Wings...The First Posting

I am thrilled to be sharing my first posting of WINGS with you here today. Although the new web site is not yet completely formulated, and all of my new endeavor is not completely in place, the WINGS postings will certainly be a part of my new offerings. So in this way, WINGS is ready to be launched as it pertains to what many of us are experiencing now. For a temporary time then, it will be posted here on the What’s Up On Planet Earth? web site where the past energy alerts resided.

“What is WINGS, anyway?” you may wonder. WINGS will be a regular posting on the Emerging Earth Angels web site…very similar to the energy alerts of the past. It will contain information that is relevant and currently pertinent to where we are in our evolutionary process as angels of the New Earth. It differs from the energy alerts in that it will not contain information about what is occurring on the planet (although at times some of these occurrences will be briefly mentioned if they pertain to our process). WINGS will be very focused on you (or rather us)….what our new roles are, how we will implement them, who we are, what we are here to contribute, and how this process is unfolding for all of us.

Although I cannot share with you all of the new offerings on the new site, as I still do not know what they are going to be, I can indeed welcome you in joining me in the very first posting of WINGS…so here we go.

We have recently completed a vital part of our evolutionary process here on planet Earth. In times past, we knew at some place deep within us, that we were here for a vital and important purpose. Simply being present here on the planet was purpose enough, as holding more light and vibrating higher served its’ own purpose all in itself. This purpose of times past involved raising the vibration of the planet, as we had decided as a group of souls to wrap things up here, to leave all our past “incarnations” behind from eons of times ago, to let it all go, and thus begin the process of creating a very new and pristine planet Earth before we moved on to a very new universe that we had yet to experience.

This involved taking on many lower and more densely vibrating energies in order to transmute them through ourselves, becoming intentional “healers,” and striving at times to serve, lift up, and change the planet.

The first phase is now complete. We have taken things as far as they can go. We have infused our light, our energy, and much else of ourselves into an old world and brought it up to a very new level. We are now done.

How has this “being done” manifested in our lives? We may feel very lost, no longer know what our roles are and what our identity is, we may feel that we have nothing to tap into or hold onto anymore, we may feel like we are “floating” or simply hanging in a space of no space, or perhaps even feel useless with nothing to offer and nowhere left to go.

We may wonder what all this ascension stuff was ever about anyway. We may wonder if it was even real, if it made a difference at all, or perhaps if it was just one big joke. We may find that all we thought that we had learned is not happening at all or has even disappeared entirely. We may wonder if we were just going through some strange stage that is now over or maybe we just grew up. And we may even wonder if we have indeed gone backwards and are now living in an old reality where no higher ways, experiences, or energies exist at all.

This is normal. These feelings arise because our old roles are over now. And these old roles are all we have known in this current reality up until now. These feelings are common for ascension and are only temporary.

We may also feel that whenever we go “out there,” all we seem to encounter are strange energies of a lower vibrating nature with a strong sense of “dis-connect,” staleness, flatness, and a two dimensional theme…while at the same time we are also experiencing new connections that feel oh so much better. We may feel that there is not a story that we are a part of.  There is no book that we are characters within.

Part of this process involved a reeling in of all the places where we had infused our energy in the past. We had to “take back” ourselves from wherever we had treaded and spread our energies. This is because we could no longer use our natural light to bring up the vibration of the planet. It must now be done by those who are now occupying the space that we once held. If we continue to have a party in our old space and with our old roles, after we send out the invitations, we will most likely find that no one shows up. We are in a big lull, a vast void of emptiness, and a space of near no space while we are waiting for the gelling process to complete. All as it should be.

Although it may seem that things have ended abruptly, they actually have not. We have been preparing for this the entire year of 2008. This is why 2009 will indeed be our year of new beginnings and new connections. We have prepared by slowly finding that we need not ever again “save” anything or anyone. We have been preparing by realizing that the higher vibration we thought we knew, was actually an illusion stemming from our old naïve 3D minds. In this way, we are now much more “real,” as we know that true spirituality involves a different state of affairs than what we may have believed it to be. We have been preparing by losing much of our old “ego” or being in charge selves. Yay! We have been preparing by now knowing that great love and things of a spiritual nature come from the simplest of things and from simply being present. And we have been preparing by finding that whatever we seem to think we need to create, seems to continually change as we change, before it can even manifest, thus resulting in a much more highly evolved “us” with a much more highly evolved creation.

So now here we are. We have hopefully removed ourselves from much. Having experiences of “being invisible,” unnoticed, disregarded and disrespected, and perhaps mis-treated have taken place in order to encourage us to pull out and move on. Our job is now done. We no longer belong in the world of the old. It is OK to leave. We are no longer responsible for bringing up the vibration of the planet. This has been accomplished…we have succeeded.

Now what? Like very new babies with a very new start, we now get to choose with fresh new eyes. We get to tap into our pure innocence and tap into a whole new us. We get to begin again. We may regain our curiosity, our sense of wonder, and a pure and pristine sense of things. Continuing to remain in old and familiar ways and surroundings will serve to impede these great gifts we are receiving. Jump starting and reviving the old will place us in a reality that may serve to bring futility, stagnation, boredom, and even depression.

We have graduated to a new level, but in many ways, we have yet to connect to that level. This can manifest as lower vibrating energies continuing to want access into our space, and even as thinking we have made new connections, jumping into them, but finding that the time has still not arrived, and we now need to back out and stay still for a while longer.

The rung of the vibrational ladder that we have just removed ourselves from, as we no longer need to hold that space, is still gelling. It is being set up and things are still being put into place. Once changes begin to be implemented, we will then get our “high sign.” The old space has yet to anchor itself without us. This phase must occur before our very new phases and roles can get going.

As we are now evolving into earth angels, as this is our new and natural space on the energetic hierarchy, we need to have a vibrational level below the one we are now residing in, in existence so that we can be its’ angels. This process is occurring now and in divine and perfect order. So even though it may appear as though the economy and our old sources of income have completely stopped, dried up, and become non-existent, they are simply on hiatus as they are waiting for this gelling process to complete.

While we are waiting, then, we are making progress none-the-less. In small, progressive and steady steps, we are setting things up for our new roles and new connections. We will be paired with incredible new people and places in the new reality of 2009. These pairings and connections are rapidly taking place now, even if not evident in all ways. And while this gelling and preparation is in progress, we will indeed be taken care of. We will receive at times, just as much as we need to stay afloat while in the lull, even if in small and sporadic amounts.

We have thus been removed from much of everything. We are being divinely protected now. All is in order. We are being housed in a beautiful and loving womb until we can emerge once again in a very new reality of a very different order. Thus, it can be challenging and difficult to try and connect to the new when all things are not yet in place. In this way, we may grasp and look for something to grab onto, for a sense of familiarity, but find that there is nothing yet to anchor onto. The lower dimension below us is going through this same process, but in different ways. All as one, but in different vibrational realities.

So although it may appear that things are tough, that much of everything has dried up for us, I can assure you that we are simply at the very end of one reality and now poised to enter a very new reality. We are done. We will now be reborn and offering our special gifts and talents as earth angels to those who need assistance from the next rung up on the ladder. Assistance for those who want to expand, who want to know how to create a new world, who want to reach higher, and who know that we can show them the way.

As the new angels of the earth, we know that the vibrational rung below us has free will to choose what it will create. We thus know that we need lovingly wait for it to be ready and for it to ask for our guidance. Just as when we resided at that level and asked for messages from “above,” we will now be “above,” and thus be providing these messages and this guidance for those needing it.

I have spending most of my time these days in the company of my non-physical companion. Over the most recent years, he arrived less and less frequently, as I needed to find my own guidance and council. Now, we are pretty much in the same space as this evolutionary process serves to continually move us up. We just hang out now as buddies, talking much through-out the day. But because of this, I also know that we will soon be parting ways. I have reached his level and will soon be receiving a new companion or “guide.” My current guide has been with me for several years…since I began my process in 2000. I am so very sad to know that we will be parting. But our guides are only higher vibrating aspects of ourselves and when we reach this vibration and unite fully, we then connect to something very new and different.

I share with you this story, as I know that many of you are experiencing the same. We are most assuredly moving forward.

Our new roles will involve our true and authentic selves. We will share our wisdom with those going through their process of evolution. In this way, we will offer a vast array of services to those who are expanding. We will know what they are experiencing because we have been there ourselves. And because we have purged and released so much, we will know how to assist in a higher way as well.

In addition, we will connect more securely with our brothers and sisters, as we assist each other in our very new roles. We will most assuredly be there to help each otheras we offer our own special gifts and talents to create the whole that will comprise our very new reality.

We are in a temporary stage of a massive transition. But as the new earth angels, we will experience a very new way of living and being, while we are residing in a very new reality in a much higher dimension. We need only hold on a little bit longer, stay centered, in the moment, be still, and trust that all, as always, is in divine and perfect order.

Until next time,




skyestuff 4th December 2008 12:32 pm as you say...i am so glad to hear another is going through this wonderful awful has been difficult to just 'being' and not being able to project...i have been saying that everything i know is wrong, and now i have to start all over again as a child in awe of her new world...but now, after reading your article, i see that everything i knew was not wrong, it was just old...and time to let it go, which isn't something i have had to do as it has been fleeing from me at warp speed...'it belongs in a museum' as movie character Indiana Jones once to move on, but like you say, i don't know where to go and so have just been in the waiting mode...and yes, i have been relocated, mislocated, and delocated from this world, most not of my conscious choosing, but, as you say, i must have known about moving away from this world and put myself in those situations so that i would be 'moved'...i must have thought i needed the strife to make it 'real'...shucks, i hope that is one mode of thought fleeing from me at warp it FUN...skye

Paul Lukowiak 4th December 2008 12:44 pm

I remember the first time I was on a ship. You could feel the wind in your face generated by the movement of the ship. You could feel the engines power as it surged through the ocean waves. It was exciting and exhillerating to feel such wonderful movement forward through the bounding main. Then suddenly, the engines stopped. The breeze disappeared. The ship seemed to be floating aimlessly adrift. Was something wrong? What had happened? It felt so odd to be stopped after so much movement forward. Then slowly, gently, methodically, the ship started moving again, picking up speed and resuming the journey. The captain had shut the engine down to make a course correction, to send us in a new heading on our trip. we are in that space now here on planet earth. Our course has been changed. All is still. But slowly, surely, wonderfully, we will set out in a new soul direction with new vistas to see, new breezes to feel, new places to visit. Just relax and enjoy the ride. All is well.

Sandra Finkelstein 4th December 2008 2:14 pm

I truly resonated with all that was said. Myself and many of my friends have been experiencing what you have described. It is wonderful to know that there is a divine purpose and that we are part of this shift towards 2012. I am excited even if at times I feel "lost", "emotional", "lacking purpose", "frustrated" for I know that this too shall pass.

Iesha 4th December 2008 6:46 pm

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this information as it is truly reflective of the feelings that I have. I am ever so happy that the Old is gone and the new is just around the bend, I welcome it all with open arms.

"We will be paired with incredible new people and places in the new reality of 2009".
Can't wait for this to take place as the Old is joyously celebrated as released by me, looking forward to all and every New that is coming.

Why just today I got this feeling that I would go to another Country and live and it felt great as I know this was New for me as I have visited out of the USA on numerous occasions yet never really wanted to live outside of it and TODAY I felt estatic about it.
In fact I got FREE CD"s from Advantage Language on learning the language of this country in early 2006, tried to give them to a friend who said he was visting the country but he refused them and NOW I know why I still have them in my possession.

Thank you for such an awe inspiring message!
Happy! happy, happy, Joy! joy, joy!

Irena 6th December 2008 10:22 am

Love Is All There Is

Dear Karen,

Your messages have always resonated so much with me. This time, it tops it! Lull, is the exact word I have used when I asked Kerrie O'Connor of, why it was that I have seemed to have been in a lull these past 12 months.
I am glad and grateful to hear that things are starting to gel. I feel so too!

Bless you and Bless Everyone!

The time has come!

with Love,


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