very deep soul sort of movement-that i can also,coincidentally relate to of the last couple of years. and I dont agree with much karen writes anymore.

so, it is not really a mind thing, but more of this higher self energy coming in. you dont know if it represents the ego's death, or not?

surely, it's written about in the buddhist texts somewhere-i mean, there's a reason they meditated on various demons and deity images-there is a road map of the enlightenment journey, and it's very tricky, as we all k now. my own sense of what karen was saying, is that it may well be time to move on, as an option, but it's not a mind/depression thing, and i have experienced both-there is a real difference. This one is a higher self type of feeling-like you can feel yourself pulling yourself back,and it's disappointing, i have to say-b/c you cannot talk yourself into any of the plans you thought you wanted. anyway,tricky.

lrm 7th May 2010 2:53 pm

I also think sometimes one has to really own the desparation or discouragement, in order for it to then shift. you know, the first step is recognition? but if we always try to 'look on the bright side', that energy, and these emotions and thoughts are energy, is often still siting there, somewhere, stuck. Fully 'being' the sense of giving up, without the mind having a 'way out' with thoughts of hope,etc, can really pave the way for permanent shift. but what a paradox, b/c you have to fully believe there is no way out,and of course, that sometimes leads to other outcomes....up to each person to have their own experience.

misafir 7th May 2010 2:56 pm

Again an exciting message from Karen. Previously, I had thought to myself if Karen were to write a novel, (perhaps it would be a love'ly one), I would like to buy and read it. (And, I would recommend she should). But now, I see that she confronts me with the possibility that I had to wait another 20-30 years or even more for her reincarnation and grow up to an age suitable for writing ! Will my life time endure so much, I dont know.
Life has ups and downs. Karen, being an energy detector/detective has been again right about the transition demanding mood appearing especially for the last several days (which I can personally approve also). I think it shall pass. A seemingly helpless or transition demanding mood and feeling is sometimes the summit point where the healing energies are invited, and opens the door for those energies. With love to Karen nad her generous energies..

BarryMichael 7th May 2010 3:01 pm

I read this article and all I saw was a strong woman - someone who does not fear her physical demise, is content, at peace and could choose to leave if she so wished.

I think she is saying she hasn't decided. There is no morbidity, fear, or need to feel sorry for karen, to my mind.

we all could decide today to "exit". This does not need to mean a suicide. It is a simple invitation to a circumstance that would cause us to leave. When done from a position of strength I believe this would be an easy process.

Like the "endgame" in the lord of the rings we are at the point of no return. We have ascended the mountain to try and retrieve the ring, the darkness seems to be winning, but at the last moment the light will shine through to victory. All of us are playing a role; some will choose to go back to the shire to live in the "new world", some will perish clinging to the lower rungs of the mountain through fear but yet more will choose to leave to help us all from the other side. No fear, just everyone finding their own groove.. Me -Im going back to the shire to build true community.

femme 7th May 2010 4:12 pm

Thank you Angelika,

I believe that we have to let go of that hope, let them choose their own reality. I think we're used to being "fixers". I see myself doing this with people I still choose to have in my life (the few) ... but they don't all want it. I don't know why they'd turn away comfort, joy, love, but we have to honor that. We need to go our own way. I think until we cut ourselves free, we hold ourselves back.

Thank you for your message, and wishing for you and our sisters and brothers ... a joyous and peaceful life ahead!

Veronica 7th May 2010 11:26 pm

I have read your posts for quite some time, Karen, and I appreciate your insights. This one is particularly interesting.

Yes, I do "see" there is much that "hasn't" happened, and there can be a sense of disappointment in where we are not. Yet, isn't this how life is on an individual basis?

In other words, don't we often "futurize" for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?

From my perspective, yes life IS hard at times, and we always have choices. We do suffer, yet this is part of the human experience. We can always choose not to suffer, but it does take a keen skill. The key to the skill is to be present.

I, like you, don't read other "predictions" and such. Yet, I, too, get information about 2012. So what? Right now it is 2010. TODAY is where life happens, today IS where I can choose to "be" the "higher frequencies" (which I am) and simply live... or not.

I, too, feel the density of the mass consciousness... again, so what. It is my choice to let others impact my beingness.

In my life I do my best to cultivate joy. Tricky, yet utterly simple. :angel:

Luna Crow 8th May 2010 1:12 am

I want you to know that I totally understand what you just said and I thank you for sharing it. I have been feeling just what you have described. It feels like the apex of the Void. There is still great strength buried in the core of our beings. We are delving to the core and will find it.
love you so much........I have never been alone because I have had your letters.Luna Crow

Jennifer 8th May 2010 1:32 am

I feel so grateful to have found Spiritlibrary and that Karen wrote this profound message. I have been in and out of wanting to leave,wanting to stay on this planet the last 3 days and in various stages of grief and loss. It is sooo wonderful to know my family out there is experiencing similar choices,even though it is tough. Thank-you Karen.

Vision Hawk 8th May 2010 2:19 am

Hi Karen,

When I printed your article to read it later...... the whole thing printed backwards !!! It's never happened before.

Now isn't that interesting ? :)))

I wonder what we can make of that..............

Much love,

spring 8th May 2010 2:31 am

:smitten: Aww you need a big HUG karen...thinking of you- don't let the glums get ya girl..You are a generous soul and feeling, it seems, somewhat vulnerable at the moment just like we all do...these days I seem to alternate between worm or warrior mode about 100 times a day!! I wish you peace and am sending you that you have sent so many times to me when your messages would uplift me..I don't need that kind of direction any more...but you were such a welcoming host and I thank you. You take great care now :smitten: frances x

DonH SA 8th May 2010 3:10 am

No nurturing required: it remains a free, inherent choice, via the ‘spirit’…and executed by the ‘mind’.
Are these choices on the board? Why not? All & many choices ‘available’, the essence based in the free choice. If each is free to choose, then each remains free to choose, whatever: Is this not the essence of the message, I feel, the 3 being a concise example from possibilities.
Personal? Going through tough times, being in the late sixties, I have in the awesome, struggling past year been on the brink of accepting choice 3; it is only hope that keeps me going, plus trust in the spiritual leadership I read & consult. And herein I have not received choice 3 or any exact one. There still remains much to experience, contribute & enjoy…plus to hope for.
Tx for the choices message, Karen. Great. Just note the response.

Annief 8th May 2010 10:50 am

Nothing is either right or worong. Only thinking makes it so. How many times in the past have we reached out to Karen. Perhaps, Karen is reaching out to us.

Thank you Karen for being.

mifasolasi 8th May 2010 12:48 pm

hello Karen!! I love your messages and I wait for them to be have supported me a lot at the past, but this message is a very depressed message.. i don't know the source of this depression , but you use to give wings to those they need them.. You are a forerunner and your experience is valuable ...on 10th of May I have my birthday. Day by day I feel lighter, more free and closer to the common goal.. This birthday will be unique because that will the first one with me consciously still in chaos around and in peace and vibrating higher than last year .. having released so many uselless things from inside.. ready to go to the party as some friend wrote below.. Am I wrong?? Did I do so much work for years now, just for quitting from the final act of the play?? the finale?
I feel a re-birth .. I don't know which is the final action but I stronly feel responsibility to stay and fight trying to share my knowledge with all these who need to start awakening ...
I send you Love Light and a great Thank you
for choosing to stay.. :)
Love :smitten:

K.K. 8th May 2010 2:40 pm

Hi Karen - can you feel the LOVE in all of these posts? I think it's awesome!

My experience shows that we as humans (myself included) have a tendency most times to either not respond to situations or to provide a negative response. Not sure why that is. I've often thought of creating a bumper sticker that says, "Why does a tornado have to occur before people show they care?"

Maybe the love showing in these posts is the love you've been looking for rather than in the form you expected it to be and you needed to bring that energy out in all of us. ?

There were some great posts in here, I personally think you're all awesome!


shapeshifter 8th May 2010 3:31 pm

Mys Terious, Quantum leaps in consciousness will also propel us into alternate realities. If Dorothy in Oz, Alice in Wonderland and Neo in the Matrix managed such feats, why not the rest of us eh? Was it the red pill, the blue pill or do we just click our heels together?

Jana Lee 8th May 2010 5:20 pm

I must stand by our dear sister Karen and sound a message for those who believe in criticizing someone when they do not deserve or need that. Specifically, in response to Mys. Terious's cold critical incorrect comments about Karen not being at a certain level of consciousness. I am shocked that anyone who reads Karen's thoughtful messages could be so cruel as to criticize her publicly at this time. Those who would do so should hang their head in great shame, and do everyone a favor and stop posting such comments. Such people need to reflect on their actions so as to avoid causing others injury. Karen has freely offered great, great love, guidance, heartfelt thoughtfullness in her writings and only deserves great love and thanks in return.

MBT 8th May 2010 7:03 pm

As I read through these posts, it’s funny how some view leaving as quitting or as being faint of heart, or somehow not up to the task. The Soul leaves when it is time to leave. Period. It has nothing to do with being a quitter or being faint of heart. It would seem Karen’s Soul has finished its initial task here and is contemplating its next move. She is generously and graciously sharing with us what that feels like from the inside. There is no right or wrong in any of it -- It isn’t better to stay here than to leave here.

Those who have already crossed over were not quitters or faint of heart. Those who leave in the future will not be quitters, or “missing out on the party,” either. They are simply done with what they came here to do and are now moving on. They feel the pull to go because, for them, it is time. Or at the very least they are at one of those "exit points" Karen describes, which can be utilized by the Soul, if it chooses.

shapeshifter 9th May 2010 10:00 am

I did not perceive any cold, critical comments by Mys Terious.
What we see in others is a reflection of our own state of consciousness.
The ego slips in through the back door not realizing that judging others for judging is just another form of judgment.

Mys. Terious 9th May 2010 11:14 am

[This comment has been deleted at the user's request]

femme 9th May 2010 11:55 am

Another thought occurs to me that's worthwhile mentioning. Pain propels growth and/or change. Or rather our perception of pain, because really it is a gross dissatisfaction in this case. We have thoughts of discomfort, hopelessness and need for change, because we need to see we are not happy with what is, and need a change. Let's allow ourselves to consider the alternative, although perhaps not Option 3. If it were time to leave, perhaps we'd go quietly in the night. Our feelings of pain and discomfort is propelling us to do something different and we need to begin to allow ourselves to feel what we feel, and thus create what we need to, to change this.

lrm 9th May 2010 9:39 pm

Um, why are so many people mentioning suicide? Karen didn't say she was entertaining that option. That is a different option than simply feeling a sense that one is about to or could, depart in the old 3D way. She also doesn't particularly sound depressed. And if she did, there's not need to 'cheer up'-it's relaly okay to be down. Down and Up are two sides of the same coin.
Anyway, it's very interesting-all the assumptions and jumping to console.

Alison336 10th May 2010 1:57 am

Ah, i almost feel ready to go tonight too, but I know i can't. I wonder if this message is coming from a source that wants to off the lightworkers? No offense.

shapeshifter 10th May 2010 10:17 am

Our own feelings are often triggered by what others share, whether or not the situations are identical. This elicits compassion toward ourselves and others. It is not necessarily based on assumptions of what others are going through but what we ourselves might be experiencing.

Cherylann 10th May 2010 5:54 pm


I was SOOO relieved to read this, had cried through the whole of yesterday, was such a blessing to know I was picking up on energies of the whole in addition to my own current grief and challenges.

Those who think to criticize, do you realize how important it is to AFFIRM WHAT IS as a starting act? From there, we can BREATHE and choose.

In the release of my relief, I am now thinking of the resources I will paint into my individual niche -- love, support, friends, play, dance, etc -- to get me through what does feel like very challenging planetary energy right now.

And maybe how to slam and lock the door so I don't have to feel it so intimately all the time?!?


Rosey 11th May 2010 1:16 am

Hi Karen,
Thanks you for sharing your information. I wanted to share that about six months after my father died I arrived at an exit point. I had heat stroke which led to a seizure that was difficult to stop. I was unconscious and have no memory of the event. I received a "loaded" dose of meds in the emergency room and had short term memory loss for awhile. My soul must have decided to stay at that time although I don't recall being in on the decision. The death of my father was a shattering experience as if teutonic plates of my world had shifted. However I saw his spirit (first time ever) which led to much spiritual growth and psychic awareness. I'm very sorry for your loss and wish you deep peace and healing whatever you choose. All is well.

sunnynelson 11th May 2010 1:24 am

Each person has their own truth, and for some there may only be three choices. Our information comes through spirit guides, higher self or angels, who will always help us understand our truth at the highest levels. We cannot really judge another's reality or their truth as that judgment undermines the person's relationship with their guides, and tends to discredit the information they receive from their guides. Many of us are weary and have battle scars from this long ascension proccess. At some point during this process,all of us have had to decide if we wanted to stay on earth or leave. It is a normal part of the process and there is no guilt or judgment attached to it. It is simply a choice we make when we we are presented with these potential exit points.

sunnynelson 11th May 2010 2:00 am

Pondering on the choice to stay on earth or leave, does not reflect a state of selfishness. These choices are based on human emotions, and during this rough ascension phase, we must learn to feel these emotions, letting them come and go, or we will bury them. It is human to feel the various range of emotions, and uniting with our heart chakra, or the heart energy, will come about when we have experienced all of these emotions and used them to move us toward the divine. We first have to be human before we can become divine. And then we learn to integrate and merge the two. All emotions, even those of futility and hopelessness, are honored in the higher realms, and no negative judgment is attached to them. They are simply energy and provide a means for us humans to gain experience in the earthly realm, for the goal of becoming divine. By pushing away emotions or allowing ourselves or others to judge them as 'negative,' we miss the whole opportunity of using our emotions as learning devices to help us reach for the divine within ourselves.

sunnynelson 11th May 2010 2:12 am

Plans are not set in stone, and we update our contracts daily. The plan can change at any time as the higher self helps the lower self to see the full range of probabilities that are present as situations change, as we learn and grow, as we rise to challenges, we create our plans and realities daily and modify them with the help of our higher self. All plans and all choices are honored in the higher realms, as are all modifications of existing plans.

angelika 11th May 2010 3:15 am

Hi Sunnynelson,
love your reply - I share your believe. It seems that some of Karens article touch on peoples fears, ie her previous one on considering to 'move on'.

We definitely update our life constantly, every thought we think, words we speak, things we decide to do or not do, bring in a new energy and therefore changes. I've learned that no matter how 'bad' things look I always learn from it and if I wish can alter the outcome. It's actually quite empowering to have learned that.

There are still areas where the fear aspect needs to be looked at, felt, explored and released. I'm kind of ploughing my way through them : )and hopefully us forerunners can encourage more people to trust in this process.

I no longer 'force' things on to people. I talk about my believes and experiences and let them make their own choices. It's only fair, I don't like being pushed into something I'm not ready for.

Love & Blessings,

lili5555 11th May 2010 12:55 pm

Happy Birthday Karen.(I love Taurus folk the most as a cappie) Lovely article. Beings are strange and complex creatures. Some come to peoples article to be mean and sarcastic(I am not exempt I have done it) others come to "give their love". All come because they need communion and inclusion though some will not admit it.

So if your thought is that there are 3 options those are your thoughts to have.

I wish you blessings on whatever choice you make.

I oddly enough feel very calm. I'm told it's the calm before the storm. I am absolutely okay with whatever happens.

I feel no need to protect the Mother Earth. Trust me when I say she can take care of herself. We're about to see this first hand.



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