The Uncertainty,The Darkness and Waking Up at 3 A.M.

A  few days ago, I went out my door for a walk. After going down the gravel road in front of my house for a few minutes, I found myself staring straight on at a small group of deer. What a beautiful sight they were. As we stood there locked in a long gaze for several minutes, I noticed that instead of the five I had counted, there were actually ten. Eventually, they moved oh so slowly away and I progressed on with my walk.

On my way back home, as I neared my house, there they were again, as they had moved along on their journey, crossed though my land, and ended up along another stretch of the gravel road I was journeying upon. This time, there were eleven, but as we stood there looking at each other once again, another deer emerged, making a total of twelve.

Again, we had a wonderful encounter and interaction, and again we moved on with our own journeys.

It occurred to me, as I encountered this beautiful gentle energy of the deer, yet twice in one day, that they possessed a wonderful message.

At first they appeared as five...the energy of change. Then came ten...the energy of new beginnings with the zero being an extra energy of special inner gifts. Progressing to eleven, a new portal was opened, with the dual number one serving as pillars of new beginning energy for a wonderful entry point. And then eventually, they emerged as twelve...the final energy of a higher way of being..of a new dimension...of completion and perfection.

And this is what is occurring now for so many of us.

First we experienced great change and much that was new. The energies were encouraging us to leave much of everything behind and to set up a very new foundation for ourselves. New and different was the theme. Change readying for new beginnings. Along with this, we progressed through a portal to a new and different shore. And currently, depending upon where you are on your journey home, there may be a strange and unsettling calm, a void or standstill, a space of no movement, and a wondering where you are now.

As always, we wait for the perfect time...we wait for enough souls to come to their own places on this journey...their own places in the new with their own new foundations now being set up. So in this way, after we progress to a certain point we may feel that not much is occurring, as the critical mass needs to be met before the next big surge forward and big experience of new and exciting adventures can arrive.

Yes, we are laying a very important new foundation now. We all need to be ready. From new web sites, to new cars, to new clothes, better health, or perhaps new homes and new friends, we are preparing for something very big...for the new dimension of completion and perfection.

We are now being asked to wait as everything is not quite where it needs to be before we move ahead. All the pieces are not yet together as a whole. It is not yet time. Shortly after the equinox on March 20th, there will be a bit of a shift along with the new moon on the 26th, and our new beginnings will then begin to open more fully. 

Waking Up At 3 A.M.

Part of this preparation involves waking up at around 3 a.m. every morning, unable to go back to sleep. The last time I saw this happening was a very long time ago, when we were adjusting to the higher vibrations and evolving very rapidly in the beginning stages of our spiritual evolutionary, or ascension process.

There is a lot of energy running through us as we are preparing. Our souls want to get moving with their new roles, but it is not yet time. We are grounding in the new energies here in our new spaces, and thus, we indeed need to be here and not in another reality of dream time. We need a break from being gone as so much is occurring on all levels...we need to be here.

If you are one who is unusually sensitive, you may be finding it difficult to be out in the world, or to even have interactions at all with anything going on "out there." Much of the old world can feel downright awful, as it is currently in such a major transition that the instability can throw us off balance and off course. Sensitives can oh so easily pick up these feelings of instability and uncertainty from others, but know as well, that the energies of the fall itself can be ever present as well.

The energy of uncertainly, as all the pieces are not yet together for a big thrust forward, can be felt at all levels. At our soul levels we always know what is occurring. Thus, our souls serve to protect us in every way by making it very clear what is occurring at higher levels. The uncertainly can manifest as fear and uneasiness, as a jittery feeling of insecurity and vulnerability, but it is only our souls telling us to wait a bit longer before we forge ahead.

It can be difficult to make any kind of decision then, as there is so much unpredictability now present, as well as these energies now being shaky, confusing, not attached to anything, and simply hanging out there with no seeming direction. This is simply part of the process of moving into another reality. We are setting up (and many are now done with the setting up), and have not yet come to the phase where we actually attach to the new shore. Add to this the void, or space left from the leaving of so many light filled beings, and much darkness can seem to have rushed in and taken over this very vacant spot. Darkness can seem to have much more of a foothold when we are in a vulnerable position, but this will soon pass.

Another new challenge is the fact that those of us who left (there were many), are no longer "allowed" to assist, to integrate, to interact, or to save what is now left behind. Nothing to hang onto in the old and with our old ways of being. So used to bringing up the lower vibrating energies, so used to interacting with openness in any given moment, we are now being asked by our souls and our group soul decision as the creators of this magnificent shift, to stay away, to bow out, and to wait for those who are ready to come to us for wisdom and direction. A strange time indeed.

Everywhere we turn, we may see darkness and appalling circumstances still present, as this shift is long and deep, but our souls know that this is simply part of the process and all, as always, is in divine and perfect order. We are simply in a void of in between, and temporarily so. 

Our Current State

Setting up the new for ourselves is taking a while as it is so vitally important that our new foundations are right where they need to be. In addition, we are each at new and different stages...some ahead of others and some still preparing.

Staying in the eye of the storm is also vitally important now. Just putting a toe out into the swirling energies of the old can serve to smack us severely. In many ways, we have to go back into the old in order to set up our store-fronts or parts of our new foundations. These can be challenging interactions, but they can also be divine as well. We can ask that the perfect person and circumstances present themselves to us. We can refuse to participate or interact with anything less. In these times now present, simply staying still while we wait for what we need to miraculously arrive is becoming the norm as we begin to realize these new and special ways of the higher realms.

Creating our own personal sanctuaries and staying there is of great comfort and can immediately place us in the wonderful space of peace, love, calm, joy, and great miracles abounding. This is the difference between the new and higher realms that we have arrived in and the old world that is falling very rapidly now. And the chasm is now very vast indeed.

These are times for asking and being sure about what we want. These are times for expecting nothing less than the perfection we have now arrived in. These are times for ignoring, refusing to participate in, and for shutting the door on anything and everything that vibrates lower. We are the creators of our new reality here. It is up to us to decide what it will indeed look like. Vigilance is important, as we accept nothing less than what we have envisioned for so long.

We get to decide who will reside with us here. We get to allow access only to whom and what we choose. We get to create whatever it is that we choose to create in these new and higher vibrating spaces.

I am in the process of purchasing a new piece of land here in the mountains of West Central New Mexico, just moments away from my old land that I am now selling. As I visited this new place today, it became very clear what is now occurring. An ancient being arrived at my side at one point during the day, dictating to me that this new land of mine should be a portal for the star beings, as they wanted an entry spot. He said that they were counting on me to provide this for them. I had interacted with this being before, as he was the original being in charge of the first waves of ancients arriving on this ancient one indeed.

I promptly told him to depart and never return.

I am planning on creating a very special space on my new land, and it will grow and open oh so slowly to each and every living thing that needs and "should" be there. It will be perfect in every way. It is up to me and up to all of us what we choose to create in our new Heaven on Earth.

During these times of massive transition and massive energies of the fall, we can actually live about anywhere we choose if we are able to create a personal sanctuary within and in our immediate surroundings. This new Heaven on Earth will begin with small pockets of energy. Very small and vibrating high... in time, these new pockets that we will create will come together, join hands, and create a magnificent web of higher vibrating energy and reality.

It is up to us. We are not going to get it up there or out there or back there. We will need to indeed create it ourselves. We have graduated and are now holding enough light within us to sustain what we used to get from the outside. And coming together is slow and steady ways will eventually create the web needed to hold together our very new reality in the higher realms.

Tuning out the old, ignoring the old world as much as possible, not participating in the old, and knowing that it is now indeed OK to disregard others, will make our journey much easier. The new ways of navigating and surviving in the new (and the old) will be addressed in much greater detail in the new mini e-book I am in the process of creating and offering to you on this web site in the near future. These ways are different than we have ever known.

The old world may seem ugly now because it is supposed to be. We do not belong there anymore. We now belong in this very new space that we are indeed creating one special piece at a time. We have been beaten down so much in times past, as this is very simply a part of the process. It is our ego selves that are being beaten away...being lashed at, pounded upon, and hit until we are willing to let them let go and to surrender to our souls and to the light that is now indeed within us. All else is being washed away as it is no longer needed. This is part of the process and always will be. It is the simplicity that will remain...the true and authentic parts of ourselves that will remain to guide, create, and to love this Earth and all her inhabitants.

As we begin to vibrate higher within ourselves, we reach a point where we no longer feel comfortable being alone. In the beginning stages of ascension, we needed to be comfortable being alone, as this was part of the process of letting our fear of being alone go. And now as we are vibrating with the energy of a whole, we can have distinct and at times painful desires to be with others. This is as it should be, because we have now evolved to the states of unity that are present in the higher realms.

This is why we will soon be coming together. We had to start over first. We had to create and experience a very clean and clear slate and palette before we could place a thing upon it. All in divine and perfect order. Soon then, we will begin to hold hands with others who are vibrating where we are, and who are divinely intended to be in our spaces. As this process continues to unfold, while we continue to create our new foundations and palettes, we can know then what is on the near horizon.

If we can keep our minds on positive thoughts, if we can be grateful for so many things, we can also know that this can assist in keeping us right where we need to be as well. (A brief note here: If you are experiencing any panic or anxiety, a great remedy is calcium and the Omegas 3, 6, and 9. As always, it is best to consult your health care practitioner. Staying in the eye of the storm will very naturally create a very calm state as well.)

Although things may indeed seem confusing now, they are actually simply part of the big plan that is unfolding as it should. We will all be OK, as we are the creators of this plan, and it was intended that we remain intact and safe in all ways. Are you ready to see what the end of March will bring? And are you ready to be fully integrated, grounded, and complete with your new beginning in June? I sure am! What a journey these last stages have been!

With much love and gratitude...until next time,



myself 16th March 2009 8:07 pm

Thank you Karen for your reassuring post, these times are totally different from what I have ever known. All seems to be turning upside down, where the self help context of my life and the way I have been dealing with others is no longer working. After reading the insight you have shared, my aloneness is now acceptable to me, and the validation I have received has put all this in perspective.
I am becoming clearer through the angst of irritation of insects that have been attacking me at night for the last 2 weeks, and the irritation of putting up with people whom for ever need to be pleased on their terms and agenda. I have been shaken into reality by irritation of all sorts, so I have to take notice. This state of being in between the new and the old is very tenuous, the sensitivity almost unbearable. I am looking forward to reading your new e-book, for soothing balm to my irritated being in transition.
I have been a carer of others all my life, and professional life, I now know this is the time to drop this, and be brave as I open myself to the next stage of my/our evolution.

psisciguy 19th March 2009 11:11 am

Thanks for writing about the 3 AM issue... it's been happening to me for a week or so, and it's good to get an explanation that makes sense.

Thanks for your wisdom & light,
- David

staso 20th March 2009 4:07 am

Dear Karen, I ´d like to publish your book in Czech rep. Can you write me? have a nice days.
Staso juhanak @

Spirit Library 20th March 2009 4:27 am

Dear Staso,

If you want to contact Karen please visit her website

Spirit Library

staso 26th March 2009 6:52 am

Thank you very much :) best Staso


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