Vertigo and the Equinox - The Arrival of the New Energy

I had written in weeks past, that near the end of September and especially into October, we would begin to recapture that feeling of God’s grace, of miracles, of incredible light, and that things would be handed to us in miraculous ways.

This energy is now arriving through the equinox and will continue on.

With every equinox, there is an opportunity to move forward, and also an opportunity for great light and manifestation. Solstices always create the opportunities for going deep, for excavating, and for upheavals, as all things buried deep become unearthed and pushed out. I am beginning to almost dread the solstices at times, as they are getting to be so stressful, as they create so much upheaval for those around me!

The energies are getting ever more intensified, because we have finally reached the end of a long road. For the past two years or so, with each solstice and equinox, or even with planetary alignments and cosmic events, not much seemed to happen as one would expect. There is a reason for all of this.

We gave that extra two years so that enough souls would be given a chance to get on board. Thus, it was never time to move forward, as we seemed to continually be in “waiting” mode. This created high energy and lots of movement in regard to assisting energies in getting out of their old grooves (i.e. solstices), but not nearly as much in regard to moving forward. Hoping this all makes sense.

When the line was finally drawn in the sand, when it was finally and completely over in regard to any involvement on our parts with the old world or old reality, when we had finally made our decisions as to where we would now choose to be, then it was also finally time to move into greater light and into a much higher vibrating reality.

The recent equinox of September 22 has served to move us into our new reality and new spaces more than ever. As we are now ready and prepared for the new in all ways (even after all the twists and turns and the new restructuring of the hierarchies!), the equinox then, will greatly assist.

Moving forward will be the theme now, in profound and rapid ways.

Some manifestations of embodying the new light? Spinning and vertigo can be present once again, as our light bodies are literally spinning us into a new higher vibrating reality and experience. Heart racing and palpitations are ever present as well, as we are adjusting to much more light and need to embody this within. Sleeplessness and insomnia are also common, as there is so much energy moving now. A general weakness, a feeling of being very “light” and floating, are also common manifestations as we are really embodying the new light now.

Weeping and high emotions can also arrive once again, as the gratitude energy is here. Gratitude vibrates nearly as high as love does, and it is one of my favorite emotions. It has been one long haul and one long road for so many of us. Like sprinklings of angel dust, this new energy of love and light, will blanket us well into October, as we find ourselves walking on new land, having arrived in this very new reality, and we can now experience it with every sense and every fiber of our being.

Before we get to a higher level of vibrational space, we frequently experience some darkness. This is very common, but only lasts for a very brief period of time, and is simply part of the process. Several days ago, I awoke in a strange and uncomfortable place, and feeling vulnerable as well from having a bad dream the night before. I dreamed of ghosts and goblins taking over my space and home. My granddaughter had the same dream for two nights during this time as well.

When we bump up into a higher space, this is always the case. It may manifest differently for all of us, but it is basically the same in regard to unpleasant energies connecting with us, even thought this experience is always very brief.

The equinox has also served to create some wonderful things in the old world as well. As we pulled out all of our energy, the old world and reality is now completely on its own, except for those who ask for our services and who are ready to “see” us. Remember, we are now the new angels of the earth in many ways. The deep shake-ups created by the loss of our light (gee, aren’t we so wonderful and special? smile), and through the solstice of June, are finally creating some changes. Some of these lower vibrating energies are finding their own way now to some degree, are owning their own creations, and the equinox for them, is bringing in gifts of these changes. So then, we are not the only ones benefiting from the newly arriving energies of late. A great reprieve was certainly needed by everyone, no matter where we are all residing.

Natural disasters will continue to occur, epidemics will spread disease, disasters and destruction will continue on as well, but for those who are still residing in the old world and old  reality, and who are now making needed changes within themselves, the equinoxes and other cosmic events in times to come, will assist them where necessary, and help them move into greater spaces of comfort, just as they did for us in times past during our residency there.

For those who have not yet chosen to expand and grow, greater shake-ups and severe discomfort will become their path until they chose a different way, or chose to leave the planet altogether.

As mentioned so many times in past WINGS posts, those of us who have finally and completely disconnected from the old reality in all ways, leaving so much behind, will have a very new experience than our prior experience of the first phase of the ascension process…and really, all we have known up until now.

We are in very new territory now, with very new roles and purposes. Creating the new world and new reality will be our common goal and theme, as well as continuing to serve on the dimensional border through our store-fronts, as we will still need money in times to come until our new communities are very intact, which will eventually allow us to live without the need for money.

So then, our next steps involve connecting to those who we now find in our spaces, as we assist each other in creating the new. For those of us who were stripped clean, ready to cross over into the new land, we will have the gift and pleasure of really “seeing” each other and gleefully connecting to our brothers and sisters, as we “know” so much of higher ways, and know as well, from common experiences of the ascension process.

Those who cannot “see” us, are residing somewhere else for now, until they reach that dimensional border and are ready and willing to surrender, allow for our guidance to show them the way, and be ever so grateful for our assistance.

Our new focus then, will be on creating the new world on the other side, along with becoming clear about our store-fronts and how we will offer our services to those on the dimensional border. We will then reside completely on the other side, along with intermittent visits on the border, in order to continue with our services to those who are ready, as we create needed income until we no longer require it.

Things will now flow for us, we will be lovingly taken by the hand by beings who have been living in this new land for quite some time, and we will easily and effortlessly be guided into our very new roles and new places of residency. I tell you this, because it has been happening to me. I am in constant company of light beings now, and they are setting everything up, and whispering everything that I need to know in my ears on a daily basis. They sit in my car, stand by my side, and guide me through this new territory until I am completely situated and can take over on my own as I have done in the past. (If you do not have these same experiences the way that I do, know that you will be guided none-the-less, in ways that are perfect for who you are.) There is more love and support here than I could ever know. And this is what we will do for others as well, as the light continues on down the ascension rungs, one being helping another into very new spaces with love, kindness, assuredness, and special care.

Our path is very clear now…our new roles are sitting right in front of us…our new destiny is at hand. And for those of you who desire that your clarity be validated and affirmed, I will continue with my role, my path, and my purpose, of providing this information to you, for as long as I am in a human body on this earth…and loving every minute of it!

With much love and gratitude,


Guzar 23rd September 2009 2:27 am

If you are truly writing this for the souls that have moved on, they no longer need any of this information, as they have passed above the need for it!

So why do you continue with this? These messages seem to be only for those few who you feel have crossed over.

There are many who will continue to work in both dimensions as it is their role to act as the bridge to assist those who will continue to arrive in this chaos that will be the souls that will truly settle the new creation that we are moving towards.

Those souls are arriving now on this planet and are angelic in core in that they have no veil to cut; no past lives; and are pure in heart. These golden souls are arriving to begin their mission.

Your writing leaves the impression of "WE" and "THEY"! Compassion is part of this and there seems to be a lack of it in your thoughts.

Kirin Sprong 23rd September 2009 4:37 am

Dear Karen.

I do understand what you are talking about. I know there are different ways of working in these energies, taken on by (for now that is ofcourse) different spiritual families.
Our way is our way; others handle matters differently. I (for one) could no longer handle going back and forth between the o so different energies. You understand where I am coming from.
I suppose that you, dear Guzar are from a family who chose to continue 'bridging' as your part in this amazing time. I respect you for being able to do this. Your path seems slightly different than ours. When you 'bridge', there must be a place ready to receive....
Please respect us for our way of working for the benefit of we do yours...

Thank you, dear Karen, for bringing your insight to those that value it, in this for you also very difficult situation.

With love from Holland, Kirin

ladyguen2003 23rd September 2009 8:37 am

You said that very well. Thank you !!

lesha 23rd September 2009 2:08 pm


Somehow I simply felt I wanted to reply to your comment since I've noted your chiding remarks on Karen's comments before. Have you simply thought of the fact that it is just as much Karen's right to write as it is yours not to read? Why not stop reading her comments if her writings does not resonate with you? Would that not be the loving way to do it, as we can never have too much love. I read Karen's comments and surely everything she writes does not resonate with me yet I take what does and leave the rest. Perhaps you can ask yourself why do you feel the need to attack her comments, perhaps it may be something you may want to look into for the answer.

Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love!!!!

Guzar 23rd September 2009 3:38 pm

Thank you for your response. I am guided by the highest I AM to speak the truth about those who are not always speaking the truth. I read most of the messages on this site and then receive guidance to speak.

We are enetering an age when by simply going inward and asking your highest self all is answered. It is really that simple.

I speak from love and from truth. I do not chide, I speak what is and has been there all along. I only wish to create awareness that not all that is in print or read speaks the truth. So simply ask yourself is it correct to seperate yourself from others, when you are one in the same?

Free will is a gift here, and if you choose to continue to read these articles to guide your life, you will get the expected results.

You don't have to come to this site or any other for the truth is within, all you need do is ask. Pretty simple!

lrm 23rd September 2009 4:43 pm

Um,guys,I am pretty sure Karen does not read these posts on SL. Karen has been writing for years;when I used to read her posts on her site,before SL existed,she often commented how she does not read any other sites/stuff anymore....that she just does her own thing.
SL simply posts others' work-the people they post may or may not check SL and the comments.
SL may simply receive Karen's newsletter and post it.
Karen does very little marketing of her own work,beyond the info she plugs through writing her updates.
Just saying,b/c people are often asking her questions or sending her wishes on SL. If you want to get them to her,write her a letter. She does not even have an public email,b/c the correspondence was too heavy from her 'fan base',so to speak.
I'll leave my opinion,
on the semi-controversy surrounding her work,to myself.

alise from finland 23rd September 2009 5:23 pm

Many many many Thanks you Karen,

....and every one who has commented here! You - we - are all quite right!!!!
We are human beings who need to understand each others if we want to change the world. And we all are studying that changing process very fast our own, specific ways. We are not "higher", "better" or "lower" than others. We all are needed (Karen said that in this post;).

Gael 23rd September 2009 6:12 pm

Hey Alise from Finland what makes you think that you or others have the right to change the world; you can only change yourself. ;-)

alise from finland 24th September 2009 12:26 am

You're quite right! That's just the right way to change the world - to change yourself!!!! :thumbs:

LoveBeing 24th September 2009 5:11 am

I'm sure Karen does read the comments on S.L. (To whom do you think she writes these WINGS?)

I like her writings very much not for validating what's going on in my life… (I need no validation, everything is in Divine Order) but as reminders. Sometimes I lose faith and I become trapped in my darkness that can't see the way forward clearly, there comes Karen or Karens to help me. I'm pretty in line with what she explains. After becoming disconnected with my old reality I've joined a community and have taken my new role… it means I'm offering service for my Sisters and Brothers to make their own way. I still receive no money and this new concept "a world without money" seems interesting and of course pretty new. So I'll be patient to see how my needs will be met.

Sending Love your way dear Karen. Keep it up… I'm grateful! :)

Gael 24th September 2009 2:27 pm

LOL - did you not see the big wink at the end of that sentence (re changing the world)? Goodness, ever since the beginning of September there seems to have been a marked decrease in a sense of humour pretty much anywhere I see there is some form of 'spiritual' element; we are potentially entering a most joyous time, there is no need to be quite soooo serious. As for Karen Bishop's work - her words can be a good validation of some things that I am experiencing, as can Lauren Gorgo's, and other's. They don't always resonate, but they don't need to.

shauna 1st October 2009 4:53 am

Hey, Guzar, good to see you back in print. Haven't visited the site for a while, returned to find nothing has changed much! Life is very very good!
Oh yes, equinox brought huge shifts and changes, what else is new? More old stuff falling down a big hole etc. In Brisbane we had a huge red dust storm - it was like the apocalypse had come - day turned to night etc.

Rhiannon 2nd October 2009 11:49 pm

Thanks for the posting, Karen!

Hi Shauna! Just checking in on the site too, and finding much is the same, differnent names, and a few of the same...

Always enjoy the posting from Karen Bishop. I am finding it funny that despite the popularity of her continued postings, her honesty in her points-of-view, her personal discription of who and what she is doing [representing]--that the amount of criticism seems unwarrented; even strange. She is not claiming to be any other than herself, so what's the beef? Her weight loss? I still have [most probably] too much of a sense of humor for Spirit Library, as funny is my forum, lately even more so.

Did think of you, Shauna, and Camelman, and others in your country during the huge red dust storm...the worst in over seventy years? Before your time, eh? Hope everything is O.K. there, now!
Best to all!


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